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When you need a smart, safe, and secure way to transport your equipment, instruments and tools, you need Condor Cases. As one of the UK's leading manufacturers of customised flight cases and transit cases, you can rely on the Condor Brand to get your valuable assets from A to B, completely trouble-free! Established in 1996, Condor Cases has earned a reputation for quality and reliability – this is something we have achieved after more than 30 years of manufacturing and selling experience. The list of items that are carried in our cases is endless.

Over the years, Condor cases have been used to transport laptops, monitors, musical instruments, speakers, motorsport tools and equipment, sports guns and other sporting equipment, cameras, telemetry instruments, projectors, and so much more. From our HQ in Norwich we supply the case you need, whatever the job and wherever you are in the UK. Condor Cases is also able to call upon the considerable experience of a network of trade partners operating in the aerospace, offshore oil, and electrical engineering sectors.

Our in depth knowledge of what these demanding industries require allows us to provide a bespoke manufacturing service that is unrivalled by any of our competitors. An in-house team of specialist designers experienced in CAD design and CNC routing techniques enable us to produce tailor-made foam inserts which guarantee the safe and secure transit of your property. These experts can also apply their skills to other projects, such as CNC routing of HDPE, Perspex, Foamex and other plastics, as well as birch plywood, Dibond and Alupanel. To top it all off, we can engrave labels to provide a classy finish.

So if you're thinking of investing in some high-quality flight cases and transit cases, make sure you head straight to Condor Cases!

Flight Cases

Condor Cases are specialist manufacturers of top-quality flight cases made from the very best materials to ensure your property is safe and secure throughout the transit period. Most of our flight case panels are 7mm, 9mm or 13mm thick, and are made from Astoboard, PVC, Laminate, or Hexagrip. We prefer to use double angle extrusions for the vast majority of our cases, which makes for a stronger structure and allows the quick and easy replacement of damaged panels. However, we do use single angle extrusions when a water tight and weather sealed flight case is required. Numerous internal options are available, from a simple stained trunk to foam linings, drawers, partitions and rackstrips for 19" rack mount equipment.

Modular Cases

Condor Cases manufactures the very best modular briefcases and modular flight cases. Our briefcases feature a slot together system of flush ABS corners, aluminium casemaker and lidmaker.  Impressively robust, this style of case is perfect for the protection of valuable instrumentation – The modern external finish is also ideal for company presentation and image purposes. Our modular flight cases are the follow on from the modular briefcase, using casemaker, hybrid and lidmaker together with flush ABS corners and braces to create a smooth, stylish and modern transit case, particularly when combined with our new plastic moulded catches and handles. As with our modular briefcases, the Condor modular flight case is fast and efficient in assembly.

Motorsport Cases

We know what it takes to build a flight case for the modern motorsports team, and over the years we have produced a wide variety of customised products that offer the ergonomic solution for storing and transporting equipment. Each and every team has its own unique way of doing things, so we'll tailor-make your case to help towards the smooth and efficient running of a first-class team. With expertise in CAD design, CNC routing and general flight case design, Condor Cases provides a truly bespoke answer to your needs.

CNC Routing and Machining

Our facilities in Norwich include an AXYZ 4010 Router with a 10' x 5' bed and a twin carriage system for fast and efficient machining of a wide variety of materials. This CNC router is programmed through specialist toolpath software, enabling us to produce complex components quickly and accurately. So whether it's large lettering, foam inserts, complex shapes, one-off panels, or the smallest engraving, this machine has the capability to rout it. Whatever your flight case requirements, we have the facilities to deliver the perfect product every time!

CAD Design

The design of even the most complex flight case is possible thanks to our state-of-the-art TurboCAD software and the experts we employ to use it. TurboCAD is very cost-effective programme that accepts TCW, DWG, DXF and many other file formats. Using this one programme, we can design both the internal layout and the external finish of your flight case. If you would like to find out more about the possibilities available through our CAD design service, all you need to do is give our expert team a call!

The Condor Soft Bag and the Alu-slide Case

In addition to our robust, hard-shelled flight and transit cases, Condor Cases makes available soft bags which can be manufactured exactly to your needs. All of our bags are made from 610g/m2 PVC coated polyester and 100g/m2 blue cotton lining with 19mm thick, flame-retardant foam. These materials ensure the correct level of protection against impact and the weather. Our Alu-Slide Case is the logical choice for the transportation of presentation equipment, tool kits or microphone systems. They comprise of extruded aluminium sides and inset panels, making for an extremely fast and efficient build. To find out more, please follow the link to our website!

The Condor Air Case and the Condor Anti-Elements Case

The Condor Air Case comes in all conventional styles, including hinged, lift-off and top-hat – various surface and recessed fittings are also available. You can also choose the type of front and/or rear lids you require. The Anti-Elements Case does exactly what the name suggests – prevent the intrusion of water and dust which can damage your property. An O-ring provides the vital seal, while all fittings are bedded onto neoprene gaskets. These cases are therefore ideal in a marine or desert environment.

Flight Case Panels

Most of our flight case panels come in thicknesses of 7mm, 9mm or 13mm, but we also use a 4.5mm panel for some of our modular briefcases. Materials include; Astoboard, a polypropylene honeycomb panel which is up to 40% lighter than the equivalent wood, and far more flexible upon impact than other materials; PVC, smooth or rigid; Laminate, a tough option with plenty of colour choices; and Hexagrip, a birch panel overlaid with phenol or UV resistant film. Some panels can also be wrapped in vinyl at an extra cost.



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