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If you need a sub-contract manufacturer for processed cable, cable sets, assemblies, looms and complex harnesses, Convert Ltd is your natural choice of partner. As an ISO 9001 accredited company, all of our products are manufactured to the very highest standards, so you can depend on Convert for quality, durability, and practicality. We also make it a priority to have your products finished and delivered on time, every time – so you don't have to worry about tight supply chain schedules.

What's more, Convert Ltd is able to offer high quality products at competitive prices, so our customers always receive the value for money they deserve. No matter how small or large your order, we'll take on almost any project, manufacturing processed cable and cables sets in batch sizes from 100's to 100,000's. We'll also produce cable assemblies, looms and harnesses as one-offs or in the 1000's. Convert is more than happy to review your non-standard assemblies, or products which require a non-standard assembly method: we'll work with you at every stage of development, using our test equipment to validate the manufacturing process and your product. We can then produce proto-types and product samples, using them to gather core data which enables us to develop a detailed quality plan for volume production. It is thanks to our versatile manufacturing equipment and processes that we are able to customise the production process exactly to your needs, offering excellence throughout the project, from the initial quotation and process design, through to production and delivery.

And because Convert maintains excellent relationships with suppliers, we are able to offer the best pricing and lead-time for component sourcing, no matter how difficult the materials are to locate. Short lead-times for materials - along with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and processes - enable convert to offer an extremely fast turnaround with no compromise on product quality. Combining a highly experienced production team, excellent supplier relationships, and a commitment to manufacturing products of the highest quality, Convert Ltd aims to be your premium choice of supplier for all your cable processing and assembly needs. Below are some of the services that Convert has to offer.

By visiting our website or simply giving us a call, you can find out more about the company and the quality cables and harnesses we produce.

Multi Branch Complex Looms and Harnesses

We produce advanced and complex looms and cable harnesses, with multiple branches, for your needs. Our Automotive Engine Management Looms, or our Control Looms for medical or scientific equipment, or our Power and Control Harnesses for equipment manufacturers, are built to the highest standards by our experienced team. We also produce comprehensive working instructions and operating procedures to ensure your safe and efficient use of these products. Convert also carries out in-process inspection and verification during the production process to guarantee the best quality control. Please contact us for more details on our Multi Branch Complex Looms and Harnesses.

Cable Assemblies, Looms & Harnesses

We manufacture and sell a range of cable assemblies, looms, and harnesses, each to our customers’ design specifications with multi-core or single-core cables. And we can produce cables with soldered connectors, crimps, or poke solutions. We also can mark each cable individually for assemblies with discrete cables. Our cable production process includes at critical stages an in-process quality control inspection before final assembly. And all work and inspection is carried our by our experienced and expert production staff. Please contact us for more details.

Interconnect Harnesses

Cable interconnects often need harnesses for secure installation – harnessing interconnects with either board-to-board or board-to-panel applications. Wires are cut individually and then crimped with our Artos MTX-5 tool; multi-core cables are processed with our Crimp Bench Presses. Our integrated Crimp Force Analysers monitor each terminal to guarantee that your products are built to the highest standards. Interconnect harness assemblies, once finished, are ready for easy installation onto your PCB connectors; we also offer a range of boards for directly soldering harnesses to your PCB. All work and inspection is carried our by our experienced and expert production staff. Please contact us for more details.

Wire and Cable Sets

Our Artos MTX-5 cable preparation equipment allows us to process individual wires in large volumes – whether soldering, tinning, or crimping. Crimp Force Analysers help us monitor every terminal to ensure that each terminal is properly applied. And active sorting prevents defective terminals from going any farther into the manufacturing process. We can also use our Semi-Automatic Bench Presses for pre-insulated crimps. All work and inspection is carried our by our experienced and expert production staff. Please contact us for more details.

Cable Processing Equipment

Our Artos and Komax wire preparation tools allow us to process a broad range of cable and wires types – single-stranded, single-core, multi-stranded and multi-core. We can cut to length, strip cables and wires, and label cable gauges. Our tools also allow for flexibility – with various stripping options able to be set independently for each end of the cable. Our automated Artos MTX machine gives us the option of processing high volumes of cable, with six programmable workstations, for cutting, stripping, twisting, tinning, and crimping, in any sequence. And one of our products, the Artos CS-326, has a PC interface that allows essential machine functions to be stored. Please contact us for more details.

Crimping Presses

We have a number of semi-automated crimping presses, from Mecal, Kirsten, and Takbro, for cables that cannot be crimped by fully automatic means. Two of our tools, the Kirsten Stripper Crimper and the Mecal TT Press, include monitoring for crimping force to check the force used for each terminal that is applied; this helps ensure the quality of the crimping process across an entire batch of wires. We also use a Power Crimper for large-gauge wires or loose piece terminals. And we hold a wide range of applicator tooling for the many kinds of terminals and connector styles in common use across industry – including Hirose, ITT, JAE, JST, Molex, Takbro and Tyco. We also hold a number of hand tools for other terminal styles. Please contact us for more details.

Product Assembly Equipment

We stock a broad range of hand tools and automatic machines designed to help us efficiently and quickly assemble your cable harnesses and other cable and wire products. Two of our essential pieces of equipment include our fully automated Panduit cable tie system, six times faster than manual cable ties; and a Techon Sealant Dispenser, for dispensing fluids of various viscosity with accuracy. Our equipment is chosen to minimise production time and to get products in your hands as quickly as possible. We also stock a range of hand tools for samples, prototypes, and small batches, without sacrificing quality. Please contact us for more details.

Product Testing and Inspection Equipment

We rely on a number of inspection and testing tools to ensure that our products are assembled to the highest standard. Our Mecmesin Advanced Forge Pull Tester is useful for validating the quality of our crimped terminations. And our CFA1000 Crime Force analyser gives us the capability to check the quality of all our crimping work. We also use a SLE SBL Micro Crimp Cross Section Lab, which gives us the ability to cut a terminal in half and photograph the cross-section for inspection and analysis. And we use a Cirrus Cable Harness to electrically test products to test their functionality. Please contact us for more details.

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