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Is your business suffering in the wake of media failure or a loss of critical data? Have you had to start all over again on a project that’s been months or perhaps even years in the making? If the answer to these questions is yes, it’s time to speak to DataWreck. 

We’re a professional and secure data recovery company dedicated to helping you retrieve data that has been lost on desktop and laptop hard drives, USB devices, RAID systems, CDs and DVDs. Whether your equipment has been the subject of logical, electrical or physical damage, the team at DataWreck will find a way to get your files back – and if we can’t, you won’t pay a penny!

We perform recoveries on a range of storage media and offer a free analysis and consultation for every customer. This allows us to evaluate exactly what your media is suffering from and to determine the processes that might be used to retrieve the missing data. 

DataWreck has a very high success rate, and we’ve recovered data for companies and individuals throughout the UK. We are very much a customer-driven company: our cost-efficient service is aimed not just at large organisations but small businesses and the general public. 

More information on our data recovery services can be found in the sections below and on our website. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a free consultation and media analysis, just give us a call on 01782 279279. 

Recovery from 2.5" Laptop Drives

DataWreck technicians are vastly experienced in the fields of digital data recovery and data forensics, and are familiar with laptop drives from all the major manufacturers, including IBM, Fujitsu, Samsung, Hitachi, Seagate, Maxtor and Western Digital. The loss of data from 2.5” laptop drives is usually the consequence of logical, electrical or physical damage. For information on the possible causes of such damage, please head over to the DataWreck website. In most cases we’ll be able to determine the cause of data loss during an initial consultation. Just tell us the symptoms and we’ll find a solution.

Desktop Data Recovery

DataWreck can also carry out data recovery procedures on a range of 3.5” desktop drives. Like laptop drives, a loss of data from such devices is usually a consequence of:

  • Logical damage – caused by virus attack, file deletion, bad/corrupt sectors, minor media degradation, loss of file system and structure, human error. Symptoms include slow access times, blue screen of death, “drive not formatted”, missing partitions, missing files/folders.
  • Electrical/firmware damage – caused by power surges, exposure to excess heat, corruption of firmware. Symptoms include burning smell, marks on PCB, clicking, drive not spinning. 
  • Physical damage – caused by motor failure, physical shock, excess heat of vibration, head crashes/pre-amplifier failure. Symptoms include audible clicking/ticking noise, beeping noise. 

Find out more by visiting DataWreck online.

USB Solid State Recovery

DataWreck regularly performs recoveries on USB pens and other flash media.  A loss of data on such devices is usually the consequence of logical damage caused by virus attacks, corruption, damaged connectors, improper removal or handling. However, in many cases it is the result of physical damage caused by impact, electrical surges, controller chip failure or excessive heat. Either way, DataWreck can usually find a solution. For a free analysis, give us a call on 01782 279279.

Server & RAID Data Recovery

RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) is a term used to describe a series of hard drives that allow the division or duplication of data across multiple disks. These arrays are often used in storage servers where their benefits (such as increased access speeds and high capacity) can be put to good use. They often hold data that is deemed too important to be stored on a normal computer – data that either has a sentimental value or which is critical to a company’s continuity. This makes recovery in the event of loss all the more important. The DataWreck team has successfully recovered lost data from RAID arrays in a wide variety of situations (often they have been damaged in a fire, food or electrical failure). To find out more, visit DataWreck online or contact us on 01782 279279.

MP3 Player Data Recovery

Recovering lost data from an MP3 player is often a lot less expensive than re-purchasing all the tracks of a large music collection. That’s why more and more MP3 device owners are coming to DataWreck for a solution. We’re more than happy to perform data recovery procedures on such devices, and can do so on a range of MP3 player makes and models, including iPod Classic, Mini, Shuffle, Touch and Nano.

Emergency Recovery Service

For some companies, the recovery of data is not just important but indeed critical. Without data they simply cannot function, which can mean a significant loss of productivity - even if they are only without it for a few days. For such situations we offer an Emergency Recovery Service. We always have a technician on call and are happy to work 24/7 to recover your data in the event of a critical loss. To find out more about this service, please contact us directly on 01782 279279.

Apple Mac Recovery

Apple Mac desktops and laptops use a different operating system to most other computers. They also have their own file system. This means they often run into their own unique problems. Thus they require a totally different approach and methodology when it comes to data recovery. If you’ve lost data or cannot access data from your Mac, speak to the team at DataWreck. We have a great deal of experience working with Apple operating systems and can solve most system errors.

CD/DVD Data Recovery

The portable nature and typically large capacity of CDs and DVDs makes them ideal for data backup. However, while CDs and DVDs are more resistant to the logical and electrical damage that affects hard drives, they are more susceptible to physical damage in the form of scratches and surface contamination. This can quite easily lead to a loss of data. CDs and DVDs are also easily formatted or overwritten, and their files corrupted. At DataWreck we recover from all forms of CD/DVD, including CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+, DVD-, DVD-R, DVD-RW and Mini DVD.



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