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Based in Surrey, Croylek Limited are a principal supplier of electrical, mechanical and thermal insulation products/materials, including harnesses and sleevings. We were founded in 1964 and as a company we are always striving to be innovative and make sure we are aware of the latest technological advancements in our field. Our state of the art, purpose built factory enables us to work on all aspects of processing and we use CAD/CAM machinery which permits us to provide our customer with both small and large quantities of converted products that meets the exact specification for their purposes.

In addition we also carry a vast selection of insulation products from all the leading manufacturers. Our status as a well known global supplier enables us to source difficult to find materials for our customers from across the globe and thus provide cost effective results.

Our ISO 9001:2008 certification is testament to the level of quality of our products and the service we provide to our customers and we are extremely proud to have achieved this accreditation

Wrap Around Sleeving

Croylek provide wrap around sleeving which has excellent mechanical and thermal properties. It can be fitted retrospectively and is ideal for use in applications such as harness bundling. Its superb resistance to abrasion means that it can offer strong abrasive protection. In addition it will provide effective noise reduction and will also serve as an efficient thermal barrier. Our wrap around sleeving easy to use and is also self extinguishing as an added safety measure, it will operates best at temperatures from - 70°C to +150°C.

VSR 10 Glass Braided Sleeving

Our flexible VSR 10 Glass Braided Sleeving is perfect for use in harnessing and for general protection. It is an extremely resilient and adaptable glass sleeve that offers excellent handling properties and provides a good resistance to fraying. The VSR 10 from Croylek can handle higher temperatures with no trouble at all and is a flexible conduit that makes a perfect electrical insulator. The VSR 10 is a low smoke and fume, zero halogen grade and operates at temperatures from - 70°C to +250°C with a thermal class C rating. The VSR 10 is available in a standard natural colour with other colours available on request.

Expandable Polyester Monofilament Sleeving

Our easy to use, self extinguishing Expandable Polyester Monofilament Sleeving from Croylek is extensively used in the harness and protection industries thanks to its excellent stress relief properties. The Expandable Polyester Monofilament Sleeving is incredibly flexible and supple, it is easy to use and provides excellent protection for a cable bundle and additionally it offers good mechanical resistance. With a thermal class rating of B, the Expandable Polyester Monofilament Sleeving performs at temperatures of - 50°C to +150°C. The sleeving is available in a selection of sizes and the standard colours are black and grey with others available on request. We supply the sleeve in nylon, although high expansion ratios and anti-fray versions are available.

Kapton Tape

Croylek provide kapton tape for use in high temperature and high dielectrics applications with excellent chemical resistance. Kapton tapes are an ideal solution for electrical insulation as well as high temperature masking. It is extremely comfortable to use offering both a strong temperature and mechanical resistance. The tape is available in a natural colour and comes in any thickness, although the standard thickness is 70 micron. The operating temperature for Kapton tape is, - 80°C to +180°C (short term 370°C) and it has a thermal class rating of H.

PTFE Tapes

Our vast selection of PTFE tape includes coated glass, skived PTFE, impervious and permeable types. PTFE tape offers excellent electrical insulation and due to its extreme resistance to both high and low temperatures, as well as it very high resistance to chemicals, it works well with high temperature applications as well as cryogenic and low temperature applications. It can also be used for low friction work and for impregnation masking. Furthermore PTFE tape has good stability and offers anti stick properties.

SRBP (Paxolin)

Used for terminal boards, mounting plates, busbar and cable supports, SRBP (Paxolin) provides excellent insulation properties. SRBP (Paxolin) is a cost effective material that is rigid and mechanically robust as well as having good electrical strength. Croylek can provide SRBP (Paxolin) in a number of grades, depending on the final application. SRBP (Paxolin) comes in a brown colour as standard and in thickness ranging from 0.8mm to 75mm, our standard sheet size is 1200 x 1200mm but we have other sizes available on request. The operating temperature for SRBP (Paxolin) is 90°C and it has a thermal class rating of Y.

Radox 125 and FR Cables

Our flexible Radox 125 and FR Cables provide both good temperature and chemical resistance. The low smoke and fume, zero halogen Radox cables have good current carrying capabilities and are easy strip. The cables have been fitted with electron beam cross linked insulation which gives them the ability to work at high temperatures and provides them with excellent chemical and mechanical properties making them ideal for use in even the harshest weather conditions. Radox 125 and FR Cables are often used in fire alarm systems, fire safety cables as well as on railways, in the underground and for automotive applications.

Radox 155 Cable

The cross-linked insulated cable Radox 155 can be used across a multitude of applications due to its flexibility and excellent mechanical, soldering iron and chemical resistance. The cable is used for easy processing and is congruent with insulating varnishes and impregnation resins. The Radox 155 operates at a temperature of  - 55°C to +155°C  and has a thermal class rating of C. Croylek supply the Radox 155  in all colours and in sizes 0.25mm² to 240mm², there is also the option available to chose from a low smoke and fume, zero halogen grade, and in solid core and multi-core versions.



Registration Number: 00824514
VAT Number: GB852 2793 12
Registered at Companies House:23 October, 1964 (57 years and 1 month ago)
No of Employees: 21-50
Annual Turnover: n/a
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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Croyfilm The Croyfilm brand name, is a range of largely polymeric materials, which offers a broad array of applications requiring superior dielectric and thermal characteristics. All of the materials are available in: Full Width Rolls, Sheet Form and Slit to Width Tape.
  • Croyflex The rage of Croyflex cables in our stock-hold are a selection of the most commonly used cables within our industry. The fact that there is a vast range of cable cable available that would suit many different applications means we would advise that such specific requirements be discussed with our sales staff.
  • Croylam Croylam is the brand name used for the variety of laminates, sheets and rods we currently have in stock. This range is largely used for its mechanical as well as electrical properties and includes: Presspapers, Rigid Composites, Rods and Tubes.
  • Croysleeve Croylek Limited process and supply a comprehensive range of Croysleeve products, of which a majority can be effective in temperatures ranging from -40 Degrees Celsius to +260 Degrees Celsius.
  • Croytape The Croytape brand covers a wide range of adhesive tapes, which are available with three different adhesive systems: Runner Thermosetting, Acrylic Bases and Silicone Bases.

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ISO 9000:2015 - Quality management systems – Fundamentals and vocabulary

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