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A family run business with over 100 years of combined experience, CMA Moldform Limited specialises in developing and manufacturing rapid prototypes, optical art moulding, centrifugal and vacuum castings, and high capacity rotocasting. We can create superb quality rapid prototypes, assemblies and components either as a one-off or as a production run using various methods including vacuum, pressure and RIM casting. CMA Moldform began as a producer of scale models, something which we continue to do today, and we have continually strived to incorporate new materials and methods into our production processes. This has allowed us to expand our product range and continually provide our clients with the very latest in design and technology leading us to hold Tier One status in many of the industries we deal with. From large art pieces to props for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, and from Hawk Wargames figures to spoilers for the M-Sport Ford World Rally Team, we have produced a diverse range of items so please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at CMA Moldform to discuss your requirements today.


CMA Moldform has created detailed and highly specialised works of art for numerous sculptors, artists and Public Commissions and we specialise in large-scale Crystal Clear™ resin castings, incorporating the innovative processes we have continued to develop over the years. We also have experience using such materials as marble, granite, wood, paper and various metals including gold leaf. With a diverse range of past one-off and limited run projects including trophies, sculptures, furniture, castings, props, installations and signage, CMA Moldform can provide high quality pieces combined with our exceptional customer service to suit your every requirement.

Art | Skills

In the pursuit of the very highest standards of quality and workmanship, CMA Moldform has a team of highly skilled and experienced staff members making up our art department. With painstaking attention to detail and care, our art department is experienced in using CAD to create master patterns, making moulds from sculptures or original pieces, creating polyurethane and polyester resin casts, producing very large vacuum and pressure casts and large capacity rotocasting. The team can process over 2.5 tonnes of resin and work in Crystal Clear™ resin as well as aluminium, mild and stainless steel, chrome, and gold plate and leaf.

Rapid Prototyping

Supplying some of the major automotive companies as well as manufacturers from a variety of industries, CMA Moldform is a Tier One supplier of rapid prototypes. Whether you require a one-off piece or a production run, our team are specialists in parts manufactured by rapid injection moulding (RIM), prototype parts, vacuum and pressure castings, large capacity rotocasting and  metal centrifugal casting and can manufacture high quality, accurate pieces with a quick turnaround time. Our finishing department works to the very highest standards of quality (ISO 9001) from the smallest of models to the largest of casts.

Rapid Prototyping | Skills

At CMA Moldform, our rapid prototyping team members perform to the very highest levels of workmanship and quality, all being highly skilled and trained in their craft. Our diverse set of skills includes rapid injection mould (RIM) casting up to 2 metres in length in a vast range of resin grades, vacuum and pressure casting in various grades of resin, large capacity rotocasting, component assembly, production runs and products accredited to ISO 9001. Our team can also fully finish, trim and paint your piece or pieces with the utmost of care and attention to detail.

Scale Models

With longstanding experience in working with vacuum cast resin and centrifugally cast white metal, CMA Moldform is able to create scale models with the finest of details which we supply all over the world. Some of our past projects have included trains from ‘T’ scale up to 6” scale; vehicles from 200 scale up to ¼ scale; and aircraft from 200 scale up to 24 scale. We create scale models from master copies by making silicon moulds and we even manufacture flexible tyres for a realistic final product.

Scale Models | Skills

With eyes for the very finest of details and with outstanding attention to detail and workmanship, the scale model team at CMA Moldform are fully equipped to bring their training and experience to your project. Our scale model skill set has grown to include mould making of the highest quality, cast making in a wide selection of resins, vacuum casting, centrifugal casting in both metal and resin, large capacity rotocasting, casts made from rubber, and vacuum forming. We are able to produce our high quality scale models from 1/72nd scale up to ¼ scale.

Rapid Prototyping | Case Study

CMA Moldform was asked to create a cover for an Electrostatic Discharge Simulator gun to protect it from accidental damage when in use in the field without restricting its usage. We created a 3D model from a scan in CAD and designed the cover by identifying the areas of the gun with which the user interacted. A master pattern was created and an impression was taken in order to create a silicone rubber mould of the approved cover design. The next stage was to select the correct silicone rubber material from which to make the final product which had strong tear, water and temperature resistance as well as being able to stretch over the gun easily. Once chosen, the final piece was created in the same red to match our client’s corporate livery.

Centrifugal Casting

CMA Moldform are specialists in numerous techniques including centrifugal casting which is used to produce works of art, rapid prototypes and scale models. Centrifugal casting is known for producing exceptional quality results and for allowing the manufacturer to control the metallurgy and crystal structure to a high level of precision. Centrifugal casting involves a permanent mould which is continuously rotated around its axis at high speeds from 300 to 3000 rpm into which molten metal is poured. The centrifugal force pushes the molten metal to the inside wall of the mould where it cools down and solidifies leaving a piece which can be further machined to create the end product.



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