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We provide a huge range of screws, nuts, rivets, bolts, washers, pins, Dubo rings and special fastenings. Applications for our products are as varied as our range, and include locking and sealing to prevent leakage in transformer oils in the power generating industry, silver-plated tuning screws for the electronics industry, and even the creation of period costumes with our coil spring washers. As well as a wide variety of products, we also offer Project Manufacturing Partnerships that can help your business achieve optimum performance across your operation. Providing a global sourcing and supply infrastructure that is in compliance with ISO9002 Quality Standards, we can support your business with world-leading design, development, engineering and manufacturing capabilities as well as optimised logistical systems such as JIT, Kanban and Linefeed. We also offer a specialised sub-assembly and fitting packing service that allows your products to be supplied to your customers in the most efficient format. We purchase parts to your specification, package them in-house and have them delivered lineside within 24 hours notice. Quality has always been a top priority for us. We are a member of the Engineering Industries Association and we achieved the ISO9002 award for quality in 1997.

Machine Screws

Our range of machine screw stock (subject to availability) includes various sizes and lengths of rolled thread in steel, brass, slotted and recessed in Csk, Raised Csk, Cheese, Pan and Mushroom Heads. We also have various lengths and sizes of cut thread in steel slotted with Csk Heads and cut thread in steel and brass with slotted heads. Additionally, we have a range of metric sizes under M3 in Csk, Raised Csk, Cheese and Pan Heads.

We stock a range of cut thread slotted steel and brass grubscrews and a full range of stainless steel.


We offer the following sockets:

  • Socket-Head Capscrews
  • Hexagon Wrenches
  • Countersunk, Button-Head, Shoulder, Set and Square-Head Set
  • Screws
  • Tee Bolts
  • Taper Pressure Plugs

We stock a full range of stainless steel.

The applicable specifications to our ISO metric socket head cap screws of high grade alley steel are:

  • BS4168
  • Din 912
  • ISO 4762
  • BS6104 Grade 12.9
  • ISO 898/1 Grade 12.9

Hexagon Head Bolts and Sets

We stock a wide range of hexagon head bolts and sets, including high tensile bolts & sets in various lengths and diameters to these thread standards:

  • British Standard Whitworth
  • British Standard Fine
  • Unified National Fine
  • Unified National Coarse
  • BA
  • Metric

We also offer black bolts & nuts, carriage bolts & nuts, Grade "A" sets, Barmade bolts and sets in steel and brass, and brass and steel cut thread. We also stock a full range of stainless.

We can provide imperial sizes for Normal Series Unified Hexagon Head Bolts & Screws to BS 1768 and Imperial Hexagon Head Bolts & Screws to BS 1083.

Pins and Nails

We offer an extensive range of pin and nail products in many sizes, materials and finishes.

Types of pins and nails include:

  • Cut Clasp and Buttress Nails
  • Drive Screws (non-slotted cone head)
  • Square Hardboard, Panel, and Escutcheon Pins
  • Veneer Pins and Deep Drive Panel Pins (soldier head pins)
  • Masonry, Carpet and Clout Nails
  • Blue Cut Tacks and Mounting Pins
  • Threaded Nails (annular shank)
  • Cut Floor and Moulders Brads
  • Cut Steel Vine Eyes
  • Staples
  • Gimp and Brush Pins
  • Lost Head and Countersunk Jagged Nails
  • Headless and Wireless Pins
  • Flat Head Wire Tacks
  • L-Hooks

Materials include stainless, mild & carbon steel, phosphor bronze, copper, brass, aluminium and nickel silver. Available finishes include copper, nickel, brass and zinc plated, gold passivated, blued, sherardised and electro-tinned.

Dubo Retaining Rings

DUBO Retaining Rings provide sealing and multiple locking, durability and sound-deadening, and surface protection and insulation.

Flowing into the threads of the nut and bolt, DUBO Retaining Rings fill all free spaces and seal against leakage, creating a frictional resistance with the bolt that prevents rotation of the retaining ring and preventing the nut from loosening.

The plastic-flexible characteristics of DUBO Retaining Rings absorb vibrations in the bolt assembly and do not deteriorate or wear. Material surface is insulated and protected because DUBO Retaining Rings prevent electrolytic corrosion between different metal surfaces. They are chemically resistant to alkalis, neutral inorganic salt solutions, oils, petrol, fats, alcohol, benzene, sea water and diluted acids.

Korrex Protective Caps

The use of socket-head screws is increasing due to their many advantages over normal hexagon-head screws, but they do have the disadvantage of dirt accumulation in the socket, which can render them difficult to unscrew.

KORREX protective caps solve this problem. They are easy to fit and reusable, offering many advantages: 

  • Prevention of screw head corrosion
  • Improved assembly appearance
  • Screws are easier to undo
  • Maintenance costs are reduced

The usefulness of KORREX protective caps doesn't end with socket-head screws. They can also be used for other purposes; for example, sealing drilled holes or the ends of tubes. There are unlimited uses for KORREX caps.

Korrex Nut Caps

New KORREX Nut Caps convert any hexagon nut into a Dome nut without changing the existing connection or assembly. Simply press the Nut cap over the flats of the nut after assembling the connection to obtain the effect of a Dome nut.

KORREX Nut Caps seal the thread and protect both nut and bolt against damage and corrosion. They can be used multiple times, providing an attractive appearance with simple assembly.

When used in conjunction with KORREX insulating bushes and DUBO Retaining Rings, KORREX Nut Caps guarantee reliable insulation of bolted connections, while at the same time securing the nut and bolt against loosening.

Korrex Insulating Bushes

KORREX insulating bushes prevent the electrolytic corrosion that occurs due to ion exchange when moisture collects between the surfaces of two metals in contact with each other.

KORREX insulating bushes, made of superpolyamide, can be used in conjunction with KORREX caps and DUBO Retaining Rings. They are recommended for these metal combinations:

  • Brass / Iron
  • Aluminium / Steel
  • Iron / Copper
  • Eloxal / Iron
  • Iron / Lead
  • Zinc / Tin



Registration Number: 04715830
VAT Number: n/a
Registered at Companies House:28 March, 2003 (21 years ago)
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  • Distributor

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