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Deutsche Präzisionswerkzeuge AG – Deprag of Germany, with offices around the world, including in the United Kingdom – is a leading global machine-building company with a history that stretches back over 200 years. We began as the Bavarian Rifle Factory before transforming into an engineering firm specialising today in screwdrivers (manual and automatic), automation systems, air motors, air tools, and green energy solutions.


Our screwdriving, automatic, air motor and air tool products have been used in the electronics, information technology and telecommunications industries, the automotive industry, household goods, medical technology, power tools, the construction industry, sanitary technology, the chemical industry, the food industry, transport, mixers and agitators, shipbuilding and marine use, the paper industry, foundries, and machine building. 


Deprag's philosophy is built on quality, brainpower, production, precision, flexibility, and responsibility. We ensure that our products and services are of the highest possible quality; this makes for satisfied customers and long-lasting partnerships. We achieve this quality with top engineers and dedicated employees who have experience and are committed to ongoing technical training. And because much of our production is in-house, we invest each year in our machinery – these facilities need to be heavy-duty but also demand incredible degrees of precisions on a daily basis. Our flexibility means that we can adapt to your changing needs; and our sense of responsibility ensures that we efficiently handle materials and energy and comply with the highest environmental standards.


Deprag is also proud of its long history of helping talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds – over 1,000 in the past 70 years – to achieve their university education.


Deprag – machine-building expertise through tradition.


We offer ergonomic, flexible, reliable, ESD-capable screwdrivers for use on your assembly lines. Our screwdrivers include electronic or pneumatic units, with swappable heads and straight, angled, or pistol grips. We also offer stationary screwdrivers: these units have the smallest footprint.


Deprag's electronic screwdrivers come in a number of configurations, variously featuring flexibility and reliability in your fabrication process, adjustable tightening parameters, battery operation with some units, torque and angle measurement, electromagnetic shut-offs, and other features.


The pneumatic range offers screwdriver units with low torque values, or 8Nmm to 300Nmm, at speeds of 450rpm to 2,000rpm, which are ideal for micro-assemblies in precision industries. Other units are suitable for heavy industrial use – with torque values of 0.2Nm to 20Nm and extremely long up-time usage.


All of our electronic and pneumatic screwdrivers work with our wider range of measuring, control, and feeding systems.

Screwdrivers - Measuring, Control, Feeding, Accessories

Deprag supplies a range of equipment to manage your screwdrivers.


Our Measuring Technology lets you analyse every single screw-joint, check your torque and angle settings, control quality across an assembly process, log screwdriver results to optimise your work, measure and adjust each screwdriver unit; and all of this is backed up by a specialist calibrating service at Deprag's custom calibration laboratory.


We also offer Control Technology essential in controlling torque values and other critical variables of your screwdriver units.


And finally, no assembly line screwdriver system would be complete without a feeding solution. We offer a range of products for feeding screws, nuts, and other small parts; our Feeding Technology streamlines your work process, maximises your efficiently and increases your output.


Visit our website for full details of all our Measuring, Control and Feeding technologies, and other accessories.


Deprag offers a comprehensive and varied automation solution for your product assembly lines. We seek to be your primary resource for reliable and cost-effective automated systems with a high measure of reusability. 


Our automated Screwdriving and Assembly Systems are in use across the electronics, automotive, vehicle and aircraft, appliances, medical, machine-building, sanitary, and food industries. Automated screwdrivers allow you to streamline an assembly process, devoting your limited human labour to other critical tasks. We offer custom-designed assembly solutions backed by over 40 years of assembly line experience. Our solutions are 100% Deprag-made, so we vouch for the quality and suitability of the entire solution.


We also offer Standardized Assembly Solutions with compact designs. These are durable, economical and efficient systems and we can supply you with these faster than a fully bespoke solution. Our DCAM and DCAM-XS products – Deprag Compact Assembly Module – allow you to include screwdriving, labelling, palletising, clipping, laser inscribing, pressing, welding, and other functions, into your process while using only a small footprint.


And finally, we can equip your facility with Manual Workstations for a dedicated human operator undertaking precision assembly work.

Air Vane Motors, Turbines, Gear Motors

Deprag offers a range of pneumatic motors – with Air Vane, Turbine and Gear products – to drive your assembly line equipment. Pneumatic motors use pressurised air or gas to drive the motor components.


All of our motors are compact, durable and explosion-proof, easily maintained, built with stainless steel, and can be sterilised for medical, food or electronic assembly lines. Our pneumatic motors are 1/3 the size of conventional motors, and 1/5 the weight.


Air Vane Motors can be quickly delivered to your assembly lines. These products are ATEX-compliant and highly durable. Power ranges from 20W and up to 18kW, across several products, offering you choices in meeting your needs.


Our Turbine Motors feature oil-free use, an optimised power-to-weight ratio, and can be continuously used on assemble lines.


And finally, our Gear Motors also feature oil-free operation, run at high speeds (up to 100,000rpm at 90W), and yet offer no wearing parts and low noise.

Air Tools - Grinders

Deprag offers a wide range of air-powered Grinders with ergonomic and durable designs that optimise the power to weight ratio. We are proud to supply Grinders that are built for constant industrial use. Our Grinders come with Collets, or in Straight or Angled configurations; we also offer a Belt Sander, and a Grinding Spindle that can be integrated with stationary machines. And we supply abrasive disks ranging from 50mm up to 230mm, depending on the product.

Air Tools - Drills

We offer a range of air-powered Drills capable of drilling into a variety of materials. We offer pistol-grip drills as well as inline units and heavier-duty angle-head products designed for accessing drill points in constricted spaces. Our drills range in power output from 0.12kW and up to 2.5kW and can drill holes as small as 0.5mm and as large as 80mm. We also offer Drill Spindles that can be integrated into your fixed assembly machines.

Air Tools – Tappers

Deprag supplies air-driven Tappers for cutting and cleaning female threads intended to accommodate screws. As such, these tappers are an essential part of many industrial assembly lines, especially tool-building, machine-building, and other equipment manufacture. Our tappers feature simple operation, are reversible, and can be used both horizontally and vertically. We offer both inline and pistol-grip versions. Our products allow for tapping into steel up to M14 and into aluminium up to M16.

Air Tools - Polishers

We offer a range of air-powered Polishers suitable for polishing level or curved surfaces. Our products feature internal speed regulators that maintain a constant polishing speed, and therefore a consistent polished effect, even under load and as loads change. We also feature low air-consumption and low wear-and-tear, with the highest available power output at a low weight.


Our angle-head and pistol-grip polishers offer speeds ranging from 8,000rpm up to 21,000rpm; their vulcan fibre disks can be used to polish casted parts, welded seams, and other materials.


We also supply an Orbital Sander operating at a 12,000rpm speed for commercial polishing that requires a high-gloss finish. And we offer Radial Polishers for treating a range of materials using abrasive rolls.

Air Tools - Hammers

We offer a wide range of air-powered Hammers that can meet a diverse set of needs. Our products include a Drill Hammer, Chipping Hammer, Riveting Hammer, Spade and Pick Hammer, Impact Hammer, and an Air Scaler; the various applications of these tools is detailed on our website. But all of our hammers are durable, simple to use, and robust. Fine chiselling work, demolition, jointing, cleaning of casted parts, removal of rust, materials-crushing, stamping of formed materials, and other tasks, can all be accomplished with our hammer products.

Air Tools - Impact Tools

Our air-powered Impact Tools are widely used in the automotive and machine-building industries. These products feature torque capabilities ranging from 1.5Nm and up to 2,100Nm; such a wide spectrum means that, whatever your application and need, our products can fit the bill. We offer Impact Tools in either pistol-grip or fist-grip configurations, with the pistol-grip product driving speeds between 4,100rpm and 15,000rpm and the fist-grip speeds from 750rpm to 3,600rpm.

Air Tools - Needle Scaler

Deprag's air-driven Needle Scalers are used to remove welding seams, to de-rust steel assemblies, to remove paint, to clean castings, and to clean facades in construction or to abrade concrete. Our products can accommodate needles ranging from Ø 2mm to 4mm, in an inline or pistol-grip design, and are built to operate with a lever start. Our Needle Scalers are widely used in industrial areas, such as construction and shipbuilding, machine-building, automotive assembly lines, and on oil platforms.

Air Tools - Pliers

We offer air-powered Pliers with a maximum cutting power of up to 8,700N. And we supply units that can handle up to 400N/mm-squared breaking stresses. These pliers are useful if you need to cut materials such as steel, thermoplast or duroplast, silver, beryllium, aluminium, or copper. Our units can simultaneously cut and secure materials. And our pliers can close seals, crimp cable lugs, and assist in mounting various kinds of clamps. These pliers have the trademark Deprag durability that allows for constant operation on a busy production line.

Air Tools - Metal Shears

Our air-powered Metal Shears can be found in operations across industries that use sheet-metal – for example automative manufacture, container-fabrication, and shipbuilding. These shears are also often used in body shops and other metals workshops. A powerful air-motor (with output ranging from 0.32kW to 1.2kW) and intelligently-designed blades allow a high cutting capacity; these shears can cut into 4.2mm of steel or 5mm of aluminium.

Air Tools - Nibblers

We offer air-powered Nibblers, with a power output of 1.2kW and a cutting capacity of up to 5mm, which can also cut into curved surfaces, for the efficient cutting of rolled steel, aluminium, plastic, tin, and other metals. Nibblers are used in place of shears or saws when internal or external forms, or pipes or other profiles, need to be cut. The punches and dies used by the Nibbler can be replaced and the punches can be re-sharpened before needing replacement. A special feature of the Nibbler is that cut materials will not be deformed by the cutting process.

Air Tools - Saws

Our ATEX-compliant, air-powered, Straight Saw and Chain Saw products are powerful 24/7 products that can be used for cutting a range of different materials in a wide variety of industrial applications. These saws are ideal for situations where fuel or electric saws cannot be used for practical or safety reasons. Our saws can be used in both manual and industrial operations, whether these are machine-building, woodwork, or in repair workshops. The Straight "Jig" saw offers a power output of 1.1kW and the Chain Saw offers 1.5kW of power. The Chain Saw product is built all in metal for heavy-duty operations.

Air Tools for Potentially Explosive Environments

Deprag offers ATEX-compliant air tools that are safe for use in hazardous and potentially explosive industrial environments. Dangerous environments of this kind include above-ground and below-ground mining, oil-drilling, oil-processing, and other oil and gas operations. These products include some of our Impact Tools, our Chain Saw, and one of our Drills. Many industries are dangerous places that require as many safety features as possible – and yet the work must go on. We are pleased to offer a range of solutions for this need.

Green Energy Turbine

We invested a great deal of expertise into researching our GET Green Energy Turbine Generator, which offers the very best decentralised energy recovery system for a range between 3 to 50 kW.  The patent has been registered and the first prototypes have tested extremely well.  The GET will prove invaluable across a number of applications, such as in heat exchangers, pumps and capacitors as well as for reusing exhaust heat in closed systems.  The GET is capable of converting even small amounts of residual energy, which has obvious ecological benefits.  There are cost benefits too, with the Renewal Energy Act feed-in tariff offering another incentive.  You can see much more about our GET on our website, so do have a look.


Our daughter company, DEPRAG CZ a.s., has been producing collets and quick-change chucks since 1950, resulting in a depth of knowledge and experience.  As a result, DEPRAG CZ has become one of the foremost suppliers of collets and quick-change chucks.  Manufactured to the highest quality on up-to-date production systems, these products are in use throughout the world.  You can see the range of collets and quick-change chucks and order your requirements in our online shop.


If you've any questions about Deprag Ltd products or services feel free to ask them here.

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