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Churchill Controls Ltd - a founding member of the Low Power Radio Association - is a subsidiary of Nemco Ltd and a market leader in radio telemetry. Their primary expertise lay in data acquisition using radio telemetry to monitor remote plant and leakage detection. However, they have expanded their specialisms to incorporate leased line telemetry, remote control, boat gauging and SCADA. 


The main systems they supply operate on the Data_Link 2000 industrial data communications network. Utilising this de-regulated radio frequency - up to 32 channels - they supply two systems - Nano_Link and Micro_Link - which are tailored for differing requirements. The Nano_Link system is ideal for small point-to-point networks, benefiting from low running and installation costs because of low power consumption. Churchill Controls have a host of accessories to adapt the Nano_Link system for different needs, such as battery packs allowing quick and immediate mains free installation, to waterproof polycarbonate cases which allow them to be used for water network monitoring and outdoors in harsh climates. The low power consumption means a Nano_Link outstation can run for two years on just 3 inexpensive alkeline batteries, when sending an intermittent signal every 15 minutes. To have a continous signal just requires the choice of mains power or DC 12v or 24v power supplies, that can all be found on the website. 


The Micro_Link system has more expansion capabilities with the creation of a basestation that will relay a larger network. This incurs higher power consumption and installation costs, but is still a very cost effective solution to monitoring your remote plant and/or leakage from a network, continuously, with no break in signal. There are various accessories and devices that Churchill Controls can supply to tailor the system to your needs, and can combine Nano_Link with Micro_Link for the most cost effective system. A very useful addition is a alphanumeric or numeric screen to allow monitoring and adjustments to be made in the field rather than at a DCD Terminal: a Windows computer used for initial setup with our free software installed. The Micro_Link system also supports Bus_Link for user interfacing with other devices. 


Please browse the Churchill Controls website and contact a member of our team to create the ideal system and solution to your monitoring of remote plant and leakage detection. 

ZD06 Leased Line Lightning Protection Unit

When adding electronic devices to your plant it is important to limit any additional risk they may pose from lightening strikes. The ZD06 DIN rail mounted leased line lightning protection unit is designed for connection to the leased line inputs of telemetry products to prevent lightning damage to the equipment due to induced surges on the leased line. This will help to protect the telemetry equipment and reduce the risk it poses to your valuable plant. We strongly recommend these accessories for any externally used or stored plant.

PUG/TNC Whip Antenna

The Micro_Link and Nano_Link devices use synthesised UHF transceivers which operate on de-regulated radio channels conforming to ETSI standard EN300 220-1. Any of 32 channels can be selected to avoid conflict with other users. The radio range depends on the aerials used and the topology of the area, but will typically be up to 8Km in urban environments and up to 25Km with elevated aerials. The PUG/TNC Whip Antenna can vastly improve radio range and allow you to extend your network over a greater geographical area, with the option of smaller antennas to be placed in more confined spaces, as is the case with district monitoring where they can be hidden away under manhole covers. Smaller atennas are also beneficial for outstations in public locations where vandalism may be a risk.

7026-1 Nano_Link Mains Power Supply

The Nano_link system which operates on the Data_link 2000 industrial network is designed to be low cost and long running. The low power consumption makes this possible, with 4 relatively inexpensive Duracell batteries running a Nano_link outstation for at least two years. The power supply pictured is a 7026-1 Nano_Link internal mains powered battery backed supply (85 to 260VAC). While the units that are soley battery powered have the advantage of lower installation costs, these mains powered units with battery back-up have the benefit of low maintenance and can continually run unaided. 


The general-purpose Nano_link outstations can create a simple point to point network with 4 digital and 2 analogue signals in each direction, for the lowest installation and running costs. 

7026-2 Nano_Link 8 to 16 Volt Supply Module

The 7026-2 Nano_Link 8 to 16 Volt Supply Module is a DC voltage regulator supply, which will automatically maintain a constant voltage level making sure there is no interruption to your network. The constant voltage level was needed for the original intention for the application of the Nano_link network as a district monitor for water leakage from the distribution network. To continually monitor leakage requires a constantly running network. We supply the outstations to distriution networks with a waterproof polycarbonate enclosure, but we can also supply them in a roadside cabinet if that suits your needs. They are normally used per square kilometre in urban areas increasing in square milage in rural areas, because they have low installation and running costs they can be used across an entire network.

7177-1 Alpha Numeric Display Module

Alphanumeric and numeric (7075-2) displays are available to allow easy monitoring and adjustments to be made to your network in the field. The display shown in the picture is the 7177-1 Alpha Numeric display module for use with Nano_Link and Micro_Link for displaying setup and sensor input and output information. Otherwise configuration tasks need to be completed on a DCD terminal, a laptop enabled with our windows free software that lets you upload configurations to your Micro_Link. Thus, a screen is a necessity for easy and quick changes to the configuration of a simple Nano_Link network. The Nano_Link screen is primarily a diagnostic tool but is also a user interface tool for radio path test set. The Bus_Link allows host devices to write and read the database.

7049-1 Surge Suppressor

7049-1 Relay contact suppressor for use when switching external relays form digital outputs (only suitable for use on the Micro_Link).

7101ALL Bulkhead Antenna Lead

7101ALL Bulkhead Antenna lead 300mm long TNC male to TNC female bulkhead connector lets you connect an antenna to your Nano_Link or Micro_Link outstation or basestation and gives you the manoeuvrability to place the antenna for greater signal strength and protection from vandalism and environmental elements.

7183-1 DIN rail mounted 80 to 240 Volt power supply

The inputs and outputs of Micro_Link outstations can be expanded by the use of DIN rail mounted modules. These modules require an additional power supply, such as the 7183-1 DIN rail mounted 80 to 240 volt mains power 12 Volt DC power supply unit, which has no battery backup, although, the main outstation can be equipped with a battery backup power supply.

7185-1 24 Volt DC to DC Convertor

7185-1 DIN rail mounted 24 Volt to 12 Volt DC to DC convertor lets you provide the correct voltage to your DIN expansions.

7022-1 Nano_Link Internal Battery Pack

The Nano_Link internal battery pack takes 3 x alkaline D cells giving minimum 2 years operation, if interrogated every 15 minutes. This makes it the option with the lowest installation and running costs as there is no need for a mains outlet and the device will display battery low when the relatively inexpensive alkaline D cells need replacing. Installation is made easy as these self contained devices can be placed in a variety of environments for immediate setup. Accessories such as polycarbonate waterproof cases and steel enclosures make it applicable in many different environmental conditions. The optimisation of the Nano_Link for low power consumption creates a low cost point-to-point network where data is not required immediately. However, Nano_Link can be configured as a base station with Micro_Link when an immediate transmission of data is required, although this brings greater power consumption and benefits from mains or DC power supplies.

7181-1 mains Power Supply Unit

The Micro_Link system consumes more power than the Nano_Link system - optimised for low power consumption - because it is more expandable and is often setup to provide immediate transmission of data. The 7181-1, 80 to 240 volt DIN rail mounted battery backed mains power supply unit providing 12 Volts DC at 5 Amps is designed to meet the increased power consumption needs of a larger system and an adequate battery backup of 8 hours in the event of a mains failure. The supply unit includes battery and mains fail signals for connection to the telemetry inputs. 


7139U USB to RS232 Converter

A DCD Terminal is required to configure your Micro_Link basestation. This can be any windows laptop or desktop computer with our free software installed.  The Churchill Controls software allows all systems, network and Bus_Link configurable parameters to be edited, saved to disc, downloaded to Micro_Link and uploaded from Micro_Link. If the computer or other device you are using to upload and download configurations is not equipped with an RS232 port, this lead will allow you to convert a USB to RS232 to facilitate your DCD programming. When you enter diagnostic mode the internal database can be examined and modified, and serial communications with Bus_Link and with the radio can be eavesdropped.

CB52A Boat Gauge Trim Trip Card

The trim card is one of the three key elements needed for a gauge on a water and/or fuel oil tank on a boat. The CB52A Boat gauge trim trip card is for use with the Churchill MK1 boat gauge sensors to provide meter calibration and high and low trip indication. The final element required is a fused power supply, either 12v or 24v D.C. connected to the trim card via a terminal block.

CB20A Boat Gauge Meter Trim Card

Replacement meter trim card for Churchill MK 1 boat water and fuel oil tank gauges. The sensors on the device can be mounted within the tank via a flange or externally. The trim card carries two preset controls, one for instrument zero and the other for instrument span. We will set these controls before dispatch to suit your needs of sensor length and working fluid. To preserve this calibration and to keep the device in complete working order it must be used with the fluid it was calibrated for, but small adjustments can be made on site. This is the main reason for replacement trim cards, as this will allow you to change the tank and fluid type for your tank level gauge.

CB21A Boat Gauge Head Card

Boat tank level gauges electronically measure and display the level of water or fuel oil in the tank using a sensor internally or externally mounted. The head card is the main element of this gauge and is connected to the power supply, indicating meter and trim card. The CB21A replacement head card shown in the picture is for the Churchill MK1 boat gauge. The MK1 boat gauge is extremely accurate and very durable in the field, making for many years of trouble-free operation if installed and maintained in accordance with our calibration of the device prior to dispatch, as different tanks and fluids require alterations to the gauge settings.



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