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Craft Data is a leading supplier of electronic displays, touch systems and thermal printing products. Working closely with an exceptional group of manufacturing partners in Taiwan, Korea, China, Japan, the USA and Canada, we are able to offer our customers an outstanding range of competitively priced electronic display and printing technologies. 

Craft Data was established in 1982 at a time when the electronic display industry was very much in its infancy. Today we are one of the UK’s leading distributors, having built our product range year upon year for more than three decades. Our portfolio of display solutions has grown to include colour and monochrome LCD and OLED display modules, industrial TFT LCD monitors, touch monitors, touch overlays and a wide array of thermal printing products. 

In the 30 years since its foundation, Craft Data has established itself as a leading authority within the digital display and thermal printing markets. Our experience makes us well placed to offer expert advice and guidance in the specification of display and printing technologies. The team at Craft Data will provide all the help and support you need to make the right choice for your application. 

Craft Data is a family owned and managed company with a reputation that has been built upon a highly professional, client-focussed service provided by qualified and experienced personnel. We are known to businesses throughout the world for high quality, competitively priced products and outstanding technical support. 

Some of our display and thermal printing technologies are detailed in the sections below. To discover the range in its entirety, please head over to the Craft Data website. 

Digital Retail Signage

Craft Data offers a range of display systems ideal for use in the modern retail environment. With these innovative technologies you can introduce vibrant scrolling images or compelling movies to your store, making the shopping experience more engaging and exciting for your customers. Integral multi-media players or industrial PCs enable you to update and change your presentation content whenever you want, while super-high brightness, high contrast, wide viewing angle TFT LCD displays mean your images will be visible in all conditions, even under direct sunlight. A lightweight design to all of our floor-standing retail display systems makes them easy to move into position, allowing you to set them up at the start of business and remove them again at closing times.  Find out more about our retail display systems by visiting Craft Data online. 

Component Displays

Our component displays are aimed at system integrators and engineers looking to create their own highly specialised, bespoke equipment. They are typically used in cash point machines, medical equipment, military display and monitoring equipment and various types of handheld instrumentation. Types of display available include monochrome LCD alphanumeric, monochrome LCD graphic, TFT (colour) LCD and OLED. 

Although we do not actually build bespoke systems for organisations, our engineers do possess leading-edge industry knowledge and can provide all the advice and guidance you need in the specification of display technologies. Just give us a call or send your enquiry via email. 

LCD - Mono Character & Mono Graphic

Craft Data offers two different types of LCD display: monochrome alphanumeric (character) and monochrome graphic. These are supplied to us by our partners in Taiwan, Powertip and Bolymin, both of whom we have worked with for a number of years. It is thanks to these partnerships that we are able to offer the following:

  • Powertip Monochrome STN LCD Modules – From 8 characters x 2 lines through to 40 characters x 4 lines in STN grey or STN yellow/green. 
  • Bolymin Monochrome STN and FSTN LCD Modules – From 7 characters x 2 lines through to 40 characters x 4 lines in STN grey or STN yellow/green, and with a range of LED backlighting options. 
  • Bolymin Multi-Interface Character LCD Modules – From 16 characters x 1 line through to 40 x 2 lines, with multi serial interface ports (RS232, SPI, I²C and USB).
  • Powertip Monochrome STN and FSTN Graphic LCD Modules –From 94 x 64 pixel resolution through to 320 x 240 QVGA resolution. 
  • Bolymin Monochrome STN and FSTN Graphic LCD Modules – From 80 x 32 dot resolution through to 320 x 240 dot (QVGA) resolution. 

More information on each of the above can be found on the Craft Data website. 

OLED - Bolymin, Optima & Visionox

Craft Data offers a comprehensive range of OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) displays from three of the world’s leading manufacturers. They are:

  • Bolymin – Offering a growing range of monochrome, area colour and full colour PMOLED (Passive Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) and OLED displays. 
  • Optima Opto Co. Ltd – Offering a range of monochrome character and graphic passive OLED displays designed for industrial environments where durability is essential.
  • Visionox – Offering a complete range of monochrome, area colour and full colour PMOLED and OLED displays. 

You can find out more about PMOLED and OLED displays from Bolymin, Optima and Visionox by visiting Craft Data online. Simply follow the link above to be redirected. 

TFT - Bolymin, Data Vision, J&M, Kyocera & Powertip

Craft Data offers TFT LCDs from six of the world’s leading display system innovators. They include:

  • Bolymin – Provides a number of simple TFT LCD video kit solutions with compact displays and video boards. 
  • Data Vision – Offers a comprehensive range of mid-size TFT LCDs from 2.4” QVGA through to 10.4” SVGA, with a focus on advanced interface technology and high brightness. 
  • J&M – Supplies us with super high brightness TFT LCD displays for outdoor applications where direct sunlight is likely to be a factor. 
  • Kyocera – Manufactures small to mid-size TFT LCDs for demanding applications.
  • Powertip – Offers a focused line-up of compact and lightweight TFT LCDs. 
  • Goldish – A worldwide leader in the design of transparent TFT LCD modules. 

Find out more by visiting Craft Data online. 

Touch - SAW, Infra Red, Resistive & Capacitive

There are a number of types of touch technology available. At Craft Data we are able to offer the following:

  • SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) – In standard, dustproof and waterproof versions. Suitable for gaming, casino, information kiosk, medical and industrial process control applications. 
  • Capacitive – This is an all-glass touch screen with a double sided transparent conductive coating on the top surface. Offers excellent durability and reliability. 
  • Infra-Red – In sizes from 10.4” to 100” (diagonal). Infra-Red touch displays offer high transmissivity because the sensor is around the edge of the panel. 
  • Resistive – In 4-wire and 5-wire versions and sizes ranging from 2.8” through to 21.0”.

You can find out more about how each type of touch system works by visiting Craft Data online. 

Field Sequential LCD Technology

Craft Data are pleased to offer Powertip’s innovative FS-LCD technology, giving you a low cost alternative to full colour TFT LCD. Field Sequential LCD displays offer high colour saturation, fast response times and low energy consumption (typically 0.3W). With the help of an RGB LED backlight, each segment can display one of eight colours (red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, black and white) in order to create a high impact display. Fast response times of less than 5ms make these displays ideal for medical equipment, industrial controls, consumer electronics, HiFi equipment and white goods.

E-Ink or E-Paper Displays

E-ink (or E-paper) displays use Microcapsule Electrophoretic Display Technology to form static text and images using only a fraction of the power required by LCDs. They have been used in the production of E-readers and similar devices for a number of years now. 

Craft Data is able to offer a range of E-ink display options with varying shades of greyscale and in several different sizes. You can find these on our website with full technical details and specifications. 

Embedded µp Display Systems

Our embedded µp display systems combine powerful built-in microprocessors with integral white LEDs, backlit LCDs or OLEDs. Their ‘all-in-one’ design means they can be quickly integrated into the application by your engineers. RS232/422/485, I²C and SPI interface ports allow them to communicate with many operating devices and peripherals, making them ideal for use as control panels for factory automation equipment, medical instrumentation, electronics instruments and a host of other HMI applications.

Industrial Monitors

Craft Data offers a range of industrial monitors designed to withstand some of the toughest operating conditions on earth.  Housed within a metal mounting frame (open-frame) or a fully cased metal enclosure (closed-frame), they are ready to be integrated into your application and will operate reliably for many years in even the most demanding industrial, marine and military environments. If required they can also be supplied with touch activation. Find out more about our industrial monitors by visiting Craft Data online.

Thermal Micro-Printers

Included in Craft Data’s product portfolio is a range of thermal printing devices suitable for many different applications. They include:

  • Print Heads – Supplied by Mitani Micronics and available in three styles: “Bevel”-type, “Sideface”-type and “Normal-Edge”.
  • PORTI Printing Mechanisms – In sizes from 1” to 4” with operating speeds from 50 to 200mm per second.  
  • Mobile Printers – A complete range of ultra-compact printers ideal for mobile printing applications. 
  • Panel Mount Printers – A range of high-performance printers suitable for retail sales, warehousing, distribution, gaming, hospitality and healthcare applications. 
  • Desktop Printers – Offering excellent performance and reliability, outstanding print quality and super fast printing speeds. 
  • Kiosk/Ticketing Printers – Specifically designed for kiosks, ticket machines, vending machines, ATMs and other similar applications. 

More information on our printers can be found on the Craft Data website. 

Micro Printers

Lightweight and ultra compact, micro printers are ideal for a range of mobile printing applications, from traffic penalty ticketing to taxi receipt printing. They are also often used in restaurants for receipt printing as well as by medical professionals for printing of labels, name badges and wristbands. At Craft Data we have a selection of compact mobile printers for you to choose from. Please head over to our website to see what we have available.

Thermal Paper

Craft Data offers a complete range of thermal printer rolls for use with its printers. We only supply quality-assured papers that have been approved by the printer manufacturers themselves, so you can be sure of their printing performance and print quality. Paper is supplied shrink-wrapped in clear plastic that protects it from dirt and moisture during shipping and storage. Standard paper widths are 38mm, 57mm, 80mm, 112/113mm and 118mm. Rolls can be supplied in various lengths.

Touch Systems

Touch systems enable users to operate equipment or perform a function very quickly and easily. Instead of using a mouse to control an on-screen cursor, they simply use their finger (or a pen) to make a selection from the options that are presented. Touch systems are often found in public kiosks such as photo booths and information points as well as in EPOS applications. They are also used in specialist applications like medical or military display and monitoring. Craft Data offers a range of touch screen solutions that utilise various different touch technologies (infrared, surface acoustic wave, capacitive and resistive, for example). Head over to our website to find out more.

LED TAIKOH LED Illumination System

The TAIKOH LED Illumination System from First System Co. Ltd is suitable for a range of architectural lighting and commercial signage applications. A rugged construction with IP66 protection makes it highly durable and fully weatherproof, while a flexible mounting system means it can be configured and installed in a wide variety of ways. The TAIKOH LED Illumination System is also highly efficient – the result is lower energy consumption and lower running costs. Find out more by visiting Craft Data online.

LED TYGA LED Illumination System

Craft Data also offers the TYGA LED Illumination System. This too can be used in a range of lighting applications, and like the TAIKOH system it benefits from a rugged construction and low power consumption. Where it differs is in its shape. The TYGA module consists of 6 power (chip) LEDs mounted onto a PCB and secured on an aluminium heatsink/carrier. The LEDs are arranged in a single row, and so the TYGA system does not offer the same mounting flexibility as the TAIKOH system. However, the rows can be daisy chained together and are therefore suitable for many different illumination applications (particularly trough lighting). The design of the TYGA system also makes it incredibly quick and easy to install. 

Find out more by visiting Craft Data online. 



Registration Number: 01673387
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