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Ever since our foundation in 2002, Connect 2 Cleanrooms Ltd have provided outstanding client-centre solutions in the area of contamination control. Through constant innovation and technological development, we have established ourselves among the leading organisations in our sector.

The expertise of our highly expert and qualified engineers is complemented by the consummate professionalism of our marketing team. As well as advising on appropriate conduct protocols, we provide a full range of consumables to the cleanroom industry. From our base in Halton, Lancashire, we operate both within the United Kingdom and internationally, with our network of overseas distributors continually expanding. Our company is able to meet the needs of virtually any industrial area, with our clients representing every imaginable sector. These include injection moulding; life science; aerospace; printing; manufacturing; atomic and nuclear energy; academic and research; bottling and packing lines; and many others.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms Ltd are ISO 9001:2008-accredited and we constantly strive to cater to the requirements of our customers in the most appropriate and cost-effective manner. Quality of service is our paramount objective, and we are always looking for ways to increase our already high standards. Take a look at our website to see just how much we can do for you and your organisation!

Modular Cleanrooms

It’s essential to minimise the risk of contamination during your production process, since this can cause delays and defects with consequent repercussions on your business. Modular cleanrooms will help you with this, with such systems offering a wealth of benefits. A modular cleanroom can be manufactured in just two weeks and can be installed in only a few days. Such cleanrooms are easy to relocate or extend, and their localised area make for low running costs. They are much less expensive than the traditional model of cleanroom and can be designed in a customised style to match your particular specifications.

Softwall Cleanrooms

If you’re looking for a highly economical modular cleanroom, then softwalls could be the right choice for you. Through the mounting of PVC panels onto a sturdy steel frame, a wall is created which envelopes the clean space. By the overlapping of the panels, an effective barrier is erected that prevents the entry of particles into the cleanroom. The airflow forces air through, meaning particles are flushed out via an outlet at the room’s base. The height of the wall is easy to adjust and access is simple. Softwalls are suitable for every size of cleanroom, mini-environments and ISO Class 7-8 cleanrooms, and have been used in applications such as engineering, food, plastics, aerospace and manufacturing.

Hardwall Cleanrooms

Hardwall modular cleanrooms are intended for situations needing exceptionally high levels of cleanliness (like ISO class 5). Hardwalls are constructed from transparent PeTG panels fitted inside steel frames, resulting in an unbreachable barrier. Their solid walls are able to resist the heavy airflow which is needed to attain the cleanest possible environments, while the clear panels make it simple to monitor the interior processes in operation. They are highly durable and resistant to impact, and are visually attractive enhancements to their setting. Hardwalls are recommended for ISO Class 5-8 cleanrooms and for applications such as semiconductors, life sciences and medical device manufacturing.

Mini Environments

When might you need a mini environment? It’s a zone inside a cleanroom which is even cleaner than the rest of the unit. A physical barrier generally separates it from the cleanroom, with the mini environment being either integral or a modular unit. Mini environments are frequently used in semiconductor environments and such situations where products are only intermittently exposed to the surrounding environment. Use of mini environments lowers installation and investment costs and also helps to save energy. We recommend them for such extra-sensitive processes as silicon water manufacture and for applications that need more than one zone of cleanroom.

Control Systems

The Connect 2 Cleanrooms' Control System will help your cleanroom function at peak effectiveness without using energy than necessary. It’s a closed loop Energy Management System which adjusts the room’s internal airflow relative to the contamination level. By monitoring related control, unanticipated events leading to contamination will not result in removing the room from classification. The system has an automatic lighting control and an ethernet network that works with PC software. It monitors humidity and temperature and is programmable with a day/night control. The secure operator login enables access control while the system also features batch identification.

Temperature Control

Sometimes a clean environment requires temperature and humidity control, making additional air conditioning advantageous. Temperature control may be necessary to ensure the comfort of the cleanroom’s operator or when dealing with sensitive ingredients, compounds or products. We offer a modular cleanroom with extra air-conditioning units which acts as a mini environment which has independent controls. The directional airflow and temperature of the cleanroom air-conditioning systems are adjustable remotely, giving great ease of control. Our temperature control systems have applications in contexts including laboratories, measuring equipment, food preparation, machining centres and computer rooms.

Air Filtration

The MAC 10 Original Fan Filter Units (FFUs) used by Connect 2 Cleanrooms boast a unique combination of low wattage, low sound and a low profile. Choose between two types of filter media – the Ultra Low Penetration Air Filter offers 99.9995% efficiency at 0.12 micron, while the High Efficient Particulate Air Filter offers 99.99% efficiency at 0.3 micron. With its very low sound level, the Mac 10 Original is especially suited for cleanrooms on a larger scale, which may have many FFUs running concurrently. It is available with a variable speed controller or three-speed switch and has a forward-inclined centrifugal fan.

Unidirectional Airflow

The flow of fluids in one direction without being interrupted by turbulence is known as unidirectional airflow or laminar flow. With laminar flow units, clean air flows down from the fan filter unit’s face in a unidirectional manner. The correct terminology for such units are down flow booths and unidirectional airflow cabinet, although they are often called laminar flow booths and cabinets within the cleanroom industry.

Laminar Flow Cabinets

Laminar flow cabinets (or booths) help protect processes and products from contamination by airborne particulate. The filtered downward flow of air means that only highly cleaned air is dispersed around the process, pushing particles produced by the process away from its vicinity. Our standard range of vertical laminar flow cabinets have a working area of 1,175mm x 568mm x 750mm and are specially designed for bench mounting. Cabinets are made with white powder-coated steel frames and stainless steel fixings. They contain either ULPA or HEPA filters by request, while magnehelic pressure gauges make real-time filter monitoring possible.

Laminar Flow Canopies

A laminar flow canopy is employed when filtered air-conditioned air is needed to cool machine tools or if a cleanroom is required for the purpose of injection moulding. They feature apertures on runners, with 99.99% efficient HEPA filters delivering a positive and variable airflow. The clean air flow systems can be integrated via three-dimensional modelling with subsequent installation possible in factory acceptance tests. Under the ISO 14644-1 Cleanroom and Associated Environments classification system, laminar flow canopies can be used in pharmaceutical, medical devices, automotive, electronics (such as cover PCB printers) and plastics (such as cover injection moulding machines) industries.

Cleanroom Design

We pride ourselves on the simple designs (compliant with British Standard BS 8568:2013) of our cleanrooms, which implies high energy and operational efficiency. Before a cleanroom is instructed, we’ll discuss your particular needs and despatch our project engineers on a site visit if necessary. Your appointed engineer will employ three-dimension CAD technology to provide visualisations of your cleanroom and will also be the person who installs it. Each cleanroom is modular, which means its size can vary according to the requirements of each usage scenario and also that it can slot into a room that already exists. Cleanrooms come in two standard sizes or in bespoke variants.

Cleanroom Installation

Installing our cleanrooms couldn’t be more straightforward! Generally, they’re ready to install inside a fortnight of being ordered, so you really won’t have to wait around for them. Our project engineers will visit you onsite with a prepared programme of installation. All cleanrooms arrive in flatpacks, ready to be assembled at your premises, and our staff will do their utmost to ensure that production carries on running to schedule while your cleanroom is being constructed. After the installation is completed, the project engineers ensure you are 100% happy with your new cleanroom and the way it works. Remember, our modular designs mean you can always enlarge your cleanroom even after it’s up and running.

Cleanroom Training

Find out how to get the most out of your cleanroom on one of our helpful training days. You’ll be given lots of valuable advice and hand-outs, and will leave equipped to carry out process improvements straight away. The course covers: validation and monitoring; mopping in cleanrooms; gowning; and good practice in cleanrooms. Course leader Rebecca Smith is our most senior business development coordinator and has a wealth of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Rebecca and her team will give you the benefit of all their knowledge of contamination control, conducting the training in an entertaining yet instructive manner.

Cleanroom Manufacturer

Connect 2 Cleanrooms have specially built ISO 9001:2008-accredited facilities at our Halton headquarters for manufacturing and testing every one of our cleanroom enclosures. The modern production area in these facilities contains all the necessary precision tools for creating our environments. By thoroughly preparing the cleanroom walls and steel frames, we’re able to significantly shorten installation times for clients. You’re welcome to come and see the facilities for yourself. They include a high-tech modular cleanroom which has several ISO 14644-1 classified areas within it. We’ll show you the precise workings of our cleanroom solutions, and can also train operators in areas such as gowning procedures and appropriate cleaning protocols.

Cleanroom Validation and After Sales Care

Whenever Connect 2 Cleanrooms construct a cleanroom, one of our expert engineers will validate it to International Standard ISO 14644-1, meaning it will have ‘as built’ occupancy state. Inside a week of installation, the client is given a full cleanroom validation report, which covers: air flow; smoke challenge testing; lightning lux levels; filter scan certificates; airborne particle counts; air changes; filter integrity tests. All modular cleanrooms have five-year guarantees. We recommend that once you have bought one of our cleanrooms, you take advantage of our regular testing services, since no one knows our products like we do!

Cleanroom Consumables, Furniture and Equipment

There is a full range of cleanroom-related products and accessories available from our dedicated consumables division. Take your pick from: hand hygiene products (such as sanitisers, hand and body washes, moisturisers, and dispensers); disinfection and cleaning products; cleanroom wipes (in polyester, dry, impregnated and mop varieties); stainless steel furniture (including tables, chairs, shelves and step-over benches); cleanroom monitoring and particle counters; cleanroom clothing and accessories (such as lab coats, coveralls, mop caps, facemasks, protective spectacles, and overshoes); and sticky and anti-fatigue mats. The majority of products offered can be used in critical areas.



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