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Established in 1984 and a family run business to this day, Coffee World is an importer of the world's finest green coffee beans and single origin coffee including Organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified beans. We source beans from around 20 different origin counties including Vietnam, Ethiopa, Guatemala, India, Costa Rica, Kenya, Brazil and Colombia. In order to produce our high quality coffees, we hand-roast and pack the beans every day in our very own Roasting Plant in Newmarket in order to guarantee the freshness of our products and ensure that we always provide our customers with a rich coffee experience. Using a state of the art Vittoria 60kg Coffee Roaster, we are able to roast up to 2000kg a day, using a combination of traditional techniques and expertise with cutting edge technology. Our passion, knowledge and constant coffee tasting procedures ensure that our blends always have a consistency of taste as well as a great flavour. Our decades of experience within the industry, supplying all types of restaurants, cafes, hotels and offices, have also allowed us to put together a collection of the very best coffee machines and related accessories.


Coffee World is able to supply a range of coffee products including beans, filter or cafetiere coffee, bulk brew, and retail coffee. Our coffee bean range includes various blends such as Mocha Italia, Espresso, Fairtrade Supremo, Continental Bar and Decaffeinated. Made from 100% Rainforest Allicance certified Arabica, our Mocha Italia blend features a balanced and smooth flavour with a strong aroma. Our Fairtrade Supremo blend has a full and sweet flavour with body and helps to guarantee a better price for   All of our blends are available to purchase in packs of eight 1 kilogram bags.

Coffee Machines

Coffee World stocks a range of high quality coffee machines including bean to cup machines, traditional machines, filter machines and table top machines. The Franke Evolution from our range of bean to cup coffee machines is a high performance piece of equipment packed into a moderately sized shell. Loved by professionals throughout the catering and hospitality industries, this sophisticated coffee maker is able to produce up to 20 different coffee products that can be individually programmed into the machine. Other features include automatic cleaning and rinsing as well as the ability to produce customised product labels.


At Coffee World, we are able to provide a range of coffee bean grinders by Compak including the K3 Touch, K6 Silenzio, K3 Elite and the K10 Fresh. Compak's K10 Fresh model is recognised as providing an exceptionally high level of quality. The K10 is able to grind either one or two shots of espresso instantly with a choice of three different modes of operation. This grinder also has the option to add a dynamometric telescopic tamper which creates the ability to adjust the tamper with precision as well as guaranteeing a constant result every single time.

Juice Machines

Coffee World can supply a selection of juice machines including the espo 100, 200 or 300 and the M1 Top Fruit Juicer. Juicers from the espo range are specifically designed to be able to cope with commercial usage and are able to process freshly squeezed orange juice. These juicers have the ability to convey, cut, and squeeze oranges as well as dispense juice. They are also CE certified to European standards and meet all the necessary hygiene and health and safety requirements. We offer various capacity juicers from the espo range in order to be able to best meet the requirements of your business.


Coffee World is a stockist of a number of different Blendtec blender models including the Spacesaver, the Q-Series and the Xpress. The Blendtec Xpress offers all the features, performance and blending power of top end machines but at a much more affordable cost. The Xpress features a microprocessor controlled via a touchpad with five pre-programmed blend cycles for fast and convenient usage. The blue LCD display also shows a cycle count. This blender is ideally suited for creating ice cream, smoothies, milkshakes and coffee in all types of hospitality and catering businesses who require high performance at a fantastic price.


For self-service hospitality areas, Coffee World can provide suitable dispensers of coffee and hot chocolate such as the Bolero 1 and the Solo. The Bolero 1 dispenser is compact and sleekly styled with the ability to dispense both coffee and hot chocolate as well as separate hot water for tea or soup making. Taking just 11 seconds (approx.) per cup, the Bolero 1 also features a Bravilor Bonamat mixing system which adds a layer of cream for superb tasting drinks as well as providing an even flow of ingredients. The menu selection screen is LED backlit for clearness and ease of use.


Coffee World stocks a range of boilers including models from leading brands such as Bravilor Bonamat and Marco. Bravilor Bonamat manufacture high quality hot water boilers that are capable of dispensing hot water in any quantity at any time. Water is dispensed via an easy to use lever tap and a good sized drip tray is provided for convenience. Our range of hot water boilers from Marco includes a choice between a tap version and a version that dispenses hot water via the use of a push button for ultimate ease of use.

Coffee Machinery Accessories

At Coffee World, our online store stocks a comprehensive selection of accessories for coffee machinery including belly foaming jugs, deluxe foaming jugs, jugs with centre tubes, mesh chocolate shakers, coffee stencils, knockout drawers and knockboxes, shot glasses, cream whippers, spatulas, tampers, thermometers, whisks, decanters, thermoses, and tamper mats. Our centre tube frothing jugs have an innovative design that helps the milk to spin automatically without any need to tilt the jug to one side when frothing. We stock both a 0.6 litre and a 1 litre option. We also stock a large range of coffee stencil designs including stars, suns, smiles and Christmas trees with personalised stencils available on request.

Cleaning Products

Coffee World can supply an extensive range of cleaning products including various Puly products, descalers for filter machines, blanking discs, cleaning brushes, and coffee ground brushes. For a fast and effective way to clean both surfaces and your equipment, Puly Barsteryl is the ideal cleaner and disinfectant that is suitable to be used on a huge number of different materials including stainless steel, glass and plastic. Puly Barsteryl cleans without foaming up and doesn't require rinsing, making it extremely quick to wipe away without leaving any odour or residue.


Coffee World stocks a great choice in catering and hospitality sundries including cookies and biscuits, sprinkles and flakes, mocha sauces, marshmallows, sugar, vending products, hot chocolate and chocolates. Our hot chocolate selection includes Dark, Fairtrade and Original powder hot chocolates from Zuma as well as Kokoa Collection hot chocolate made up of tablets of real chocolate, sourced from origin, for a superb tasting experience. Our sprinkles and flakes range is made by Poldermill and includes chocolate sprinkles, chocolate flakes and cinnamon sprinkles, ideal for adding extra flavour and a fantastic look to your beverages.

Tea, Chai and Syrups

At Coffee World, we are able to supply a fantastic choice of tea, chai lattes and syrups. Our tea range includes  Twinnings Tea with every day brews, green tea and various infusions available.  Our range of natural and gluten-free syrups are made by Monin and are ideal for blending into hot drinks to create exciting blends and interesting flavours. Our syrup flavour selection includes caramel, gingerbread, cinnamon, banana, orange, grenadine, chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla, Irish cream, amaretto, almond, peach, mint, strawberry, coconut, gomme, raspberry, butterscotch, toffee, chai, chilli and many more besides.

Soft Drinks & Milkshakes

Coffee World can provide a great range of different soft drink and milkshake products including ice tea from San Benedetto, milkshakes from Shmoo, drinks from San Pellegrino, smoothies from Sweetbird, and frappes from Zuma.

Disposables & Napkins

Coffee World is also able to supply a huge range of disposables and napkins, ideal for completely stocking your hospitality or catering business. Our extensive range include cups and lids, cup sleeves, straws, carrier trays, sandwich boxes, wooden stirrers, salad containers, wooden and plastic cutlery, carrier bags, film bags, soup containers, napkins and blue roll. Our range of coffee cups come in a huge variety of types and sizes to suit every requirement. We can supply the lids to match as well as create personalised coffee cups and lids on request. We can also provide clear cups and clear domed cups in various sizes which are ideally suited for milkshakes and smoothies.

Service Centre

In order to ensure that your coffee machinery continually provides fantastic coffee while the risk of downtime is kept to a minimum, Coffee World provide a comprehensive maintenance service. Our professional and experienced engineers can provide both on-site and off-site servicing including a full service which is recommended once every year for maximum reliability and performance of your coffee equipment and which includes part replacements. We can carry out the majority of repairs on-site but can loan machines if ever your machine needs to be taken to our workshop. We specialise in servicing traditional machines and are always on hand to provide advice should you need it.

Marketing Support

With the aim of helping your business to increase coffee sales and promote the Coffee World brand, we are able to provide a huge range of promotional materials to suit every kind of operation. We can supply tent cards and posters to help promote products in store. Wall menus help customers select their drink while pavement signs are ideal for enticing people through the door. Coffee World can supply aprons for your staff to wear for a clean and professional look. We can also provide branded ceramic cups, saucers and mugs as well as branded sugar sticks.

Showroom & Training Centre

At our showroom, the Coffee World staff are always on hand to take you through our range of coffee machines in order to help you choose the right piece of equipment to suit your business. Customers are also welcome to visit our roasting plant to view our processes and sample our range of delicious blends. Coffee World also provide free and personalised barista training to all of our customers either at our training room, based in Newmarket, or on-site. From steaming and foaming milk to creating the very best espresso, our training programmes are comprehensive and even cover cleaning and maintenance of your machines. We can also provide training on a range of other products, such as smoothies, frappes and milkshakes, as well as provide help with creating menus.



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