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CL Promotions is a family run on-line supplier of promotional calendars and diaries, as well as corporate gifts, desk top items, work wear, branded recreational products, personalised greeting cards and a great deal more.  Headed by husband and wife team of Phil and Alison Clarke, CL Promotions has been helping business increase their visibility and improve their marketing since 1994.  We understand that the two keys to maintaining and increasing profits are making your business as visible as possible to as many potential customers as possible and, no less important, keeping a good relationship with each of your existing customers.   Branded corporate company gifts are an ideal way to achieve both these aims, creating a high profile for your business and reaping the rewards.  We have a lot of great ideas for both traditional and innovative ways to keep your business and branding message in the public eye.  There is ample evidence of the effectiveness of branded corporate gifts, as over £10 billion worth of promotional products are bought across the world each year.  You will find the right corporate gift or give-away promotional item at CL Promotions and we suspect that when you look at our website you’ll be amazed by some of our novel ideas.

Company Diaries - Visit our website

We are now supplying a wide range of promotional company diaries for 2018! Our products have proved to be highly effective promotional gifts that serve to remind customers about your business details, company logo and branding. They are available in a variety of sizes including desk diaries and pocket diaries, both of which are very popular and always well received. Many of our company diaries feature full yearly plan, worldwide maps, conversion tables, birthday planners, phone numbers and much more! They are also available in many different formats including day-to-a-page and week-to-view desk diaries. For more information, please visit our website or contact us.

Promotional Calendars - Visit our website

CL Promotions now offer a wide variety of promotional calendars for 2018! Our calendars are the most cost-effective solution for advertising your company logo, branding and contact details on a daily basis. Furthermore, they allow your business to gain exposure to a wide target audience for an entire year, making them one of the most successful marketing tools available. We now have a large selection of images and styles to choose from that are new for 2018!

Promotional Summer Products - Visit our website

Staying seasonal is a safe but highly effective way of ensuring your business will drive sales consistently throughout the year. We supply a fantastic range of promotional summer products to help your company grab the attention of customers, both old and new. The high-quality yet cost-effective items available in this range include logo branded flip flops, promotional sunglasses, logo branded sun visors, promotional LED fans and a wide variety of beach products. For more information on each item, please visit our website or contact us.

Powersticks - Visit our website

We stock a range of aluminium USB powersticks which can be branded with your company logo. Our powersticks provide a convenient power source to charge your mobile device on the go. It is worth noting that you can choose from four different logo colours, to suit your specific requirements. We can also provide powersticks in a transparent plastic finish for a different aesthetic. If you would like more information on these or any of our products please visit the website. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service team by phone or email.  

Power Banks - Visit our website

Our range of power banks allow users to charge a wide selection of devices, including iPhones, mobile phones, smart phones and tablets. Small and easy to carry, power banks offer a unique and convenient solution to battery drainage and are ideal for long days away from the home or even long journeys. We should also point out that our powerbanks can be branded with a specific company logo and therefore offered as corporate gifts. If you would like further information, don't hesitate to visit the website. 

Promotional Calendars - Visit our website

Promotional calendars, printed with your company details and branding, are simply the most cost effective corporate gift available.  You gain constant exposure as your calendar will likely be referred to every working day.   The more personal desk top calendars may be seen by one or several people and everyone in the office or shop, including visitors, will see wall calendars.   The next advantage is that a promotional calendar has a long life – a year long in fact.   This means that your advertising message stays in place for a full year, continually giving you beneficial exposure.  We offer a wide range of styles of calendar and can provide an extensive choice of colourful artwork, from amusing cartoons to sensational photographs.  Your logo branding and contact details will be printed at the top of each calendar page, so as the months go by and the artwork changes, your branding exposure remains constant.

Company Diaries - Visit our website

Company diaries make a terrific promotional gift.  Your customer will appreciate the style and convenience and you will benefit from the fact that your company logo, details and branding are seen on a regular basis, often several times each day.  As an independent diary supplier we are able to offer great prices on any diary available in the UK, including the prestigious Castelli, Letts, Collins and Moments Diaries and many more.  You can select from a range of diary types and sizes, such as desk diaries, pocket diaries and leather diaries, available in many different formats.  You can see our range on our website or ask for a free quotation.  With our company diaries you can make a date with success.

School Uniforms - Visit our website

At C L Promotions, we understand the value of school uniforms and offer a range of quality school uniforms with embroidered crests.  Our smart school blazer with school details and logo embroidered on the pocket is good looking and long-wearing.  We also offer a classic school jumper, also sporting embroidery showing school details and crest.   Further, we stock school ties with embroidered school details and logo.  We believe that smart uniforms encourage children to take pride in themselves and in their work.  Have a look at our school uniform range on line, where you can appreciate the quality and style.

Company Work Wear - Visit our website

We at C L Promotions believe that, in addition to presenting a smart corporate image, company work wear brings your branding to people’s minds, whether in the workplace or as employees go about their jobs off site.  We have a good selection of clothing which we will embroider with your business details and company logo.  Have a look on our website to see the various items of clothing which we can personalise for you.  If desired, we can provide you with a free quote.  Company work wear is yet another great opportunity to raise and maintain your business profile.

Promotional Key Rings - Visit our website

Key rings and fobs branded with your company logo and details make a great promotional giveaway that will keep your company exposure well up there as your customer uses them regularly to open doors, get into their vehicles, unlock cabinets, etc.  Your branded key ring could remain in use for years, making it a very long lasting and cost-effective form of advertising.  We offer a massive range of key rings and key fobs, suitable for many different industries.  Take a look at them on our website. 

Pens with Logo - Visit our website

Promotional pens are the most popular business gift in the country.  You see them everywhere and they are a convenient and cost-effective method of raising and maintaining your company profile.  We supply a large range of pens on which we print your company name, logo and/or other branding.  As well as being perfect giveaways to existing and potential customers, they are ideal for handing out at exhibitions and trade shows or other events.  Our pens come in a variety of colour combinations and the option of high quality black or blue ink.  With our promotional pens with logo branding you are all set to make your mark.

Desktop Items - Visit our website

When your customer has one or more of our promotional desktop items, you can be sure of keeping and maintaining a high profile and ensuring increased future custom.  We carry a large range of desktop items, which will highlight your company branding.  To name a few, we offer rulers, pens and pencils, pencil cases, mobile phone holders, mugs, desk pads and much more.  Have a look at our website where you can see all our quality desktop items to keep you at the top of your customers’ minds.

Eco-Friendly Products - Visit our website

We know that you care about the planet.  So do we, so we are very pleased to be able to provide a wide range of eco-friendly products, from wind up torches and radios to lanterns, bicycle lights, flashlights and much more.  We even offer eco-friendly toys and gadgets.  All our eco-friendly products make excellent corporate gifts.  You can see all the many products available on our website, so do have a look.

Golf Gifts - Visit our website

From tees to t-shirts and golf balls and more, we have an excellent selection of promotional golf gifts.  Golf gifts make a welcome thank you to clients and raise your branding profile at the same time.   We will print your company name, logo, contact details, etc, on any product from our comprehensive range of golf gifts, so your business will be seen and remembered, whilst being associated in your customer’s mind with a pleasurable pastime.  Choose from our quality golf gifts and get promotion down to a tee.

Customised Golf Umbrellas - Visit our website

It is not hard to appreciate the impact of a bright golf umbrella emblazoned with your company logo, branding and details.  When your customer puts up his customised umbrella on the golf course, not only is he reminded of your brand, but all others on the course, including spectators, see your advertising.  Imagine how many will see your stylish branded umbrella at a corporate or community golf tournament and the increased brand awareness that will result in increased business, both repeat and new.

Beach Time Products - Visit our website

For a relatively small cost you can significantly increase your brand awareness with a desirable and fun corporate gift from our line of beach time products.  We have a huge array of different sorts of beach balls, all ready for us to add your branding details.  All our beach balls are functional and stylish and many add impact with a bold splash of colour.  You can see our substantial selection of beach time products on our website, so do have a look.  Once you have ordered, all you have to do is wait for the sun.

Personalised Sweets - Visit our website

What could be sweeter than a delicious confectionery product?  The answer is – a confectionery product that advertises your company and raises brand awareness, all whilst tasting good.  We have a wide range of sweets available, all of which can bear your company branding.  A selection from the range includes mints and other sweets in tins with your logo, personalised chocolate bars, mint sticks and lollipops, but there is much more.  Pay a visit to our website where you can see the whole range.  From lollipops handed out at fairs and trade shows to quality chocolate given as a corporate thank you, we have the personalised sweet for any occasion.

Christmas Cards with Logo - Visit our website

C L Promotions can offer you a wide range of corporate Christmas cards, all printed with a personal greeting or your business details and company logo.  You can reach a broad spectrum of customers and potential customers with our advertising Christmas cards.  You have lots of cards to choose from, so whether you want something amusing, or a traditional card, or a beautifully photographed winter scene, you will find just the right card in our diverse selection.  You can see the cards available on our website, so do have a look.

Camera with Logo - Visit our website

Cameras branded prominently with your company details and logo make a great promotional gift which your customers will really appreciate.   Every time they use the camera they will be reminded of your company, and as they travel taking pictures with the camera, others will also see your branding.  You can give branded cameras as a thank you or a Christmas gift.  Our cameras produce pictures of excellent quality and we have lots of different styles and colours from which to make your selection.  Choose one of our branded cameras for optimum and mobile exposure.

Branded Cocktail Stirrers - Visit our website

For something a little bit different, we offer branded cocktail stirrers in a variety of shapes and colours.  With a print area of 180mm x 35mm, there is plenty of room to display your business name and logo.  Branded cocktail stirrers are perfect for bars, bistros, restaurants and cafes and lots more.    You can find out more by filling in our on-line contact form.  We will get back to you straightaway.  Here’s an excellent opportunity to stir up increased business and enhance your profile.

Printable Mugs - Visit our website

Promotional mugs offer excellent value and offer you constant and long-lasting marketing exposure.   We have a wide range of colourful mugs, which we will brand with your company name, details and logo.  In the office, on site or at home, your branded mug will be in frequent use – in many cases several times daily.  A branded mug gives your business or organisation long lasting exposure and will be appreciated as an attractive and useful corporate gift.  You can see our full range of promotional mugs on our website and, if required, we can provide samples.

Branded Post-It Notes - Visit our website

However did we manage without post-it notes?  They have so many uses – in the office, at home and school and pretty much anywhere.   You can imagine how effective it would be if these handy notes carried your company name and branding.  You can choose from many different designs and we will print them with your details, including any message you want to include.  You can fill in the contact form on-line and we will get right back to you with more information about our branded post-it notes.

Branded USB Flash Drives - Visit our website

Convenient, portable and reliable, USB flash drives are a perfect method of storing computer data and for use in various different machines.  People use flash drives daily in the office, on site, whilst travelling and at home and at school as their preferred data storage solution.  With our branded USB flash drives, available with 2 to 32 gigabytes of data storage capability, your company branding will be seen every time the drive is used.  We offer a range of styles, shapes and colours and print your company name and branding details on the casing of the drive, ensuring you of maximum brand awareness.  Branded flash drives make excellent business and promotional gifts that will be appreciated for being both useful and functional.  Take a look at the wide and varied range of flash drives on our website and you will see just why we call them ‘flashtastic’.

Logo Embroidered Polo Shirts - Visit our website

We are proud of our large range of polo shirts on which we embroider your company logo.  We carry top brands, such as Fruit of the Loom and Jersey and more – all available in a range of colours and at unbeatable prices.  We employ highly skilled and experienced craftspeople to embroider your logo, which is then placed on the pocket of your chosen polo shirt.  This is an excellent way to raise and maintain your brand awareness and the shirts can be worn by your staff, or given as business gifts to reward customer loyalty and keep your company at the forefront.

Branded Mouse Mats - Visit our website

Everyone who uses a pc uses a mouse mat, which sits on their desk or work station day after day after day.  If you give our branded mouse mats as promotional gifts, the user will see your company name and branding day after day after day.  Choose your preferred colours and we will print your brand information prominently on the mouse mat.  Branded mouse mats make a truly effective, yet very cost-effective way to get your message noticed.  Additionally, they are a product that remains in use for a long time so you get prolonged exposure.

Hi-Visibility Clothing - Visit our website

We are pleased to offer a large selection of high visibility clothing, with hundreds of different clothing items for you to choose from, all made from material with excellent reflective properties.  Our safety work wear conforms to EN 471 standards and many items have additional safety features.  Your staff will appreciate the comfortable fit and the different weights of material designed to suit varying conditions.  You choose which is best for your needs and we will then have our skilled craftspeople hand embroider your choice with your branding.  With our high visibility clothing you can be assured that your staff will be clearly seen.  Not only that, but your branding will be clearly seen too.



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