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Colton Tooling Ltd are leading manufacturers and suppliers of top quality tooling for use right across the woodworking industry. Formed in 1992, we have been providing workshops throughout the UK with premium machining tools for over two decades. 


The quality of your tooling can make all the difference to the quality of your components. Even a brand new woodworking machine with superb tolerances will be unable to achieve the very best finishes if its cutter heads are imprecise or poorly made. 


So make sure you protect your machinery investment by using only the very best tooling. Get in touch with Colton Tooling today. 



*Some of our standard products are detailed in the sections below. More information can be found by visiting Colton Tooling online. Simply click on the links to be redirected. 


Tongue & Groove Tooling

Our tongue and groove cuttersets can be utilised for a variety of different applications including machining timber and mounting on hydraulic or mechanical sleeves. The cuttersets themselves are 180mm in diameter and feature a 59.96 or 60.00 mm bore. Manufactured from HL steel, our tongue and groove components benefit from a strong and durable design. To find out more don't hesitate to visit the website or alternatively you can contact our customer service team directly by phone or email. 

Helical Planing Cutterheads

Our helical planing cutterheads can be used for the roughing and general finishing of both softwoods and hardwoods. Our cutterheads benefit from an innovative design which facilitates airflow and therefore reduces excess noise as well as power consumption. Customers can choose from roughing heads and finishing heads with many different sizes available. For further information feel free to visit our website or you can contact our customer service team directly.  

Powerlock Tooling

Colton offers a range of powerlock HSK taper cutterheads for planing and moulding on Weinig Powermat machines. The integral taper allows spindle speeds of up to 12,000 rpm for maximum machine throughput. 


These cutterheads can be used for planing and moulding of softwood, hardwood and various composite materials. They are available in a range of sizes.


Full details and specifications can be found on our product datasheet. This can be downloaded from the Colton Tooling website. 


Hydrowedge Alloy/Steel

Our highly popular Hydrowedge cutting tools are now available in an alloy/steel composite, meaning they are lighter and safer for the operator to use. Being lighter also means they tend to inflict less wear and tear on the machine. 


This new design of Hydrowedge can be manufactured in a range of standard sizes as well as in bespoke dimensions to suit customer specifications. Visit us online or get in touch to find out more. 



The Hydrowedge is a hydraulically-operated, self-centring cutter head. All blades are simultaneously and equally clamped using hydraulic force, centralising the cutter head as with a standard hydraulic tool. This eliminates the need for clamping screws, reducing setting times by up to 80% and greatly improving productivity. Standard Hydrowedges are manufactured from high tensile steel for durability and strength and are designed to accept serrated back blades. 


The standard range comprises of cutterheads specifically designed for planing using either 4mm or 6mm serrated back cutters. Our moulding range, meanwhile, is designed around 8mm and 10mm serrated back cutters. 


Hydraulic Bore Moulding Heads

Our hydraulic moulding cutterheads are manufactured from high tensile steel with hardened wedges for added durability. They are designed to accept 8 and 10mm serrated cutters as standard. However, tools are also available for 4 and 6mm knives. 


Colton’s hydraulically-operated, self-centring cutterheads are designed for use on mechanically fed planing and moulding machines. All standard sizes can be found on our product datasheet, available to download from the Colton Tooling website. 


We can also manufacture cutterheads to your specifications. Just send us your drawings and dimensions and we’ll get back to you with a competitive quote. 


Hydraulic Bore Planing Heads

Our hydraulic planing cutterheads are designed to accept 3mm planer blades as standard. These hydraulically-operated, self-centring tools are manufactured from high tensile steel and are fitted with hardened wedges for improved durability. 


Full details and specifications can be found on our PDF datasheet. You can download this from the Colton Tooling website or simply click on the image to the right to open the document in a new page. 


If you cannot find a size to meet your requirements, please get in touch with Colton Tooling directly. We are able to manufacture bespoke tools very quickly and cost-effectively. 


ETP Hydraulic Sleeves

Our hydraulic self-centring sleeves are designed to expand on the outside diameter and constrict on the inside diameter. There are two types available: Type “B” and Type “BI”. The first are actuated using a High Pressure Grease Gun, while the second employ a self-contained hydraulic system and are actuated by tightening an integral pressurising screw. The sleeves are used for precision mounting of saws and solid profile cutters; they are designed to improve feed rates and achieve optimum finishes.

Accessories & Consumables

Colton Tooling also offers a range of hydraulic tool accessories and consumables. They include the Wanner 450 bar Hydraulic Grease Gun (pictured right), suitable for use with hydraulic cutter heads, hydraulic sleeves and machine outboard bearings. This is supplied with a spare seal kit and two 400g grease cartridges. We also offer a range of anti-spin collars, release valves and feedrolls (these are manufactured to OEM specification for the Wadkin range of machines). 


If you would like to find out more about our machine tools, accessories and consumables, please head over to the Colton Tooling website or simply get in touch using the number provided at the top of this page. 




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