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Dacoma SpillExcel are recognised as one of the leading suppliers of spill control products with over 25 years worth of experience in this highly specialised field. Our product range includes various absorbents, drain protection products, spill kit systems and spill containment products. Via our UK-wide network of field operatives, our professional, friendly and flexible staff are easily on hand to provide support and assistance with selecting the best products to suit your exact requirements. With our aim to provide the 'best service in the business', our highly trained account managers also ensure that our clients always receive a high level of technical support and guidance as  well as efficient quotations and order facilitation. Our range of high quality products have all been tried and tested in order that they provide the very best and most reliable protection for your staff and the environment in which they work.

Oil Only

For all types of oil management, Dacoma SpillExcel can provide a range of suitable products that have been specifically designed to act as absorbents for oil and fuel. Ideal for everyday maintenance requirements as well as for even large oil spills, our Oil Only products are the best available on the market. By using our innovative Hydrophobic technology, our oil absorbent products are entirely water repellent, ensuring that they only absorb oil and fuel. Our range of Oil Only products are also designed to help your organisation meet current legislation whilst ensuring robust protection for your staff and working environment.

Oil Only - Our Range

At Dacoma SpillExcel, our Oil Only product range has been split into four areas, Classic, Excel, Elite and Elite-Grande, in order to best help you find the right product to suit your situation. Our Classic range consists of our Plain Non-Dimpled and Unperforated Pads which provide fast rates of absorption at a highly cost effective price. Our versatile Elite-Grande range is made up of our Double Sided Coverstock Pads and Spill Kits that provide the most strength from the Oily Only range whist featuring a much softer construction which makes them ideal for delicate requirements.


Dacoma SpillExcel is able to supply a selection of pads, socks and spill kits for all of your maintenance needs. Suitable for a wide range of different situations, products from our Maintenance range have been specifically designed to be able to absorb the majority of fluids as well as hazardous chemicals. Our Maintenance products are also able to cope with all sizes of spill and have been manufactured in the colour grey in order to facilitate fast recognition of the products in situations when a speedy response is needed.


Ideally suited for use in a huge variety of different situations, such as work surface protection from small spillages in laboratories or for factories that deal with larger amounts of fluid, Dacoma SpillExcel produce a range of high quality Chemical pads, spill kits and socks. Available in a range of different sizes, we are confident that we can provide the right product to suit your requirements and situation. In accordance with industry standards and to aid the fast and effective recognition of our chemical spill products, we manufacture all products in the range in a yellow colour.


With the serious effects that marine spillages can have in mind, particularly on sensitive marine ecosystems, Dacoma SpillExcel is fully equipped to provide a comprehensive selection of products which have been specifically developed to help with clear-up operations at 'off-shore' oil and fuel spill sites. We have also created a market leading open-net boom design as part of our commitment to the advancement of our products. Our range of Excel booms provide an excellent degree of absorbency, are easy to connect, feature high tensile draw cords and remain permanently buoyant. Our Elite-Grande open net boom is ideal for crude oil spills in open seas.

Drain Protection

In order to fulfil the requirements of the majority of industrial site usages, Dacoma SpillExcel has developed a range of drain protection products including drain covers manufactured in 'once-only' Bentonite clay as well as Polyurethane and Neoprene reusable materials. Our Classic Leak Block Drain Rug is a single use clay drain cover that has been designed to be able to completely seal drains by moulding itself around the drain's edges. Our Excel Neoprene Drain Protection Kit is a cost effective, lightweight and complete drain covering kit which comes packed in its own vinyl bag, clearly marked for quick identification. Leak block granules provided alongside a Neoprene mat offer superb bonding power with the edges of the drain.

Spill Containment

For sites that have above ground stores of oil or fuel in quantities above 200 litres, Spill Containment equipment is required. Dacoma SpillExcel can supply a range of Spill Containment products including fluid bunds manufactured in an industrial grade of recyclable polyurethane which are regulation compliant and designed with 'safety first' in mind. Our Enduro Single IBC Polyethylene Spill Pallet is a completely sealed moulded bund that is able to contain spills and leaks while ensuring your workplace is clean and free of slip hazards. The durable construction is also highly resistant to impact.

Why SpillExcel?

Dacoma SpillExcel is fully equipped to provide a comprehensive selection of products to suit a huge range of applications and that are industry approved, market leading and recognised for their continuous innovation and use of advanced technologies. We also offer a full time support line and hold our entire product range in stock in order to be able to respond to emergencies as quickly as possible. In order to help you meet current regulations and ISO-14001, Dacoma SpillExcel also provides a site survey service as well as training courses to ensure you and your staff are fully versed with the equipment.



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