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DIP International Ltd specialises in the representation and distribution of electronics and components for industries such as communications, digital audio, security, and medical. Our teams operate from various locations around the world, and have many years of knowledge and experience in the European semiconductor industry. We operate a first-class customer support system which includes customer dedicated stocking profiles as well as a dedicated account management team to provide support and advice at all steps of the production process, from design through to final production. Examples of our products include mixed signal semiconductors from AKM with a wide range of ADCS, DACs and CODECs for the audio and multimedia markets, NSYS application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) for broadband internet access semiconductors and security processors, and more. All of the products that we supply are fully traceable through our strict quality control and management system which has been assessed and registered to BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 standards. Please visit our website for further details regarding our products and services or for details on how to contact your nearest DIP International Plastics team.

Sigtec Navigation

We are pleased to represent Sigtec - a global leader in the provision of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Sigtec provides software, hardware, mobile data terminals, and more combined with project management, management operations, and customer service and support. Sigtec’s strategy is to provide positioning, timing, and reference frequency solutions to the rapidly expanding wireless/mobile applications market. Sigtec develops and supplies modules, micro-modules, chip scale packages, and integrated circuits to meet modern industry developments. Sigtec provides a flexible and versatile approach in order for customers to develop their designs and prototypes efficiently and at competitive prices.

Please contact us for further information.


Zarlink provides a comprehensive range of semiconductor solutions for various industries such as aerospace, defence and security, enterprise and communications, industrial and energy markets. With more than 30 years experience of delivering successful semiconductor solutions, Zarlink is widely recognised in the industry for providing solutions for network synchronisation, circuit emulation, voice processing and optical applications. To find out more about Zarlink’s expertise in these areas, please visit the ‘franchises’ section of our website. Or, if you would like to speak to someone in person, please call our friendly team at DIP International Plastics who will be happy to answer all of your questions.


AKM Semiconductor Inc is a leading global company that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM), Tokyo, Japan. AKM specialises in the supply of mixed-signal IC’s for consumer, automotive, and communications applications. Examples of products include audio converters and I/F’s, video end/decoder and amplifiers, touch screen controllers, clock generators, EEPROM and CMOS operational amplifiers, and RF IC to meet the demand of developing technology for mobile phones, portable media players, distal TV/STB and automotive electronics. AKM’s high quality products are manufactured in Japan using incredible high-performance mixed-signal CMOS and BiCMO.

VE8921 - Highly Integrated low cost 2FXS + 1 FXO Chipset

The VE8921 chipset features simultaneous FXS and FXO functionality via voice interface functions to enable connection to, and power, telephone and isolated DAA for connection to the PSTN. It also provides standard MPI and PCM interfaces to a VoIP processor. This is a highly integrated, low-cost, 2FXS chipset that is optimised for residential VoIP gateways such as voice enabled DSL modems, set-top boxes and analogue terminal adaptors. When coupled with Legerity’s VoicePath™ API-II (VP API-II) it enables designers to provide a single hardware design that is software programmable for worldwide markets. Please contact us for further information.

Ag5100 - 30W POE+ Module

The Ag5100 delivers up to 30 watts peak out of power and is a perfect solution for use with applications such as IP telephones, WiMAX access points, PTZ cameras, door entry systems and remote computer terminals. It is compatible with IEEE 802.3af and at, has adjustable output voltage, 1500v pk isolation (input to output), minimal external components required, overload, thermal and short-circuit protection, and simple integration. This cost-effective PoE+ module features a high efficiency DC/DC converter that operates over a wide input voltage range and provides a regulated low ripple and low noise output.

Please contact us at DIP for further information.

ZL50112 512 - 512 Channel CESoP processo

The ZL50112 is a highly functional TDM to Packet bridging device that provides structured and unstructured circuit emulation services (CES) for T1/E1 streams across a packet network based on Ethernet technology. It features four different classes of service on packet egress, to allow priority treatment of TDM-based traffic, a range of powerful clock recovery mechanisms and sufficient on-chip memory that external memory is not required in most applications. Please visit our website to view the ZL50112 Simplified Block Diagram and for further information. Please contact our team at DIP with your queries.

SL13A - RFID Smart Label chip

The practical SL13A RFID Smart Label Chip is up to ten times lower in price than existing RFID temperature-sensing modules. It is designed to automatically track, monitor, time-stamp and record information regarding all goods in all supply chain or cold chain transport. It works in a semi-passive mode or fully passive mode and supports communication via SPI bus development kit. This comprehensive kit also features an R13MP reader board, and comes with demo application and GUI software with source codes.

Ag5600 60W High Power Over Ethernet PSU (PoE+)

The Ag5600 features up to 60 watt output power, dual signature, dynamic PSE detection intelligence, 1500v isolation (input to output), overload, thermal protection and short-circuit protection, 85% efficiency DC/DC converter, and more. This model is the first 60W PSU designed and manufactured with our unique dynamic input power sharing process. It accepts power from two 30W PSE units of a single 60W PSE. The PSU automatically detects input voltage imbalances and adjusts load sharing accordingly. Please visit our website for further technical information.

ZL 30136 - GBE & Telecom Rate Network Interface Synchroniser

The ZL30136 is a highly cost-effective network interface synchroniser that provides timing for network interface cards. Its DPLL is able to lock to one of three input references and provides standard Ethernet clock rates for synchronising Ethernet PHYs.

Features and benefits include:

  • Provides synchronous clocks for network interface cards that support synchronous Ethernet, as well as telecom interfaces (T1/E1, DS3/E3, etc).
  • Supports the requirements of ITU-T G.8262 for Synchronous Ethernet equipment slave clocks (EEC option 1 and 2) when combined with a system synchronizer (e.g. ZL30130 or ZL30138)
  • Synchronises to telecom reference clocks (2 kHz, N*8 kHz up to 77.76 MHz) or to Ethernet reference clocks (25 MHz, 50 MHz, 62.5 MHz, 125 MHz, and 155.52 MHz)
  • Generates Ethernet clocks (12.5 MHz, 25 MHz, 50 MHz, 62.5 MHz, or 125 MHz)
  • Programmable telecom synthesizer generates clock frequencies of any multiple of 8kHz (up to 100MHz).

Find out more by visiting the DIP International website.

AS1001 Ultra Efficient Power Amplifier

The Audium 100W is the world’s most efficient high power audio chip, enabling battery-powered amplified speakers to run 3 hours a day for 10 months on a single set of 1.5V batteries. It also enables the development of smaller, cooler, mains-powered audio equipment with fewer heat sinks – applications include wireless speakers, home theatre surround-sound speakers and battery-powered travel speakers. This ultra-efficient power amplifier utilises patented techniques to minimise both fixed power losses and output-dependant variable power losses.

AG 9400 Low Cost POE Module

Ag9400 series low cost PoE modules are designed to extract power from conventional twisted pairs of Category 5 Ethernet cable whilst conforming to the IEEE 802.3af Power of Ethernet standard. This complete low-cost solution is aimed at high volume IP cameras or VoIP phones. Ag9400 modules are easy to use, require minimal external components, and provide a 1500Vdc isolation barrier between the input and output. They are available in a variety of voltage and power options to suit a range of applications.

AG 102 Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger Module

The Ag102 is an intelligent Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery charging module designed to maximise specified battery life, reduce power consumption, and provide battery reversal protection. This cost-effective device has a very wide input range of 9V to 36V DC, and can also accommodate a 24V AC input with only a few minor modifications. When used in conjunction with Silver Telecom Power over Ethernet modules, the Ag102 is also able to charge SLA batteries from an Ethernet cable. With its high efficiency and intelligent charging techniques, the AG102 provides an ideal solution for reducing power consumption and maximising battery life.



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