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Cobham Antenna Systems specialises in the design and supply of high gain printed circuit arrays, ultra wide-band directional antennas, multi-octave bicones and high gain collinear omni-directional antennas. Established in 1991 as the European Antennas Ltd, the company began trading as Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas in 2009. We provide our customers with more than 1500 antenna designs as well as custom design and build antenna solutions to meet specific requirements as is often the case.

We can also make small minor adjustments to our existing range to suit specific company requests. Our antennas are manufactured from our plant at Chevely, Near Newmarket. Here, our manufacturing facilities span more than 15,000sg ft to enable us to provide antenna solutions on a large scale. Our team of designers and engineers are experienced and highly qualified to create antennas and related products of the highest quality. We also use materials that are lightweight for ease of handling and installation while remaining robust and long-lasting at the same time for cost-effective solutions.

Antennas for Commercial Applications - Visit our website

We provide a wide range of antennas including Wireless, LAN, WiMAX, RFID, Outside Broadcast, Cellular, Marine, PMR, and Tetra applications. These are used by many high profile companies around the world for their beneficial qualities. Our antennas are slim, lightweight for ease of installation as well as robust for durability in all types of environments. Our design team have designed and manufactured many antennas suitable for particularly harsh environments, dense RF locations or areas with limited space.

There are many types of antenna available. In fact, there are more than 1000 existing models. These include directional, helix, sector, omni, hemi omni, extended performance omni and ultra wideband.

Antennas for Military Applications - Visit our website

Many of our antennas are used for military and defence applications such as for unmanned airborne vehicles, ground based radios, electronic countermeasures and jamming, COFDM and direction finding, video and date uplinks, missile and vehicle telemetry, and fixed and mobile WLAN systems. Our antennas have many properties that make them particularly suitable and successful pieces of
equipment for use within the military and defence area. Directional panels, for example, are slim and discreet with high specification and robust construction.

Satellite Applications - Visit our website

We also provide a range of high quality antennas that have been specifically designed for satellite applications from ground based to orbiting. We regularly custom build antennas to meet specific size, weight, frequency or shape requirements. Examples of our antennas include:

  • Ground Satcoms: We work closely with global company, Inmarsat, to provide a range of antennas that can be used for broadband applications around the world in particularly hazardous areas.
  • Orbiting: We have designed and manufactured many products for Surrey Satellite Technology. One of these, a nadir antenna has been mounted on the UK-DMC satellite as part of a reflectometry application assessing the sea state.
  • Thuraya - for satellite coverage.

Security Markets - Visit our website

Our antennas are also widely used for various security and surveillance purposes such as for high speed data and video links, telemetry transmission, outside broadcast, video links between helicopter and base station for real time monitoring, long distance links, ISM band, switch sector base stations for tracking, covert surveillance with antennas built in to special structures. We also provide equipment for the emergency service as well as telemetry transmissions. Our small omni antennas are accurate and robust and already used on F1, World Rally Championship cars and UAVs.

Cryogenic Cooling Systems - Visit our website

We can offer innovative and reliable cryogenic cooling systems for use with military based sensors. Just some of the equipment within this range includes linear cryocoolers, cryocooler controllers, pulse tube cryocoolers, cryostats, gas lines, pressure vessels and cryogenic battery cooling units. It is also worth noting that our cooling solutions are not only effective but also energy efficient, lightweight and offer excellent value for money. To find out more about these or any of our products don't hesitate to visit the website. 

Blade Antennas - Visit our website

We can provide a wide range of blade antennas which have been designed and manufactured with military applications in mind. Our blade antennas benefit from a high quality and sturdy build and are protected against moisture and lightning strikes. As well as standard products, customers are reminded that we can also provide more bespoke components, if required. To find out more, including detailed technical specs, feel free to visit the website or you can contact us directly. 



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  • Cobham Cobham protects lives and livelihoods with its differentiated technology and know-how, operating with a deep insight into customer needs and agility.
  • Cobham Antenna Systems Designers and manufacturers of high specification antennas for multiple markets and applications
  • Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas
  • European Antennas

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