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With over 25 years of experience, we are designers and manufacturers of continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMs), automated measurement systems (AMS), combustion control analysers and safety analysers for the purpose of monitoring atmospheric pollutant emissions and combustion processes.

We specialise in the design and production of road tunnel atmosphere sensing, continuous stack emission monitoring and plant safety equipment, with a range of instruments designed for meeting
today's tough legislative and environmental demands. Our well-engineered equipment is rugged, reliable and capable of continuous operation.

We design, assemble and test all CODEL products at our premises in Bakewell, in the heart of the Peak District National Park. We are ISO 9001:2008 approved for the design, manufacture, supply, service and repair of emission monitoring equipment.

Our versatile, state of the art instrumentation is used in industries ranging from crematoria, cement, glass, pharmaceuticals and steel manufacture through to power generation and incineration.

GCEM4000 In-situ Flue Gas Analyser with CEM Control Panel

The GCEM4000 MCERTS certified multi-channel flue gas analyser uses Non-Dispersive Infrared Absorption (NDIR) technology to provide high accuracy, low maintenance measurement of key combustion process atmospheric emissions.

Capable of operating in very high dust loading conditions, the GCEM4000 features:

  • Automatic zero and span verification by protocol gases
  • Up to 7 gas species; CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, HCL, CH4, H2O
  • Integral temperature and pressure measurement
  • 0 to 400 deg C with higher temperatures available
  • Analogue and serial digital output, with over 5 years data logging via PC software

The GCEM4000 satisfies EU Standard EN14181, QAL1, for LCPD emission limit values above 40ppm.

DCEM2100 Dust Monitors

The DCEM2100 dual-pass transmissometer provides continual measurement of dust concentration and opacity in flue gases. Utilising a unique optical arrangement that constantly measures transmissivity of visible light across the stack in opposite directions, the DCEM2100 provides an accurate average of the stack's dust loading and gives a dynamic assessment of mis-alignment errors caused by stack movement.

Equipped with normalisation data inputs for oxygen, pressure, temperature and water vapour, the analyser is designed as a stand-alone instrument suitable for use on all large combustion plant processes.


  • Auto zero and span check
  • High-efficiency air purges with automatic shut-off valve
  • Data in percentage opacity, mg/Nm3

VCEM5100 Flue Gas Flow Monitors

An improvement over continuous on-line analysis that often only considers the density of emissions for pollution monitoring, the VCEM5100 Flue Gas Flow Monitor allows continuous real-time measurement of total emissions by performing non-contact measurement of gas velocity in metres per second or cubic metres per second.

The VCEM5100, designed as a stand-alone maintenance-free instrument, uses gas velocity data received from two detectors spaced a fixed distance apart to provide a time-delay correlation of infrared flue gas emissions.

The VCEM5100 is suitable for the measurement of all combustion gases including dirty gases and hot gases up to 1000 deg C.

TunnelCraft III AQM

Our tunnel air quality monitors are installed in over 350 road and rail tunnels worldwide. They provide all essential measurements for monitoring and controlling road tunnel atmosphere and can operate as stand-alone sensors or as a networked system.

Applications and models:

  • Visibility monitoring: TunnelCraft III Visibility Air Quality Monitor (AQM)
  • Carbon monoxide and visibility monitoring: TunnelCraft III CO/VIS Air Quality Monitor (AQM)
  • Carbon monoxide, nitric oxide and visibility monitoring: TunnelCraft III CO/NO/VIS Air Quality Monitor (AQM)
  • Nitrogen dioxide monitoring: TunnelCraft III NO2 Air Quality Monitor (AQM). Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) will eventually replace nitric oxide (NO) as the key measurement in tunnels.

Stack Emission Monitors

Most industrial processes require continual monitoring of stack emissions, which is why we offer gas analysers, dust monitors and flow monitors that are designed to cover a wide range of applications. These innovative products have been built to operate both as standalone instruments and within fully integrated systems.

Gas Analysers – Designed to take measurements of CO, NO, SO2, CO2, CH4, HCL and H2O.

Dust Monitors – Used for a wide range of applications, from burst bag detection and small boiler monitoring right through to large combustion plant processes.

Flow Monitors – Ultra-reliable sensors which require zero maintenance and can operate at gas temperatures of up to 1000°C.

SmartCEM Software – A comprehensive data logging and reporting software package.

Integrated Systems – Includes Gas Analysers, Dust Monitors, Flow Monitors and SmartCEM Software for the ultimate solution to continuous emission monitoring.


Safety Monitors

Codel has designed and manufactured a range of safety products in response to growing demands from customers who require systems that meet specific plant safety issues. They range from fire detection systems on Eurotunnel trains to explosion-proof opacity monitors on oil and gas rigs. Others include:

  • Coal Mill CO Analyser  

  • Model 121 – Smoke Detector       

  • Model 602 & 611 – Flame Detectors            

  • Model 125 – Explosion Proof Smoke Detector

You can find out more about our innovative safety products by visiting us online at http://www.codel.co.uk/.

Integrated Systems

SmartCEM is a fully integrated emissions monitoring concept that brings together basic analysers, digital communications devices, control units and data logging software. At the heart of the concept is the SmartCEM Control Unit, which is used to control all of the analysers and monitors for comprehensive stack emissions monitoring. Data from up to 16 SmartCEM stations can be transmitted via a serial digital link to the Central Data Controller and then logged on a dedicated PC for analysis or transmitted onwards to the plant DCS.  


PCs can be equipped with SmartCEM software for continuous monitoring, data analysis and automatic reporting. 


Emission Monitoring Software

SmartCEM Emissions Monitoring Software enables you to log and analyse data from all Codel-based monitoring systems. Its features include:

  • Customised reporting for Environment Agencies.
  • User-configurable real-time and historical graphs for data analysis.
  • Multi-user networking.
  • Indefinite data-logging.

Easy installation and set-up ensures minimal disruption to operations, and a user-friendly interface means very little training is required. 


Visit us online to find out more. 


Customer Support

Our team at Codel is made up of highly experienced and expertly trained instrumentation engineers. Both are on-site and remote service teams are able to offer first class technical support globally. Our teams are able to offer complete service solutions from scheduled visits to maintenance contracts. Each of our maintenance contracts is specifically tailored to the needs of your business. The contracts can be offered, monthly, annually or quarterly and are inclusive of all parts and labour as well as 24-hour support. Codel also offers full product training on all of our products and we can provide this service in-house or at your premises at a time that is convenient to you.

GCEM 40 Series

The GCEM40 has been specifically designed to measure pollutants that include CO, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, CH4, HCl, CO2 and H2O. The GCEM40 is the newest addition to our range of in-situ gas analysers that work mainly on combustion processes. As the gas diffuses into the stainless steel measurement chamber, the analyser will use infrared spectroscopy to discover the levels of pollutants present. The measurement provided by the GCEM40 is highly accurate and a low maintenance way of monitoring the combustion process. The GCEM40 come with a choice of either single species or multi species measurements. The performance of the GCME40 can be checked automatically or manually, when required by injecting zero and span protocol gases inside probe measurement chamber.

TunnelCraft III NO2 Monitor

Nitric oxide (NO) is quickly becoming obsolete as the preferred measurement in tunnels and is being replaced with Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) as the key measurement. With this in mind, Codel’s TunnelCraft III NO2 Air Quality Monitor (AQM) measures the intensity of UV/blue light by NO2 that is preset in the tunnel’s atmosphere. It does this by using a high-power LED and a transceiver to project the light beam to the reflector that is housed in a stainless steel tube situated 1m away. The NO2 works as part of a team of multi-point monitoring system or can be used alone, depending on the type of results required.

TunnelCraft 4 Air Flow Monitor

Using the latest in ultrasonic technology, the Air Flow Monitor (AFM) measures air velocity. The AFM is made up of a measuring head containing a single transmitter and a collection of four receivers. The receivers use measurements taken from phase shifts in the ultrasonic signals to determine air velocity and direction. The sensor has no moving parts, is small and requires no maintenance. It is a stand-alone sensor and has been designed to be unaffected by vehicles or other noise from the tunnel.

TunnelCraft III Air Flow Monitors

At Codel we manufacture a choice of high precision Air Flow Monitors within our TunnelCraft III range.  Whether you wish to monitor carbon monoxide and visibility, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide and visibility, just visibility or just nitrogen dioxide, we have a sensor to suit your demands.  Each monitor requires limited or no maintenance and features robust designs to withstand your applications. Please see our website to discover more about each of the models available and contact us if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


VCEM5000 Flue Gas Flow Monitor

For truly rigorous monitoring of emissions within pollution control applications you must take into account not only the density of the emissions but also the flow as it occurs within the gas stream.  The VCEM5000 enables gas velocity measurements to be obtained via two infrared detectors providing continual real-time, highly precise readings of between 1m/sec and 50m/sec.  This device is suitable for use with any combustion gas of up to 1,000oC, even those that are hot or have a high dust content.  Designed with no moving parts, the VCEM5000 requires no ongoing maintenance.

Customer Support

Codel provides its customers with an extensive variety of support options, which can be tailored to your own business requirements.  Our dedicated Technical Support team are on hand to assist with any problems or questions that may arise with regards to your instrumentation and can undertake remote calibration to ensure devices are providing the most accurate readings.  We also offer on-site calibration as well as servicing and inspection via our Instrument Servicing team.  This can be supported by ongoing bespoke maintenance contracts, which can cover everything from servicing, parts and 24-hour support, providing you with complete peace of mind.  We also offer on or off-site training for all of our products, please contact us for further details.



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Registered at Companies House:5 January, 1982 (42 years and 1 month ago)
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Brand & Trade Names

  • DCEM1000 Opacity / Smoke and Dust Monitor Single-pass optical type
  • DCEM1001 Opacity / Smoke and Dust Monitor Single-pass optical type
  • DCEM2000 Opacity / Smoke and Dust Monitor Dual-pass Optical type
  • DCEM2100 Opacity / Smoke and Dust Monitor Dual-pass Optical type
  • GCEM40 Series Gas Analyser Single or Multi Channel Gas Analyser / Emission Monitor for CO, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, CH4, HCl, CO2 & H2O Measurements
  • GCEM4000 Multi-Channel Gas Analyser CO, NO, SO2, CO2, NO2, CH4, HCL
  • GCEM4100 Multi-Channel Gas Analyser CO, NO, SO2, CO2, NO2, CH4, HCL
  • Model 1010 Single-Channel Gas Analyser - CO Monitor
  • Road Tunnel Monitors Tunnel Sensors
  • Safety Analysers Coal Mill CO Monitor
  • Safety Analysers Model 125 Explosion proof Smoke Detector
  • Safety Analysers Model 600 Flame Detector
  • Safety Analysers Model 121 Smoke Detector
  • SiteGard Tribo-electric Dust Monitor
  • SmartCEM Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems
  • StakGard Tribo-electric Dust Monitor
  • TunnelCraft III AFM Single compact sensor for wind speed and direction measurement
  • TunnelCraft III AQM Air Quality Monitor – CO, NO and visibility
  • TunnelCraft III AQM Air Quality Monitor - CO and visibility
  • TunnelCraft III AQM Air Quality Monitor - Visibility
  • TunnelCraft III AQM Air Quality Monitor – NO2 Analyser
  • VCEM5000 IR Flue Gas Flow Monitor
  • VCEM5100 IR Flue Gas Flow Monitor

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ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements

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