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Dantex specialises in the distribution of letterpress and flexo plates and has more than 40 years experience in the industry. Dantex is the largest European distributor of letterpress and flexo plates and also specialises in the supply of water wash photopolymer plates and processing equipment. We are based in England and also have subsidiary companies based in Germany and France as well as sales offices based in Austria, Holland, Poland and the USA. This incredible network enables us to provide the industry with a first class service. We also have a network of distributors based in 30 different countries to provide easily accessible technical support. It is our commitment to provide an efficient and accessible service to the global market. Our highly skilled and trained team works closely with clients in order to tailor products and services to create the best results. Please visit our website to find out more about our products and services including Photopolymer Plates, Plate Processing, Digital Solutions, and Pressroom Solutions. Please also contact us at our UK head office for advice and information regarding our services or please see our website to view our company directory.

Photopolymer Plates

Dantex are suppliers of high-quality and environmentally friendly water-wash photopolymer plates that are available in a wide variety of types and sizes. All of the products that we supply meet the highest standards and offer an uncomplicated and easy-to-use solution for your ink transfer requirements. No harsh chemicals are used when processing our photopolymer plates, and they are compatible with water, UV and solvent-based inks. They offer a consistent and efficient solution that can be used for a host of flexographic applications, and provide finer resolution, deep reverses and excellent ink transfer.

Photopolymer Plates - Flexo

Our range of flexo plates has been created to provide the industry with first class solutions. These environmentally friendly, solvent-free plates are used in a wide range of flexographic applications. Examples of the range include: Aquaflex Aqua (specially designed for use with all water based ink formulations), Aquaflex Optima (designed for use with flexographic ink formulations including UV, alcohol/ester, and various co-solvents), Aquaflex Varnica (for all varnish and coating applications), and Rapidoflex (our latest UV flexo plate addition designed for use in the narrow web label printing market). Our flexo plates provide consistent results every time.

Photopolymer Plates - Letterpress

We are well respected for our innovative and successful letterpress products and have been supplying products and services to letterpress printers for more than 30 years. We supply the Torelief water-wash plate range in digital or analogue format to suit customer requirements. This range provides the user with consistent results, wide latitude, finer resolution, deep reverse, durability and ink transfer. We also supply a range of CTP devices and in-line ‘total water loss’ plate processing equipment. Please contact us at Dantex for further information and advice regarding our letterpress equipment and services.

Photopolymer Plates - Torelief

We offer a range of Torelief digital letterpress plates. These can be used for letterpress work, semi-rotary applications, or dry offset applications. Our Torelief analogue plates are made by exposing the image to a matt negative film; the precision plates are created with LAM technology and CTP systems. The Torelief system is designed to meet the needs of ever-finer reproducibility in industry; the Torelief technology allows users to guarantee sharp and accurate printing results in their work. Please visit our website for details.

Plate Processing

We are also specialists in the manufacturing and supplying of water-wash plate processing equipment. At Dantex, we are proud to offer customers our range of AQF processors that have been designed and built specifically for use with Torelief and Aquafelx plates. From LED light tables to combination systems, Dantex designs all of its state-of-the-art products using the latest technologies and finest materials, resulting in a processing range that ensures our plates enjoy the fastest was times in the world today. We offer the following water-wash processing equipment: 

  • AQF Combination Systems 
  • AQF Exposure Systems 
  • AQF Inline Systems 
  • AQF LED Light Tables 
  • DigiWash Systems 
  • Plate Cleaning Systems

Plate Processing - AQF Combination Systems

Our range of combination units features the AQF 3500 Combination Processor and the AQF 7900 Combination Processor. Both models are designed for use with Torelief and Aquaflex plates and use water wash technology and waste water filtration. These models meet the latest environmental legislation and provide the user with excellent results. The AQF Combination Units feature exposure, post-exposure and detack, wash out, pulsed air drying and detack. They also feature a user-friendly touchscreen programming interface for ease of use. They can be used as standalone models or as plumbed installations.

Plate Processing - AQF Exposure Systems

We also provide customers with AQF Exposure Units. These are manufactured in two sizes: the AQF A1 Plus (1700mm x 1500mm x 1050mm) and the AQF A2 Plus (1320mm x 940mm x 40mm). Both models are designed for use with Torelief and Aquaflex plates and feature a 98 channel pre-set memory timer, manual fast vacuum system and digital readout, quick release clamp and roll bar, integrated UV light output, electronic lamp failure detection, plate storage drawers, and scratch and dust resistant paint finish. Please visit our website to download our product brochure, or call us at Dantex with your enquiries.

Plate Processing - AQF Inline Systems

Our range of AQF Inline Units includes the AQF 480 Inline Processor, the AQF 900 II Inline Processor and the AQF 900 Inline Processor. All of these systems have been designed and created for use with Torelief and Aquaflex plates and have been developed to comply with current environmental legislation. Our AQF automatic processing range provides users with the fastest wash times available on the market today. Features of the AQF systems include: fully automatic water wash plate processing, water wash with filter treatment, post exposure and detack and hot air drying.

Plate Processing - AQF LED Light Tables

Our AQF LED light tables include the plate finishing unit which has been designed with efficiency, speed and reliability in mind. The plate finishing unit features a drying function, plate storage capabilities and a Detack function that incorporates a timer. To find out more about these or any of our products feel free to visit the website. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service team directly, by phone or email and they will do everything they can to help. 

Plate Processing - AQF Plate Finishing Unit

The AQF Plate Finishing Unit is a high efficiency, high speed finishing unit. It features a glass top section with UV lighting to enable easy inspection of the finishing plate before it’s sent on to the print room. Other features of this state of the art plate finishing unit include a lamp life counter, lamp LED’s for each unit, plate storage, drying function, post-exposure with timer, detack exposure (flexo) and a 9 channel controller of each working step with LCD. For high speed, high quality results, the AQF plate finishing unit is the perfect choice. Please visit our website to download the AQF brochure for more information and product specifications.

Plate Processing - DigiWash

We supply the DigiWash range for superior cleaning results through its dual-action washing system. A raw plate, after main exposure, is placed on a sticky plate holder and introduced into the processor. The carriage can be moved forward and backward through the washing section, allowing for the dual-action wash; the plate is later moved back to the unload position and brushed with a rotary brush and a sponge roller to remove extra debris and surface water. Please visit our website for details of this industry-leading washing product.

Plate Processing - Plate Cleaning Systems

The AQFC range of plate processing equipment allows plates to be automatically transported into the processor with soft-touch rollers. The processor then brushes, rinses and dries plates. This product features PLC-controlled electronics, a stainless steel tank with automatic water refilling, and a special scratch-resistant and dust-resistant finish. Cleaning solutions are held in a reservoir and heated to the necessary temperatures; this system includes recycling and filtration of waste. Cleaning printing plates extends their useful life and ensures ongoing quality and durability for printing and archiving. Please visit our website for more details.

Digital Solutions

Dantex offers a wide range of cutting-edge digital pre-press solutions from soft proofing technology to digital label printers. Our flexible and affordable products meet the requirements of a wide range of packaging and label printing processes, at all stages of production. Below are some of the digital solutions that Dantex has to offer:

  • Digital Label Printing 
  • Dry Film Solutions 
  • Epson Wide Format Inkjet Printers 
  • Esko - Flexo CTP 
  • Esko – Software 
  • Harlequin Rip 
  • Proofing 
  • Quality Control Tools   

For more information on the high-quality digital solutions that Dantex offers, please visit our website at www.dantex.com

Digital Solutions - Digital Label Printing

Here at the Dantex Group, we are pleased to offer a fantastic selection of digital equipment to suit a range of requirements. Our models are designed and manufactured to be flexible and affordable enabling users to create professional label printing solutions at low cost.

Our digital label printing range includes:

  • PicoJet UV Digital Inkjet Label Press – a modular design enabling a range of finishing options such as die-cutting, lamination, backslit/ edge trim, slitting and rewinding.
  • PicoColour UV Digital Inkjet Label Press – a versatile unit suitable for short and long print runs. This unit can print widths of up to 210mm on a range of substrates.

Please head over to our website to find out more about our digital solutions.

Digital Solutions - Dry Film Solutions

We also offer a fantastic range of equipment that can be used to produce positive or negative films.

Alongside this, we offer our Star Plate digital imaging solution which has been expertly designed and created to produce high quality halftone screening. Used in conjunction with Smart Screen screening technology, the Star Plate enables users to create high quality screened negatives that are perfect for Flexo or Letterpress plate making requirements.

To find out more about our dry film solutions and associated equipment, please give us a call.

Digital Solutions - Esko - Flexo CTP

We supply three Flexo CTP models: Spark 2120, Spark 2530, and Spark 4835. These are supplied by Esko Artwork (Esko is a global supplier of integrated solutions for various applications such as commercial printing and professional publishing). Spark models feature a digital mask layer which is sensitised to the Spark’s laser light on top of its surface. The mask acts in the same way as a traditional film negative. Benefits of the Spark range feature high quality output, consistency and overall process cost reductions. Please visit our website to view full product specifications or contact us at Dantex for further information or advice.

Digital Solutions - Quality Control Tools

Our Star Proof technology ensures quality and performance is maintained at a consistently high level. Star Proof – Dot Proofing enables users to produce high quality screened contract proofs on inkjet printers quickly and efficiently. These proofs are delivered with a hard dot, sharp image, accurate colour finish and data integrity between the proof and print process is ensured. Highlights of Star Proof include advance bit screen option for contone files, advance multi-colour shade for calibrating special colours, and it supports the latest X-rite spectrometer. Please give us a call at Dantex for more information, or alternatively, please see the Star Proof brochure on our website.

Pressroom Solutions

We offer an extensive range of press room products to help support your plate production and ensure that high-quality results are maintained as efficiently and consistently as possible. These products range from our plate cleaning systems that are specially designed to clean and dry Letterpress and Flexo plates after printing, to quality control tools that help to identify any plates or print issues before they impact on your production. Our press room solutions include:

  • Anilox Rolls & Services 
  • Plate Cleaning Systems 
  • Plate Mounting Systems 
  • Quality Control Tools

Pressroom Solutions - Anilox Rolls & Services

Alongside our laser engraved Anilox rolls for flexo, we also supply advanced cell measurement, inspection and cleaning technology to help avoid print imperfections and ensure consistency.

Anilox Quality Control – our Micro-Fax kit contains everything you need for accurate reading of the Anilox roll.

Cleaning Solutions – we supply high quality wash additives and the Anilox Ultrasonic Cleaning System for the maintenance of Anilox rolls.

Pamarco Anilox – Laserflo and ThermaFlo laser engraved Anilox Rolls are available.

We are on hand to provide you with all the advice and information you may need when selecting Anilox equipment.

Pressroom Solutions - Plate Cleaning Systems

We also supply high quality plate cleaning equipment.

The range includes:

AQFC – 45/65/95/120 – this cleaning system feature PLC controlled electronics, a stainless steel tank and automatic water replenishment. The plates are transported to the processor via soft-touch rollers and cleaned by brush action before being rinsed and dried.

Rotunda – this plate cleaner has been specifically designed to clean steel-back plates. This high-speed, fully automated wash and dry system features a rotary, magnetic cylinder which can house a number of plates on each wash cycle.

Please visit our website for more information.

Pressroom Solutions - Quality Control Tools

Please visit our website or give us a call at the Dantex Group to find out more about our quality control tools. We are pleased to deliver our Star Proof – Dot Proofing solution for the production of fine quality proofs on inkjet printers. These top-quality proofs feature a hard dot and sharp image with accurate colour. The Star Proof is a FOGRA certified proofing system.

Pressroom Solutions - Sleeves & Tapes

We supply top quality double-sided foam plate mounting tapes and plate mounting sleeves.

Dantex Plate Mounting Tapes – these adhesives tapes are suitable for flexographic plate mounting and feature a diamond structured release liner to help eliminate/ disperse air bubbles during the mounting process.

Dantex Sleeves – our carrier sleeves are widely used for short runs, repeat jobs and design alterations as the sleeves can be removed from press and stored with the plates mounted on the sleeves.

Please visit our website to view our range of double-sided foam plate mounting tapes and plate mounting sleeves. 



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