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For over 45 years, Destec Engineering has been offering high quality products and innovative engineering solutions to a global market. We are specialists in high-pressure containment equipment and portable machine tools; we also provide unique on-site machining services to the oil, chemical, petrochemical, power generation, steel fabrication and marine industries. Formed in 1969 by the present owners, Destec Engineering has remained dedicated to the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art tools for four decades. We now have one of the most versatile ranges of in-house designed portable machine tools suitable for most machine shop operations.

We continually invest in our facilities so that our products are made to the highest standards. This includes a fully equipped machine workshop with CNC turning, vertical machining centres with 1.5 metre tables, and a wide variety of general purpose machine tools. Our comprehensive service includes welding and fabrication, PTFE coating, NDT equipment provision, product inspection, packing, despatch and delivery. Our experienced team of designers use the latest software to develop our products, providing supporting calculations and stress analysis. So for expert machining services and exceptional products that are engineered to perfection, Destec Engineering is your premier choice of partner.

On-site Machining

We offer a range of on-site machining services carried out by our expert engineers. The following is a list of some of the solutions we offer. Facing - we use portable machines equipped with variable speeds and automatic feeds for accurate surface finishes. We also offer oval facing for manways, including spigoted joints. Our machines are specifically designed to generate perfect ellipses.

Destec also undertakes precision inline boring in any plane, as well as milling, keyway cutting, drilling and reaming, threat cutting and tapping, trepanning, pipe cutting and weld preparation, regenerator and vessel head removal, and general welding.

Boiler Inspection Caps

If you need an alternative to standard welded boiler caps, Destec has the answers. We design and produce boiler inspection caps which have all the features that are required by boiler and pressure plant operators. They are available in three sizes: 40mm, 100mm and 150mm full through bore at maximum pressure and temperature rating. Our boiler inspection caps are valued for their ease of access, exceptional leak tightness and long service life. They come with re-usable seal rings and standard fittings. To find out more about these innovative yet affordable designs, please visit our website.

Door Closures

For fast and safe access to pressure vessels, our door closures are the ideal solution. They have been used in a wide variety of applications, from industrial waste treatment closures, to pig traps, separator vessels, medical waste treatment vessels and subsea access hatches. Standard sizes range from 0.5 to 2 metre diameter, but if you need larger or smaller door closures, please contact us directly and we'll see if we can provide the solution. Destec's door closures are designed to meet ASME and other pressure vessel requirements for quick release connectors. To make sure the project is viable, our team undertake rigorous design studies. Once approved, we'll call upon our in-house technical expertise to manufacture your door closure and manage the installation from start to finish.

Special Purpose Machine Tools

To meet the specific demands of the oil, petrochemical and nuclear industries, we have designed, developed and built special purpose machine tools. We were commissioned by Mobil to design and build a machine to remove the regenerator head at their site in Coryton. We came up with a 4 head, hydraulically driven milling machine that got the job done within the 9 week schedule. This was the fastest turnaround for a machine of that size ever achieved by Mobil.

As always, Destec is happy to discuss your special machining requirements. A highly experienced team of engineers who use state-of-the-art design and manufacturing equipment enable us to take on almost any challenge.

NDT Testing

Included in our extensive range of onsite services is NDT Testing. This is a non-destructive method that uses ultrasonic waves to detect internal defects in materials. It is also used to detect corrosion and to measure wall thicknesses. We analyse pulse-echo ultrasonic waves to find the location and the nature of the imperfection. Detecting imperfections through non-destructive techniques significantly reduces the risk of leakage or other defects. That's why it is typically used on pressure vessels, storage tanks, pipelines, ship hulls, rail wheels, and turbine blades. NDT Testing offers fast and accurate results.

On-line Leak Sealing

When you have a serious leak from a pipeline in a continuous process plant, Destec is able to offer an exceptional solution that doesn't involve shutting down the pipeline or leaving the leak to blow. We'll cure your leak while the line remains at normal pressure and temperature. Our techniques have been perfected over many years so that we can save millions of pounds worth of wasted energy. This 24/7 service has been called upon in a range of applications, including nuclear power plants, fossil fuel plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, steelworks, paper manufacturing plants, food processing plants and transmission pipelines.

Bolt Tensioning

If you need onsite bolt tensioning, Destec has the experience and equipment for the job. We use three different bolt tensioning techniques to suit the given application. Our hydraulic tensioners are compatible with extended bolts. Hydraulic tensioning offers a controlled, precise stress level when using standard flat-faced joints. We also use ratchet torque tensioners for super-fast tightening of heavy bolts. Finally, low height torque tensioners are employed in situations where access is limited. High pressure power packs with reverse flow ability drive the double-acting cylinders of the torque tensioners. If you need more information on bolting torques, please visit the Destec website where you'll find an on-site services brochure available as a Pdf.

Clamp Connectors

The Type Approved & Fire Tested G-Range clamp connector has a lightweight design with only four bolts per joint, making for a simple, cost-effective assembly that provides an ideal solution to piping installations. Designed primarily for the adverse conditions of pressure, temperature and thermal shock, it has become the recognised standard for clamp connectors in the Oil & Gas Industry. A range of connectors are available, from butt weld and blind hubs right through to elbows, tees, nozzles, enlarging/reducing hubs and orifice metering connections. G-Range clamp connector hubs may be manufactured from stainless, carbon, alloy and duplex steels with compatible clamp and seal ring materials.

Compact Flanges

These are the first original Compact Flanges that have been designed in full accordance with ASME ANSI BS 8180. They are Type Approved & Fire Tested, and are up to 88% lighter than the equivalent ANSI flanges. Our Compact Flanges are also quick and easy to make-up and have superior mechanical strength and fatigue performance.

Seal Rings

Our specialised knowledge and experience in the use of High Pressure and High Temperature metal-to-metal static sealing has led us to develop a unique sealing system that uses a modified cone ring which provides outstanding leak tightness properties under some of the most severe conditions generated by pressure, temperature, thermal cycling and shock. The innovative design of this seal actually means that it has a greater sealing action at higher pressures.  Destec make these seal rings available in a range of sizes, from 10mm to 1700mm.  Coatings are colour coded to aid identification of the base material.

Subsea Connectors

The Destec GSB Single Bolt Clampset has been designed and developed for applications where a conventional four bolt G-Range Clampset would be impractical. They are supplied with a mounting plate that can accommodate guidance/pull-in systems if required – this allows the integration of stab connectors for electrical and hydraulic circuits and makes alignment easier. Standard G-Range type hubs with metal-to-metal seal rings are compatible, as are a whole range of third party sealing arrangements.

Regenerator & Vessel Head Removal

Back in 1996, Destec Engineering helped make history by being the world’s first firm to start preliminary cutting to take off the Regenerator Head at Mobile’s Coryton Oil Refinary. We are proud to say that for the record, the cutting of both the vessel shell and internal refractory were carried out in a dry environment and given that this included all the necessary weld prepping ready for reinstatement of the head, it is an achievement that we managed to do this without either mess or pollution.

Since then, Destec has striven to develop their own specialised technique and set of equipment to the point where these are ready for deployment anywhere in the world.

On-site Services

Here at Destec Engineering Ltd, we are pleased to provide fantastic on-site services. These services are available 24/7, 365 days a year and are available nationally and internationally. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians provide a rapid response and can carry out a range of services such as Regenerator and Vessel Head Removal, On-site Machining, On-line Leak Sealing, Overlay Welding and more. Our team is fully certified, reliable and all work is guaranteed. With more than 40 years engineering experience Destec Engineering Ltd is THE company to call for all of your onsite engineering requirements.



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