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Capital Vending, established in 1981, is one of Scotland’s leading vending machine suppliers. We have been trading for more than 30 years, making us one of the long-serving companies of our kind in the whole of the UK.  Our machines are supplied to businesses, offices, schools and leisure facilities throughout the country, helping clients to achieve a high standard of vending solutions for the workplace whilst supporting environmental causes through the supply of Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance Certified products. 

With an exceptional range of coffee makers, water coolers and snack and bottle/can vending machines, we’re able to satisfy virtually any commercial vending requirement. Whatever the size or type of your business, Capital Vending is confident of providing a solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Customers can choose from a number of buying options, including lease and outright purchase. For larger sites we can also provide a fully managed operational service. 

You can find some of our products listed in the sections below, but these represent just the tip of the iceberg. Only by visiting Capital Vending online can you discover our full range of vending solutions. If you would like any further information about Capital Vending or the products listed below, please do not hesitate to call. Our helpful, friendly sales agents are always on hand to provide expert help and advice. 

Westomatic Sigma

The Westomatic Sigma serves up freshly ground bean-to-cup coffee, freshly brewed tea and creamy chocolate drinks in 7oz, 9oz or 12oz cups. It’s quick and easy to use and is perfect for any workplace, from the office to the factory. Optional features include the latest ‘coffee on the go’ accessory, which dispenses sip lids from a specially designated dispenser. On the Capital Vending website you can see the Westomatic Sigma in action as it prepares ‘the perfect cup of coffee’!

Westomatic Solo Encore

The Westomatic Solo Encore is available in a choice of instant, freshbrew and bean-to-cup models, all of which use an ingredient pulsing technique to ensure consistent mixing and optimum drink quality. A ‘no-cup’ option means customers can use their own cup or mug, which is great for cutting costs and reducing waste. UV and Brita filter kits are available as optional extras – these are applied to the water mains to purify water prior to mixing. The Westomatic Solo Encore is manufactured right here in the UK, giving you complete assurance over quality and reliability.

Coffetek Nexus

The Coffetek Nexus features a unique flat screen selection system that allows users to design their own drink – from fresh bean coffees to fresh leaf teas, chocolates, soups and cold drinks. Display messages can be customised upon configuration. The Nexus features a large open-cup station that enhances the user experience by allowing full view of the drink as it is being prepared. Another benefit is its high capacity cup system, which may be filled with plastic or paper cups depending on your preference.

Neva Duo

The Neva Duo features dual hoppers in which the coffee beans and fresh leaf tea are loaded and displayed. It is capable of delivering up to 120 drinks per hour without the need for specialist cleaning, and has one-touch operation buttons and an LCD progress display for easy programming. These qualities make it ideal for both self-serve or counter-serve operations. The Duo features a high capacity hot water facility for teas and infusion drinks, and has a ‘Go Large’ option for increased drink size. You can find out more by downloading the Neva Duo brochure, which is available in PDF format from the Capital Vending website.

Neva Bean-to-Cup

The Neva Bean-to-Cup features a visible bean hopper (containing enough coffee or tea for 160 drinks), a high capacity hot water facility for teas and infusion drinks, one-touch operation buttons and a clear LCD progress display. Capable of delivering 120 drinks per hour without need for specialist cleaning, the Neva Bean-to-Cup is ideal for just about any office or commercial environment, either as self-serve or counter-serve. The single piece mixing system makes the Bean-to-Cup extremely easy to fill and maintain. If you would like to find out more, please head over to the Capital Vending website.

Westomatic Prelude

The Westomatic Prelude is available in a choice of instant, freshbrew and bean-to-cup models, all of which may be fitted with a change-giver mechanism or supplied as ‘free-vend’ systems. They feature an internal paperless brewer that dispenses fresh tea, and may be fitted with a special H20 cabinet that dispenses UV/Brita filtered water. Other options include a jug-fill facility ideal for meeting rooms. The Westomatic Prelude is designed and manufactured right here in the UK. For more information, please head over to the Capital Vending website.

Neva 3 Instant

The Neva 3 Instant is an ultra-compact drinks machine that requires very little counter space, making it ideal for smaller establishments. It has 8 different drink options, including latte, mocha and cappuccino, and features a high capacity hot water facility for teas and infusion drinks. One touch operation buttons with an LCD progress display makes drink selection simple and straightforward, while a single piece mixing system does the same for cleaning and maintenance. The Neva 3 Instant is ideal for self-serve or counter-serve operation. To find out more, please download our brochure from the Capital Vending website.

Azkoyen Vitale S

The Azkoyen Vitale S is available in bean-to-cup or instant models, with up to 7 product selections for each. This compact, low-profile drinks machine is extremely easy to fill and maintain, and features a diagnostic panel that informs the operator when there is lack of water or coffee. Plumbed or water reservoir options are available. To find out more about the Azkoyen Vitale S, please head over to the Capital Vending website, where you’ll find a full PDF download containing extra information.

Darrenth Minicup Flex

The Darrenth Minicup Flex is ideal for smaller users who require a simple, cost-effective refreshment solution. This compact yet highly functional machine offers a choice of 5 (manual) or 4 (push button automatic) in-cup drink selections. Sugar can also be electronically dispensed using either a push button selection or a side mounted sugar dispenser unit.


Capital Vending is one of the UK’s leading vending machine suppliers, and as such can offer a range of vending solutions and services for the workplace. Our services cover:

  • Bespoke vending solutions
  • Flexible purchasing contracts – including machine leasing and cost-per-cup agreements.
  • Technical expertise – we have a team of highly skilled technicians who can come to your premises within 4 hours of your call. 
  • Cashless payments and cash handling systems
  • Fully managed operation services – with trained operators to stock and maintain all machines. 

To discuss your vending requirements with a member of the Capital Vending sales and service team, just give us a call on 01506 437 212.



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