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Cooper Crouse-Hinds (UK) has over thirty years of experience as an industry-leading manufacturer of metallic explosion-proof enclosures and junction boxes. Our products are suitable for the most demanding applications – use in hazardous areas and industrial work. We have been designing, engineering, and fabricating explosion-proof enclosures for a wide range of customers in different fields for many years.

We offer tried and tested solutions for use in the most challenging projects and the most exacting installation needs. Cooper Crouse-Hinds produces enclosures in a range of materials: stainless steel, sheet steel, aluminium, glass-reinforced polyester, and other materials. And we supply our enclosures in a number of optional finishes: electro-polishing, polyester powder coating, pickled, and other custom finishes. Your individual needs can be exactly met in the finishing process. And we build bespoke enclosures for hazardous areas and industrial applications.

Cooper Crouse-Hinds is also happy to offer our own fabrication processes – design, manufacturing, finishing, and other processes – for subcontract work. Please be in touch with us for more details.

Airfield Ground Lighting

We offer a range of products for ground lighting at airfields. These includes airport light bases, approach lights and navigational aids, guidance signs, runway and taxiway elevated and inset lights, solar lighting, utility lights, as well as accessory equipment such as tools, markers, and airport control and monitoring software/hardware for airfield management. Please visit our website for individual product details.

Monitoring Systems

Cooper Crouse-Hinds offers a range of products for control and monitoring solutions at airports and airfields. Our solutions comply with a broad spectrum of regulations – including FAA, NATO, ICAO, US Air Force and US Navy, and ISO 9001 standards. Our products include a Distributed Computer Control and Monitoring System (DCCMS) to manage airfield lighting. This system has a fail-safe design and a user-friendly interface to help customers manage airfield operations with confidence and efficiency. Please visit our website for technical features and other details.


We produce a range of apparatus equipment – intelligent NEC and IEC panel boards, switches for safe and effective power control, instrument houses to protect circuitry in wet, explosive, or corrosive environments – that can be used in a number of industrial or hazardous applications. Our instrument housings can contain thermostats, heaters, clocks, and other instruments; our panel boards protect feeder or branch circuits in a range of sizes; and our switches and enclosures can be used to disconnect motor, lighting, and other circuits, and to prevent arcing or igniting in hazardous atmospheres.

Commercial Enclosures

Cooper Crouse-Hinds fabricates a number of metal and non-metal enclosures and junction boxes to protect switches, circuits, and other equipment, in hazardous or challenging environments. These include conduit expansion joints used to couple together two sections of piping; fiberglass enclosures for lightweight and durable protection; and a series of junction boxes suitable for different applications. Please visit our website for technical features and other details.

Commercial Fittings

We supply a large number of commercial fittings for residential, commercial, and industrial construction uses. The quality and breadth of our range marks us out from the competition and offers real value to our customers. Our fittings include AC/MC fittings for AC/MC conduits to enclosures; conduit outlet bodies and boxes; cord and cable connectors; EMT fittings; FMC fittings, hubs for terminating electrical conduits through walls or enclosures; non-metallic components for special needs; and a number of other products.  Please visit our website for the full range and technical features.

Commercial Outlet Boxes and Covers

Cooper Crouse-Hinds also specialises in a wide range of outlet product boxes – one of the largest offerings in the industry. We have decades of experience in the steel box market and we are pleased to offer products that reduce materials costs, increase productivity, and save you effort and time. Our products include ceiling fan boxes and supports; steel ceiling pans; and numerous types of steel masonry and steel boxes suitable for a large spectrum of applications. We also offer non-metallic boxes for sensitive environments. Please visit our website for the full range and technical features.

Commercial PRE-formance™

Our PRE-formance™ line of products – from basic assemblies, to complete assemblies, and custom-designed and custom-built assemblies – offers our customers the convenience and lower cost of a pre-fabricated product with the adaptability and bespoke qualities of a custom-made unit. These units can be used in any number of applications – from building electrical housings to other industrial or construction uses. Please visit our website for the full range and technical features.

Commercial Solar Solutions

We produce a number of commercial solar solutions – from solar combiners, to pass-through boxes, and to solar power grips for applications tied to the electrical grid. Our accessories include parallel circuit array connectors, whip and jumper assemblies, a range of smaller accessories, and solar combiner solutions to combine solar power with other solar feeds or conventional power feeds into one main bus. Please visit our website for the full range and technical features.

Commercial Weatherproof Products

Our weatherproof products help our customers assemble any number of electrical or industrial systems in challenging environments or areas exposed to the elements while protecting valuable equipment and costly work. We offer fixture hangers to protect external lighting from the weather; outlet boxes and covers to protect the electrical mains outputs from moisture and other hazardous materials; and vapour-proof incandescent lighting in 100w or 200w units for external lighting that resists vapour and condensation. Please visit our website to see the technical features of our products.

Drilling & Marine

Marine environments and offshore drilling work are some of the most challenging and hazardous environments that can be faced in industry. Corrosion, vibration, particulate clouds, extreme weather; all of these and other factors pose risks to your operations. We provide lighting and wiring devices suitable to the harsh and problematic conditions of marine platforms and drilling rigs. Please visit our website for the full range and technical features.


Our core business and how we started in the market is enclosures – and we are proud to produce a blistering array of enclosures products suitable for a diverse set of industrial applications. Our range includes cast-metal enclosures for non-hazardous uses; explosion-proof and flame-proof cast-metal enclosures ideal for keeping enclosed instruments and control devices safe in dangerous settings; non-metallic enclosures that are corrosion-resistant and can withstand extreme chemical or marine conditions; non-metallic enclosures for hazardous environments; sheet steel enclosures; and several other product lines. Please visit our website for the full range and technical features.

Industrial Control

Our wide range of industrial control products are smart and innovative NEC and IEC solutions to control and protect circuits in challenging, corrosive, or explosive environments. We offer a series of explosion-proof variable frequency drives, circuit breakers, motor starters, specialty control stations for remote or local motor control; switch racks; and standard controls. These industrial control products can be used in a wide stretch of industrial applications – with the excellent differentiation that they are safe in the most unsafe environments.

Industrial Fittings & Glands

We offer a number of industrial fittings, cable glands, and cord connectors, to move power in a simple and safe way even through the most challenging or hazardous environments. Our cable glands are used in commercial and industrial applications around the world – these products meet global industry standards and offer secure and reliable termination solutions for almost any kind of cable in any type of hazardous environment. Please visit our website for the full range and technical features.


Cooper Crouse-Hinds offers a number of lighting products for safe and reliable use in demanding environments. We supply linear fluorescent luminaires for mid-bay or low-bay illumination in marine settings. And we offer emergency lights, illuminated exit signs, floodlights, incandescent luminaries, H.I.D. lightings, and a broad range of other lights – all suitable for specific applications and needs with added protection against hazards and weather. Please visit our website for the full range and technical features.

Plugs & Receptacles

Our plugs and receptacles are ideal as a power connector solution for a wide range of industrial and commercial uses. We supply a rich range of plugs and receptacles products – including units suitable for hazardous and non-hazardous settings; automated connectivity products; industrial cords and cable reels; motor loads; heavy-duty plugs and receptacles; portable power solutions; and a number of other products. All of our products are suitable for specific industrial needs and are built to withstand the demands of challenging environments. Please visit our website for the full range and technical features.

Solar Solutions

Cooper Crouse-Hinds offers a number of solar products – including photovoltaic module kids with battery backup units; solar combiners and pass-through boxes; and solar cord grips for remote or residential applications. Solar power is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution for powering residences or small premises and we are pleased to enable this solution with our low-cost, durable, weather-resistant products. Please visit our website for the full range and technical features.



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