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With our software employed by over 40,000 organisations in more than 80 countries, Delcam can justifiably be described as among the world’s most prominent suppliers of computer-aided machining software. We draw on four decades of experience to meet the particular requirements of the manufacturing sector, continually developing a range of products the whole way from initial concept to completed item.

As well as being experts in the field of software, Delcam are pioneers in the areas of inspection programs, tooling design and product creation. We pride ourselves on our ability to help our clients augment their output, enhance its quality and shorten production cycles.

From Europe and the Americas to Australasia and the Far East, Delcam utilise the expertise of our large network of professional partners to embrace the challenges which our customers present us with. Delcam’s highly trained engineers will quickly and effectively provide the optimum solution for your organisation’s needs. Whether you need support in the area of adaptive fixturing and machining, software customisation, process automation, robotics, or inspection services, we’ll deliver the goods! Just take a look at our website to see how much we can do for you and your company.


With the help of PowerMILL, you’ll be able to produce completely reliable NC code for even the most complex components. By allowing you full control over toolpath editing, PowerMILL gives you the ability to take out toolpath segments, alter feedrates in the areas you choose and modify links and leads without having to rework toolpaths. PowerMILL is widely used in the toolmaking, automotive, medical device and aerospace industries. It boasts multi-axis machining and rapid finishing and gives an unparalleled choice of functions. PowerMILL is appropriate for applications ranging from engine ports to robots, and can be customised to create company-specific templates.


PowerSHAPE is excellent for modelling complicated parts rapidly. Its patented Intelligent Cursor is simple to use and versatile and will allow you to make highly accurate and detailed models (whether they be solids, surfaces or triangles) in three dimensions with minimal effort. PowerSHAPE is compatible with data imported from any type of CAD system. Whether you’re starting out from a scanned point cloud, design drawing or even a concept, PowerSHAPE can help streamline your organisation’s creative process. It’s suitable for model import and repair, electrode manufacture, estimating, packaging design and re-engineering. Get in touch with our support engineers to find out more about PowerSHAPE’s features.


PowerInspect ranks among the world’s most prominent inspection software. It’s hardware-independent and can be used across a diverse selection of inspection equipment to fast-track your inspection schedule and produce high-quality reports in next to no time. PowerInspect’s CAD models are equally applicable to simple shapes and doubly curved surfaces, while the program’s CAD files contain more complex information to be used with GD&T and assemblies. These files facilitate graphical reporting and enhance collision detection. PowerInspect is highly flexible and can be used with any form of measuring device, machine tool or portable measuring equipment.

Delcam Exchange

Secure and user-friendly translation of CAD data is guaranteed with Delcam Exchange. This high-powered data translator changes the data between different formats and allows the importing of CAD models regardless of the type of CAD software that originally produced the data. It’s able to translate every generally used CAD format and provides a detailed overview of each file before charging for translation. With its support, you can translate files on your personal computer without having to transmit data online. Delcam Exchange works on a special voucher system which means payment is a direct reflection of your particular usage.


Are you thinking of automating your machining processes? Delcam’s FeatureCAM works on high-level knowledge-based and feature-based technologies which will reduce the time needed to get your machine equipment programmed. It gives you viable solutions for live tooling, high-speed milling, 2D and 3D milling, wire EDMs, five-axis simultaneous machining and high-speed milling. FeatureCam lets you program all your machine tools in one user interface, thereby accelerating the learning process. The combination of a library of customisable post-processors with integrated 3D machine simulation offers you advance visualisation of the machining of your parts.


Automating your CNC machinery is simple with Delcam’s PartMaker. From horizontal machining centres and Swiss-type lathes to multitasking turn-mill centres, it can reduce the time it takes you to set up by as much as 50%. The power of its 3D simulation showcases the whole manufacturing process before PartMaker despatches the NC program onwards to the receiving machinery. Consequently, you know that you’ll always be producing accurate code. The CAD module driving PartMaker is an accessible 2D-drafting package, while PartMaker also allows the creation of 3D solid models along with the design of more sophisticated milling set-ups.

Power Shape-e

Make your own highly detailed 3D CAD models with Power Shape-e. It’s a completely free package that’s equally applicable for modelling surfaces, solids and triangles. Power Shape-e incorporates reverse engineering and is able to import data from all main CAD systems. The program offers mould design, re-engineering, modelling for manufacture equipment and regular design in an all-in-one program. The Parasolid modelling kernel allows the carrying out of complex edits – you can even amend imported CAD geometry. Power Shape-e is also brilliant for assemblies, and will automatically add the necessary holes and additional features for successful assembly.

Delcam for SolidWorks

Do you need to integrate your CAM system within SolidWorks? In completely replicating the appearance and behaviour of SolidWorks, Delcam for SolidWorks represents a comprehensive one-window manufacturing option for turning, turn/mill and milling machines. With its assistance, it’s easy to machine grooves, threads, bosses, holes and pockets. Step-by-step wizards create 2.5-axis drilling and milling toolpaths, while feature definitions are available for selection. The program is supportive of fourth-axis indexing and makes milling drafted features easily achievable. It offers a depth of drilling canned cycle support and contains established post-processors for key machine tools.

Delcam Electrode

Creating accurate electrodes is easy with Delcam Electrode. It’s a holistic solution that’ll take you all the way from basic design through to manufacturing the electrode to its concluding inspection. Delcam Electrode will prove extremely useful when carrying out electrical discharge machining, and caters for a variety of applications. These include injection moulding, casting and forging; the manufacturing of unusual features such as thin or deep ribs; materials of exceptional hardness; fragile materials and sections; and extra-small components. Unequalled in its scope for making complicated EDM electrodes, Delcam Electrode can cope with any task assigned to it.

PowerMILL Robot

Programming robots need not be a daunting prospect – PowerMILL Robot lets you do this and also simulate and analyse robot operations in just one application. You’ll be able to program robots possessing external axes like linear tracks and rotary tables, while producing robot paths for applications ranging from milling and laser cutting to linishing and milling.  Time spent on sculpting in stone, wood, resin and foam will be significantly shortened, and the chores of deburring and trimming materials made less tedious. PowerMILL Robot complements such major industrial robots as ABB, Motoman, Stäubli, Fanuc, Kuka and others.

Vortex Machining

Take advantage of Delcam’s innovative high-speed roughing technology. Vortex reduces machine-part roughing cycles by as much as 60%, meaning your tool lives are lengthened as a result. Whereas traditional ways of roughing cause spindle speeds and feed rates to be lowered during the process of machining internal corners, Vortex maintains control of the angle of tool engagement to assure the best possible cutting conditions. It can be used with positional five-axis, two-axis and three-axis machining as well as with rest roughing operations. Vortex is completely compatible with PartMaker, FeatureCAM, Delcam for SolidWorks and PowerMILL.


Anyone working in the artistic professions will find our ArtCAM suite of software products invaluable. Engravers, woodworkers, jewellers and signmakers have all transformed their initial designs into finished products with the aid of ArtCAM’s sophisticated yet accessible features. ArtCam Express is an inexpensive entry-level option which offers a multitude of design and machining facilities, while ArtCAM Insignia has a larger toolkit which is tailored towards repeat designs carried out in a production context. Manufacturing 3D models and sculpted reliefs is a breeze with ArtCam Pro, and ArtCam Jewelsmith permits the creation of customised jewellery, from individual pieces to whole lines.


Draw upon our programme and performance management know-how with our PS-Team web-based solutions. Whatever the size or location of your organisation, it’ll be able to communicate better, pool information more easily and generally improve operational performance. PS-Team strategies have been successfully applied by several sectors. Companies in housing and construction utilise features such as survey management, works programming, contractor management and asbestos information. Local authorities take advantage of document control, recording of task progress and automated reporting, while those in the manufacturing sphere employ email alerts, HMTL-based web forms and document libraries.



Registration Number: 02311487
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Registered at Companies House:1 November, 1988 (33 years and 6 months ago)
No of Employees: 501-1000
Annual Turnover: 20-50m
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  • Manufacturer

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Brand & Trade Names

  • ArtCAM Artistic CADCAM software
  • Delcam
  • FeatureCAM Feature-based machining software
  • PartMaker Machining software for turn-mill machines and Swiss-type lathes
  • PowerINSPECT Inspection software to compare parts, prototypes and tooling against CAD models
  • PowerMILL Five-axis and high-speed machining software
  • PowerSHAPE Design software for products and tooling

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