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Davall is one of the UK’s most established manufacturers of precision geared components. We have been supplying high quality gears, gearboxes and geared systems since 1885, providing clients within the aerospace, medical, defence and industrial sectors with the power transmission products they need to move forward. 

The Davall Group is made up of three distinct businesses:

  • Davall Gears – Our manufacturing division, responsible for the design, development and distribution of precision gears, gearboxes and geared systems. 
  • Davall Stock Gears – Provides stock and standard catalogue power transmission products.
  • Mollart Universal Joints – Supplies precision-engineered, aerospace standard driveshafts, universal joints and couplings. 

At Davall, we’re driven by quality. The industries we serve demand it, so we stop at nothing to ensure they get it. Product quality has always been, and will continue to be, the foundation upon which our company is built. With a Davall gear you can be absolutely confident in its performance, reliability and longevity, no matter how challenging the application.  

Below you’ll find more information about our products and services. If you require any help or advice, or would like to discuss your transmission requirements with an industry expert, just give us a call on 01707 28 31 00. 

Davall Gears Overview

Davall Gears Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of gearboxes and gearing systems. Our products are used right across the aerospace, defence, medical, industrial and automotive sectors, for both development and production purposes. Our accreditations include:

  • BS EN ISO9001:2000
  • AS9100: Rev. C

These ensure our products meet the quality standards demanded by industry. 

Using a series of state-of-the-art CNC machine tools, EDM equipment, profile grinders, worm thread grinders and gear cutting machines, we’re able to deliver a complete range precision engineered components and assemblies. 

Davall Spiradrive

Spiradrive® is the name given to our spiroid gearing products, which consist of a gear and pinion that give a much greater torque capacity for a given package space than other, competing right-angled/offset gear systems. Higher torque is achieved by having a large contact ratio (i.e, number of teeth sharing the torque loading). Spiradrive® systems also give exceptionally low, and in fact virtually zero gearbox backlash (subject to manufacturing and build processes). To find out more, head over to our website or get in touch with a Davall expert on 01707 28 31 00.

Design & Engineering

Drawing upon a wealth of industry experience, our design and development team are able to offer both clean sheet solutions and complete gearset or transmission re-engineering services to meet new application/performance targets. 

Whatever your design requirements, we’ll deliver a practical, cost-effective solution. The service includes design, analysis, prototyping and product testing, all of which are carried out within a single site facility. Once all tests have been completed and the final product approved, we can then begin the manufacturing process. 

If you need a new gear component developing or an existing one re-engineering, speak to the team at Davall on 01707 28 31 00.


Davall has been manufacturing precision engineered gear components for over 120 years, making us one of the most experienced suppliers in the market. At our production facility in Hatfield we have a collection of traditional and modern machines and equipment, which together give us the ability to manufacture technically challenging components within very short lead times. Whatever your production requirements, the manufacturing team at Davall can handle them.

Gear Products & Technology

With such a diverse range of manufacturing equipment at our disposal (including CNC machines, gear cutters and gear grinders), we’re able to produce all manner of gear components and transmission products, including:

  • Spur / helical gears
  • Timing pulleys
  • Hypoid / spiroid gears
  • Bevel gears (straight and spiral)
  • Worms and wheels
  • Straight racks
  • Curved racks
  • Epicyclic assemblies

These are just some of the transmission products we’re able to offer. If you have a special requirement that you would like to discuss with our design team, just give us a call on 01707 28 31 00.

Market Sectors

In its long history Davall has been proud to serve a number of key industry sectors, including Aerospace, Defence, Oil & Gas and Motorsports. All of the industries we serve demand the very highest levels of product quality and performance - the fact that so many distinguished companies now use Davall gears in their equipment is a testament to our unrivalled ability to meet those demands. Our power transmission products have been used in armoured vehicles, missile fin drives, offshore drilling equipment, medical imaging systems, limb implants, electric power steering systems and all sorts of industrial plant.

Custom Gearboxes & Geartrains

We have a considerable amount of experience designing, manufacturing and supplying bespoke gearboxes and geartrains, so no matter how complex your idea or application, we’ll almost always be able to develop a solution. Custom products developed in the past have included:

  • Military vehicle Gun turret drives both for traverse and elevation control
  • Spiradrive® gearboxes for Medical imaging systems
  • Miniature high reduction geartrains for Medical implants
  • Reduction transmissions for Electric Vehicles
  • Oil and Gas Industry high performance Winch Gearboxes

To discuss your requirements with an industry expert, just give us a call on 01707 28 31 00.

Davall Stock Gears Overview

Davall Stock Gears exists to provide the standard gears, gearboxes, pulleys and couplings our customers need to develop power transmission solutions as quickly and as economically as possible. We have a huge stock of over 10,000 different parts and components, all ready for immediate dispatch. The range includes gears from SDP/SI, Hydro-Mec, Poggi, Gates, CGI, Tramec and Francia, as well as from Davall Gears Ltd. We can process enquiries and answer questions on any products manufactured by these companies.

Custom Gears & Modified Gears

Many of the gears and pulleys in the Davall Stock Gears range can, if specially requested, be modified according to customer requirements. Just send us your specifications (or even a hand sketch) and we’ll provide a quote. Access to the main production facility means we’re able to produce bespoke/custom gears, sprockets and pulleys in low volumes ideal for prototype engineering and original equipment manufacturing. To find out more, visit Davall Stock Gears online or contact us on 01707 28 31 00.

Davall Power Transmission Parts Catalogue

The Davall power transmission parts catalogue includes thousands of standard components from leading manufacturers such as SDP/SI, Hydro-Mec, Poggi, Gates, CGI, Tramec and Francia. Within the range you’ll find:

  • Standard precision gears – including spur, internal spur, anti-backlash spur, worm, wheel, bevel and spiral bevel designs. 
  • Standard precision racks – including spur and helical designs in steel, brass, plastic and mixed materials. 
  • Standard precision gearboxes – including worm/wheel, helical, bevel, spur and planetary designs. 
  • Variable speed drives – for speed control
  • Timing pulleys
  • Timing belts
  • Torque limiters
  • Couplings
  • Universal joints
  • Locking bushes
  • Various assemblies


Mollart specialises in the scheduled manufacture of high precision universal joints in low to medium volumes. We can offer:

  • Custom universal joints
  • Articulating joints
  • Expansion joints
  • Torque tubes and assemblies
  • Precision components
  • Actuation parts
  • Rotary articulation

Production is tailored to meet our clients’ critical build schedules. Find out more by visiting Mollart Universal Joints online. 

Quality Code

Davall places great emphasis on the quality of its components, and always has done. Long before the Quality Systems that are now in place were developed, we were driving up standards and setting an example for the industry to follow. Our products are relied upon to keep the wheels of industry turning, and in some cases to save peoples’ lives. Performance and reliability are therefore critical. 

Current accreditations include:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • AS9100

Find out more about how we guarantee quality by visiting Duvall Gears Ltd online. 



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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Clean-Geartech stainless steel gearboxes, worm/wheel, helical
  • Gates PolyChain ultra high power traction belt drive
  • Ghirri industrial gearboxes, worm/wheel, helical, bevel helical, planetary
  • HTD Powergrip High Torque Drive synchronous timing belt
  • Hydromec worm/wheel worm gearbox
  • Poggi timing and vee pulley
  • PolyChain GT super high torque synchronous timing drive
  • Powergrip power transmission synchronous timing belt
  • SDP-SI engineering components
  • Spiradrive A gear system which has minimal backlash (zero option), high torsional stiffness, multi tooth engagement, smooth torque transmission in a small design envelope.

Company Certifications

ISO 9000:2015 - Quality management systems – Fundamentals and vocabulary

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