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DMS Flow Measurement and Control Limited supplies a complete range of utility meters to the building services market and general industries. We store large numbers of stock at any one time to enable us to respond to customer orders quickly and easily. As a rule, we dispatch most orders for next day delivery throughout the UK. We supply hot and cold water meters, gas meters alongside a range of standard electricity meters and pre-payment gas and electricity meters. We also supply a range of high quality equipment to the industrial market such as Vortex meters, Electromagnetic meters, Ultrasonic Meters, Turbine Meters and Positive Displacement Meters, and more. Please contact us with all of your requirements or for general information regarding our products. We strive to meet all of our customers’ requests and we endeavor to supply products at competitive prices.

Oil Meters and Accessories

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of oil meters and accessories.  There really is a great selection to choose from, so do take a look at our website where you will find details of Braun and VZO oil meters, all designed for various oil metering applications and manufactured to the highest quality.  On the website you can also see useful accessories, such as mounting kits.

Data Collection Devices

At DMS Flow Management and Controls, we offer a variety of data collection devices, so you will have no problem finding the one best suited to your unique application.  All the devices are described in detail on our website, so do have a look.  As always, if you have any queries or require more information, just let us know and we will be happy to make sure you get the product best suited to you.

RHI Scheme Compliant Heat Metering

DMS Ltd supplies a wide range of RHI Scheme compliant heat meters, sourced from leading European manufacturers specially selected by DMS.

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a new Government environmental programme designed to increase the uptake of renewable heat technologies by providing incentive payments to eligible generators of renewable heat for commercial, industrial, not for profit and public sector purposes and to producers of biomethane.

Heat Meters and Cooling Meters

We also supply customers with high quality heat meters and cooling meters. Our experience within the industry enables us to provide customers with quality products supplied by well-respected brands such as Sontex (thermal energy measurement equipment), Kamstrup (based in Denmark and manufacture system solutions for energy metering), and ELF Heat Meter (one of the largest water meter manufacturers in Poland, Europe). Please visit our website to find our more about our heat meters and cooling meters.

Siemens SITRANS Metering

We provide high quality products supplied by global company, Siemens. Siemens has been providing excellent products and services to various industries for many years. Siemens supplies high performance equipment that is sought after by businesses across the world that recognise the quality, simplicity, high performance and versatility of the products. We supply the SITRANS Magflo F M range which features various sophisticated models. We also supply a range of products within the SITRANS Sonoflo F US range. These provide measurements of electrically conductive and non-conductive liquids, various sensor sizes, comprehensive diagnostic capabilities for error indication and logging, and more. Please visit our website to view detailed specifications of all products within our ranges.

Water Meters - Hot and Cold

We provide customers with a comprehensive range of hot and cold water meters from a range of well-respected manufacturers. We have developed this range to meet the requirements of both domestic and commercial users. Examples of brand equipment include Apator PoWogaz (one of the largest Polish and European manufacturers of water meters), Elster Kent Water Meters (supply a wide range of high quality, accurate meters), Sappel (manufacture and market water, industrial, heat meters and remote reading systems), B-Meters (manufacture water metres which are MID approved throughout Europe). For further information regarding these brands and products please visit our website, or contact us at DMS Flow Measurement and Control Limited.

Gas Detection Systems

DMS Limited supplies high quality gas detection systems to customers based throughout the UK. Our range largely falls into the following categories:

  • Domestic: various methane and LPG detectors for domestic applications featuring acoustic alarms and relay as well as carbon monoxide detectors with acoustic alarm and relay. Gas safety kits are also available.
  • Heating Plants: a range of 1-zone or 3-zone central units with recessed or remote sensors as well as a catalytic sensor to detect methane of LPG.
  • Industrial: a wide range of natural gas, LPG detectors and sensors for industrial use.

Please view our complete range of systems and accessories on our website.

Electricity Meters

DMS supplies a wide selection of top quality electricity meters.

The range includes:

  • 1 Phase Electricity Meters: includes the ME162 Domestic Single Phase Meter in 120V, 220V, 230V or 240V.
  • 3 Phase Electricity Meters: range includes the MT171 Three Phase Electricity Meter, MT372 Poly Phase Meter and MT423 Poly Phase Meter.
  • Panel Mounted Electricity Meters: includes the Encore CT with kWh pulse output and the CUBE 00 with kWh pulse output.
  • Current Transformers: a wide selection of current transformers is available to compliment our range of multifunction kWh meters.

Please visit our website to view product specifications.

Gas Regulators & Safety Valves

We also supply a variety of high quality gas regulators and safety valves.

  • Low Pressure Regulators: various units are available in a range of configurations and connection sizes.
  • Medium Pressure Regulators: this range features regulators with different nominal pressures, design features and connections.
  • Jeavons Safety Devices: this range features a range of safety control devices from Elster-Instromet that guarantee the safe control of gas and are designed to protect equipment and appliances from dangerous overpressure conditions.

Please visit our website to view the ranges in full. If you would like further information or advice, please contact us at DMS and we will be happy to help.

MODBUS Products

  • RESI Products: we offer a fantastic range of MBUS modules designed to collect data from MBUS devices such as water meters, heat meters, current meters and gas meters. Our modules are tough and robust for long term, reliable use and provide users with a cost-effective solution.
  • ADFweb Products: we are pleased to supply the HD67029M series featuring protocol converter between Modbus and MBUS. The Modbus connection is via RS232 or RS485, the converter Slave at Modbus side and Master at MBUS side. He MBUS Master enables connection and feed of up to 250 slaves for lengths of 350M.

Please visit our website to view full product descriptions and diagrams.


We are proud of our reputation for providing flow management control devices across a broad spectrum of industries.  Out constant aim is customer satisfaction and ensuring that our customers find the products best suited to their unique applications.  Our experience and knowledge means that we successfully achieve this aim time after time.  We have posted several customer testimonials on our website so that you can see the results of our superior customer service.

Products in Action

One of the best ways to fully appreciate the capabilities of a product is to see it in action, so we have dedicated a section of our website to showing our products at work.  Visit our website where you can see videos of various oil meters, water meters, heat meters and gas regulators being put through their paces.



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Brand & Trade Names

  • Apator PoWogaz Hot & Cold Water Meters & Systems
  • B Meters Hot & Cold Water Meters
  • DMS Dynamic Non Invasive Flow & Heat Meter
  • Dresser Turbine & Rotary Gas Meters
  • Elster Natural Gas Meters - Diaphragm, Turbine & Rotary
  • Elvaco M-bus AMR Data Collection Systems
  • GWF - Gas Meters EQZ & TRZ Turbine Meters
  • GWF - Switzerland Hot, Cold Water Meters - Coder Data Collection Systems
  • SAMGAS Diaphragm Gas Meters
  • Sontex SA Heat & Chilled Energy Meters with static & mechanical flow parts Supercal & Superstatic
  • Tecnocontrol Gas Detection Equipment
  • Wateau SA Hot & Cold Water Meters

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