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Castle offer FREE seminars to anyone interested in health and safety, environmental monitoring and plant maintenance and monitoring. These sessions are geared to give as much of an insight as possible. If you have any of the issues in your organisation, then this is genuinely FREE advice. You can find more information at www.need2know4free.com .

Castle Group is committed to helping professionals in Health and Safety, Environmental Compliance and Plant Maintenance Engineering, Castle set out to help in a way that suits you best. We can provide or rent equipment, training and backup support or we can carry out work on your behalf. This is tailored to match your way of working. · Measuring and Monitoring Instruments · Equipment Rental · Database and Data-management Software · Training Courses and In-house Provision · Calibration and Repair of Monitoring Equipment · Consultancy for Health, Safety, Environment and Engineering Solutions · Online Knowledge Health and Safety Compliance with legislation and mitigation of claims is really what health and safety is about for most companies. That is how we are set up to help you; Our training courses are all geared to that end as is any equipment we might supply or rent to you. If you need us in person, we’ll be there too! Call NOW on 01723 584250 and get your health and safety compliance on-track the way you want to do it!

There are many issues you might like us to have a look at · Noise and Vibration at Work · Audiometry · HAVS Health Surveillance · Health Screening · Air Sampling and Gas Detection · Indoor Air Quality · Airflow · Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) · General Compliance and Risk Assessment Environmental Compliance In an increasingly sensitive atmosphere to environmental issues, businesses have to be careful. Neighbours are increasingly aware of theirs ‘right’ to complain and the environmental agencies are looking for industry to clean up its act. Simply call us on 01723 584250 if you have any environmental compliance issues and we will work with you to find the best way forward. · Noise for Planning · Complaint Management · Ground-Bourne & Building Vibration · Stack-Emissions Monitoring · Environmental Air Sampling · Water Quality Testing Maintenance and Diagnostics Production plant needs maintenance and if this can be done only when needed, then cost savings can be huge. Condition monitoring offers the ability carry out predictive maintenance so shut-down is only when you plan it and only when it’s needed.  Vibration Monitoring Systems · Vibration Meters · Temperature Monitoring System · Thermometers · Thermal Imaging · Diagnostic Vibration Analysis · Tachometers · Inspection Endoscopes

It is very simple to work out if this is the right approach for your business, so give us a call on 01723 584250 so we find out how much you could save!


Free Knowledge Seminars

Covering subjects in health and safety, environmental compliance and plant maintenance, Castle seminars are a must for anyone with issues in any of these areas subjects include:

  • Noise, Vibration, Dust and Vapours        
  • Environmental Noise and Vibration     
  • Condition Montoring and Predictive Maintenance           
  • Health and Safety for Directors

Click on this link to find out more: www.need2know4free.com - get yourself a place!

Castle Training Academy

To comply with most pieces of health and safety or environmental laws requires you to be competence. That means you need the skills to carry out specific tasks and the knowledge to understand the outcomes. This is exactly how Castle courses run!

We cover a diverse range of subjects in a few specialised areas:

  • Health and Safety Compliance Courses 
  • Noise, Vibration, COSHH, Asbestos
  • Health Surveillance Courses
  • Audiometry, Lung Function, HAVS 
  • Environmental Monitoring Courses 
  • Noise, Vibration, Air Quality
  • Diagnostic Engineering Courses 
  • Maintenance and Monitoring Courses

In-house and Bespoke Training: The benefits of in-house training can be extensive. Training can be tailored to your company, the timing can be made to suit your needs, you get to keep your staff on-site and you can train many people at one go!

You can pick any of our standard courses, a shortened version as an awareness session or a toolbox talk or you can design your own course covering a large range of topics. Visit our website for a list of ideas!

Castle Shop: Monitoring Products & Solutions

If you need to measure noise or vibration, then why not use a company that has over 40 years of experience in the field! Castle offers and extensive range of noise and vibration monitoring equipment covering many applications.

Visit www.castlesafetyshop.com to see our range of noise and vibration equipment. ·

  • Noise at Work sound meters and dosimeters 
  • Human Vibration meters for hand-arm and whole-body measurements 
  • Environmental noise monitoring kits for short- or long-term applications 
  • Environmental Vibration monitoring kits for ground-bourne measurements 
  • Vibration Meters for plant and machinery monitoring and diagnostics

Castle Rent: Test & Measurement Equipment Hire - Easily

Renting equipment is a viable alternative to owning it outright. If your use is only occasional or if you just like the flexibility it can give you, then renting equipment can really be the way to go. Check out
www.castlerent.com to see our latest deals and products. 

  • Easy on Cash-Flow 
  • Short or Long Term Rentals 
  • Let the Taxman Pay on Contracts 
  • Try Before You Buy 
  • 4 weeks for the Price of 3! 
  • No On-going Maintenance

We’ll Source Any Equipment for You if you can’t find it on our site!

Training: Construction Health & Safety Courses

The Castle-Group is pleased to offer an excellent range of construction Health and Safety courses.

Courses include:

  • Building Acoustics – Document E Compliance Course
  • Environmental Noise Awareness Course
  • Environmental Vibration Awareness Course
  • Building Site Accident Prevention
  • Construction Fundamentals for Safety
  • Construction Managing Hazards and Risks

Please visit our website to find out more about our construction Health and Safety course. Alternatively, please contact us directly at the Castle-Group and we will provide all the information you may need.

Training: Environmental Training Courses

We are also pleased to offer various environmental training courses.

The range includes:

  • Environmental Noise Awareness Course: enables delegates to learn how to prevent noise pollution in the environment via a range of practical solutions.
  • Environmental Noise Course: a three day course covering the principles of environmental noise.
  • Environmental Vibration Awareness Course: this one day course teaches the effects of vibration in construction and the environment.
  • Environmental Vibration Competence Course: teaches delegates about the effects of environmental vibration and how to minimise them

Please contact us at the Castle-Group for more information.

Training: Industrial Training Courses

We offer three main industrial training courses:

  • Advanced Signal Processing Course: featuring signal processing as part of machine diagnostics and operations.
  • Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Course: delegates learn about condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.
  • Diagnostic Vibration Course: covering diagnostic vibration for assessing and maintaining equipment.

Please contact us at the Castle-Group for more information.

Training: Workplace Health & Safety Courses

We also offer workplace Health and Safety courses including:

  • IOSH Directing Safely: a one day course suitable for directors.
  • IOSH Managing Safely Course: a professional Health and Safety course suitable for managers.
  • IOSH Supervising Safely Course: a three day course tailored specifically to supervisory management.
  • IOSH Working Safely Course: providing all employees with a basic understanding of Health and Safety in the workplace.
  • Employee Noise toolbox Talk: provides a basic understanding of how noise can damage hearing.
  • Industrial Audiometry Course: delegates on this course learn how to perform hearing tests and understand requirements of employers in industrial noise workplaces.

This is just a selection of our Health and Safety Courses. Please head over to our website to view our complete range of Health and Safety courses.

Castle Calibration & Repair

The Castle-Group offers excellent calibration and repair services and equipment. We provide calibration and repair services for a range of equipment including: air sampling, EMF test equipment, gas detection, audiometers, light meters, sound level meters, thermometers and hygrometers, vibration meters and more.

If you would like to find out more about our calibration and repair services or equipment, please contact us today at the Castle-Group and we will be happy to help.

Consultancy: Health & Safety

Our highly skilled and experienced consultants are on hand to offer advice and assistance when you need it.

We specialise in a range of health and safety areas including:

  • Control of Noise at Work
  • Noise Control
  • Control of Vibration at Work
  • HAVS Tool Testing
  • COSHH Regs (Air Sampling)
  • Confined Space Assessments
  • Asbestos Management
  • Light in the Workplace
  • Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)
  • Health and Safety Support Service
  • General Risk Assessments
  • Health and Safety Policy Assistance
  • Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments

If you would like to find out more about our Health and Safety consultancy services, please give us a call at the Castle-Group.

Consultancy: Occupational Hygiene

We also offer fantastic consultancy services in the area of occupational hygiene. Our dedicated team of consultants provides advice and support in a range of areas including:

  • Control of Noise at Work Regulations
  • Noise Control
  • Control of Vibration at Work Regulations
  • COSHH Regulations (Air Sampling)
  • Confined Space Assessments
  • Asbestos Management
  • Light in the Workplace
  • Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) 

If you would like more information regarding our consultancy services in these areas, please contact our friendly team at the Castle-Group Ltd.

Consultancy: Health Surveillance

Our specialists at the Castle-Group provide top quality equipment and first class services for setting up health surveillance.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Audiometry: we help set up and carry out audiometric testing programmes.
  • HAVS Surveillance: we can carry out health surveillance for HAVS on-site or as part of a mobile health screening visit.
  • Lung Function Testing: Lung function testing (spirometry) is available as a specialist service or as part of a mobile health surveillance unit.
  • General Health Screening: in a range of areas including audiometry, HAVS surveillance, lung function testing, general health screening, drugs and alcohol screening and muscular-skeletal assessment.
  • Mobile Service: mobile units covering a range of areas including audiometry, HAVS surveillance, lung function testing, general health screening, drugs and alcohol screening and muscular-skeletal assessment.

Please call us today to find out more.

Consultancy: Environmental

Here at the Castle-Group, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to environmental monitoring and assessments. We offer consultancy services to meet a range of business requirements such as noise in the environment, vibration in the environment, stack monitoring, environmental particulate monitoring, air quality monitoring, light pollution, water quality, light pollution, soil testing, hydrology surveys, traffic surveys and more. The use of environmental monitoring can be very important and at the Castle-Group we can carry out full Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), ongoing monitoring and complaint resolution solutions. Please contact us today at the Castle-Group to find out more.

Consultancy: Ecology

We also offer an excellent range of ecology monitoring and assessment services.

Services include:

  • Habitat Surveys: designed to ensure clients protect ecology onsite and comply with all applicable regulations.
  • Habitat Development: involving strategies to help clients comply with regulations and develop Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes.
  • Species Management: protected species surveys are carried out for amphibians, reptiles, mammals, invertebrates, birds and plants.
  • Flora and Fauna Surveys: vegetation management services are available to help with compliance through to high level reparation and habitat improvement.
  • Hydrology: may involve a range of surveys such as hydro-geological desk studies, site assessment and flow monitoring, rainfall and run-off study and more.

Please visit our website, or contact us at the Castle-Group for more information.

Consultancy: Industrial

Our industrial consultancy services are designed to minimise incidence of unplanned stoppages in order to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability.

We specialise in a range of areas including:

  • Vibration Monitoring.
  • Vibration Control Engineering.
  • Condition Monitoring System Design and Implementation.
  • Predictive Maintenance Programme Design and Implementation.
  • Noise Measurement and Control.
  • Diagnostic Analysis – Vibration.
  • Engineering Solutions for Plant Effectiveness and Efficiency.

Our highly-skilled and experienced consultants can offer simple, baseline measurements for condition monitoring programmes, or complete consultancy services for the implementation of predictive maintenance programmes. Please contact our friendly team at the Castle-Group to discuss your requirements.

Castle Shop: Air Sampling

We are pleased to offer a fantastic range of top quality air sampling products for the accurate detection, reading and monitoring of air.

Examples of the range include:

  • Air Sampling Pumps: includes the AirCheck 2000, BUCK Elite™ Pumps, BUCK Libra Plus™ Pumps, BUCK Libra™ Pumps, Dust Scan Monitor DS100, Gastec Standard Detector Tube System, HAZ-DUST 1 Real-time Particulate Monitor and more.
  • Colour Changing Tubes: includes the Gastec Standard Detector Tube System, Kitagawa AP-20 Gas Starter Kit, Kitagawa AP-20 Sampling System and the Kitagawa AP20 Pump.
  • Calibrators: includes SKC Bios Defender Flow Pump Calibrator, SKC Bubble Film Flowmeter, SKC Float Style Rotometer and more.
  • Accessories: includes the Kitagawa AP-20 Maintenance Kit and the Kitagawa Tube Handbook.

Please visit the castleshop.co.uk to view the range in full.

Castle Shop: Cables, Batteries & Storage

At the castleshop.co.uk, we also offer various cables, batteries and storage solutions suitable for use with our health and safety instruments.

The range includes:

  • Batteries: various batteries are available including the Duracell Lithium Cell DL-1/3N, Energiser Batteries, Rechargers for Rechargeable Batteries, Rechargeable High Capacity NI-Mh Batteries and Spare Rechargeable Battery Packs for Vexo.
  • USB Memory Sticks: includes ByteStor 16GB, 32GB, 4GB and 8GB USB Memory Sticks.
  • Cables and Adaptors: includes Cable Tie Automatic Tensioning Tool and Cutter, Cable Ties, USB Serial Adaptor, USB PC Cable for Excieo, Chauvin Arnoux Voltage Detector and more.

Please visit our website to view the range in full.


Castle Shop: Calibrators

Our range of calibrators are designed to ensure meters provide accurate and reliable readings at all times.

We offer an excellent selection of calibrators to meet different industry requirements. Examples of the range include:

  • Sound Calibrators: includes the Castle GA601 Single Level Acoustic Calibrator and the Castle GA607 Dual Level Acoustics Calibrator.
  • Vibration Calibrators: includes the Vibration Calibrator and the Castle GE606 Vibration Calibrator.
  • Air Sampling Calibrators: includes the SKC Bios Defender Flow Pump Calibrator, SKC Bubble Film Flowmeter, SKC Sidekick Deluxe Pump with ATEX Approval and Timer, and more.
  • Gas Detection Calibrators: includes Altair GX2 Automated Test System, BW MicroDock II and the MSA Altair QuickCheck Station.
  • Thermometer Calibrators: various thermometer calibrators are available to ensure measurements are accurate and meet current regulations.

Please visit our website to view our complete range of calibrators.  

Castle Shop: Chemical Analysis

We also offer a range of equipment for chemical analysis applications such as the checking of PH levels in solids and semi-solids.

Examples of the range include:

  • pH Meters: includes 8100 pH Plus pH mV and Temperature Meter, ATP Checker  pH Meter, ATP Waterproof Pocket pH Meter and more.
  • pH Electrodes: ATP 12mm Spear-shaped pH Electrode, ATP General Purpose pH Electrode and more.
  • pH Buffer Solutions: includes ATP pH Buffer Capsules and ATP pH Buffer Solutions.
  • Conductivity Meters: includes ATP Hi-Range Pocket Conductivity Meter and the ATP Low Range Pocket Conductivity Meter.
  • TDS Meters: includes ATP Hi Range and Low Range Pocket TDS Meters, ETI HortiCare Nutrient Tester, TDS Conductivity Testers and more.
  • ORP Testers: includes the Senz Redox Tester for oxidation-reduction potential measurements.

Please visit castleshop.co.uk to view the range in full.

Castle Shop: Communication Equipment

At the castleshop.co.uk, we offer an extensive range of communication equipment suitable for motorcyclists and skiers.

The range includes:

  • Solo Biker Equipment
  • Rider and Pillion Biker Equipment
  • Commercial Instructor Equipment
  • Wired Connection to Pillion
  • Bluetooth Connection to Pillion
  • All Bike-to-bike Intercom Equipment

Alongside our range of communication equipment, we also offer an excellent selection of associated accessories and replacement parts. Please visit our website to view the range in full. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact our friendly team at the castleshop.co.uk who will be happy to help.

Castle Shop: Defibrillators (AED)

The Castle Range of Defibrillators has been expertly designed and created to be tough and robust for reliable use in the toughest of environments. Defibrillators save lives every day and are regularly used by untrained members of the public. With this in mind, we offer an excellent selection of training aids to help users operate defibrillators and develop skills.

Our range of Automated External Defibrillators includes the Powerheart G5 Automatic Kit (non CPRD), the Powerheart G5 Automatic with CPRD, Powerheart G5 Semi-automatic Kit (non CPRD) and Powerheart G5 Semi-automatic Kit with CPRD.

Various defibrillator accessories are also available.


Castle Shop: Distance & Angle Measurement

Please head over to castleshop.co.uk to view our selection of distance and angle measurement equipment.

The range includes:

  • Angle and Level Meters: includes the ATP 600mm Laser Level Meter and the ATP Digital Angle Level Meter.
  • Tape Measures: includes the ATP 5m/ 16ft Measuring Tape.
  • Laser Distance Measures: includes the ATP 50m Laser Distance Meter which features a resolution of 0.1mm.

Please see full product descriptions, including images and prices online.

Castle Shop: Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

Please also take a look at our range of EMF Test Equipment for electro-magnetic fields. Our range of equipment enables the measurement of electric and magnetic fields as well as worker exposure levels.

The range includes:

  • CA42 LF Fieldmaster: for measuring LF Magnetic and electric fields.
  • EMDEX II Magnetic Field Exposure System: widely used for risk assessments and exposure measurements.
  • Plug-in Power and Energy Monitor: for monitoring and measuring power-energy consumption and running costs of electrical appliances.
  • Pocket Conductivity (EC) Meter: for accurate measurements of conductivity values.
  • Professional Cable Locator: featuring a transmitter and receiver.
  • VX0003 Electric Field Strength Meter: for testing electromagnetic pollution.
  • VX0100 Field Strength Meter: for measuring EMF levels.

Please head over to our website to view detailed product descriptions and prices.

Castle Shop: Gas Detection

We offer an excellent selection of gas detection equipment and calibration equipment for the detection and monitoring of gases in the workplace.

The range includes:

  • Gas Monitors: includes the Analox 5S MkIII carbon Dioxide Sensor, Analox ACG+, Analox FGD 3 flammable gas detector, Aspida CO2 Portable Alarm, BW GasAlert Extreme and more.
  • Gas Sensors: includes the Analox 3000 series of oxygen and toxic gas transmitters.
  • Grab Sampling Pumps: includes the Gastec Standard Detector Tube System, Kitagawa AP-20 Sampling System and the Kitagawa AP20 Pump.
  • Calibration: includes 34 litre, 60 litre, 112 litre aluminium non-refillable cylinders, Altair GX2 Automated Test System and more.

Please visit our website or contact us directly at the castleshop.co.uk to find out more.

Castle Shop: Health Surveillance Testing

We offer a selection of health surveillance testing equipment.

Examples of the range include:

  • HAVS: includes Touch-Test Sensory Evaluators, Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer and Purdue Pegboard.
  • Hearing Testing: includes Castle Audiometric Booth, GA1001 Excalibur PC based Audiometer, SM910 Screening Audiometer, SM930 Screening Memory Audiometer and USB300 USB Audiometer.
  • Lung Function Testing: range includes MIR Minispir Light, MIR Minispir New – Spirometer, MIR Minispir New Spirometer and Oximeter, MIR Spirobank II Advanced and Advanced Plus, and many more.

Please visit the castleshop.co.uk to view the range in full.

Castle Shop: Inspection & Test

At the castleshop.co.uk, we offer an extensive range of inspection and test equipment for accurate and reliable monitoring, diagnosis and testing applications.

The range includes:

  • Vibration Meters
  • Endoscopes
  • Borescopes
  • Microscopes
  • Portable Appliance Testing
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Coating/ Thickness and Hardness
  • Multimeters
  • Clamp Meters
  • Sockets
  • Tachometers
  • Moisture Meters

Please visit our website to view the ranges in full. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or would like further advice or assistance with product selection, please contact our friendly team at the castleshop.co.uk who will be happy to help.

Castle Shop: Light, Airflow & Pressure

Light, Airflow and Pressure Climate Meters are becoming increasingly popular for ascertaining levels of air pressure and velocity in working areas. At the castleshop.co.uk, we are pleased to offer an excellent selection of hand-held meters to meet a range of customer requirements.

The range includes:

  • Light Meters: includes 50,000 Lux/ Foot-candles Light Meter, AVM-8000 4 in 1 Environment Anemometer and more.
  • Air Flow Meters: includes Air Flow Cones, AMI 300 multi-parameter portable device, CTV 100 Air Velocity meter and more.
  • Balometers: includes the DBM610 Air Flow Capture Hood Balometer.
  • Pressure Meters: includes various pitot tubes, CA850 Manometer, Cast Iron Clamps and more.

Please see the range in full at the castleshop.co.uk.



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