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Conor Engineering Ltd has been manufacturing quality agricultural machinery for more than 40 years. In that time we have established a solid reputation within our industry for strong, reliable products designed to withstand some of the toughest operating environments and the most challenging terrains. 

Ongoing investment into research and development has helped us remain at the cutting edge of equipment design and has kept us abreast of technological developments taking place within our industry. That’s why the Conor brand has become recognised for innovation not just in the UK but throughout Europe and beyond. 

Our Experience

Conor Engineering has been designing and manufacturing agricultural machinery since 1969. Since then we have been constantly improving and expanding our product range. In the early 1990s we were one of the first manufacturers to develop a high quality bale wrapper, which at the time was a new concept in most European countries. The Conor bale wrapper became known across the continent for its quality and reliability. 

Recent years have seen us expand our existing range of slurry tanks and add many new products to our portfolio, including vertical diet feeders, swath conditioners and heavy duty shear grabs. We have also added a selection of spreading equipment. 

Find Out More

You can find out more about our agricultural machinery by visiting Conor Engineering online. There you’ll also be able to find your nearest Conor dealer. If you have any questions about our products, please get in touch with one of our regional offices. 

Standard Slurry Tanks

Conor’s standard slurry tanks are available in sizes from 1100 to 2100 gallon. All models have a rigid drawbar and are mounted on a heavy duty ADR axle.  A range of wheel options are available, including 385/65 R22.5, 425/65 R22.5, 1300 x 530 x 508 BN3 and 21.3 R24. 

The tanks come with a high quality 8000-litre Battioni vacuum pump. Other standard features include:

  • LED hamburger lights at rear.
  • Heavy duty hydraulic rear discharge valve.
  • 15ft suction hose. 
  • Hydraulic brakes.
  • 2” sight glass at rear and front.
  • 20” rear door. 

More information can be found on the Conor Engineering website. Simply follow the link above or click on the image to the right to be redirected. 

Semi Recessed Tankers

Our semi-recessed tanks are very much the same as our standard tanks, except they offer bigger tyre options (from 23.1 R26 to 30.5 R32). 

They are available in the same sizes as our standard tanks (1100 – 2100 gallons), and they have most of the same features, including an 8000 litre Battioni vacuum pump, LED lights, mudguards and hydraulic brakes. However, semi-recessed tanks will be supplied with 20 foot of suction hose rather than the 15 foot supplied as standard. 


The Swather 7000 from Conor Engineering has been designed to gently turn, lift and aerate the swath in order to improve its quality (and thus improve the quality of the feed). It is directly driven by a chain rather than a belt, which means no slippages and no costly replacements. A self-lubricating oil on the chain ensures it is constantly lubricated. 

Features include:

  • Heavy duty reinforced bearings.
  • Robust, flexible tines mounted on a heavy duty rotor.
  • A lock and pin system on the wheels to control movement.
  • Adjustable back doors for altering the width or direction of the swath.
  • A safety rod to prevent damaged tines falling into the swath. 

Visit Conor Engineering online to find out more. 

Mounted Topper

Introducing the Conor 6000, a semi-offset pasture topper that rides independently of the tractor to ensure a clean cut of uneven pasture. Highly versatile, it can also be used for topping sports fields or other local authority areas. The topper can be powered by a relatively low power tractor (40 Hp upwards), and the cutting height can be adjusted by setting the slides on either side of the topper. A direct drive mechanism ensures consistent cutting performance at all times.

Side Mounted Toppers

Conor’s 8000-series side mounted toppers are completely offset when in the topping position. Like the semi-offset toppers they ride independently of the tractor, allowing a clean cut of uneven pasture. A direct drive mechanism ensures consistent cutting performance while the topper’s heavy duty rotors interlock to give a clean, positive cut. The use of a swinging blade system means the topper can withstand the excessive pressures experienced when used in wet conditions. As with the semi-offset 6000 series model, the cutter height can be adjusted by setting the slides on either side of the topper.

In-Line Toppers

The Conor 9000 is an in-line pasture topper which is towed directly behind the tractor. It has many of the same features as our 6000 and 8000-series models, including a direct drive mechanism to guarantee consistent performance and interlocking rotors which ensure a clean, positive cut. It also uses the same swinging blade system.

Our in-line pasture topper can be powered by a relatively low power tractor (70 Hp upwards). Cutting height is adjusted by setting the slides on either side of the topper. 

All of our pasture toppers are skid-mounted to prevent grounding when working on uneven terrain. 

Shear Grabs

Our shear grabs come in seven sizes from 4ft 6 inches to 6ft 6 inches. They are robustly built from high grade 50B steel and are designed to give a clean cut, resulting in minimum disturbance to the silage face and ensuring maximum life expectancy of the silage block by reducing secondary fermentation. Conor shear grabs feature high powered 100mm hydraulic rams which offer an impressive cutting force. Front loader adapter brackets can easily be fitted using U-bolts or may simply be welded on. For more information (including technical details), please head over to the Conor Engineering website.

Bale Handlers

Our hydraulic bale handler offers the ideal combination of strength and ease of use. Its intelligent design facilitates easy bale handling while a robust construction ensures minimum maintenance and maximum endurance.  Key features include:

  • Two heavy duty tines inside the rollers for spiking and carrying up to two bales.
  • Removable rotating rollers for quick access to tines. 
  • A double acting hydraulic ram which ensures careful handling and stacking.
  • Bushed pivot points.
  • A large carrying capacity of 1200kg. 

Trailed Bale Wrappers

The Conor 9700 Trailed Bale Wrapper is the culmination of more than 20 years of research and development. Since the early 1990s we have been constantly refining and upgrading the design of our bale wrappers in order to achieve the highest levels of performance and reliability. Strong, durable and efficient, the 9700 is one of the best-performing bale wrappers you can buy. It features a robust turntable which sits on a direct drive slewing ring, a unique folded chassis, a maintenance-free cut and tie device, a film dispenser, a flow control valve and a monitor for displaying bale wrapper functions. You can find out more by visiting Conor Engineering online.

Linkage Bale Wrappers

Our 9720 round linkage bale wrappers have many of the same features as our 9700 models – including a function display monitor, a 3 film roll holder, an easy-load dispenser and a direct drive slewing ring on which the turntable rotates.  However these models come with a radio remote control operating system as standard, meaning they can be operated safely from a distance of up to 50 metres. More details on all our bale wrapper models can be found on the Conor Engineering website.

Tandem Axle Tankers

Our tandem axle tanks have been designed with strength and safety in mind. Their unique chassis and tandem parabolic suspension helps to keep the overall height low and also improves stability. This means the tank can be towed at higher speeds without compromising safety. 

These tanks offer a range of wheel options and may be fitted with a rear steering unit if required. 

Other features include:

  • A high quality 11000-litre Battioni vacuum pump.
  • 30” hinged rear door.
  • 5” unbreakable sight glass at front and rear.
  • Twin LED hamburger lights at rear.
  • LED lights on front mudguard.
  • 20ft suction hose.
  • Handbrake
  • Adjustable hitch eye.

Fully Recessed Tankers

Our fully recessed LGP tankers have a strong, robust design and are built with the contractor or large producer in mind. They are available in various sizes from 1600 gallon up to 3000 gallon, and they come with many features as standard, including a high quality Battioni vacuum pump, a 30” rear door, 20 foot suction hose, LED road lighting and full commercial axles with 420 x 180 brakes. The tanks are made with 6mm British steel and are finished with oven baked paint. A full summary of standard features can be found on our website.

Diet Feeders

Our vertical feeders have the same key qualities that all Conor machines possess – strength, reliability and simplicity. They are designed to handle all types of feed efficiently and to produce a top quality mix with a high nutritional value, improving liveweight gain, enhancing animal health, fertility and longevity, improving milk quality and giving a higher milk yield. They are built with a specially shaped mixing auger which can chop and mix large round or square bales of silage, hay and straw. The feed is processed through the auger’s nine serrated blades twice in order to ensure an even blend of ingredients. Find out more about our diet feeders by visiting Conor Engineering online.

Slootsmid Trailing Shoe

The Conor Slootsmid Trailing Shoe system has a practical, robust design that allows it to operate on all types of terrain. It has a fully galvanized body and a powerful hydraulic macerator which chops up any fibrous material. Hardwearing shoe parts and plated springs, meanwhile, ensure a constant pressure on the ground so that slurry is distributed directly onto the soil. When in use, the shoe has a width of 5-9 meters (depending on the size chosen), while in transport it measures 2.55 meters. The shoe, the tank and the axle are integrated as closely as possible to ensure excellent balance and manoeuvrability.

Side Spreader

The Conor side spreader has been built to perform in some of the most challenging operating conditions. It’s one of the strongest and most durable spreaders currently available on the market. There are four models available – the 400, 750, 900 and 1000. The largest of these (the 1000) has a heavy duty T80 PTO shaft for added strength and durability. All models feature a robust chassis with heavy duty front and back bearings, case hardened chain and heavy duty flails, a protective timber rail to prevent loading damage and a 150mm balanced heavy wall rotor which ensures balanced unloading. The largest three models (the 750, 900 and 1000) also have hydraulic lids and LED lights.

Slurry Pumps

Conor slurry pumps offer incredible performance. They are powerful, ultra-efficient and virtually maintenance free.  They include both angle and hydraulic depth control and they have the facility to travel from tank to tank with the PTO shaft still connected to the tractor. 

Conor slurry pumps allow you to transfer slurry out of the tank by simply rotating the mixing nozzle until it engages into the main stem of the pump. This eliminates the need for a top fill valve and helps to ensure maximum efficiency when mixing (since there are no moving diverter plates or flow ‘splitter boxes’ used in the design).

More information about our slurry pumps can be found on the Conor Engineering website. 



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