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If you’re looking for a comprehensive engineering subcontract solution, Claro Precision Engineering Ltd is your natural choice of partner. We serve the industry with precision machined parts, taking your ideas through all the stages of the process, from design and prototyping to full scale production. We’ll work on a wide range of materials, including aluminium, stainless steel, titanium and plastics, offering full design support and expert advice on cost-effective precision machining and Kan-Ban sourcing of your parts.

At Claro, it’s our philosophy that the process should be made as easy as possible for our clients. That’s why we’ll take on every aspect of your workload, helping you to manage your projects as cost-effectively and time-efficiently as possible. Whatever your requirements for precision machined parts, subcontract machining or single source design and manufacturing, Claro can provide the solutions. We believe our clients deserve a partner who genuinely cares, so that they can have peace of mind and reliable machined parts that serve their manufacturing needs. Claro Precision Engineering Ltd holds ISO 13485 Medical and BS EN 9100 Aerospace accreditations, while we also maintain a rigorous quality control system to ISO 9001 standards. This means you can be safe in the knowledge that your projects are in the hands of people who have the technical expertise to operate in high specification and tolerance sensitive markets.

Claro Precision Engineering started out as a tool making company in Harrogate back in 1978. As time went by and we began to accumulate experience and expertise, we took on precision machining and soon decided to concentrate our efforts on subcontract machining of precision machined parts. Five years later, we moved into a first class facility in Knaresborough – We then began to specialise in key areas such as lasers, medical instrumentation, aerospace, subsea, and electronics housings. It is this organic growth and naturally acquired expertise that makes Claro a reliable choice of partner when it comes to precision machining. Below is a list of just some of the services that we provide. If you would like further information on any of them, or if you would like to discuss your own requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our professional and helpful staff really know what they’re talking about, so give us a call today!

Component Manufacture

Claro Precision Engineering Ltd undertakes the complete manufacture of all your component parts in a range of materials. We aim to save you the bother of having your parts finished (plated, anodised, painted etc) by completing all processes in-house. We’ll even have your components packaged, labelled and ready to use, if you should require. Our comprehensive component manufacture service includes full design or design support, supply of the materials, CNC turning and CNC milling, finishing (including anodising, plating, painting and heat treatment), product assembly, packaging, labelling and preparation for sale.


If you’re overloaded with mechanical design projects and need help getting your products to market faster, give Claro a call and we’ll provide a full design service. It’s often the case that you come up with an idea but are too busy to turn it into something. That’s where we step in. Drawing on over 20 years experience in the design of precision components, instruments and assemblies, we’ll help you get your project to market as quickly as possible. In addition to a full design service, Claro can offer design advice and an engineering drawing service.

Reducing your Workload

At Claro, we know that multiple projects can be overwhelming, not to mention a strain on your cash flow. We offer to reduce your workload and improve your cash flow situation by providing expert assistance in the design and manufacture of your components, supplying kits of parts and assemblies, and providing a Kan-Ban delivery service which reduces your inventory and creates valuable space at your site.


It’s a competitive market out there, so you need to get your product to market as quickly as possible. Claro can help you to do this by rapidly producing your prototypes. Choosing Claro to produce your prototypes also enables us to find the most cost-effective way of producing your parts in larger volumes. For more information on our prototyping service, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!


Over the years, Claro Precision Engineering has accumulated a great deal of experience and specialist expertise and a number of key areas. We are proud to hold a number of accreditations that allow us to produce precision parts for specialist sectors, one of which is the BS EN 9100 Aerospace accreditation. This means you can be assured that Claro works to extremely high standards to ensure compliance with the relevant regulations. We continually invest in our processes and facilities to meet the changing requirements of the Aerospace sector, and offer design input at the development stage, first article inspection reports, and full traceability on all of our parts.

Detection & Direction Finding Equipment

For over twenty years, Claro has been supplying the detection and direction finding equipment sector with reliable, high specification parts. Customers from this sector have relied on Claro to take on all aspects of their projects, from design and manufacture, to assembly and packaging. They always receive high quality parts that perform exactly how they expect them to. To find out more about the services we offer to this sector, simply follow the link to the Claro Precision Engineering website.

Laser Systems

We have been supplying the Laser Systems sector with high quality precision machined parts for over 20 years, meaning we know exactly how to cost-effectively produce consistent quality. We offer the sector a full design and design for manufacture service, helping clients get their products to market extremely quickly, while we also supply kits of parts to speed up the assembly process. Clients can also benefit from a Kan-Ban supply chain system to reduce their inventory, improve cash flow, and create valuable floor space on their site.


Claro Precision Engineering supplies precision machined parts to a number of specialist industries, one of which is the medical sector. With full ISO 13485 approval, we design and manufacture a wide range of medical components and instruments. In fact, medical parts make up approximately 40% of our entire business! Over 20 years of experience and expertise enables us to serve an industry in which quality and reliability are critical. During this time, Claro has acquired specific expertise in supplying instrumentation for corneal transplants, heart surgery, and shoulder, hip, knee and ankle surgery.

Electronic Housings and Microwave

Claro have been supplying the Microwave and Communications industry for over a quarter of a century! We have made major investments into state-of-the-art facilities and processes that give us a cutting edge over our competitors. Our innovative deburring technology has helped reduce process times by up to 80%, meaning we can offer our customers a burr free product at a reduced unit cost. Claro can also co-ordinate the plating or alochroming process through our reliable subcontract partners.


Claro Precision Engineering Ltd also designs and manufactures components for the Sub-sea sector. We know just how important a high quality surface finish is, especially on o-rings and sealing faces! First class machining processes also help to reduce the possibility of unwanted elements clinging to surfaces. We have supplied key components used in Altimeters, Sonars, Control Units and Connectors, using a range of materials such as 303 and 316 grade stainless steel, acetal, acrylic, ABS, Delrin, Peek, aluminium, brass and titanium.


Here at Claro we provide OEM customers with manufactured parts and assemblies that are delivered straight to line or to stock ready to sell. We have developed our range of services to OEM’s to suit industry demands. These services include the design and design for manufacture, machined parts including finishes (anodising, painting, plating and more), supplying parts in kits to speed up the assembly process, fully assembled, packaged and labelled products to reduce overheads and more. We are pleased to be able to provide design and manufacturing support to both small and large companies and provide all customers with the same high standards of service.

Manufacturing Capacity

We operate a two-shift production system at Claro which enables us to take full advantage of our CNC machines (gives 85 hours per week on each machine). We can receive project/ product requirements in various formats including SolidWorks, Parasolid, IGIS and stp files. Our state of the art machining centre enables us to produce incredible results. Please follow the link to our website to find out more about our high speed machines, machining centres and turning centres including RPM and capacity figures. Our machines are preset and programmed to minimise set up time and costs.

Quality Assured

Here at Claro Precision Engineering Ltd, we use state-of-the-art inspection equipment and techniques to ensure all parts are manufactured to incredibly high standards. Our testing and inspection processes and techniques are carried out by our highly skilled and experienced team who work closely with customers to ensure the most effective methods are carried out for each specific project.

We offer:

  • First Article Inspection Reports
  • Initial Sample Inspection Reports
  • Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
  • Production Part Approval Process 

We also hold ISO 13485 Medical, BS EN 9100 Aerospace accreditation and ISO 9001.

Case Study 1 – The Suture Cutter

Please head over to our website to view our case studies. Case Study 1 features a project we were approached with to manufacture a Suture Cutter. This cutter was needed to cut Magnum wire suture cleanly and with ease. We worked closely with Arthrocare’s design team to develop and manufacture an innovative method of achieving consistently clean cutting. We are now working with Arthrocare to reduce batch production costs while maintaining the same high standards of cutting, look and feel at the same time.

Case Study 2 - The Turntable Deck

Case Study 2 features a project we undertook for a client who approached us with a concept for a top of the range turntable deck. We were asked to help develop the concept and produce full manufacturing drawings and models. Upon completion of the prototype, we carried out a design review which enabled us to evaluate the design and develop it further. Please visit our website to read this case study in full and to find out more about our services. If you would like to discuss your project requirements, please call us today at Claro Precision Engineering Ltd and we will be happy to help.

Horizontal Machining

We are pleased to boast an incredibly talented team of individuals who operate a fantastic range of machinery and equipment to achieve fantastic results. The Matsuura H300 is an excellent piece of machinery which combines high-speed cutting with high accuracy to achieve top quality results. Flexible lot sizes and a range of components can be accommodated with this machine and offered at competitive prices. Please visit our website to find out more about the Matsuura H300 and our capabilities. Alternatively, please contact us at Claro Precision Engineering Ltd to discuss your project requirements.



Registration Number: 01374225
VAT Number: GB301 3675 94
Registered at Companies House:20 June, 1978 (45 years and 10 months ago)
No of Employees: 21-50
Annual Turnover: 2-5m
Parent Company: Claro Ltd
Company Type:
  • Manufacturer

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