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Capol (UK) Ltd was first established in 1975 and has fast become recognised as the world leader in the development and manufacture of confectioners polishes, glazes, anti-sticking agents and release agents. Our extensive range of products are made in a purpose built factory based in Elmshorn. To ensure a consistent level of high quality across all of our products we only use the most up to date machinery and techniques available. Our services are extremely versatile and as we can store large amounts of raw materials at a time and we have the ability to react quickly to meet customer's requirements. During our time in business, we have acquired a vast amount of knowledge and expertise within the confectionery industry and we are always willing to help and advise our customers with whatever problems they may have.


For further information on our products and services as well as how to get in touch, please visit the website. 

Chocolate Polish & Sealing Agents

Whatever type of chocolate is chosen, whether it be white, milk or dark, it can provide an attractive, delicious and functional coating to many different centres. Once a chocolate coating has been applied, the overall shelf life and appearance of the product can be improved by polishing and sealing it. Our polishing and sealing agents have been developed over many years and are recognised as the product of choice for many leading confectionery manufacturers. It is also worth noting that as with all our products, our sealing agents and polishes are subjected to constant monitoring and comply with all national and international food regulations.

Capol Confectionery Coatings

We have a wide range of confectionery coatings which can help to enhance the appearance and shelf life of products. Whether it be carnauba wax, beeswax, gum arabic or shellac, all of our coatings possess beneficial qualities for use within confectionery. Carnauba wax is excellent in the production of coating and releasing agents, beeswax is mainly used with gum-type products based on jelly or pectin, gum arabic is excellent for giving chocolate a fantastic shine and shellac is a versatile sealing agent.

Sugar Polishing & Glazing Agents

Whether you are using sugar or an alternative, the distinguishing feature of hard or soft coated confectionery is the shell. With a wide range of flavour and colour options available, it is the shell that defines the overall sensation of the product. Polishing these types of confectionery with natural waxes provides many benefits including an intensification of shine and colour as well as protection against temperature and humidity. We have a range of carnauba and bees wax polishes which are available in liquid, powder or paste form, are easy to apply and provide products with a stable, glazed finish.

Anti-Sticking and Mold Release Agents

The problem with products like toffees and caramels is they stick to everything. To alleviate this problem we have developed a range of anti-sticking and mould release products which will stop the confectionery from sticking to machinery. These products can be used on a wide range of machines including cooling and conveyor belts, cooling rolls, embossing machines, cutting knifes and batch cookers as well as many more. For the full range of anti-stick products, including detailed specifications, please visit the website.

Anti-Sticking Agents for Liquorice

Another confectionery that can be difficult to handle due to its propensity to adhere to everything is licorice. Thankfully, our anti-stick and mould release products can be used in this instance as well, with many different pieces of machinery being eligible. Our anti-stick products come in liquid, paste and solid forms and do not contain any water, animal fats or mineral hydrocarbons. Customers also have different products to choose from according to what exact viscosity is needed and what confectionery is being made.

Coated Raw Materials

Many products such as gums and jellies tend to be coated with organic or inorganic acids to produce a sour taste. The problem is that when these acids are exposed to certain environmental conditions, such as high humidity, they can react with the sugar on the product. To prevent this reaction from happening before it should, the acids need to be encapsulated in a special coating. Out standard range of fat coated acids include fat coated citric acid, fat coated malic acid and fat coated tartaric acid. If you have any questions on the best way to apply this product, our team of experts are on hand to answer any questions.

Anti-sticking Agents for Gum & Jelly Sweets

Starch gums are made from wheat, potato and maize starches and are gelatanised at a high temperate and pressure. The combination of ingredients within jellies tend to mean that are extremely sticky and can stick to the packaging as well as each other. Our anti sticking agents, commonly known as 'wine gum oil' can coat the jellies and prevent them from sticking as well as giving them an attractive shine. Our anti-sticking agents are made from carnabua wax, beeswax or a mix of two in vegetable oil and can even be modified to give a burst of flavour when the bag is first opened.

Pre-Coating Nuts & Fruit Centres

Certain centres like fruits and nuts can often require specific considerations. For example the oils in nuts may eventually travel to the surface of a product and fruit will often require a moisture barrier. This process involves a pre-coating which is applying a thin barrier to a centre before coating with chocolate. Our Fix Gum range includes Fix Gum A and Fix Gum B which can be used on nuts, raisins, dried fruit, liquorice ropes, gums and jelly products. We also have products which can be used on chocolate centres and chewing gum balls.



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VAT Number: GB625 1372 60
Founded:1 January, 1993 (25 years and 5 months ago)
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Annual Turnover: 1-2m
Parent Company: Capol GmbH
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