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Cyklop International has been at the forefront of the industry for supplying systems for load securement since 1912. With innovative inventions during the course of a century together with the design and manufacturing of high-quality products at cost-efficient prices, Cyklop has earned itself a sterling reputation as experts and market leaders in the field.

Owing to its universal solutions, cutting-edge products and optimum production quality, Cyklop is known today as one of the leading suppliers of systems for load securement, providing everything from film wrappers to strap cutters.

Cyklop International has a team of highly trained professionals to assist customers with any of their individual requirements including the design and production of custom-made equipment. We are also proud to provide a first-rate customer service in combination with supplying  the finest quality products on the market. 



Rugged Hand Strapping Tool

Cyklop offer a new generation of battery-driven strapping hand tool in the form of the CMT 250. For universal use with both PET and PP strapping material, the CMT 250 is an all-purpose tool built with a robust plastic case and integrated battery protection. It is also designed with an aluminium cover making it suitable for application in a wide range of industries. The easy to operate devices properties include: 
  • Battery protection 
  • Extremely easy to operate thanks to single-handed operation 
  • Fully mobile and flexible 
  • Suitable for PP/PET strap in various widths and thickness 
  • Touch-Panel for setting strap tension and sealing time 
  • User-friendly design

Automatic Strapping Machine

The CI 89 is a state-of-the-art automatic strapping machine that is suitable for polypropylene strap widths: 9, 12 or 16mm. Distinguished by its reliability, efficiency, and easy operation, the CI 89 strapping machine has become Cyklop's top selling product. The highly affordable CI 89 strapping machine has the following features:
  • Automatic re-feed function in the event of an ejection fault 
  • Automatic strap ejection in the event of strapping without a package 
  • Easy and simple strap insertion 
  • Fast heating-up system (30 seconds) 
  • High output (up to 40 strappings per minute) 
  • High reliability/ stability 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Simple and easy operation

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

The M-Pac IV is a quiet, low maintenance and energy efficient semi-automatic strapping machine that is recommended for use if the daily amount of packages to be strapped is limited. This multi-purpose machine is usable regardless of the package size and includes the following features: 
  • 10 to 20 cycles per minute 
  • Adjustable height 
  • Energy saving "standby" mode 
  • For PP strap: 5-16 mm wide, adjustable 
  • Independent of packet size 
  • Mobile, with castors

Automatic Package Strapping

The Ampag Sprinter is a cutting-edge machine providing a high-quality solution for the strapping of newspapers, packages and many other products. It has proved to be a reliable machine that has been put to use in many different industries. Features of the Ampag Sprinter include: 
  • Adjustable belt tension - 0 to 325 N 
  • Automatic tape feeder 
  • High technology of the unit 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Optimum operating instructions (clear text display) 
  • Patented automatic belt tension control 
  • Very high capacity (up to 53 cycles per minute)

Fully Automatic Strapping for Cross Strapping Packages

The Ampag Tandem is the perfect solution for cross strapping newspapers and magazines. This reliable independent strapping system is built with the highest-quality materials making it one of the best cross strapping machines available on the market. The Ampag Tandem has the following features:
  • Availability greater than 99% due to very high output accuracy
  • Low maintenance and lifecycle costs
  • Optimum strap tension for different package heights
  • Simple operation

Stretch Film Wrapper

Cyklop offer a high-quality, easy to operate and cost efficient stretch film wrapper that is equipped with a motorised pre-stretch system with 3 driven rollers and is controlled electronically with interchangeable gear ratios. With built in access points at the base of the turntable, it is suitable for internal transport through use of a forklift. Our stretch film wrappers are designed with simple button functions and replacing the film roll is quick is and easy. Functions include: 
  • Adjustable upper and lower winding 
  • Infinitely variable speed film carriage 
  • Infinitely variable speed turntable 
  • Pallet height sensing 
  • Rainproof program 
  • Up and down winding

Strap Cutter

The Cyklop CBC strap cutter provides an excellent solution  for all of your strap-cutting waste needs. It has the ability to cut steel straps up to a maximum of 32mm in width and 85mm in length. Also capable of managing high tensile steel straps, PP, PET straps and straps with the seals, the Cyklop CBC strap cutter is placed on top of an open barrel for neat and easy recycling. With a capacity to cut 30 meters per minute, it is amongst the top models available on today's market.

Top Selling Strap : PET Classic

Cyklop are the proud suppliers of the PET Classic strap which has become the most reputable and highly sold strap in the industry due to its versatile properties and affordability. It can be used in a wide range of applications from light-weight to medium-weight as well as sharp edged packages. Properties of the plastic strap include: 
  • Available per roll or in dispenser boxes 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Greater elasticity/mm ² 
  • Optimum "holding power" 
  • Significant savings on transportation and inventory costs 
  • Tensile strength 450 N/mm ²



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