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Instrumentation Systems & Services (ISS) is one of the UK’s leading specialist instrument distributors. We offer an extensive range of high quality, fully tested products and provide a number professional services. From data loggers to thermocouples, SCADA software to temperature sensors, we have everything you need for industrial process control, all in one place. 

Since establishment in 1988, ISS has grown organically to become a key industry supplier for businesses throughout the UK and beyond. Our continued success as a company is down to our ability to provide exactly what our customers need on time and with comprehensive after-sales care. 

We’re committed to total customer satisfaction, so alongside quality products we offer a first-class service that’s unrivalled anywhere in the market. We work with each client from the specification stage right through to delivery, ensuring you get a fit-for-purpose product that fulfils all your instrumentation needs. All of our instruments are supplied ready-configured and are 100% tested for quality and performance.

As an independent company, we’re completely free from manufacturer bias – this means we can offer expert, impartial advice in the selection of instruments, so you always get a device that meets your requirements.  We believe in building strong business relationships based on trust and respect, and whether you’re a small local trader or a FTSE-100 company, you get the same high level of service and attention. 

We’re large enough to be able to negotiate the best deals and to hold large stocks of instruments ready for despatch at any given time, but also small enough to provide a personal service. This makes us well placed to serve a market that demands high quality, low cost instruments alongside a friendly, reliable service. 

Discover our extensive range of products at ISS online today. For all enquiries, please contact our dedicated sales team on 01943 602001. 

So, what can ISS do for me?

At ISS, we do not just “sell” instruments: we understand them, and we know exactly how to get the best from them. Our instrumentation solutions are based on equipment that is fit for purpose, regardless of manufacturer, and which is designed to comply with any site standards and project constraints. 

Our status as an independent company allows us to provide practical, cost-effective solutions that meet all your application requirements. Meanwhile, our 20+ years of experience enables us to offer a range of professional supporting services, including;

  • Instrument Repairs
  • Free Configuration
  • Thermal Surveys
  • Calibration
  • SCADA System configuration and maintenance
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Instrument Panels
  • Commissioning
  • Instrument Upgrades and Refurbishments
  • Process Troubleshooting
  • Training
  • Bespoke Test Systems
  • Support Contracts
  • Wireless Telemetry
  • Downtime & Energy Monitoring

Thermal Surveys

Thermal surveys are used to examine electrical circuits and components for loose connections, arcing, overloads or unbalanced phases. Though invisible to the naked eye, such electrical faults can pose a significant fire risk. 

ISS thermographic surveys are carried out by qualified thermographers who are able to quickly and easily bring these problems to attention before they escalate to the point where they cause a fire or an electrical fault that leads to plant downtime and loss of production. Our engineers are experienced in the inspection of a full spectrum of electrical systems, from HV/LV switchgear to busbar cabinets and control panels, fuse boards and motors.

SCADA System Configuration & Maintenance

ISS developers are able to configure Prodigy SCADA systems to give powerful, value-for-money systems tailored to the process, its environment, and the level of management data required. Companies from all kinds of industry sectors have benefitted from our innovative solutions for the improvement of control, quality, traceability and process visibility, and the simplification of record keeping, recipe handling, alarm functionality and operator interfaces. To find out more about SCADA system configuration and maintenance from ISS, please get in touch on 01943 602001.

Instrument Upgrades and Refurbishments

Instrument upgrades or refurbishments are a cost-effective way of improving accuracy and control, and often give better operator visibility and connectivity. We provide a range of modular instruments that allow you to minimise spares holdings whilst maximising spares coverage, and which enable your local distributor to react much more quickly to breakdowns. You can find some examples of recent upgrades/refurbs carried out by ISS engineers on our website. To discuss your requirements with an expert, just give us a call on 01943 602001.


ISS supplies instruments from a number of leading manufacturers, all of whom are known for the quality, performance and reliability of their products. One such manufacturer is ABB, a worldwide organisation with over 145,000 employees across 100 different countries. ISS offers a number of systems from the ABB range, including:

  • ABB ControlMaster Process Controllers and Indicators – based on the highly successful Commander family, with even more control and indicator functions.
  • ABB Commander Controls – a series of flexible and highly functional control systems which are considered “plant standard” by many high profile companies.
  • ABB Recorders

More details can be found on the ISS website. 


We also offer a range of equipment from AOIP, a leading manufacturer of test, measurement and calibration systems. 

  • AOIP Calibration Measurement Instruments – a series of user-friendly, cost-effective systems covering laboratory, workshop and field applications that require fast and accurate measurement, simulation and calibration. 
  • AOIP Data Acquisition Systems – a range of intelligent data loggers for temperature measurement applications.
  • AOIP Flue Gas Analysers – a range of portable analysers designed for industrial and domestic use.
  • AOIP Telecom and Network Tools – including testers and meters for a range of telecom or network-related applications.
  • AOIP Pyrotechnical Testers


ISS supplies a range of CAL temperature and process control devices, including:

  • CAL 3300 / 9300 / 9400 Temperature Controllers – a series of low-cost, highly reliable controllers designed for use in demanding industrial applications such as plastics manufacturing, packaging, drying, ovens, furnaces and laboratory and scientific equipment.
  • CAL 9500P Process Controller with Programmer – a versatile, programmable controller for a range of temperature and process control applications. 
  • CAL 9900 Process & Temperature Controller – a microprocessor-based temperature control  unit that provides precise control and has five separate control parameters. 

Find out more about the products listed above by visiting ISS online. 

CD Automation

CD Automation is the world’s leading developer of microprocessor-based thyristor power controllers. Their range covers a variety of control applications, from simple, single-phase heaters through to complex, high temperature-coefficient three-phase loads. Our partnership with CD Automation enables us to supply the market with a wide range of solid state relays and thyristor power controllers. To find out more about what we have available, please visit ISS online or get in touch directly on 01943 602001.


Druck has a worldwide reputation for high quality, highly accurate pressure sensing equipment, and we are pleased to be able to supply a number of their systems. 

  • GE Druck UNIK 5000 Pressure Sensors – each sensor is custom-built from standard components to meet individual requirements. Typical applications are in the aerospace, automotive, oil & gas and power generation sectors, as well as in test equipment, pneumatics and hydraulics. 
  • Druck PTX1400 Series Sensors
  • Druck PTX7500 Series Sensors
  • Druck PTX7800 Series Sensors
  • Druck PTX7900 Series Sensors
  • Druck RTX1000 Series Transmitters
  • Druck Accessories


Electro-Sensors UK is the official distributor of Electro-Sensors Inc’s range of high specification industrial speed monitoring, vibration sensing and motor control solutions. Electro-Sensors has been designing, engineering and manufacturing a range of rugged, reliable sensors for improved plant safety and efficiency for over 35 years. Systems available from ISS include: 

  • Motion monitoring sensors
  • Speed control systems
  • Speed Sensors
  • Speed Sensitive Switches
  • Tachometers
  • Counters
  • Speed to Analogue Converters
  • Digital Pulse Generators
  • Closed Loop Motor Speed Control Systems
  • Material Level Controls


ISS also now supplies Elkor’s i-Snail-VC Current Transducer, a compact, low profile device that provides an economical solution for monitoring any AC electrical load. The i-Snail-VC is ideal as an AC load sensor for a number of control and energy management applications. It features built-in CT and has a self-powering feature, which together make it easy to install and highly reliable.


ISS is an approved supplier of Eurotherm systems, including:

  • Eurotherm Nanodac™ - an innovative recording system with a host of special features.
  • Eurotherm Temperature Controllers – including 2200 series single-loop controllers, 3200 series single-loop temperature controllers and 3500 series multi-loop temperature controllers.
  • Eurotherm Indicators – available in four standard DIN formats, Eurotherm indicators and alarm units provide accurate temperature or process measurement with clear alphanumeric messaging and versatile alarming strategies. 
  • Eurotherm Paperless Graphic Recorders – enables secure archiving of vital data in multiple locations with flexible reporting that allows you to retrieve information when and where needed. 


With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, Eurotron is one of the world’s leading producers of test and calibration equipment. We have in stock several Eurotron systems, including:

  • Eurotron Data Acquisition Solutions – a complete range of systems for the acquisition and log recording of temperature measurements
  • Eurotron Process Calibrators – an extensive range of multifunction calibrators designed to cover virtually all calibration requirements. 

You can find more details on the ISS website. For expert advice and guidance, call us on 01943 602001.


ISS stocks a full range of handheld temperature measurement devices from Fluke, one of the industry’s leading suppliers. Systems currently available include:

  • Fluke 62 MAX Infrared Thermometers
  • Fluke 62 Infrared Thermometers
  • Fluke 63 Non-contact Thermometers
  • Fluke 66 Infrared Thermometers – with laser guided sighting system
  • Fluke 68 Infrared Thermometers
  • Fluke 561 IR and Contact Thermometers
  • Fluke 566 Digital Laser Thermometers
  • Fluke 568 Two-in-One IR and Contact Thermometers
  • Fluke 572 Precision Infrared Thermometers
  • Fluke 574 – with 100-point onboard data logger
  • Fluke 576 Precision Infrared Thermometers with Integral Digital Photography
  • FoodPro Thermometer Series


ISS will soon be offering a full range of products from Gefran, a leader in the design and manufacture of sensors, components, systems and drives for industrial process control applications. Gefran has more than 40 years of industry experience and is known throughout the world for the quality and reliability of its products. If you have a specific Gefran product requirement, please contact us directly on 01943 602001.


ISS are able to supply Lascar’s full range of EasyLog USB Data Loggers and Panel Pilot Meters.

  • EasyLog USB Data Logger Range – provide cost-effective solutions for a variety of data logging applications. The range includes temperature loggers, temperature and humidity loggers, voltage loggers, 4-20mA loggers and carbon monoxide loggers.
  • Panel Pilot Range – a series of colour TFT graphics meters which can be programmed to display a wide variety of meter styles previously provided by a traditional panel meter. Panel Pilot meters are available in two sizes and are programmable via USB interface by a Windows-based software package. 


Also available from ISS is a range of basic and advanced Omron temperature controllers suitable for a wide variety of applications:

  • Omron Basic Temperature Controllers (E5AN, E5CAN, E5EN and E5GN) – with high speed, easy to read displays and user-friendly control panels, making them ideal for food processing machines, packaging equipment, extruders, semiconductor production equipment and many other applications.
  • Omron Advanced Temperature Controllers – with integrated logic and data bank functions to allow implementation of complete control systems without need of timers, mini-PLCs, intelligent relays or other additional devices. 

Find out more about Omron temperature controllers at ISS online. 


PMA is a market leading manufacturer of controls for the plastic extrusion industry. With over 80 years of experience, they are experts in the use of PLCs in conjunction with distributed I/O systems and customised HMIs, which puts them at the very forefront of technological and engineering innovation. ISS are pleased to be able supply the full PMI range of controllers, automation systems, indicators and limit controllers. You can find a full list of the PMI products supplied by ISS on our website.


Prodigy is one of the most advanced software packages for SCADA applications on the market. Written by one of the UK’s foremost computer control specialists, this powerful software suite is used by small companies and major organisations alike for many mission critical applications. Some of the largest hardware manufacturers in the world have made Prodigy the standard SCADA application supplied with their products. To find out more about Prodigy, its features and benefits, please visit ISS online or get in touch with the ISS customer service team on 01943 602001.


ISS supplies a range of Raytek systems, including:

  • Raytek MI3, MIH, XR and CM Series Sensors
  • Raytek MiniTemp (MT) Series Handheld Infrared Temperature Sensors
  • Raytek FoodPro & FoodPro Plus Thermometers
  • Raytek ST Series Infrared Temperature Sensors
  • Raytek MX Series General Purpose Handheld Pyrometers
  • Raytek MX6 PhotoTemp Non Contact Infrared Temperature Sensors
  • Raytex 3i Series Temperature Sensors
  • Raytek ThermoView Pi20 Fixed Thermal Imagers
  • Raytek ThermoView Pi30 Fixed Thermal Imagers

Find out more by visiting ISS online. 


We currently stock a full range of transmitters, converters and accessories from Seneca, one of Europe’s foremost manufacturers. 

  • Seneca K-Line – Comprising analogue transmitters and converters, temperature transmitters and serial converters with an ultra-compact DIN Rail mountable design, galvanic isolation between input, DIP switch for configuration and optional K-BUS connectivity.
  • Seneca Z-Line – Comprising signal isolators and converters, temperature transmitters and converters, pulse converters, signal processors, trip amplifiers, special converters and accessories.
  • Seneca Z-PC Line – a range of ModBUS I/O devices for simple SCADA and data acquisition systems.
  • Seneca T-Line – a comprehensive range of cost-effective, loop-powered power meters, converters and transducers.
  • Seneca S401-L Modules – a panel mounted indicator with a large OLED type screen for displaying measurements. 


ISS supplies the following types of Shinko digital controller:

  • Shinko ACS-13A Series Digital Indicating Controller – features high speed sampling, a variety of user-defined inputs and a TriColour, 11-segment LCD display within an ultra-compact housing. Suitable for electronic furnaces, packaging machinery, dryers and many other similar types of application. 
  • Shinko DCL-33A Din-Rail Limit Controller – a compact, all-in-one converter suitable for a variety of applications. 


Status is a major manufacturer of temperature transmitters, whose devices represent some of the very best the industry has to offer. ISS is pleased to supply the following Status instruments:

  • Temperature Transmitters – including digital in-head, head mounted, wireless, DIN-rail mounted and analogue in-head varieties. 
  • Isolators, Converters, Splitters and Signal Conditioners – including loop powered isolators, DIN-rail mounted power supplies, DIN-rail powered signal conditioners, loop powered DIN-rail trip alarms and MEDACS Din-rail signal conditioners. 
  • Digital Panel Indicators – including 4-digit, 6-digit and MEDACS versions.
  • Humidity and Temperature Sensors – including the SEM161 and SEM162.
  • Pressure Transmitters – including the PTX19,PTX20, PTX21, PTX22, PTX23 and PTX24.

West P Series

ISS supplies the full range of P Series controllers from West Instruments. This includes the following systems:

  • West PLUS P6100 1/16th DIN Controller
  • West PLUS P8100 1/8th DIN Controller
  • West PLUS P4100 1/4th Controller
  • West PLUS Valve Positioner Controllers
  • West PLUS Indicators
  • West PLUS Limit Controllers
  • West ProVU Advanced Temperature and Process Controllers
  • West PLUS Series Accessories

West N Series

We also supply West Instrument’s N-Series controllers and indicators, including:

  • 1/8th DIN Indicators
  • 1/16th DIN Indicators
  • 1/32nd DIN Indicators
  • ¼ DIN Dual Display Controllers
  • 1/8th DIN Dual Display Controllers
  • 1/16th DIN Dual Display Controllers
  • Advanced DIN Controllers
  • Low Cost DIN Controllers
  • West Instruments N-Series Valve Positioner Controllers
  • West Instruments Plastics Controllers
  • West Instruments N-Series Limit Controllers
  • West Instruments Profilers

If you would like any help or advice regarding West Instruments P or N-Series Controllers and Indicators, please do not hesitate to call. We’re available on 01943 602001. 

Free ISS Ltd. Deskpad

To claim your free ISS Ltd deskpad, simply fill in the form on our website and we’ll get one sent to you ASAP (while stocks last, one deskpad per person).

Druck Clearance

From time to time, ISS reduces the prices of its instruments for clearance, giving our customers even better value. We currently have a number of Druck products in our clearance section, including the Druck PTX1400 Pressure Transmitter and the PTX7517-1 Pressure Transmitter, both of which offer a cost effective solution for a number of industrial pressure measurement applications. 

To see what else is currently available in our clearance section, please visit ISS online. 

Instrument Repairs

ISS employs an experienced team of factory-trained engineers who are able to repair most of the instruments we supply or support. Close links with manufacturer service departments means we have access to a range of specialist test and diagnosis equipment, allowing rapid faultfinding and a speedy resolution. Instruments that are beyond economic repair can be replaced with new equipment at a preferential rate. For more information, please consult our customer service team on 01943 602001.

Instrument Panels

ISS has designed and built instrument panels for all kinds of industrial processes across the power generation, chemical processing and food production sectors. We work closely with our clients in order to better understand their needs and to develop specialised systems with high instrument content that meet all process requirements. All drawings must be approved by the client prior to manufacture. 

To discuss your requirements with an ISS expert, get in touch on 01943 602001. 


ISS is also able to provide a professional commissioning service for almost all of the systems that we supply. Our engineers have a wealth of experience in commissioning process control instrumentation and can offer a fast and efficient service. A comprehensive understanding of field problems and faults means we can speed up the commissioning process and save you money. Get in touch and put us to the test!

Process Troubleshooting

Inefficiency in process control applications can significantly hamper production and cost you serious amounts of money, so it’s a good idea to have an expert review your systems to make sure they are being used to best effect. We challenge your in-house conventions and implement practical, effective alternatives that lead to significant improvements in production. ISS has a proven track record in process troubleshooting and a history of delivering better production results for our clients. To find out more about our troubleshooting services, please visit ISS online or get in touch directly on 01943 602001.

Bespoke Test Systems

We’re able to draw upon a wealth of experience to design, assemble and implement cutting edge “end of the line” or production test rigs and systems to suit individual requirements - so if you need bespoke testing systems, speak to the team at Instrumentation Systems & Services. We’re available on 01943 602001.



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