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Chell Instruments Ltd has over 30 years experience in supplying instrumentation for the measurement and control of gas pressures and flows in a diverse variety of applications. Our long list of equipment makes us one of the foremost suppliers to a range of industries, from energy and pharmaceutical to automotive and aerospace. We specialise in Aerodynamic Pressure Measurement, Aerospace Pressure Measurements, Air Movement Systems, Gas Analysis, Brewery Gas Flow Control, Cryostat & Superconducting Magnet Temperature Control, Diffusivity Testing, Drying - Freeze: Polymer: Cable: Transformer, Engine Air Bleed Controller, Fuel Cells, Gas Blending Systems, Gas Flow Calibration Systems, Heat Treatment Furnaces, High and Ultra-High Vacuum Systems, Lamp, Laser and Vacuum Tube Manufacture, Leak Rate Testing & Monitoring, Mask Pattern Generation Tools, MOVPE Bubbler Pressure & Flow Control, Optical Fibre Manufacturing, Permeability Testing, Photolithography, Plasma Torch Gas Control, Porosity Testing & Filter Performance, Power Generation Instrumentation, Pressure and Vacuum Calibration Systems, Electronic & Thin-Film Industry Products, Superplastic Forming Press Control Systems, Turbo Machinery Testing, Vacuum Calibration Systems, Wind Tunnel Instrumentation, Wind Turbine Instrumentation and Window Weather Permeability Testing.

Sound like a long list? We pride ourselves on the comprehensive range of products we supply. These are just some of the applications and products we specialise in, and if you cannot find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us-it’s likely we can't find the product for you.

What's more, Chell Instruments is also able to offer a highly competitive commercial calibration facility with a UKAS accredited calibration lab. This is a viable, cost-effective alternative for customers who may have seen National Standards Laboratories such as NPL and NIST as the only facilities for the calibration of their pneumatic pressure balances. We can calibrate and repair all Principal and own products using a first-class, BS/EN/ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory with some of the lowest uncertainties currently available. Our lab provides a comprehensive service for Vacuum, pneumatic Pressure and Gas Flow measuring and controlling. Chell's calibration standards have some of the lowest uncertainties in their fields, which gives our customers great confidence in their "bought-in" uncertainties. Because of this, the aggregation of our uncertainties with your in-house uncertainties provides you and your customers with products that are high-performing. Regulations for reduced operational uncertainties in industries such as aerospace and pharmaceutical can therefore be met by periodically using our calibration service. In addition, Chell can now arrange travel to your site to carry out a fast and efficient calibration of your instrument with minimal disruption.

Our services do not stop there: In addition to our calibration facility, we also offer a complete repair service for most instruments which deal with gas pressure and flow. We pride ourselves on offering a service for all the equipment that we supply, as well as equipment supplied by most other manufacturers within our field. Instruments can be serviced before UKAS calibration, or if this is not necessary, a test and verification may be carried out.

Chell Instruments has also acquired Vacuum Fabrications, enabling Chell to provide complete vacuum solutions from fabrication, right through to fully instrumented and calibrated vacuum systems. With years of experience dealing with high and ultra-high vacuums, Vacuum Fabrications can provide the highest quality design, machining, welding and cleaning service. Quality, accuracy and an excellent finish are the hallmarks of a typical Vacuum Fabrications job. Efficient manufacturing methods mean that we can do this at very competitive cost. We also set aside time each day for urgent, fast turn-around of small fittings and special components-your drawings can be returned as a desperately needed component in 24 to 48 hours.

Leak Rate Monitors

We supply portable, battery powered leak rate monitors (LRM), manually operated systems built specifically for leak testing (SLM100), systems built to quantify diffusive characteristics of different membrane materials (DCS100), and systems to control the applied leakage rate and measure the resultant pressure required to obtain the expected leak rate (ILITS). Test pressure and leak rate measurement abilities can be tailored to suit different fuel cell types, membrane materials and stack sizes. Additionally, variations including remote interfacing options are available to automate the testing process.

Motor Sports Products


We are proud to specialise in equipment that measures and controls pressure in the motor sport and automotive industries, including on-vehicle systems such as CANdaq and wind tunnel systems which are manufactured by Chell. We have taken on a number of exciting, specialised projects for aerodynamic measurements and wind tunnel support.

Power Generation Instrumentation

For a number of years, Chell has supplied instrumentation for the power generation industry. We have developed most of our products as a result of customer enquiry, so if you cannot find what you need on our website, please contact us and we’ll see if we can develop an entirely new product to suit your needs. Some of the products we have supplied to the power generation industry include Air Ingress Monitors, Leak Rate Monitors, Absolute Pressure Transmitters, Impulse Line Integrity Test Systems, Custom Gas Panels, Calibration & Test Systems and Vacuum Dryers for high purity containment vessels.

Turbo Machinery Testing

We supply a huge range of gas turbine test products, including pressure fittings, tubing and hoses, pressure scanners, pressure scanner data acquisition systems, primary and transfer pressure standards, pressure displays and controllers, and multi-hole probes.

Wind Tunnel Instrumentation

We have supplied instrumentation for wind tunnels throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. For multi-point pressure scanning, ESP Pressure scanners, CANdaq/QUADdaq miniature data acquisition systems & pressure scanner acquisition systems, I-Daq Analogue scanners, and many more, look no further than Chell. Our website contains a list of what else we can offer, but if you cannot find what you’re looking for, please contact us to speak with one of our specialists and we’ll see what we can do for you.     

Flow Products

We also supply a fantastic range of flow products. Examples of the ranges include:

Chell CMF OEM Digital Flowmeter: Flow Control and Measurement Hastings 200 Series: features low, medium and high capacity flowmeters and controllers.

Flow Control and Measurement Hastings 300 Series: features metal sealed low, medium or high capacity flowmeters and controllers.

Flow Measurement Hastings 400 Series: industrial range of flowmeters.

Hastings HFM and HFC Tylan Replacements

Molbox Precision Laminar Flow and Sonic Nozzle Gas Flow Transfer: range features various flow terminals, flow elements, calibration assistance software and more.

Axetris 2100 Mass Flow Meters/ Controllers

Displays, Controller and Power Supplies: range features transducer and controller displays.

Please follow the link to our website to view the range in full.

Calibrations Systems

We are pleased to provide the industry with calibration systems of the highest quality. Examples of the product types in this range include:

DHI Pressure Balance: includes automated mass handling for PG7000 piston gauges, E-DWT-H electronic deadweight tester, FPG8601 forced balanced piston guage, PG700™ series piston gauges and PG9607 piston gauge.

Ruska Deadweight Testers: features the Ruska Model 2465 gas piston gauge.

Transfer Pressure Standards: features PPC4 pressure controller/ calibrator, PPC4E pressure controller/ calibrator and RPM4 reference pressure monitor.

Other categories in the range include: Pressure Deadweight Testers, Ruska Deadweight Tester Accessories, Pressurements P5500 DWT Accessories, Flow Standards, Custom Calibration and Test Systems. Please view the range in full on our website.

Pressure Fittings

Please contact us at Chell Instruments for all of your pressure fittings. We offer various AS fittings, circular quick disconnects, high temperature quick disconnects, pressure scanner fittings, multi-port rugged quick disconnect circlex series and more. Please view the range in full on our website where you can also download product sheets with complete product specifications and technical information.

Vacuum Fabrications

We are pleased to announce the merging of Vacuum Fabrications into Chell Instruments. This development enables us to supply the industry with products of the highest quality. Whether you require fabrication solutions or fully instrumented and calibrated vacuum systems we have the equipment to suit. Our equipment is manufactured to the highest standards and is the result of many years’ experience, and development. All of our products and systems are manufactured following strict quality control procedures and leave our premises in tip top condition ready for use. We also have the capabilities of meeting urgent orders within 24 – 48 hours. Please contact us at Chell Instruments for further information.

Gas Handling

Please visit our website to view our excellent range of gas handling equipment. The range is grouped into the following categories:

Heated Gas Purifiers: range includes the Mono Torr PS4 High Flow Gas Purifier for hydrogen, nitrogen and rare gases, Mono Torr PS15 Gas Purifier, GC-50 for helium, nitrogen and argon, and the Mono Torr Gas Purifier for hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, helium and other rare gases.

Unheated Gas Purifiers: range includes the SAES FaciliTorr Weld/ Purge Purifier and the SAES MicroTorr Gas Purifier.

Gas Panel Manufacture: for a wide range of applications such as MOCVD, brewing, super plastic forming of turbine blades and more.

Chell Ultra Fine Needle Valves: features CMV ultra fine needle valves.


At Chell Instruments we are pleased to boast an extremely talented team of engineers who carry out a range of welding services to the highest of standards. We carry out precision TIG welding services on all materials that are used in vacuum systems including 316 and 304 stainless steel, mu metal, aluminium, copper and more. Our team of engineers are included in the Lloyds Register Coded welders to EN 287 and ASME IX standards for the welding of steels 1.0 to 6.8mm thick and tube diameters 6.0 and above. We also provide orbital welding services for the manufacture of UHP gas handling pipework, gas panels and manifolds.

Pi-Marker Sample Vessels

Our Vacuum Fabrications division has been working very closely with the HSE for more than six years in order to gain certification for the design and construction of Pi marked vessels. Our UHV and UHP vessels are fabricated in-house to BS EN 13322-2 and all welders are qualified to BSEN 287-1 using procedures that meet ISO 15614-1 and ASME IX. We are pleased to commission new designs on request. These will require full approval by the Lloyds Register, a process that requires extensive testing (destructive and non-destructive). Please contact the team at Chell Instruments for further information.

Calibration Lab

Here at Chell Instruments Ltd, we are pleased to boast a state-of-the-art BS/EN/ISO/IEC 17025 accredited UKAS Calibration Laboratory. From here, our highly skilled and experienced team carries out a range of services for vacuum, pneumatic pressure, gas flow and electrical measuring, controlling and generating instrumentation applications. With more than 12 decades of pressure capability, Chell provides services with some of the lowest uncertainties in each field.

Our calibration and laboratory services are widely respected in a range of industries. If you would like to find out more about our services, please contact us directly at Chell Instruments Ltd and we will be happy to help.



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