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The Coventry Engineering Group was established in 2003 and provides an excellent precision engineering service to customers via its Coventry Toolholding and CTL Centreline divisions. We provide high quality manufacturing services to customers in a wide range of industries such as automotive, autosport, aviation, rail transport, and medical. We are ISO 9001:2000 accredited are known for our extremely high standards of service.

Through the CTL Centreline division we design and manufacture and extensive range of standard and special angle heads, multi heads, speed increasers and driven tools for CNC machining centres and CNC lathes.

We also design and manufacture standard and special toolholding systems via our Coventry Toolholders division. We hold large amounts of stock at any one time in order to dispatch orders quickly and efficiently. Examples of the range include various spindle machines, vertical turning machine tooling, turning tool holders, boring bar holders, modular tooling systems, driven tooling for CNC lathes, and more. We are also UK agents of the EZset range of tool presetting and measuring machines.

All of our products are supplied at competitive prices and our experience in the industry enables us to provide a first class service to all customers.

Fixed Angle Heads - Visit our website

We have a wide range of fixed angle heads. These include the FAH 160 which has auto tool change capability, a fixed angle of between 1-80 degrees and a radial adjustment of 0-360 degrees. The FAH 160S model has a very similar specification but differs in that it has fixed angles of 30, 46 and 60 degrees. The FAH 225 and FAH 225 S models have the same respective fixed angles and radial adjustment but have a slower max speed of 3000 rpm as well as a larger max tool shank diameter (16mm).

Universal Angle Heads - Visit our website

We offer three models of universal angle heads. The UAH 140 has a maximum speed of 3500 rpm and a maximum tool capacity of 10 mm. With an 8 kg maximum weight, the UAH 180 can handle heavier jobs compared with the 140 and has a larger maximum tool capacity at 13 mm. Larger still is the UAH 205 with a maximum weight without tool at 20 kg but with a slightly slower maximum speed at 3000 rpm. All of our universal angle heads are maintenance free sealed units with auto tool change capabilities.

Speed Increasers - Visit our website

There are many models within our SPR range of speed increasers. The SPR 410 can reach a constant maximum speed of 22,000 rpm and has a maximum tool shank diameter of 10 mm. The SPR 410 R8 can reach the same constant maximum speed of 22,000 rpm but also allows users of turret mills to increase their spindle speed to the levels required by modern tooling at a fraction of the cost. The SPR 607 and 610 are models with an even faster constant maximum speed, 26,000 and 30, 000 rpm respectively. Those looking for a larger maximum tool shank diameter should consider the SPR 520 as it has the largest of the range at 20mm.

90 Degree Angle Heads - Standard Length - Visit our website

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Centreline range of high-quality standard length 90º Angle Heads are designed for use on modern CNC machining centres. Our 90º Angle Heads are available with fully automatic tool change capability and a variety of integral and modular output spindle options. They feature prismatic aluminium bodies, increased spindle speeds with high-pressure coolant options. Products in this range include the RAD120, RAD160, RAD160-DE, RAM160, RAD225, RAD225-DE and RAM225. If you would like more information, please visit our website where you can download a PDF file containing details on specifications and applications.

90 Degree Angle Heads - Extended Length - Visit our website

Coventry Engineering Group also supplies a comprehensive range of extended length 90º Angle Heads. Each type is available in 3 different length variants and designed for use on modern CNC machining centres. Like our standards 90º Angle Heads, these products are available with fully automatic tool change capability (depending on machine capability) and a variety of integral and modular output spindle options. We provide extended length 90º Angle Heads to suit a wide variety of requirements. Products in this range include the Angle Heads, Milling Heads and Heavy Duty Angle Heads. For more information, please visit our website or contact us.

90 Degree Angle Heads- Slimline Modular Design - Visit our website

At Coventry Engineering Group, we also supply a broad range of Slimline Modular 90º Angle Heads that are suitable for situations where the need to access internal features involves deep cavities and limited space. Products in this range are available in 3 different module sizes with a variety of length variants and interchangeability between sizes on a single unit. Centreline's durable and highly versatile range of Slimline Modular 90º Angle Heads can be used on all types of machining centre in addition to adaptations for CNC lathes.

Toolholders for Machining Centres - Visit our website

If you are looking for a standard or bespoke toolholding system in order to optimise your machine capabilities then we at the Coventry Engineering Group can provide a high-quality and affordable solution. We offer a diverse range of tool clamping to suit all requirements, so whether you are looking for flexibility with precision collet chucks or maximum precision with heat shrink and hydraulic systems, our highly-skilled technical sales team can help.

Multi Function Machine Tooling - Visit our website

Our range of Multi Function Machine Tooling products are typically defined by having both a rotating chuck and a revolving spindle. This enables both turning and milling on an individual machine.  Coventry Engineering Group a diverse range of tooling to suit both static and rotating spindle type machines. Standard toolholders are available on short lead times but if your application requires a special solution, you can contact our experienced engineering team. Items in this range include Radial/Axial Type, Combination Type, 45 Degree Type, Boring Bar Type, Tip Pocket Type, Standard Toolholders and Specials. 

Toolholders for Turning Machines - Visit our website

Coventry Engineering Group's line of Toolholders for Turning machines include VDI Static Tooling and Driven Tool Holders for CNC Machines. Our complete range of precision tooling systems to suit VDI (DIN 69880-1, VDI3425) type machines are available with shank sizes VDI 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60. A full range of complementary accessories including collets, spanners and are supplied with the chucks. Our range of precision standard and bespoke tooling systems to suit Driven Tool Holder type machines covers Axial/Radial type toolholders for both face and peripheral mount type turrets. Chucks are complemented by accessories including collets, spanners and external coolant nozzles.

Toolholders for Vertical Turning Machines - Visit our website

We also supply a broad selection of toolholders for Vertical Turning Machines. Each item is designed and manufactured to suit both static and rotating spindle type machines. Products in this range include Vertical Turning Machine Block Type Toolholders, Vertical Turning Machine Boring Bar Type Toolholders, Vertical Turning Machine Modular Type Toolholders, Vertical Turning Machine Driven Angle Heads and Vertical Turning Machine Rotating Toolholders.

Rotary Coolant Adapters / Inducers - Visit our website

Coventry Engineering Group provide a wide selection of Rotary Coolant Adapters and Inducers that allow machines without through spindle coolant the ability to utilize modern through coolant cutting tools. These high-quality adapters are designed for both CNC machines with automatic tool change and machines with manual clamping systems. All that is required to use the system is a simple addition of a coolant feed block mounted on the machine head. In addition to supplying standard Rotary Coolant Adapters and Inducers, we also have the capacity to design and manufacture bespoke models. For more information, please contact our highly-trained technical sales team.

Toolholders for Manual Machines - Visit our website

We offer a wide variety of high-quality standard and bespoke Toolhanders to suit Manual Machines. Each range within this line covers Collet Chucks, End Mill (Weldon) Adapters, Shell Mill Adapters, Morse Taper Adapters, Precision Milling Chucks, Taper Reduction Chucks, Greenstock Blanks, Tapping Chucks, Test Bars and Drill Chucks. The chucks are complemented by a full range of accessories such as collets and spanners. Whatever your requirements, we at the Coventry Engineering Group are confident that we can provide an innovative and cost-effective solution.

Precision Boring Systems - Visit our website

We at the Coventry Engineering Group supply a range of Precision Boring Systems for almost any application. Each boring head comprises a thread mounting to enable connection to a range of machine spindles via a toolholder. Accuracy is generally around .012mm, with the head design covering a comprehensive range of bore sizes. Ranges include:

  • Boring Systems Micron Adjustable:  Fine Boring Heads for Cylindrical Shank Tools, Cartridge Type Boring Heads, Twin Cutter Boring Heads, Fine Boring Sets
  • Modular Extension/Toolholder System: Modular Spindle Adapters, Modular Extensions and Reducers, Toolholders for Modular Systems
  • Boring Heads General: Boring Heads, Boring Head Spindle Adapters, Cutting Tools for Boring Heads

Accessories and Tool Storage - Visit our website

Our comprehensive range of first-rate Accessories and Tool Storage includes Straight Shanks, Tool Extensions, Adapters, Pull Studs, Tool Storage Systems, Precision Reducing Sleeves and Bushes, Edge Finders and Tool Height Setting, Collet Systems, Tightening Fixtures, Locknuts, Tapping Collet Systems, Heat Shrink Units, Spares and much more. To find out more about the high-quality yet very affordable products in this range, please visit our website.

Coolant Nozzles - Visit our website

We also offer a wide range of QPM Coolant Nozzles and related accessories suitable for use on CNC latches, Machining Centres, Grinders, Screw Machines, Manual Mills and various other production equipment. Our highly durable and reliable Coolant Nozzles play a critical role in the proper supply of coolant to the Tool - Workpiece interface and are extremely resistant to vibration, swarf and inertial forces. To view our comprehensive range of high-quality Coolant Nozzles, please visit our website. For more information, you can download a PDF on each product which contains details on specifications and applications.



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