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Whether for heavy industrial components, or a take-away meal, corrugated packaging meets the need.

The industry is constantly developing ways to streamline customer processes - transportation, stacking, storing, unpacking and even displaying goods using ingenious pieces of corrugated engineering.

What We Do

Design is more than just a nice logo, or fancy furniture. Our aim is "to inspire the best use of design by the UK, in the world context, to improve prosperity and well-being" and that means getting business, education and government to work more productively, and communicate more effectively.

Founded in 1944, the Design Council has for over fifty years been striving to promote the effective use of design - and design thinking - in business, in education and in government. Our purpose is 'to inspire the best use of design by the UK, in the world context, to improve prosperity and well-being.' The Design Council is independent of Government and run as an autonomous, non-profit making public body. It is funded through a grant from the Department of Trade and Industry. Most organisations are at their best when working with others and the Design Council is no exception. We work with partner organisations to ensure all our activities have the biggest impact and influence. For further information, have a look at how we work.

By working with these partners, the Design Council spreads its message through:

initiatives like Design in Business Week, Design in Education Week and Millennium Products - which aims to identify, encourage and promote highly innovative UK products and services

events often including high profile speakers like Prime Minister Tony Blair, who launched Millennium Products

tools such as Design Atlas - a framework for managing and implementing effective design, developed specifically for UK design advisors to enable the delivery of strategic advice to small businesses

the media such as specially-commissioned TV programmes as well as general coverage of Design Council activities in the news media

multimedia websites such as the one you are looking at now are becoming increasingly important as sources of information

publications such as policy proposals and specially-commissioned reports, which can have a major influence on business, education and government



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