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Direct Instrument Hire is a leading supplier of test and measurement equipment. We offer an extensive range of instruments for cable testing, electrical testing, environmental monitoring, flow measurement, power analysis, pressure testing, and other test and calibration applications. All of our instruments are available for hire at highly competitive rates. 

We are constantly expanding and improving our ranges to meet the needs of our customers. Since establishment in 1996, the company has made regular investments into the latest, state-of-the-art test and measurement instrumentation, keeping us one step ahead of our competitors at all times. This policy has helped to shape one of the largest selections of test equipment not only in the UK, but throughout Europe. 

Our aim is to supply the market with high quality test instruments at low prices. We are continually reviewing our pricing structures to ensure the most cost-effective solution for our customers, and we are also constantly monitoring the health of our equipment to guarantee its performance and reliability. ISO 9000 approved since 2000, you can always rely on Direct Instrument Hire for quality products and a quality service.

With us, customers can also benefit from long term hire discounts, free calibration certificates, free consumables for the duration of a hire contract and a free downloading service when using the software provided with our equipment. We also offer comprehensive technical support to ensure you get the most from your instrument – our team has over 170 years of combined experience in the fields of instrumentation, calibration and electrical test and measurement, which makes us well placed to offer advice and guidance for those who need it. 

In the sections below you’ll find details of our core product categories and the instruments found within them. If you would like more information on technical details, specifications, etc., please head over to our website, or get in touch with the team on 01704 896966. 

Cable Testing Equipment

Direct Instrument Hire offers a comprehensive range of cable test equipment for end-to-end testing, commissioning and de-commissioning of all cable types, from HV cable to CAT 5, 5e and 6. The range includes:
  • Cable and pipe locators
  • Cable fault locators
  • Cable spikers
  • Fibre optic testing and OTDRS
  • Structured cable and LAN testers
  • WiFi testers

For more information, please visit Direct Instrument Hire online or get in touch with our hire reps on 01704 896966.

Electrical Test Equipment

Direct Instrument Hire is continually expanding and improving its electrical test range in order to meet the requirements of modern industry. We have one of the largest ranges of electrical test equipment available for hire anywhere in the UK. It includes, but is not limited to:
  • 17th Edition test sets
  • Circuit breaker analysers
  • Current injection test sets
  • Ductor testers and micro-ohmmeters
  • Earth loop testers
  • Earth testers
  • Flash testers
  • High voltage test sets
  • HV insulation testers
  • Phase rotation meters and phase shifters
  • PSCC testers and RCD testers
  • 1 & 3 phase relay test sets
  • Electrical load monitors
  • Voltage recorders and analysers
  • Clamp meters
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Universal testing devices

Find out more at Direct Instrument Hire online.

Environment Monitoring

Environmental monitoring equipment has been a key area of investment for Direct Instrument Hire in recent times. We’ve expanded our range with a number of high quality instruments for air quality analysis, dust monitoring, moisture measurement, sound measurement, combustion analysis, light/LUX measurement, gas detection, vibration measurement and many other environmental monitoring applications. All of our equipment is routinely tested and calibrated to ensure optimum accuracy and reliability. Each instrument hired comes with a free calibration certificate.

Flow Measuring Equipment

Flow measurement is another field in which Direct Instrument Hire has invested heavily in order to keep pace with the changing requirements of modern industry. The demand for ever-greater accuracy in flow measurement applications has fuelled the development of many state-of-the-art flowmeters, many of which are made available by Direct Instrument Hire. 

Available for hire are a wide variety of:

  • Air flow manometers and pitots
  • Air flow monitors
  • Ultrasonic flowmeters
  • Thermal anemometers
  • D.P flow meters

Power Analysis Equipment

Direct Instrument Hire also offers an extensive range of power analysis equipment from leading manufacturers such as Dranetz, Chauvin Arnoux, Elcomponent and Fluke. Products currently available for hire include:

  • Chauvin Arnoux CA8335 Energy Analyser / Power Analyser
  • Dranetz Power Xplorer PX5
  • Elcomponent SPC Pro Energy Logger
  • Fluke 435 Power Analyser
  • Fluke VR1710 Voltage Recorder

More information can be found on our website.

Pressure Test Equipment

We also have a number of pressure test instruments to cover the requirements of various applications. They fall under the following categories:
  • Digital manometers
  • Low pressure indicators
  • Pressure calibrators
  • Pressure data loggers
  • Pressure recorders
  • Low pressure calibrators
  • Barometers
Remember, if you would like any help or advice in the selection of an instrument, just give us a call on 01704 896966. We have over 170 years of combined experience and can offer a solution for just about any requirement.

Temperature Equipment

Our extensive range of temperature measurement instruments fall under the following categories:
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Thermal profile loggers
  • Thermal array recorders
  • Temperature dataloggers
  • Dryblock calibrators
  • Temperature recorders
  • Temperature indicators
  • Temperature baths
To find out more, please head over to our website or contact our hire team on 01704 896966.

Test & Calibration

Our test and calibration category encompasses the following types of instrument:
  • Data loggers
  • SMART communicators
  • Temperature dryblocks
  • Pressure calibrators
  • Temperature indicators
  • Multifunction calibrators
  • 4-20 mA loop calibrators
  • Multimeters

Find out more about our equipment at Direct Instrument Hire online.



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