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For the last ten years Cenpart Ltd has been supplying protective barrier systems to the manufacturing and distribution industries, and more recently to UK Highways Agencies. Our well placed crash barriers can be relied upon to prevent potentially costly and life threatening accidents. Although our barriers were initially targeted at non-highway applications such as factories, docks, loading bays, yards, car parks and warehouses, we now produce the Armco type barrier which is designed to resist high speed impacts at acute angles, making it suitable for highways.

So as well as offering barrier systems that separate people, buildings, equipment, and stock from moving vehicles, we now provide crash barriers that save motorists' lives. Our crash barrier systems are now readily available from our stock and are easily fitted by maintenance crew using basic tools. We offer a supply only or supply and full installation service, depending on which you prefer. Crash barrier systems are of a modular format so that they can be fitted at almost any angle or gradient. They can also be double sided or double row systems, and may be coated in any RAL colour if required.

An expert team of engineers and fabricators enable Cenpart to produce one-offs, delivering customised systems for almost any application. We have completed projects as varied as feature fencing, acoustic enclosures, raised gravity fed fuel tanks, fire escapes and stairways.

With the impact of Health and Safety laws enforced by UK and European regulations and the 'claim culture' that comes with them, it is becoming more and more important to protect employees from moving vehicles in the workplace. That's why you should be using the most robust and reliable crash barrier solutions by choosing Cenpart Ltd. For a safe workplace and peace of mind, give us a call!

Armco Crash Barriers

Armco crash barriers can be used to protect people and property in both indoor and outdoor applications. Although the Armco style was originally designed for highways, Cenpart has supplied these barrier systems to car parks, warehouses, factories, docks, quaysides, loading bays, yards and private roads all over the UK. Even the smallest crash barrier in the right location can prevent costly damage to buildings, stock, machinery and plant. Our crash barriers may be ordered in single row or multi row format with a range of post sizes which can be bolted down or cast in. For superior protection both on the road and in the workplace, the Armco crash barrier is your best choice.

Open Box Beam Crash Barriers

Our open box beam crash barriers are heavy duty systems that were originally designed for the approach to bridges and other structures. This is because their deflection under impact is significantly less than standard corrugated beams. These trapezoidal shaped beams come in standard lengths of 4.8m and 2.4m and are usually mounted on posts set at 2.4m or 1.2m. If required, we'll cut the beams to your specifications. Two internal fishplates are used to join the beams together, while a special clamping plate mounts the beam onto the posts.


At our warehouses we have a large stock of posts in RSJ and Z-section profiles. These can be bolted down or cast into concrete. We'll help you select the right type of post to be installed at the correct intervals according to the level of protection you need for your application. RSJ posts are the most popular variety of post that Cenpart supplies because they are ideal for almost any application. These are available in numerous sizes, with or without hand rail extensions. RSJ posts offer a rigid support with very little deflection under impact. Where impact severity and frequency is not an issue, the Z-section posts are the cost-effective solution. We stock 110 x 50 x 5mm posts for light applications, and 125 x 90 x 5mm posts which are heavier duty but still represent great value.

Corner and Column Protection

A crash barrier system would not be complete without corner and column protection. We offer Guardian Corner Frames that wrap around corners for complete protection. These are ideal for situations where vehicles past in and out of an opening in a building. Corner frames are available in a range of sizes for protection against vehicles of most sizes, and can be supplied in any RAL colour. Corner protection units can also be cast in or bolted down, meaning they can be retrospectively fitted in unforeseen problem areas. Because columns are usually crucial for the support of a building, it is imperative that they are protected from vehicle collision. Whether you need a simple sand-filled cowling or a tightly radiused Armco circle, let Cenpart put your mind at rest by offering a reliable, cost-effective solution.

Wheel Guides

If your warehouse loading bay areas are frequently damaged by unaligned reversing vehicles, Cenpart has the solution. We offer tubular wheel guides which define the line a vehicle should follow so that it remains central in the loading bay. As they can be cast in or bolted down, wheel guides can be retro-fitted in unforeseen problem areas. Wheel guides may be galvanised only or coated in any RAL colour, single or striped.

Bollards and Parking Posts

Cenpart is pleased to offer our robust, standard design bollards in a range of sizes and profiles, depending on your requirements. We also have the fabrication facilities to manufacture bollards to your own specifications in stainless or mild steel. As well as galvanized steel static bollards, we offer removable parking posts, collapsible parking posts and economy manual telescopic parking posts.

Hand Rails - Standard Ball Type

Our excellent product range includes handrail systems in a variety of styles to suit your design requirements. We'll supply and install simple industrial steel designs as well as decorative stainless steel systems with optional timber and glass components. Cenpart's ball standard type hand rails offer a cost-effective, custom appearance to an installation. Tubular or solid upright posts have balls welded at the points where the hand rail runs. These balls can be fabricated in a variety of diameters to suit the size of the handrail tube which passes through them. Upright posts may be secured to a structure with sideplate or baseplate fixings. They can also stand alone by casting them into concrete foundations.

Modular Clamp Fitting Hand Rails

In addition to our standard ball type handrail systems, Cenpart offers a versatile range of slip on, galvanised tube fittings which offer unbelievable flexibility in handrail systems. These clamp fittings enable quick and easy construction of structures without the need for welding or riveting. Because they are so versatile, these tube fittings have been used in conjunction with racking and retail displays, market stalls, lighting supports, cycle racks, playground equipment, greenhouses and much more.

Environmental Acoustic Barriers

Cenpart has over 10 years worth of experience in the fabrication of steel. That's why we are able to take on a variety of projects, including the manufacture of noise and environmental fencing systems. Whether you need a standard RSJ with drilled holes for rails or a complex baseplate type post with welded angle cleats, Cenpart is happy to manufacture almost any size or style of post. Our fencing systems can be delivered to your site galvanised to BS 729 and powder coated if required.

Rising Arm and Swing Arm Barriers

Cenpart makes available manually operated rising arm and swing arm gates for the control of traffic in numerous applications. These are available in both single and double configuration, preventing unauthorised vehicle access. They can be locked in open or closed position, come with advisory signage, and may be galvanised only or supplied in any RAL colour.

Sliding or Swing Gates

We offer sliding gates and swing gates in a range of styles and infill materials. Whether you need a heavy duty industrial solution or a decorative style, Cenpart will deliver a quality finished product that may be supplied galvanised only or finished in any RAL colour. Sliding gates have a tracked or cantilever sliding mechanism. Advisory signage is also available. For more information on our sliding and swing gates, please visit our website or contact Cenpart directly.

Height Restrictors

If you need to prevent vehicles of a certain type or height accessing your open site, look to Cenpart for goalpost type height restrictors. These are available in simple fixed design, or with locking swing-top bars which allows larger vehicles access when necessary. This is particularly useful for contractor access or deliveries. Height restrictors are available with advisory signage and may be supplied in any RAL colour.



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