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Formed in 1987, Diamond Group are experts in computer service, maintenance, design and support. We can provide solutions, support and guidance for small and medium enterprises, and have been officially recognised by Intel, IBM, Novell, Informix, Lotus, Compaq, Pegasus and Microsoft. In fact, IBM, Microsoft and American On Line have approached us for our testing services in the past.

Among our past clients are BT, GEC, Cellnet, BR and various government departments, as well as many of the top 20 Chartered Accountants. We have exported to Germany, Dubai, Sweden, Turkey, India and Zimbabwe, and over 350 computer dealers and software houses have done business with us.

With more than 20 years of experience, we can provide unmatched service in a variety of fields, with particular expertise in networking and specialist software development. Computer dealers value our expertise, and some manufacturers refer their networking installations to us, as they recognise our levels of experience and customer care.


When your system breaks down, we guarantee that we can fix it within a day, even if we have to re-load the operating system.

While some of our competitors may treat support as a software issue and maintenance as hardware related, we believe that treating them as separate issues leads to inferior service. Our contracts cover both telephone support and engineering visits, and when our engineers fix a hardware fault, they make sure the system is restored too.

We can provide support and maintenance for a wide range of equipment, regardless of the supplier, so contact us for details on the products we cover and we will advise you accordingly.


While it may be easy to get a few computers to talk together, it is not so easy to get a medium sized company running profitably and efficiently. That's where we come in.

We use Novell NetWare and Windows for most installations, with our whole team having had formal training under Microsoft programs and 3 of our support staff being NetWare engineers. The obvious choice of machine when building networks is our own, but we will happily use and supply other machines and integrate into existing systems.

From small LANs to large WANs running multiple operating systems, we have designed and implemented networking applications of all kinds.


At Diamond, we believe that experience, expertise and formal qualification should be the basis of proper consultancy.

Whatever assistance you may require, our in-house experts are here to provide, with past consultancy in matters ranging from full strategic planning to simply selecting the best range of printers. When our dealer customers need help with a large or important project, they often come to us for consultancy. We are also registered as expert witnesses for the Court Service, which can be a benefit for clients who have had problems with less professional providers.

Data Management and Processing

For clients whose systems aren't capable of fulfilling all of their computer requirements, we can provide high level bureau services.

We frequently operate clients' payroll systems, but our marketing database services are growing too. We can maintain data, provide necessary reporting, and perform and audit mailings. Our services have been utilised by some of the largest mailing houses around, when large quantities of data needed to be entered or data manipulation was needed. We can deal with data regarding coupon returns, magazine fulfilment, promotional gifts and more, as well as handling large print jobs.


Over our 24 years as a company, we have matured and refined our service to provide complete working and guaranteed installations, with our considerable experience covering nearly all computer related services.

When we formed in 1987, we only provided technical assistance, services and support to the trade, filling the knowledge gaps in many small dealers' organisations. Due to computer dealerships having a fairly high morbidity rate, we were increasingly put in contact with end users, and our customer base expanded as our company did.

More than 20 years later, we are still going and continuing to grow, so we must be doing something right!

Our Servers

The following is a description of the equipment that we used until 2009, when we upgraded to a similar but more up to date bank of servers. It should give you an idea of how confident you can be in the equipment used to protect your business.

Our rack tower contained three 3000VA UPS (providing smooth power and backup for 3 hours), a 12 way RAID Fibre Channel Array attached to the backup web server (serving as a mirror to the Compaq Proliant quad Zeon), our Back Office Server with mirrored 300Gb data drives, a backup web server and other standard components.

Our Quad Xeon Mail and Web Server had a 7 disk striped RAID array, mirrors to a 7 disk RAID5 SCSI, redundant hot swap power supplies and an integral AIC tape unit.

Help Desk Support Services

We provide help desk support services for clients who need support from our friendly, knowledgeable and reliable staff. We have found that this service is of particular use for expanding companies with a growing dependency on their systems.

Our help desk support service eliminates the need for you to employ and train your own support staff, providing a more efficient and less expensive solution. Our help desk contracts are written specifically with your requirements in mind. Please contact our Technical Support Manager for full details.

Downsizing and Facilities Management

For customers using technology that is no longer appropriate, downsizing and substituting mid range systems with well-structured networks can help them to save large amounts of money.

As an extension to our support services, we can provide clients with facilities management; increasing efficiencies by having our team provide computer services instead of an in-house team. This offers typical savings of 30%, as well as a higher quality and more stable service.

At Diamond, we are experts at determining when changing a client's I.T. Approach could yield savings for them. In addition, we can provide support, implementation programmes and cross training.



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Founded:1 October, 1987 (33 years and 9 months ago)
No of Employees: 11-20
Annual Turnover: 1-2m
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