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Callsure Business Telephone Numbers provides telephone and fax services to companies, individuals and organisations across the UK and worldwide. We enable businesses to reduce costs, trade more effectively, and keep in touch easily with customers and suppliers. We pride ourselves upon giving professional, impartial advice on the best communication solutions for your business, based on your requirements and the range of services that we can provide.


Our packages include standard UK City phone numbers, which are only £4 per month, with diverts to UK landlines from just 1p per minute, diverts to mobiles from just 6p per minute, and diverts to international numbers from only 1.5 pence per minute off peak. We can also offer a wide range of product and services, such as 0800 freephone numbers, regional phone numbers, personal telephone numbers, local and national rate numbers, special rate numbers which generate revenue, and international toll-free numbers. We can port numbers from other carriers, so you can keep your existing numbers when moving home or premises, as well as offering innovative fax to email services, call statistics, divert to VOIP, voicemail to email, hold messages, out of hours messages and much, much more.


We are ideal for businesses of all sizes, as well as individuals, and many of our services are invaluable when it comes to moving buildings, increasing in size, accessing markets without setting up a physical presence and for providing a full telephone support service for when you cannot answer calls. Click on the link to view a full range of our services, as well as our latest special offers.

UK City Phone Numbers - Visit our website

Our UK City Numbers mean any company can set up a presence in any town or city in the UK, as well as divert calls to landlines or mobiles anywhere in the world. These services are ideal for customers wanting to call a low cost number, as well as giving the company a more local, personal feel for the customer. Choose from Callsure’s UK Local Phone Number services, which are outlined below:   


Simple Remote Call Forwarding (local UK phone numbers): 

This service costs just £4 a month, with a diversion cost of 1.25 pence per minute during peak time to UK landlines, or from 9p per minute peak time to UK mobile phones. This includes call stats, an online control panel and Account Management support. You can upgrade to add on additional features if required, and make sure you click the link to find out more and discover our latest special offers.   


Pay as You Go Local UK Phone Numbers 

This enables you to choose your number before you buy, and services come in four formats, including basic or enhanced telephone numbers, switchboard / auto-attendant numbers, and fax to email. This costs just £36 per year plus diversion costs from as little as 1.25 pence per minute to UK landlines, and 10p per minute to UK mobiles, during peak hours. Click on the link to see Pay as You Go local phone numbers with Number Choosers.

0207 Central London Telephone Numbers - Visit our website

Our 0207 Central London and 0203 London phone numbers give an added peace of mind to the customer that they are calling a low rate, local number, even if your business is not based in the area. Calls to the numbers can be diverted anywhere in the world, and called from anywhere in the world. Callsure can offer eight types on London numbers:         


  • 0207 or 0203 London Number Forwarding Service, which forwards calls from 1.25 pence per minute to landlines, 9p per minute to mobiles in peak hours, and 1.5p per min to international numbers. It costs from £4 per month and there is no setup fee.
  • 0207 or 0203 London Number with free divert to UK landlines, and forward to UK mobiles for 9p and international landlines from 1.5p per minute. This costs just £12 per month, with no setup fee.
  • 0207 or 0203 London Numbers on a Business VOIP service, offering voice menus, on hold queuing and more, from £4 per month.
  •  Pay as You Go (PAYG) 0207 Central London Number with diverts to UK landlines from 1.25ppm, or free to SIP, with divert to UK mobiles for 10p per minute and choose your own 0207 number for just £36 per month. 
  • Enhanced 0207 Number with additional features such as control panel, call statistics and time of day routing with a setup fee of £19.95 and £5 per month on a PAYG basis.
  • 0207 Switchboard, offering state of the art customer options and competitive divert costs with free voicemail diverts from just £7.50 per month PAYG with a £19.95 setup fee.
  • PAYG 0203 number with competitive divert rates and an option to choose your own number from just £36 per year rental.
  • Enhanced 0203 London phone numbers with competitive diversion costs, with intelligent features including voicemail to email, call stats and more, from just £5 per month and a £19.95 setup fee.   

Click on the link to view each option, and to see a full list of London Boroughs and their area code ranges.


0203/ 0208 London Numbers - Visit our website

Callsure’s 0203 London Phone Number packages have the benefit of offering a low rate number for your customer to call, with the added benefit of a more personal, regional feel. Our 0208/0203 Numbers can divert to a landline or mobile anywhere in the world. The 0208 numbers will give a presence of important London suburbs, which house Heathrow Airport, as well as Croydon or Enfield areas to give some examples. Our choice of three options include:


  • Pay as You Go Simple 0208 Outer London Telephone Number, diverting to UK landlines from 1.25ppm, or free to SIP, and to mobiles from 10p per minute. This is a simple device that offers benefits such as call stats, auto topup and number chooser options, all from just £36 per year rental. 
  • Enhanced 0208 Outer London Telephone Numbers, with competitive diversion costs as well as smart hunting, voicemail to email and time of day routing, with free diverts to voicemail from just £5 per month with a £19.95 setup fee.
  • 0208 Switchboard, with state of the art divert features based on customer options, free diverts to voicemail and competitive diversion costs, all for just £7.50 per month with a £19.95 setup fee.   

Click on the link for details of the packages, and for a full list of 0208 Outer London areas.



Moving Premises? Keep your number - Visit our website

Callsure offer handy number porting services, allowing you to keep your old telephone or fax number when you move home or premises. Even if you move outside your local area or abroad, you can keep your number for as little as £4 per month – much less than the leading telephone providers. You can also save money by moving from a traditional fax line to Callsure’s Fax to Email service.   


Click on the link to our frequently asked questions page, to find out if your number can be ported, and what you need to do next. Our dedicated customer service representatives are on hand, should you need any additional help - just call us on 01753 624121.

Business Voice Over IP Services in the UK - Visit our website

With Callsure, you can save money and improve your customer service by taking advance of our competitively priced Voice Over IP services (VOIP). From just £4 per month, you can save money making, receiving and diverting your telephone calls. Our services include Remote Call Forwarding, from just £4 per month, Single User VOIP from £4 per month, Multi User VOIP from £8 per month with a £5 setup fee, and SIP/IAX2 PBX Trunks, a UK phone number delivery service, from just 1.25ppm for a UK call and 10ppm for a mobile call. Our other VOIP services include competitively priced call forwarding to landlines and mobiles anywhere in the world, free minutes packages, as well as number porting, plug and play setups and hundreds of UK phone numbers to choose from.   


Click on the link to find out more and to view a complete list of international destinations that are included within our Multi User International FREE minutes packages.

UK City Mobile - Use a local UK Number as your mobile number - Visit our website

Discover Callsure’s innovative UK City Mobile service – where you can use a local UK number as your own mobile number! Codes include 01, 02, 03, 0845 and many more – Callsure can provide a landline number for most towns and cities in the UK. You can use a landline number on your mobile to make and receive calls on your handset, without using a VOIP interface, and by simply inserting a SIM card. You can also send SMS messages from the landline number using your mobile, so you can make and receive calls and messages wherever you are.   


UK City Mobile boasts all the features of Hosted PBX but without a long term commitment, and delivers high quality calls and mobile broadband at a highly competitive price. You can also add a call plan minutes package to receive free calls, and add PBX features such as menus and call queuing functions, if required. Click on the link to find out more about our add-on features, and to order your UK City Mobile SIM card today. You can also view a full list of costs for each regional number code, and call costs to various international destinations.

National UK Presence 0333 Numbers with Remote Call Forwarding - Visit our website

Enjoy a National UK Presence with Callsure’s 0333 numbers and remote call forwarding, to add extra marketing value to your business. The benefits are that customers pay the same as a UK landline to contact you, but it is cheaper than 08 numbers. You can divert calls to any landline or mobile – including UK landlines from 1.25ppm at peak times, and to mobiles from just 9p per minute. Our competitive packages start from just £4 per month with no setup fee!   


Click on the link to find out more and to view a full list of charges, or contact our team on 01753 624121 for more information.

UK 0800 Freephone Telephone Phone Numbers - Visit our website

Many customers are put off calling organisations and businesses unless they have an 0800 number. By employing such a number, customers feel looked after and find it easier to get in touch with you. Callsure can help with this. Our UK 0800 freephone numbers enable calls to be diverted to your landline or mobile anywhere in the UK or the world. The phone call is free for the caller, when calling from a UK landline, which gives your business a highly professional feel.   


Callsure offer 6 types of 0800 number, including a Low Cost 0800 UK Freephone number from just £4 per month, to a basic 0800 Freephone number from £5 per month, Enhanced 0800 Number on a PAYG basis, 0800 intelligent Switchboard Phone Numbers, International Toll-Free numbers and Universal Toll-free numbers covering a wide range of countries worldwide. Click on the link to find out more, to view our individual packages, and to discover how 0800 numbers could increase calls to your business by as much as 185%!

0844 Telephone Numbers - Visit our website

0844 Numbers mean the caller pays a flat call charge of 5p per minute when calling from a UK landline, which has the benefit of clear call pricing, whilst offering a professional national UK presence for the company itself, at a low cost. 0844 Numbers allow calls to be diverted to your landline with no diversion costs, or to mobiles anywhere in the world.   


Callsure offer four types of 0844 Number, including :a Basic 0844 number, with free divert to landlines, generating 1.2 pence of revenue per minute. Enhanced 0844 Numbers with free divert to UK landlines and with features including voicemail to email, call stats and Online Control Panel. 0844 Switchboard numbers, with hi-tech built in features and calls to be diverted based on customer options, and 0844 Revenue Numbers, with a one off sign up fee from just £9.95.   


Find out how 0844 numbers could help your business by clicking on the link, or by contacting our team on 01753 624121 for more information.

0845 Local Rate Telephone Numbers - Visit our website

0845 Local Rate Telephone Numbers make your business look highly professional, without incurring large costs for you or for your customers. They are vital for giving your business a country-wide presence, and also help customers to feel cared for with straight forward, upfront call costs.   


Our 0845 Local Rate Telephone Numbers allow calls to be diverted to your landline, or to mobiles anywhere in the UK or worldwide. The caller pays a local rate of around 3p per minute from a landline, no matter where within the UK they call from. View all our 0845 Local Rate Telephone Number plans and costs by clicking on the link, or by contacting our Customer Service team on 01753 624121 for more information.

0871 UK & Euro / US Divert Telephone Numbers - Visit our website

0871 UK and Euro/US Divert Telephone Numbers mean your callers pay a flat rate of 10p per minute when contacting you from a UK landline. 0871 Numbers are ideal for when a company want to establish a national UK presence, but may be located internationally, such as in Europe or America.   


0871 Special Rate numbers allow calls to be diverted to your landline without any diversion costs, and some 0871 numbers can be diverted for free to over 140 international landlines or mobiles, making it an extremely cost-effective solution for your business. Some of our 0871 numbers will pay you 3.5 pence to 6.5 pence per minute to receive calls, and we can offer highly competitive rates and charges for your chosen 0871 number.   


View our types of 0871 numbers and charges, and choose your 0871 number, by clicking on the link. Don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service team on 01753 624 121 if you require any assistance.

Virtual Switchboard Auto Attendant (virtual pbx) Telephone Numbers - Visit our website

Callsure’s competitive Virtual Switchboard Auto Attendant Telephone Numbers offer flexibility, competitive rates and a thoroughly professional image for your organisation or company. The system allows you to divert calls straight to individual departments, such as Sales or Tech Support, and have the calls answered by the correct people no matter where in the world they might be based.   


Our Switchboard can be configured to meet your exact requirements, offering up to seven options for the caller. The diversions can also go to individuals, group numbers, or to voicemail if required. Some of the features include an Online Wizard to set up your personal Switchboard, as well as Team Diverts, Information Lines, Voicemail to Email services, online stats, announcements, and much more. You can even upload your own personal greetings and prompts, making our Switchboard option one of the most professional and competitively priced systems available.   


You can even sign up to a free trial, to see how the service will benefit your business. It aims to save time for callers and operatives, as well as giving a professional feel for less than you might think. View our full range of options and prices by clicking the link, and discover our Virtual Switchboard today.

Fax to Email / Email to Fax telephone numbers - Visit our website

Although faxing is often viewed as an outdated technology, many businesses still rely upon receiving documents from suppliers, customers and other partners. However Callsure have an innovative solution to make fax receiving more accessible, and more private and efficient – through the Fax to Email and Email to fax Telephone Numbers. This enables faxes to be received in a much more useful email attachment, in a TIFF or PDF format, meaning anybody with internet access can receive faxed documents. The documents can then easily be shared, saved, sent on or processed instantly, without waiting for old fax machines to print documents.   


Callsure offers 8 types of Fax to Email Number, including Any UK Area Code, Free 0871 Fax to email numbers, Stand Alone services, Low Cost services, 0207 Fax services, 0800 Freephone Fax to Email services, and two Free 0700 services. Discover the benefits and prices for each package by clicking on the link, or by contacting us on 01753 624 121 for more information.

Email to Fax Services - Visit our website

Our low cost Email to fax Services mean you can send faxes anywhere in the world simply from your email address or PC via WebMail. You can send faxes to multiple destinations, and receive a report after each send. We have five excellent, low-cost packages to choose from, from 10 page bundles for £2.95 to 3000 page bundles for just £104.90.  You can also add unlimited sending credit, if required.   


Click on the link to read more about our low cost sending tariffs, or call us on 01753 624 121 to get started today.

World City Telephone Numbers - Visit our website

Buy a Callsure World City Telephone Number and choose from over 40 countries. Our service allows you to have a global presence as a business, in over 900 towns and cities across the world, and divert all calls to your UK landline, mobile or any other chosen international number.   


Our two options include Low Cost Divert Anywhere World City Telephone & Fax numbers, diverting to any country in the world from just 1.5p per minute. This also includes a professional online control panel with call stats and auto attendant options. We also offer World City Telephone Numbers, diverting to UK landlines via Tier 1 carriers for just £10 per month with a £10 setup fee plus call charges. Divert to a mobile or any destination worldwide for highly competitive rates. Find out more, and see a full list of cities at each international location, by clicking on the link.

European and other National Rate Telephone Numbers - Visit our website

Look no further for an extensive choice of European and other National rate Telephone Numbers. Callsure can offer 0720, 078, 0975, 0818 and many more National rate numbers for a wide range of countries throughout the world. You can divert calls back to the UK for free, and the caller pays a flat rate per minute from their destination. This is an ideal way of creating a multinational ‘in country’ caller experience for customers and associates, which can help you attract business from beyond the UK, without costing the potential customer a fortune in telephone calls.   


Find out more about the full list of countries available by clicking on the link, or by calling our dedicated team on 01753 624 121. Let the world come to you, with Callsure’s European and other National rate Telephone Numbers.

International Freephone & Toll Free Numbers - Visit our website

If you want to generate freephone presence internationally then contact us to find out more about our numbers that allows customers to contact you free of charge from over 90 countries across the globe.  Your calls will be diverted directly to your chosen UK landline, and if you take advantage of one of our 020 London numbers you can choose to have calls diverted to either a mobile or international number, offering you complete working flexibility.  You can find out more about our competitive fees and charges online or contact our customer service team.  

USA Toll Free Numbers - Visit our website

If you have customers in the USA you can provide them with fantastic service by giving them a toll free number to contact you.  By using Callsure’s USA Toll Free Number service you can choose to have the calls diverted directly through to a UK landline, mobile or select international destinations to suit your business needs.  Full details of all the costs applicable to this service can be found on our website including diversion costs, set up fees, monthly charges and call costs.

Live Answering Services - Visit our website

Answer machine messages can be very impersonal from a customer point of view and to some businesses it’s crucial that customers are greeted with a real person when calling in.  But staffing costs to meet this requirement can be prohibitive.  Callsure has the answer with our choice of Live Answering Services designed to meet the needs of businesses of all types.  We offer two service levels to suit your company’s particular requirements: basic and a more sophisticated personal assistant option.  Details of both can be found on our website along with prices. 

Voice to Text - Visit our website

Businesses waste a large amount of time playing back voice messages but your organisation could be made more efficient by taking advantage of our Voice to Text service.  This service uses advanced technology to convert voice messages into text, making them much easier to read and respond to and is particularly effective for call centres, corporate voicemail systems and marketing questionnaires.  Our competitively priced voice to text services are contract free, providing more flexibility to address your business’ changing needs. Contact us now to find out about our free one week trial.

070 Personal Numbers - Visit our website

Please see our website to discover more about Callsure’s fantastic range of 070 personal numbers, which are perfect for busy executives and individuals on the go. With six options to choose from, most of which have no set up or usage fees,  our range of services has been designed to suit the majority of individual’s needs, from UK and worldwide switchboards, world call numbers and auto attendant services.  Our website contains full details of each to allow you to choose the most applicable option for your needs. 

Professional Voice Over - Visit our website

Our voice over service can offer your organisation enhanced professionalism and consistency of service across your entire business and covers a wide range of areas including: welcome messages, virtual switchboard voice menus, salutation, marketing and sales messages, call centre queue messages, voice mails and digital answering machines.  Obtaining a voice over message is easy and can be purchased via our website. Simply send us the words you require, we will record our professional voice artist saying the message and then send you a voice file for your use.  Please see our website for full details and to listen to a recording of our highly experienced voice artist.

Internet Telephony - Visit our website

Internet telephony has changed the way many small and large businesses operate.  But individuals can use it too; all you need is a computer, a microphone and speakers to enjoy free calls anywhere in the world to other users or at dramatically reduced costs to landlines and mobiles. Please see our website to find out more about how Callsure’s Voice Over IP Services (VoIP) can save you money.



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