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Based in Cambridgeshire and with over 20 years of experience within the industry, Deanta UK Ltd are manufacturers of high quality, environmentally friendly doors. We offer a wide range of doors, using different types of wood and with different sizes, designs and finishes available. All of our products have been created with an emphasis on quality, aesthetic, function and reliability. It should also be noted that we can offer both standard doors and completely bespoke doors which have been made with your specific requirements in mind. 

We value customer service above all else and we urge anyone who has any problems or queries, to get in touch. Our excellent team of customer service agents are always on hand to help with anything you may need. For more general information on our company and what it has to offer, feel free to visit our website. 


Interior Oak Doors

We stock an extensive range of high quality interior oak doors. Just some of the different types that we have to offer include, Augusta, Bury, Cambridge, Ely, Galway, Kingston and Walden, as well as many more. We understand that everyone is looking for something different and it is for this reason that we provide both solid and glazed doors. Customers can visit the website for further information on all of our products, including details on features and dimensions. 

Interior Walnut Doors

Walnut offers a sophisticated and luxurious aesthetic which would benefit any home. We stock a wide selection of interior walnut doors which include both solid and glazed varieties. It is also worth pointing out that all of the doors within this range are available in different sizes, per your requirements. Furthermore, in some cases, we can even remove a small amount off the height and width, if necessary. If you would like any further information or you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us. 

Interior White Primed Doors

Our selection of interior white primed doors features models which are not only attractive but also durable and long lasting. All of our white primed doors have been finished in white, meaning that customers only have to apply a single coat of paint, in the colour of their choice. It is also worth pointing out that all of our products are supplied with a full 10 year warranty, ensuring peace of mind. For full details on this range, including information on dimensions, please visit the website. 

Fire Doors

Our range of fire doors includes a variety of design and wood options, including oak, walnut and white primed. Just some of the different models within this range include, Ely, Coventry, Cambridge, Kensington, Galway, Seville, Pamplona and Rochester. It should also be pointed out that we stock both solid and glazed fire doors, to suit any environment. If you would like more information or you would like to speak to someone, don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Skirting and Architrave

All of our skirting and architrave is manufactured from the same oak and walnut as our doors, ensuring a seamless finish. In terms of design, there a three different varieties to choose from. The shaker style skirting and architrave is available in both types of wood. We also offer both traditional and Georgian style skirting and architrave but these are only available in oak. Customers can visit the website for further information, including sizing, features and sourcing. Alternatively, you can contact us directly. 

Door Frames

Our door frames are also crafted from the same walnut and oak as our doors. Being made from solid wood, the frames are strong and durable, ensuring a long lifespan. Our door frames are supplied in a prefinished state and come in sizes of 133mm x 30mm. Customers with any questions about any of our products and services can contact our fantastic customer service team and they will do everything they can to help. 



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