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Founded in 1948, CPV Ltd are leading manufacturers of specialist engineering pipe systems for industrial and building applications, including corrosion-resistant pipe solutions and pre-insulated pipe systems. Based in Hampshire, our innovative products have a world-class reputation, partially due to our guiding principles and the ethos behind their manufacture. With environmental concerns continually growing, our state-of-the-art pipe systems are subject to ever-increasing demand.

While CPV may have grown into an international group of companies, we still hold on to our values as a friendly, family-run business. These values permeate every aspect of our business, and benefit our clients, employees, suppliers and associates. Of course, CPV has undergone its fair share of change over the years (We used to be known as the Chemical Pipe and Vessel Company), but some things never change. We were pioneers in thermoplastic pipe system development, and remain committed to creating innovative products, services and manufacturing techniques to this day.

At CPV, we manufacture products for a wide range of applications in a variety of sectors, the majority of which concern engineering pipe solutions for corrosive, aggressive, hot, chilled or potable liquids. Our state-of-the-art production facility combines comprehensive research, design, engineering, testing, training, quality and support services, assuring that our products perfectly suit their applications.

Hiline Pre-Insulated Steel

Made for district heating, cooling or special applications, Hiline pre-insulated steel is a rigid, bonded steel pipe system made in accordance with EN 253. It is suitable for temperatures as high as 130°C continuous, and can be provided in metric and imperial sizes, from 20mm to 1200mm NB, in lengths of 6 or 12 metres.

Hiline steel can be used for a wide range of applications, but typical uses are the transportation of district heating, process fluids, chilled water or refrigerants, above and below ground, on commercial, industrial and domestic sites.

Hiline Rigid Polymer

This rigid, bonded pre-insulated polymer pipe system can operate efficiently at temperatures up to 95°C continuous, and is suitable for district heating, cooling and potable water applications. Made in accordance with BS EN 253, it can be provided in dimensions from 20mm to 250mm OD and lengths of 6 or 12 metres.

We use a CFC-free polyurethane foam to provide high-efficiency insulation for the Hiline pipe systems. While high-efficiency insulation may not show its effectiveness much at face value, with a 30 year life-cycle in mind, the financial and environmental savings become very apparent.

Hiline Flex (PE-Xa)

Made for district heating, hot and potable water applications, this pre-insulated flexible PE-Xa pipe system is suitable for temperatures as high as 90°C and working pressures up to 10 bar. These pipes come in sizes from DN 20mm to DN 110mm, on rolls up to 400 metres long, and can be provided with single or double pipe configurations within one casing pipe.

In terms of site jointing techniques, PE-Xa pre-insulated pipes are jointed by a compression-sleeve jointing system, which provides a tight fitting, maintenance-free joint. A mechanical, shroud jointing system is used to seal casing pipes, to enable foam insulation to be easily installed in the joint area.

Hiline Pre-Insulated Process

Suitable for temperatures as high as 95°C continuous, Hiline Pre-insulated Process is a rigid, bonded polymer pipe system made to suit a range of process applications. It is manufactured to BS EN 253 standards, and can be provided in 6 and 12 metre lengths, in dimensions from 20mm to 250mm OD.

Hiline Process is suitable for a vast array of applications, including district heating, potable water, hot water, chilled water, above or underground heating and HWS mains, corrosive chemical pipes, geo-thermal water pipes, secondary refrigerant pipes, process fluid pipes and temperature-sensitive product lines.

Zurn Laboratory Drainage System

The Zurn Laboratory Drainage System is made from block copolymer polypropylene, and provides reliability, quality and ease of installation. It assures that building owners can have total peace of mind, as it complies with ASTM F1412, which is the only internationally-recognised chemical and corrosive drainage standard.

The Building Schools for the Future programme increased the demand for high performance chemical and laboratory drainage systems in schools. As a result, we have completed projects for Manchester University, Harper Adams University College, Portsmouth University, Sandon High School, Bath University, Bristol University, Oxford University Bio-chemistry, as well as the Institute of Child Health, Southampton General Hospital, Rolls Royce, Muscat Airport in Oman and Al Faisal University and Taibah University in Saudi Arabia.

Floway Chemical Drainage System

If you need outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance at a wide range of operational temperatures, designed and manufactured to your specifications and requirements, look no further than the Floway range of polypropylene piping and containment products.

Floway is manufactured to EN 1852-1:1997 prA1;2000 (plastic piping for non-pressure underground drainage) from high-modulus polypropylene with a ring stiffness of more than 8KNm-2, which allows it to be installed under the building structure.

The Floway system includes a comprehensive range of pipes, fabricated and moulded fittings, access chambers, gullies, man-ways, neutralisation tanks, channels and dilution chambers, and is available with a variety of on-site jointing options such as socket fusion, butt welding, mechanical joints and electrofusion.

Safeflo Dual-Containment System

The Safeflo Dual-Containment System is the optimum solution for the containment of service pipes carrying high temperature or hazardous fluids, and can be manufactured in a range of service and containment pipe materials. This is a highly abuse-resistant and leak-proof system, suitable for containing mixtures of acids, bases, solvents and fuel oils.

Safeflo can be provided as factory-assembled dual-containment components with a range of pipe options, or as a containment pipe system for on-site assembly. Dual-containment pipe systems have secondary containment pipes around the carrier pipes, which means that leakages in the carrier pipe can be contained.

Chemflo Process and Pressure Pipe System

The Chemflo Process and Pressure Pipe System is manufactured from block copolymer polypropylene, natural polypropylene and PVDF, and is the optimum solution for hazardous chemical conveying under pressure. It provides outstanding chemical resistance, operation at temperatures from -40°C to 140°C, and is pressure rated up to PN16.

Features of the Chemflo Process and Pressure Pipe System include smooth bores, temperature resistance, chemical resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, ductility, UV resistance, and lightweight construction. Jointing options include socket fusion, electrofusion, butt fusion and a variety of mechanical jointing options. Available sizes range from 16mm to 400mm.

Custom Extrusions

At CPV, we can extrude custom plastic tubes to your specifications, from a variety of thermoplastic materials, such as polypropylene, ABS, polyethylene and PVDF.

These include low pressure pipes such as irrigation tubes, pressure pipes and pump delivery. Our solid-wall plastic irrigation tubes are made from MDPE, and have excellent flexibility, low weight and outstanding chemical resistance. Our solid-wall plastic water pipes are made from LDPE, and are perfect for slack water and light slurry applications.

We can also extrude custom waste pipes, such as our ABS solvent waste and pressure pipes. Providing excellent chemical resistance and impact strength, these pipes are non-toxic, biologically inert and perfect for low temperature use (-40°C).

Thermoplastic Materials

Our products are manufactured from a wide variety of thermoplastic materials, the most popular of which are listed below, along with their properties. If you have a requirement that is not covered here, please contact us.

ABS – Suitable for low temperature use, non-toxic and lightweight, with good chemical resistance and impact strength.
EVA – Flexible and transparent, with excellent hydrocarbon resistance.
HDPE – Low frictional loss and excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.
HIPS – Tough and transparent, with limited resistance to dilute acids and alkalis.
LDPE – Good chemical resistance and excellent flexibility at low temperatures.
MDPE – Resistant to abrasion and aggressive chemicals.
PEX – Flexible with good chemical resistance and excellent mechanical properties.
PP – Resistant to chemicals, high levels of heat and abrasion.
PVDF – Lightweight and flexible with high heat and chemical resistance.
Filled PP – Polypropylene with increased rigidity.

Bulk Thermoplastic Tanks

CPV have been market leaders in the design and manufacture of plastic tanks for water, chemical and corrosive storage applications since the 1960s. Our bulk thermoplastic tanks are manufactured to customer specifications from Polypropylene, Polyethylene or PVDF, and can be supplied with full documentation, such as CAD drawings and certification.

Our CPV-bulk range includes tanks, bunds, insulated vessels, mixing vessels, fume scrubbers, bespoke fabrications, sump and bund liners, dual contained pipework, pre-fabricated pipework, and pipes, fittings and valves. Fittings include coned, sloping or flat roofs and bases, flanged connections, pump shelves, push-fit or bolted personnel access, tank vent and overflow pipework, contents and level gauges, vessel identification, contents agitation and more.

Solar Heating for Swimming Pools

Suncell panels are solar heat absorbers and solar plate heat exchangers made for swimming pool heating applications. Compared to more expensive, glazed solar panels, Suncell panels are perfect for low-temperature solar applications, and operate on a high flow rate principle.

These panels consist of polypropylene collector plates with header pipes on each end, mounted in an aluminium frame. The polypropylene used is of a specially formulated grade that provides total corrosion-resistance from pool and sea water. The aluminium frames allow the panels to be attached easily to sloping roofs or support frames, and the header pipes are simply linked using hose connectors secured by jubilee clips.



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