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Cairn Technology Ltd specialises in health, safety and environmental consultancy as well as infection prevention and control. We provide environmental monitoring, products and training for safer healthcare organisations located throughout the UK. Our experience in the industry had enabled us to work in partnership with NHS Trusts and private sector organisations for many years.

Here at Cairn, our experienced and friendly staff use specialist equipment to carry out monitoring and testing projects. Our monitoring and testing services include: Workplace Exposure Monitoring, Specialised Ventilation for Healthcare Testing, Bio-burden Testing, Sterile Services Cleanroom Testing and Compliance Testing for Washer Disinfectors, Automated Endoscope Reprocessors and Sterilisers.

We also offer a fantastic range of products designed to suit different healthcare departments. The range includes: spill kits for hazardous substances, specialist absorbent products, infection prevention and control products, laboratory waste containers and more.

Our training services are available to ensure that members of staff are able to respond effectively to certain incidences such as chemical spill and also to support the care home sector.

Please follow the link to find out more about our excellent products and services. Or, alternatively, please give us a call and we will be happy to talk you through our products and services.


Virusolve+ is a cleaner/sanitiser/disinfectant designed to protect staff/residents/public/patients/customers from norovirus, C-diff spores, influenza A, MRSA, hep B and C and various other infections. Virusolve+ is suitable for use on all types of surfaces not affected by water and is suitable for everyday cleaning processes. It is used as a single solution to bacterial, fungi, spores and viruses and can be used on soft furnishings such as curtains, carpets, chairs and mattresses. Virusolve+ cleans and disinfects heavy organic soiling in one step and destroys odours. It is safe to use in kitchens and other food preparation areas. It is widely used by the NHS and HPA.


The Z-mop is our fantastic disposable and launderable high quality mop designed for easy and effective use. The Z-mop features looped heads for greater strength, super-lightweight handle, hanging handle for easy storage, and is colour coded to correspond with the NHS colour coding scheme. The Z-mop is supplied in packs of 10 and is suitable for use in all hospital areas, care home areas and other workplace areas. It can be used with any regular type of mop bucket and features the unique ‘Tuf-Ring’ interchangeable connector.

Chemical Spill Station

Our fast response chemical spill station is effective for dealing with spills of hazardous chemicals quickly and safely. It has been expertly designed and created to be used in a range of industries. It is: highly visible, features spill instructions and full procedures, includes warning signs and hazard tape, includes full personal protective equipment, includes waste disposal bags, T-mops and absorbent pads and can be wall-mounted. It also features handles so it can be quickly and easily carried to incidents. The bag is divided into Quickbags so that the user can easily take out the essential equipment needed as quickly as possible.

Chemical Spill Station Wall Mounted

Our excellent wall mounted chemical spill station enables users to take control of hazardous chemical spills quickly and safely. Our wall mounted chemical spill station is highly visible, includes spill instructions and full procedures, warning signs and hazard tape, full personal protective equipment and waste disposal bags. Please visit our website to view images and to find out more about our wall mounted chemical spill station.

Chemical Spill Kits 5 litre,3 litre & 1 litre

Our chemical spill kits are available in three different sizes: five litre, three litre and one litre. They are suitable for use in a range of industries and enable staff to deal with hazardous chemical spills quickly and easily. Our chemical spill kits have been expertly created to provide users with essential spillage equipment. The chemical spill kits are highly visible, compact and easy to transport. They are supplied with full instructions and also include personal protective equipment, T-mop technology and waste disposal bags.

Laboratory Spill Station

The laboratory spill station is designed to help users deal with spills of hazardous chemicals quickly and safely. Our spill kits are available as portable station units or as wall mounted static spill station/ kits. Both are highly visible and straightforward to use. The spill station features full personal protective equipment, warning signs and barrier tape, and equipment to deal with a wide range of chemicals. Full instructions are also included. The kit has been expertly designed to enable users to respond to chemical spills quickly and efficiently. Please visit our website to view images and to find out more.

T-Mat (Absorbent Mat)

The T-mat is an absorbent mat that is largely used in operating theatres in hospitals or other situations where fluids need to be easily absorbed. The T-mat is an excellent solution designed to bind fluids inside without leaking. It absorbs fluids from both sides and traps fluids immediately. The T-mat is only a few mm thick and is easy to handle. T-mats greatly reduce time that would otherwise be needed to clean given areas.

DryMax Sterile (Absorbent Mat)

The DryMax Sterile absorbent mat is also widely used to absorb fluids during surgery and investigation. It is largely used to absorb fluids in: arthroscopy, urology, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, trauma, caesarean section, amputations, varicose vein, prolapse and obstetric surgery. The DryMax creates a dryer, safer environment and helps to significantly reduce cleaning time.

DryMax Combimat

We also supply the DryMax Combimat. This hygienic mat is designed for one off use and has been developed specifically for gynaecologists and urologists but can also be used in other areas where fluids must be absorbed. The DryMax is designed to absorb washing fluid, urine and blood. It features two main areas:

1 – a white absorbent area that is safe to stand on and suitable for placing under a stool. Its anti-skid barrier layer holds the mat in place and prevents fluids from leaking through.

2 – a green absorbent area with a very high absorbency capacity which binds water-based fluids and bacteria and preventing them from leaking out.

DryMax XL Absorbent Mat

Cairn also supplies the excellent DryMax XL. This single-use mat quickly absorbs blood, washing fluid, urine and other fluids that are present in endoscopy-based surgery and urology. It features an anti-skid barrier layer designed to hold the mat in place and prevent liquid passing through. The anti-skid qualities enable the mat to be suitable for standing on and placing under stools. The DryMax XL is supplied in plastic bags that can be hung up for easy access. They are also suitable for use in theatres, scrub areas and for wrapping around wet instruments in sterile services.

Biohazard Spill Kit

The Biohazard Spill Kit is highly visible, portable, space efficient and straightforward to use. The kit features full personal protective equipment, items to clean up and decontaminate and waste disposal bags and ties. It is simple to use and features a laminated emergency procedure document, detailed emergency procedure documents, laminated caution sign and laminated biohazard spill kit sign. PPE is available for two people and features lab coats, sleeves, overshoes, pulsafe eyeshields, touch n tuff gloves and FFP3 face pieces. It also includes a range of equipment to clean up and decontaminate: Virusolve+, lint-free wipes, plastic scoop scraper, one litre T-mop and absorbent grey pads.

Body Fluid Spill Kit

The Body Fluid Spill Kit deals with spills quickly and efficiently. The kit features personal protective equipment, a disposable apron, two pairs of nitrile gloves, an eye shield and an FFP3 face piece. Clean-up and decontamination equipment is also included: a 1.5 litre blue/white T-mop, two absorbent grey pads, Virosolve+ in small atomiser, a plastic scoop and scraper and a sachet of sodium polyacrylate. The Body Fluid Spill Kit is easy to use, space efficient and portable.

Home Cytotoxic Drug Spillage Kit

We also supply home cytotoxic drug spillage kits. These kits enable users to deal with spillages safely and easily. Cytotoxic drugs are mainly used in the treatment of cancer and are highly toxic to cells. If a spillage occurs it must be dealt with quickly and safely to ensure the safety of the patient, carers and family members. Our cytotoxic drug spillage kit features an FFP3 face piece mask, two pairs of nitrile gloves, an eye shield, a plastic apron and a pair of overshoes. Clean up equipment also includes an absorbent grey T-pad, six white lint-free wipes and three sterile water pods.

Cytotoxic Spill Station

The Cytotoxic Drug Spill Station has been expertly designed and created to provide all the information and equipment needed to plan and deal with spills quickly and safely. This wall mounted station is designed to save time and prevent injury. The kit is manufactured from fire-resistant, anti-fungal, anti bacterial wipe clean material and features a detailed spill response procedure and guidelines. The kit contains warning signs and barricade tape, two one shot QuickBags (to protect two members of staff and clear spills of either liquid or powder) and a third bag with optional contents which can either be a third one shot QuickBag or an extra QuickBag which offers additional equipment to tackle spills of up to four litres.


The Disposa-mop provides users with an affordable, user-friendly cleaning solution. It is designed for single use and reduces the risk of cross-contamination. The mop heads are colour coded to correspond with the NHS colour coding scheme and screw onto the handle easily when changing heads. The mop handle features a ring on top to be hung in storage areas and the mop heads are made from lace material.

Virusan AS Antimicrobial Scrub

Virusan AS Antimicrobial Scrub is an extremely effective product that annihilates 99.99% of most common germs in less than 60 seconds. Virusan AS is widely used in healthcare facilities where the spread of infection must be controlled and minimised. In hospitals approximately 80% of infections are spread via the hands of healthcare workers so it is extremely important to use a high performance antimicrobial scrub such as Virusan AS as a control method. Virusan AS is manufactured by the creators of Virosolve+ and is highly effective against the spread of bacteria, MRSA, fungi, HBV, HBC, spores and more.

Virusan Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer

Virusan Antimicrobial Hand Sanitiser is an ethanol-based antimicrobial skin sanitiser designed for use in a range of environments to control the spread of germs and infection. Virusan antimicrobial annihilates 99.99% of most common found germs in less than 30 seconds and is effective against the spread of bacteria, MRSA, fungi, HBV, HBC, HIV and more. In healthcare environments it is essential to control the spread of germs, especially when nearly 80% of infections are spread via the hands of healthcare workers. Please visit our website or contact us at Cairn to find out more about Virusan Antimicrobial Hand Sanitiser.

Microb-in(Lab clinical waste container)

The Microb-in has been specifically designed for use in busy laboratories and allows users to easily dispose of various non-sharp waste items such as pipettes, tips and loops. This bench-top contaminated waste disposal container is compact, stackable and space-efficient. It features a unique sealing mechanism for high secure fastening and is leak-proof. Please take a look at our website to find out more.


Cairn also supplies a fantastic range of high quality respirators. These have been expertly designed to protect users against chemical fumes and vapours in emergency spillage situations. They feature a low profile design with improved field of vision and are easy to fit with adjustable head harness and neck clip. The face seal has a large surface area and contours to the face. We supply respirators as part of the PPE within our chemical spill stations to protect against all organic and inorganic chemicals commonly found in the hospital and healthcare environment. Disposable masks are also supplied for protection against chemical fumes, dust and vapours during routine procedures.


Cairn supplies a wide range of consumables and personal protective equipment to maintain the safety of staff in a range of environments. Items include:

Replacement Spill Kit Items:

  • Super-absorbent mops/pads
  • Waste disposal equipment
  • Specialist personal protective equipment (PPE)

Face Masks & Respirators:
  • Half mask/full face respirators
  • Particulate/chemical filters
  • Nuisance dust/fume/smoke masks

Cleaning & Decontamination Items:
  • Sterile water packs
  • Disposable/launderable mops
  • 'Virusolve+' cleaning & disinfecting agent
  • Quick dry pads and absorbent bin linings

Please contact us at Cairn to find out more.

Cairn Technology Services

Please contact us to find out more about our excellent services. 

Our services include:

  • Workplace Exposure Monitoring (COSHH)
  • Personal Sampling Tubes to Monitor Anaesthetic Gases
  • Specialised Ventilation for Healthcare HTM 03-01
  • Sterile Services Cleanroom Testing
  • Bio-burden Testing
  • Compliance Testing for Washer Disinfectors, Automated Endoscope Reprocessors and Sterilizers HTM 2030

Care Home Products

Please visit our website to view our excellent range of care home products. Our complete range has been expertly designed and created to provide users with efficient and cost-effective solutions. The range includes: Virusolve+ Clean and Disinfect (protects from Norovirus, C-diff spores, Influenza A, MRSA, Hep B and C and more), Continence Care Products (a wide range of products including washing lotion, wash gloves, moist skin cleansing wipes, washing foam, skincare ointment, Abena continence care and more), Virusan Hand Sanitiser (ideal for use in care homes, nursing homes, residential homes and more) and Z-mop – Launder and Dispose (highly efficient and affordable cleaning solution).

Hospital Services

Cairn provides first class monitoring and testing services to clients in the hospital environment. We offer:

  • Workplace Exposure Monitoring (COSHH
  • Specialised Ventilation for Healthcare HTM 03-01
  • Sterile Services Cleanroom Testing

Other services include: Bio-burden Testing, Compliance Testing for Washer Disinfectors, Personal Sampling in Dental Workplaces and Chemical Awareness Training.

Hospital Products

Please visit our website to view our excellent range of products designed for use in the healthcare industry. Our range includes: Virusolve+ Clean and Disinfect, T-mat Absorbent Mat, DryMax Sterile Mat, DryMax Combimat, DryMax XL Mat, Chemical Spill Station Fast Response, Chemical Spill Station Wall Mounted, Chemical Spill Kits, Lab Spill Station, Cytotoxic Spill Station, Cytotoxic Drug Spill Kit, Antimicrobial Skin Sanitiser, Antimicrobial Scrub, Z-Mops, Disposable Mops, Detergents for A.E.R.s, Biohazard Spill Kits, Body Fluid Spill Kits, Lab Waste Containers, Respirators, Grey Absorbent Pads, Consumables and Mercury Spill Kits.



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