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Based in the West Midlands, Coventry Engineering Ltd are manufacturers of Static and Driven Spindle tooling. We have many years of experience in providing expert solutions to a wide range of industries, not just here in the UK but worldwide. These range from defence and aerospace, to medical and motorsports. As well as stocking a comprehensive range of standard components, we also have the ability to design and manufacture completely bespoke products. Our products include, toolholder solutions, driven tooling for machine centres, tooling for lathes, vertical lathe tooling and multi spindle drilling and tapping, as well as a variety of accessories and tool storage options.  

We understand the importance of quality and reliability and therefore we employ a robust Quality Management System- which includes regular audits from internal and external entities. We'd also like to remind customers that if they have any questions or queries, they can get in touch with us via phone or email and we will do everything we can to help. You can also visit our website for full details on the company and all of the products and services that we have to offer. 






AEROSPACE - Visit our website

Utilising the latest technology, including CNC, CAD and CAM, we can manufacture high quality, precision made components, specially designed for the Aerospace Industry. It's worth noting that we hold both ISO9001-2008 and AS9100/D accreditations, therefore ensuring that our products meet the most up to date regulatory standards. In terms of the services that we offer, we can help with prototyping, pre-production, as well as low and high-volume production and the production of specialist components. 

DEFENCE - Visit our website

Whether it's design and prototyping or full production runs, we work closely with those in the Defence Industry to provide expert solutions. We understand the importance of quality, therefore we hold relevant accreditations and also enforce a robust quality management system. It's worth noting that we have existing relationships with small specialist workshops and blue-chip companies and can therefore support military manufacturers with the supply of specialist components. Further information on our services can be found on the website. 

MACHINE TOOLS - Visit our website

Combigning both CTL Centreline and Coventry Toolholders, we can provide a wide range of standard and bespoke machine tools, for both equipment manufacturers and end users. Both CTL Centreline and Coventry Toolholders have a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of high quality and reliable tooling. With both brands in one home, we can offer a powerhouse of expertise and products which are respected, not just in the UK but worldwide. 

MOTORSPORT - Visit our website

When it comes to the Motosport Industry- high quality components can mean all the difference between winning and losing. We have a wealth of experience in providing expert services to the endurance racing market, ranging from prototyping and pre-production, to specialist components and brake calibre machining techniques. Further information, including more technical details can be found on our website. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service team directly with any specific queries. 

MEDICAL - Visit our website

The medical market is continually growing and therefore so is the demand for reliable, precision tooling solutions. We have a wealth of experience in providing high quality, specialised components- whether that be for prototyping, pre or full-production. It's also worth noting that we have many existing relationships with different suppliers and can therefore help manufacturers in this area. Further information on the services that we have to offer can be found on our website. 

OIL & GAS - Visit our website

The cyclic nature of the oil market dictates the need for the right components, at the right time. We provide expert solutions to customers within the oil and gas industry, working with specialist suppliers to ensure the very best quality. Just some examples of how we have helped our customers within this field, includes the supply of tooling, the development of specialist machining techniques and the design of bespoke components. If you have any specific queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly.   


We offer a comprehensive range of toolholding solutions, which includes the design, manufacture and supply of specialist components. As well as a wide variety of high-quality standard products, we also provide completely bespoke solutions. Just some examples of these solutions include, specific gauge lengths, special tapers or machine interfaces and different outputs for tool clamping. If you'd like more information on our toolholding solutions, feel free to get in touch with us via phone or email. 


Our range of Driven Tooling solutions includes both standard and bespoke options. Just some examples of these products include, heads, speed increasers, rotary coolant adapters and anti-rotation devices. The full range, along with detailed technical information can be found on our website. You can also contact our customer service team if you have specific queries or if you'd like to discuss bespoke options. 

TOOLING FOR LATHES - Visit our website

We offer a comprehensive range of tooling systems, suitable for use with the vast majority of driven toolholder machines. Customers can choose from a variety of different options, including driven or static tooling systems, with both standard and bespoke solutions available. It's worth noting that we also offer a wide range of accessories, including external coolant nozzles, spanners, collets, and much more. Please don't hesitate to visit the website to find out more about our tooling for lathes. 

VERTICAL LATHE TOOLING - Visit our website

When it comes to Vertical Turning Machines (VTM), we can provide a wide range of toolholding systems, both standard and bespoke. It's worth noting that we offer solutions for different types of VTM's, including both static and rotating spindle type machines. Whether it's design, manufacture or support, or a combination of the three, we provide a comprehensive service, utilising expert techniques such CAD/CAM and CNC machining. To find out more about any of our products and services, please visit the website. 


Our original Centinel style multi-head product offered a wealth of benefits over similar components. We have built upon this design to create a new product- the Modular fixed plate front unit. The unit offers multi-functionality as users can interchange between different modules and different hole patterns. This doesn't just save time and effort, it's also a much more cost-effective solution as customers don't have to spend out on multiple components. For full technical details on these products, feel free to visit the website. 


Alongside our standard products, we also offer a wide variety of accessories and tool storage solutions, all of which have been designed to complement the main range. Just some of the accessories that we have to offer include, precision reducing sleeves and bushes, pull studs, tapping collet systems, tightening fixtures, coolant nozzles and heat shrink units. It's worth noting that we also stock an extensive range of spare parts, ensuring piece of mind. Please feel free to visit the website to find out more about all of our products and services. 

SERVICE & REPAIR - Visit our website

Based on-site at our promises in Coventry, we have a full service and repair facility, where we can assess damage and provide a quote within 5 working days. Once the quoted price is accepted and the order is placed, we can normally complete repairs on a standard unit within 7-10 working days. Whether it's general wear and tear or a full crash, we offer expert solutions, ensuring that your component is returned in full working. If you have any questions about this service, don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly, via phone or email. 

DESIGN - Visit our website

When it comes to design, we utilise a package from Solidworks, which we use as our solid modelling computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering package. The software can work with all of the other major packages and therefore we can bring in our customer's models for testing- such as feasibility and interrogation studies. The design package from Solidworks interacts with the manufacturing section through the use CAD/CAM links and the process is automated thanks to FeatureCAM package. Full technical details on our design process can be found on the website. 

QUALITY - Visit our website

Quality and high standards are incredibly important us. It's worth noting that we have been both ISO9001/2008 and AS9100 accredited. Furthermore, we employ a stringent Quality Management System which utilises both internal and external audits, performed on a regular basis. We strive to ensure that all of products and services are delivered with accuracy, precision and reliability in mind. If you have any questions or you'd like to find out more about our Quality Management System- please feel free to get in touch. 



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