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Chemical Innovations Ltd (CIL) offers over 50 years of specialist experience in the field of high performance primers and bonding agents. Our primers and bonding agents are used extensively throughout a wide diversity of industries around the world. Our bonding agents have been specifically designed to form a bond between rubbers and polyurethane to substrates including plastics, metals, fabrics and cord.

Our range of high quality, innovative products and services has garnered our company a world-class reputation and we have now developed a global reach. We have developed products that are used within industries such as the automotive industry, the oil and gas industry and for general industrial use. Chemical Innovations provide products that are used to construct ant-vibration parts, rollers, pump lining, torsional dampers, seals, gaskets and timing belts, to name just a few. We take our responsibility to customer service seriously and our clients are guaranteed peace of mind with our quality assurance systems and processes backed by our ISO9001:2008 quality management systems certification.

Rubber to Metal

Cilbond 24 was developed at our in-house research and development laboratory and is now our premier one coat bonding system. This product’s superior technical performance and flexibility eliminates the need for two-coat bonding and provides the ideal solution to most elastomer bonding issues. Cilbond 24 can be used to bond a variety of elastomers to metals and plastics while offering superior resistance to heat, chemicals and corrosion as well as static and dynamic fatigue. Elastomers that can be bonded to metals and plastics using Cilbond 24 include natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, polyisoprene, polybutadiene, chlorinated polyethylene and many more. A selenium-free version of this product is also available.

Polyurethane to Metal

The Chemical Innovations bonding range includes Cilbond 49SF, which is the industry standard bonding system suitable for hot-cast high performance Castable Polyurethane (PU) and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). Cilbond 49SF is extensively used in PU system houses on a global scale and components that have been bonded using this product offer unparalleled performance in the harshest of environments. Applications for Cilbond 49SF include anti-vibration components, high performance wheels and rollers, bend restrictors and off-shore equipment, to name just a few. The heat and hydrolysis resistance qualities of the bonded parts can be further enhanced with the addition of our Cilcure B product.

Rubber to Fabric

As a top coat bonding agent, Cilbond 80ET offers the highest performance available. This product, when used in conjunction with our Cilbond 12E primer, offers second to none performance when it comes to environmental resistance as well as offering the highest protection against chemicals, oil, water and extreme temperatures. Use Cilbond 80ET as a one coat system to bond rubber to fabric or use as a splicing cement to bond cured and uncured rubber. Cilibond 80ET is flexible and the numerous applications include rubber rollers, pump linings, timing belts, high-performance anti-vibration mounts, hose couplings, valves and TVDs.

Please visit the Chemical Innovations website for more information on Cilbond 80ET and the wide variety of elastomers that can be bonded to metal, plastic and fabrics using this product.

Rubber to Polyurethane

Our Cilbond 89ET has been developed at our in-house research and development laboratory for use as a specialised one coat bonding system. Cilibond 89ET is used to bond an extensive range of rubber compounds to other rubbers and metals via conventional moulding methods. This product is widely used as a post-vulcanisation bonding agent for bonding pre-cured rubber to metal. Specialist features of the Cilbond 89ET include the ability to function at much lower temperatures than traditional bonding systems and this product is commonly used within the tank lining industry as well as used in applications such as automotive TVDs. For a complete range of elastomers that can be bonded to metals, plastics and fabrics using this product please visit the Chemical Innovations website.

Friction Materials to Metal

Our water based bonding adhesive, Cilbond 62W, is used extensively throughout the friction industry for applications such as brake pads. This product has been specifically developed to offer superior heat resistance as well as offering high performance anti-corrosion capabilities. Thorough testing has shown that Cilbond 62W out performs traditional solvent-based systems. Cilbond 62W has been used to produce brake pads that have passed the Original Equipment test programmes including the tests such as long-term salt spray tests and cyclic heat/cold water quench testing. Cilbond 62W is easily applied using either a roller or by using spray equipment. For more information on Cilbond 62W please visit the Chemical Innovations website.

Silicone Bonding

Our extensively researched and developed range of bonding systems includes the Cilbond 36 solvent-based bonding system. Cilbond 36 is used to bond silicone rubber to a range of metals and fabrics. This product was created as a response to increasing in-service temperature requirements from manufacturers. Equipment and components bonded with this product have the ability to withstand continuous temperatures with no loss of adhesion; this includes temperatures of up to 200°C or up to 400 hours at 225°C. Applications for Cilbond 36 include hoses and belts, oil seals, rollers, suspension components and many more. Please visit the Chemical Innovations website for full details of the elastomers that can be bonded to metal, plastic and fabrics using Cilbond 36.

One Coat Bonding Systems

At Chemical Innovations our products undergo a rigorous research and development process at our in-house laboratories before they are released onto the market. Our one-coat bonding systems have been developed to act as a primer and a cover coat with the ability to withstand a variety of moulding methods within in-service environments. Our one-coat bonding systems allow our customers to reduce bonding agent expenditure, enhance output and reduce inventory and stock levels as well as reducing processing and production times. We offer a complete range of one-coat systems for rubber compounds, friction materials and polyurethane systems. Chemical Innovations also offers two-coat bonding systems and water-based bonding systems.

Two Coat Bonding Systems

Our rigorously researched and developed two-coat bonding system offers superior performance with the ability to withstand the harshest of environments. The Chemical Innovations two-coat bonding system is used around the world within a diversity of industries including automotive applications and off-shore environments. Our two-coat systems can withstand extreme temperatures, fluid and chemical attacks, corrosion attacks and have the ability to perform under dynamic and static fatigue. We offer an extensive range of two-coat bonding products for a variety of rubber compounds and polyurethane systems. For more details on our one-coat and two-coat bonding systems as well as our water-based bonding systems please visit the Chemical Innovations website.



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Registered at Companies House:23 September, 1959 (62 years and 9 months ago)
No of Employees: 51-100
Annual Turnover: 10-20m
Parent Company: Vita Group
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  • CILBOND Primers and Bonding Agents for Rubber and polyurethane to substrate bonding.
  • CILRELEASE A range of Mould Release Agents for Rubber and Polyurethanes.

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ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements
ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use

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