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We solve electrical power problems with a wide range of engineering solutions including products such as uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, transformers and harmonic solutions, generators and secure AC/DC power systems.

As well as an extensive range of electrical power products, we also offer associated services including surveys to monitor load profile, disturbances or harmonics. We also provide battery installation and replacement, repair and maintenance.

We are an ISO9001:2008 accredited company offering complete solutions and unbiased advice based on more than 45 years of industry experience.

We can provide bespoke solutions or customise standard products to meet specific requirements. With quality pre and post-sales support, we pride ourselves on supplying the products and services that will provide our customers with the best and most cost effective solution for the protection of their facility power supply and business continuity.

UPS Systems

We offer an extensive range of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems that utilise a variety of technologies. Single module UPS systems are available from 400VA to 800KVA and parallel models provide N+1 solutions as high as 6400KVA.

We offer a range of single phase input and output line-Interactive systems from 400VA to 3000 VA, in models suitable for PC and peripheral protection in home or small office environments as well as those designed for more robust requirements such as automatic voltage regulation and filters.

Our extensive choice of online UPS models include single phase input and output, three phase input and single phase output, and three phase input and output.

Our website offers a sizing chart and advice on specifying UPS systems and accessories, and we are happy to provide telephone advice and assistance as well.

Voltage Stabilisers

We offer a range of Constant Voltage Transformers (CVTs) from 250VA to 45KVA and Servo-Controlled AC Stabilisers from 1KVA to 5000KVA.

All CVT models feature the ferro-resonant principle of operation, which has been proven to be the only effective way to address mains interference and irregular voltage problems. CVTs incorporate a mains harmonic filter, isolation transformer, automatic voltage regulator and an RF filter in one unit, providing stable output voltage, spike and transient protection and a very fast correction time as well as other benefits.

Servo-Controlled AC Stabilisers include single and three-phase models and provide output voltage accuracy to ± 0.5% at an efficiency of more than 98%. Spike suppression is standard and many options such as metering and soft start are available.


We design and manufacture transformers and wound components ranging from 50VA control panel transformers to 3000KVA large power units, including auto-wound, double wound and phase shifting transformers. Equipment can be air cooled or fluid cooled and can be of cast resin, metal, open or enclosed as required. A wide variety of accessories is available, and units can be constructed to comply with customer-specified IP ratings and colour choices.

Our transformers and components conform to British and/or international standards as well as to customer specification. We use Class “A, E, B, F, H & C” insulation systems during the design, development and manufacturing process.

Our sales team can offer quality, competitively priced transformers or chokes that are normally despatched within 5 to 7 working days, dependent upon quantity and size.

Static Bypass Switches

Our static bypass/transfer switches are available with single or three phase outputs, and are suitable for use with two unsynchronised or synchronised input power sources. A single output to the critical load is provided by the transfer switch. Either source can be selected as the default source for critical load feed. Upon selected source failure, the load is transferred to the alternate source.

Available sizes range from 10A to 400A. Larger models include a manual wrap around bypass switch. Three-phase units feature an LCD screen with metering and alarm information as well as a power flow status mimic panel.

AC/DC Secure Power Systems

Our range of secure power systems includes AC to DC rectifiers and chargers as well as DC to AC sinewave output inverters.

Depending upon configuration, rectifiers can be used as power supplies, battery chargers or as DC UPS with low voltage disconnect (LVD) circuitry. Rectifiers are available in wall mount, modular or 19” rack mount enclosures. Modular rectifiers up to 4.4KW and single units up to 50A are available.

DC to AC inverters include a static bypass switch option and are available as standalone, modular or 19” rack mount enclosures.

Harmonic Solutions

We have a solution to harmonic problems whether it is a case of your load being affected by voltage distortion or the electrical supply being affected by your load due to current harmonics.

The level of harmonics on the electrical supply can be reduced in several ways. A constant voltage transformer (CVT) or a UPS with low input current distortion and power factor correction may provide a solution for low power applications.

For larger applications, we offer Transformers and Active Harmonic Conditioners.

Zig-Zag transformers reduce 3rd harmonics and K rate transformers result in reduction of 5th and 7th harmonics.

Active Harmonic Conditioners provide universal reduction of the 3rd to 50th harmonics and can be configured to remove individual harmonics.

Power Resistors

We offer wirewound and planar power resistors by MCB Industrie, a leader in the field of power supplies and energy conversion.

MCB wirewound and vitreous resisters are available in a wide range of sizes, mountings and electrical terminations that enable them to meet most applications’ requirements.

MCB non-inductive Planar Resisters were designed for snubber circuits and semi-conductor protection. They feature a high power to volume ratio and high dielectric capability as well as controlled partial discharge.


COMEPA’s “THERMOPA” bimetallic thermostats meet the requirements of the industrial, military and aerospace sectors. Standard as well as customised thermostats are available, with a wide choice of connections and fixing. Switching capacities between 1A and 16A, operating temperature ranges from -50C to +260C as well as a hermetically sealed unit are available.

We offer a variety of models including the 2A thermostat for protection or thermal regulation with manual or automatic reset, the 10A thermostat which directly protects assemblies without requiring a relay to cut power, and the 4A thermostats, which were designed for use in demanding environments and military, industrial and aeronautical applications.

Tailored Solutions

We provide products, services and support with the aim of supplying our customers with the optimum solution tailored to their specific requirements for uninterrupted power, power protection and business continuity. Normally the most cost effective means of doing this is by system integration using standard products from our wide variety of AC, DC and battery systems.

Some examples of tailored solutions we have provided in the past include a dual AC input 110vdc UPS system, a 54Vdc and 108Vdc power supply with three interchangeable 30A modules and a combined AC and DC UPS with integral batteries to provide 8 hours of backup power.

Potentiometers & Position Sensors

We offer MCB Industrie Angular and Linear Position Sensors which are designed for demanding applications and can be customised to your requirements.

Utilising conductive plastic technology, these units feature high resolution and linearity and extended life times as well as robust resistance to environmental extremes and mechanical hazards such as vibration and shock.

Angular Position Sensors are precision rotational potentiometers designed to provide accurate measurements in demanding environments.

Linear Position Sensors, which combine extended product life with high accuracy, are available in a variety of length and ohmic values.

UPS Accessories

We can fit your UPS with a variety of accessories and options, including:

  • External manual bypass switches
  • Remote LCD or LED alarm panels
  • PowerShield³ communications software for UPS management
  • PowerNetGuard network supervision software
  • NetMan network card
  • Environmental sensors
  • Protocol converters and serial link duplexers
  • Serial / USB and Serial / EPO ports
  • EPO internal card
  • RS-232 to USB converter
  • AS/400 and i-Series UPS connection kit

Power Monitoring Surveys

We can carry out a Power Monitoring Survey that includes a graphical analysis of the electrical supply and consumption (load profile). We can also provide analysis of harmonics up to the 50th harmonic through regular sampling of voltage and current waveform, as well as analysis of disturbances such as waveshape faults, voltage dips or surges, and impulses or spikes.

We will install and setup on-site instrumentation to collect the data as requested by the client. Once the monitoring period is complete, we will remove the instrumentation and provide a full report, which can include suggestions for reducing disturbances and harmonics if requested as well as the standard graphical analysis of the power supply.

Battery Installation

Batteries are a crucial element in the integrity of your UPS system. Although most UPS systems will carry out short battery tests on a regular basis, it is essential to maintain the batteries at all times.

We can supply, maintain, install or replace a wide selection of batteries. The most common ones are sealed lead acid designed with a 5 or 10 year lifetime. Some of these are compliant to BS6290 pt4.

We can install batteries on:

  • Open, cladded or enclosed racks
  • Custom systems
  • Matching battery cabinets
  • Battery stand leg extensions to support the battery weight over a false or raised floor

We can also provide and install transition boxes, battery fuses and switchgear and DC cables.

As a hazardous waste registered company, we can correctly dispose of and recycle your old batteries.

Electrical Installation

We can install UPS, generator and manual bypass control panels as well as all required switchgear and distribution panels for your existing LV system or for an entirely new system.

All electrical installations are subject to quotation following a site survey and are certified to NICEIC standards.

Examples of our work include supply and installation of a 200kVA parallel redundant UPS system with a bypass control board featuring two distribution board outputs, as well as the installation of a 40kVA UPS having an external manual bypass switch and output distribution with RCBOs.

On-site Services

We offer a variety of onsite services all designed with a view to providing our customers with the best solution for their unique business continuity and power protection requirements.

Some of our on-site services include: Installation and commissioning; Battery Builds, replacement and disposal; Battery impedance testing; Operation and load testing; Site surveys and system health checks; Regular maintenance contracts; Emergency call-out facility; Repair; Relocation.

We aim to provide a first-rate service that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

In-house Repair & Build Centre

In addition to on-site services, we also provide in-house repair, build and test services.

Repair: We will inspect products requiring repair and provide a repair quotation before carrying out work, so you know what is involved in the repair.

Build: We build an extensive variety of standard AC, DC and battery systems as well as customised units. The most cost effective way of doing this is by integrating standard products into a bespoke system tailored to customer requirements.

Test: We test all products prior to despatch. We can also, upon request, perform and have witnessed any customer specified testing.



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