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Circuit Engineering Marketing Co. Ltd. (CEMCO) specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of automated process machinery for the production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). We provide the electronics manufacturing industries with high quality stand-alone equipment as well as fully integrated automated process lines that perform a range PCB assembly, cleaning, soldering and testing tasks. 

Our commitment to (and investment in) ongoing research and development has seen us develop a range of advanced manufacturing solutions to cover virtually all production requirements. We offer machines that epitomise modern design and which set the highest standard in equipment technology, engineering style and craftsmanship.

CEMCO was established in 1971 as a manufacturing company specialising in the supply of tooling and other equipment for the PCB industry as well as purpose-built machinery for non-associated industries. Over the years we have expanded our range with both our own equipment and that of other manufacturers for whom we act as agents. 

In the early 1980s we developed the Quicksilver Vertical Hot Air Solder Leveler, a machine that can now be found in PCB production plants worldwide. By the end of that decade we had released ‘ALCHEMY’, one of the world’s first automatic Horizontal Hot Air Solder Levelers – a machine that is now used by major PCB fabricators right across the globe. 

In 1989 we opened up our office in California in order to serve the needs of board shops, material suppliers and OEMs in the USA. Ten years later CEMCO reached an agreement with Symonds PLC for the purchase of Finishing Services Ltd UK (FSL), allowing us to expand our product portfolio with a range of quality wet processing equipment. 

The last decade has seen CEMCO continue to develop new products, systems and technologies to make PCB production faster and more efficient. The range you see on our website today is the culmination of more than 40 years of hard work and dedication. 

Etchant Regeneration & Copper Recovery System

Our Etchant ‘Regen’ Systems have a specialised electrolytic cell which enables acidic cupric chloride etchant to be ‘regenerated’ whilst recovering the copper etched from the panel’s surface. The size of the cell is determined by what sort of recovery rate you need. Standard cells offer recovery rates of 2kg per hour, but anything up to 10kg per hour is possible. Higher rates of recovery require modules to be used in series. 

With our Etchant ‘Regen’ Systems there is no need for chemical oxidizing agents and there is no longer any need to store fresh or spent etchant. The only by-product from these machines is copper powder. Find out more about how they work by visiting CEMCO online. 

Wet Process Equipment

Offering conveyor speeds of up to 0.5mpm from a line which is less than 5 metres in length, the Streamline System gives you much more from much less - a faster process from a machine that has a much smaller footprint than traditional equipment. Instead of having conventional flood and spray chambers (as used in earlier designs), CEMCO’s Streamline wet process equipment uses streamline flow treatment chambers (hence the name). This results in a faster and more uniform reaction, significantly reducing processing time. This is just one of the unique features that makes Streamline equipment smaller, more efficient and more capable than conventional immersion systems. Find out more by visiting CEMCO online.

Reel to Reel Plating System

Over the years CEMCO has been approached by a number of companies requesting bespoke solutions for their manufacturing processes, and many of these solutions have become permanent products in our range. One such product is our Reel to Reel Plating System, initially designed for use in the production of RFID antennas. Commissioned by Conductive Inkjet Technology, the CEMCO Reel to Reel Plating System utilises a number of patented techniques which result in faster reaction times and improved uniformity in the creation of solid copper patterns. You can find out more about this system and other bespoke solutions developed by CEMCO engineers on our website.

Solder Coating & Hot Air Leveling Systems

Our Quicksilver Vertical Hot Air Solder Leveler has been setting standards for over 25 years. Over 700 of these systems have been sold worldwide. Here are some reasons why:

  • Compared to similar sized systems it uses approximately 10w less power. 
  • The unique design allows solder to weir over a relatively narrow channel, requiring less energy to heat it and resulting in less dross. 
  • The Quicksilver Vertical HASL is the only machine of its kind to incorporate a highly efficient combined air knive/heat exchanger. 
  • User-friendly controls make it much simpler to use than competing systems. 
  • The Quicksilver Vertical HASL has a much smaller footprint than other levelers.

You can find out more about our Quicksilver Vertical HASL by visiting CEMCO online. 

Parts & Spares

CEMCO can provide parts and spares for all of its machines, and you can rest assured that technical support will be available should you require it. At CEMCO we take pride in offering an outstanding after-sales service.

On our website you’ll find a full list of parts and spares for our Alchemy C-Type, Alchemy D-Type, Quicksilver and FSL machines. Follow the link above or click on the image to the right to be redirected. 

Handling Equipment

CEMCO handling equipment includes:

  • Streamline Compact Flat Belt Loader & Unloader – For use where panel separation is required.
  • 8 & 26 Panel Rotary Buffers – Designed to allow input or output interruption without disruption to material flow.
  • Flat & Radial Mechanical Minders – For loading, unloading or buffering rigid panels in situations where face to face contact may damage the surface of the panel.
  • Rotator – To ensure consistent panel orientation within a processing system. 
  • Semi-Vertical Loader & Unloader – To automatically load panels onto a conveyor from a transport trolley and unload them at the end of a process line. 
  • Horizontal Stack Unloader - To offload and stack panels at the end of a process line or diverter.
  • Conveyors – For linking between processes.
  • Diverters – To divert product flow 90 degrees. 

Full details and specifications for each of the above can be found on the CEMCO website. 

Chemical Processes

CEMCO offers a range of automated solutions for the chemical processes involved in PCB production. These include:

  • Pre & Post Treatment Systems – For cleaning copper prior to solder coating and washing to remove flux residues that remain on the panel after flux coating. Also incorporates a dryer.
  • Develop/Etch/Strip Lines – A compact, fully integrated solution for all three applications.
  • Direct Metallisation Lines – These can process a batch of boards within just 10 minutes.
  • De-Smear Lines – Incorporating three stages: solvent rinsing, de-smearing and removal of contamination. 
  • Solderable Coating Lines – For the application of tin, silver, nickel gold and other organic and inorganic finishes.   

Full details on our chemical process lines can be found on the CEMCO website. 

New & Reconditioned Equipment

As well as offering an excellent range of new equipment, CEMCO can supply a number of pre-owned and reconditioned systems which often present a more economical solution for our customers. Machines currently available for sale include:

  • Alchemy D-Series Horizontal Hot Air Leveler
  • Online Copper Skimming Systems for Alchemy C-Series Hot Air Levelers.
  • Various Loaders and Unloaders.
  • CEMCO ‘LYNK’ Flat & Radial Belt Modules (with various capacities).

These stocks are subject to change, so make sure you visit CEMCO online to see exactly what we have available. 

Vacuum Packaging Machine

How your product looks when it is presented to the customer gives a strong indication of your commitment to quality, which is why packaging your PCBs in the right way is so important. To ensure your PCBs remain clean, visible and undamaged by air, moisture or movement they must be vacuum packed. To help you do this as cost-effectively as possible CEMCO has developed several vacuum packaging machines based on a simple operating system which allows users to adjust vacuum and sealing time to suit the item that is to be packaged. These are capable of sealing your PCBs within in a matter of seconds, and if required they can be specially configured for products that are particularly soft or fragile. You can find out more about our vacuum packaging systems by visiting CEMCO online.

Alchemy C Type

CEMCO’s Alchemy Horizontal Hot Air Solder Levelers have been designed to meet the requirements of PCB fabricators and assemblers worldwide. The culmination of more than two decades of research and development, these systems allow users to apply solder coatings of different thicknesses with much greater uniformity and at a much lower cost than ever before. Key reasons for choosing CEMCO Horizontal HASL systems over competing models include:

  • Marked increase in capacity – These systems can accommodate up to 2000 panels per shift.
  • Increased uptime – Production availability on all three shifts.
  • Improved quality – Better handling techniques and greater processing control means there are fewer defects, resulting in a higher percentage of 1st pass yields. 
  • Reduced solder contact time – Convection pre-heating reduces thermal shock and flux absorption.
  • Increased solder planarity – Thanks to improved distribution techniques. 
  • Reduced environmental impact – Thanks to significantly lower material requirements.

Alchemy D Type

Our Alchemy D-Type Horizontal Hot Air Solder Leveler has been designed specifically for use in low to medium capacity facilities. However they also offer an ideal solution for C-Type users who require additional capacity (particularly where space is at a premium). The system incorporates a panel align/rotator, which means it can be installed in either a straight line or ‘U’ configuration, the latter of which saves a great deal of space. 

Despite their compact design, D-Type HASLs are still capable of processing in excess of 1,400 panels per shift, with 1st pass yields typically exceeding 97%. 

You can find out more about the Alchemy D-Type HASL by visiting CEMCO online. 

Lead Free Roller Tinner

The CEMCO Lead-Free Roller Tinner is built with a lower 127mm (dia.) tinning roller and an upper 50mm silicone rubber roller which is spring-loaded and driven via a one-way clutch at a significantly lower speed than its counterpart. This ensures that the top roller ‘idles’ as the boards pass through. Meanwhile, spring-loaded scraper blocks at either end of the bottom tinning roller contain the anti-drossing salts within the area of the solder bath. The system has an integrally mounted electrical cabinet that allows you to control the speed and temperature of the operation as well as to start and stop the process. Find out more by visiting CEMCO online.

Custom Design

Drawing upon more than 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture and implementation of automated PCB production lines, we are able to develop fully customised solutions to meet the individual requirements of our customers. It means that as well as a standard range of products we can offer bespoke solutions which are tailored to your specific needs. Our team of engineers, technicians and project managers are able to take your idea from concept right through to completion, handling all aspects of design (including 3D modelling), production and assembly. We understand the challenges of automation projects and we have a proven track-record in the design and development of practical, reliable solutions. Get in touch to find out more. 

Bespoke Manufacturing

At CEMCO we have been manufacturing special-purpose machines and production equipment to solve manufacturing problems in the electronics industry for more than 40 years. All of this experience goes into the production of our systems to ensure that they remain efficient and reliable over an extended period of time. 

To produce our automated production equipment we use the latest CNC machinery and employ the very best engineers and technicians. At our manufacturing facility we have milling machines, lathes, bending and folding equipment, welders and all kinds of electrical engineering systems, all of which are used by fully qualified and experienced personnel. 

Manufacturing Facilities

CEMCO’s design and manufacturing facilities are comprehensive. To design equipment we use the latest CAD and 3D modelling software, including SolidWorks, AutoCad and Electrical Designer. We also have Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software to control machine tools in the production process. 

At our Buriton site we have facilities for welding, gluing, forming and moulding, while at our factory in Waterlooville we have a range of CNC machines for tooling. 

Find out more about our design and manufacturing capabilities by visiting CEMCO online. 

Agents & Distributors

Like most organisations that sell products throughout the world, CEMCO has an extensive network of agents and distributors who provide vital sales and service support for international customers. We have taken great care in the selection of our distributors to ensure you get the same level of service as our UK customers. 

To find your nearest CEMCO distributor, please head over to the CEMCO website. We have agents across Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australasia.  



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