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Based in Warrington and Registered back in 2003, CableJog Ltd have many years of experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of cable testers and cable testing equipment. We offer an extensive range of high quality, reliable testers, with many different options to choose from. We have worked with a variety of different customers across many industries and therefore have experience in designing testers with specific requirements in mind. Furthermore, all of our products and manufactured here in the UK.  

Alongside our main testers, including the CableJog, AudioJob and RibbonJob ranges, we also offer a variety of accessories, which include adaptors, power supplies, headers, SCART savers, as well as other extras. Although built to last, we understand that repairs and maintenance are sometimes required and therefore offer a selection of packages to choose from.  

Open communication and good customer service are vital to any business and we are no different. Therefore, we urge customers who have any questions, queries or problems to get in touch with our customer service team, who are always on hand to help in whatever way they can. You can also visit our website to see the product range in full, with technical details available.  






Audio Lighting & Network Cable Testers - Visit our website

We stock a range of audio lighting and network cable testers, with a variety of options to choose from. Our testers include inbuilt LEDs and are easy to use, with different test modes on offer. The devices can be utilised to test connection strength, as well as finding any crossed circuits or leakage. Customers can visit the website for much more information on our products, including full technical specs.  

Audio & Video Cable Testers - Visit our website

Our Audio & Video cable testers include the AVjog and AVjob Rack. Both offer simple and efficient use with single button operation and an LCD display for results. It's worth noting that all major AV connectors are present and therefore no adaptors are needed. Furthermore, both can be used for the testing of multiple circuit types. If you'd like to find out more about our Audio & Video testing equipment, don't hesitate to visit the website. Alternatively, you can contact us directly.  

Industrial And Multipurpose Cable Testers - Visit our website

Our range of industrial and multipurpose cable testers include a variety of CableJoG products, including models such as the 128, 256, 512 and the 1024. Our cable testers are easy to use and completely flexible, offering versatile functionality. It's also worth noting that the cable testers can be connected with PC's and the results can be transferred, saved and printed. Customers can visit the website for further information, including full technical details.  

Ribbon Cable Tester with Memory - Visit our website

RibbonJoG is a versatile ribbon cable tester that enables the user to identify a correctly made standard ribbon cable and, having stored the details of known good cables, to perform rapid comparison tests. Each test takes less than 5 seconds, making the RibbonJoG one of the fastest devices of its kind. You can find out more about RibbonJoG by visiting the CableJoG website. For detailed advice and guidance, please contact the CableJoG team on 01925 764471.

AudioJog Pro 3 Audio Cable Testers - Visit our website

AudioJoG Pro 3 is an cable tester designed specifically for the audio professional who needs to test a variety of audio leads. Using two AudioJoG cable testers it is possible to test the cable in situ without bringing the cable ends together into one unit. Though tests are carried out from the local end, the results can be seen at both ends. For full details and specifications, please visit CableJoG online.

AudioJog Pro 5 Audio Cable Testers - Visit our website

AudioJoG Pro 5 audio cable testers offer single and double ended testing and are capable of intermittent fault detection. Connectors include:

  • 3 Pole XLR Male and Female
  • 5 Pole XLR Male and Female  
  • 6.35mm Jack, stereo or mono 
  • Single or Twin 4.4mm Bantam, stereo or mono 
  • 3.5mm Jack, stereo or mono 
  • 2 or 4 Pole Speakon (TM)
  • DIN 180° 3 & 5 Pole
  • RCA Phono 
  • BNC

The AudioJoG Pro 5 features 2 rows of 6 LEDs which correspond to each of the possible connector pins, plus one for the screen (or ground connection) – this enables quick and easy identification of short, open and crossed circuits.

Cable Tester Accessories - Adaptors and Breakout boxes - Visit our website

We offer an extensive range of cable testing accessories, which include adaptors and breakout boxes. It’s worth noting that these adaptors are fully compatible with many of our cable testers. Customers can visit the website for more information on all of these products. It's also worth noting that customers can download product leaflets, which contain full technical details on our adaptors.  

Cable Tester Accessories - PASS/FAIL LED display - Visit our website

Our range of cable testing accessories include Pass/Fail LED Displays and remote keypad and display kits. The Pass/Fail LED displays offer a fast and simple response which indicates a positive or negative response. Our specialised kits allow users to connect the keypad and display to the CableJog tester, with around 600mm of distance between the components. If you have any questions about these or any of our products then please feel free to contact us directly, via phone or email. 

Cable Tester Accessories - Mains power supplies - Visit our website

We offer a wide range of mains power supplies, including 6V, 9V and 12V varieties to choose from. It's worth noting that all of our power supplies come with UK, European and US adaptors, ensuring they can be used wherever you may be located. Customers looking for more detailed information can visit our website, where they can download product leaflets for all of our mains power supplies.  

Cable Tester Accessories - Ribbon Cable Idc Headers - Visit our website

Our range of male ribbon cable IDC headers come in sizes of 2.54mm x 2.54mm with different options to choose from, including 10way, 14way, 16way, 20way, 26way, 34way, 40way, 50way, 60way and 64way varieties. Customers can visit the website for more information on our headers, including technical details and pricing. Alternatively, don't hesitate to give us a call with any specific queries you may have.  

CableJoG 128 Cable Testers - Visit our website

Our CableJoG 128 cable testers can test up to 128 connections (any make and model). Up to 55 connection configurations can be stored on this device and each connection tested is compared with the stored configuration on the memory to determine a pass or fail of each pin connection. Test results can be easily transferred to PC or printer via a comms link to enable users to store, tabulate and print information as required using CableJoG software.

CableJoG 128 Cable Testers are configured to meet specific customer requirements and are supplied at competitive prices. Please visit our website to view technical information.

CableJoG 256 Cable Testers - Visit our website

CableJoG 256 is an advanced cable tester capable of testing up to 256 individual connections. It can store up to 12 separate connection configurations, against which the cables are tested to produce a pass or fail indication based on the performance of each pin connection. The results can then be transferred via a communications cable to a PC or printer for subsequent analysis. Each device can be configured to customer requirements with a loom of connectors that match those that are already used. Visit our website for full details and specifications.

CableJoG 512 Cable Testers - Visit our website

CableJoG 512 is a flexible testing system designed to cater for individual customer requirements. It is capable of testing up to 512 individual connections and can store up to 59 separate cable configurations, against which the cables are compared in order to produce a pass/fail and open/short/crossed indication. CableJoG 512 features a 4x4 keyboard and a 4-line, 20 character alphanumeric LCD backlit display. For more details and specifications, head over to our website or get in touch with the CableJoG team on 01925 764471.

AudioJog Pro 8 Network Cable Tester - Visit our website

The AudioJog Pro 8 Network Cable Tester tests audio, lighting and networks with single and double ended testing. This LAN cable tester and Ethernet cable tester also features intermittent fault detection. It features two rows of nine LED’s which correspond to each connector pin of the AudioJog Pro 8 – Cat5e Network Cable Tester as well as one for the screen connection. When a pin is activated, the LED’s indicate all of the connections that are associated with that pin in order for the user to identify short, open and crossed circuits at ease. The LED’s also indicate high resistance or leakage connection. Please see full product descriptions on our website.

AudioJoG Pro 8 Power Network Cable Tester - Visit our website

The AudioJoG Pro 8 Power Network Cable Tester is a high-quality device for testing audio, lighting, and network cables. It features single & double ended testing with memory and intermittent fault detection.  The device has 2 rows of 9 LEDSs corresponding to each of the possible connector pins, and one for the screen connection. Short, open and crossed circuits can be easily detected as each pin is activated. High resistance or leakage connections can also be shown by the LEDs. For additional information on this tester including connectors, memory option, test modes and other specifications, please visit our website.

AudioJog Rack 8 - Visit our website

The AudioJog Rack 8 is a 19 inch 2U rack mount device for testing audio. lighting, and network cables. Test modes include both double ended and single ended and the device now has intermittent fault detection. Like the AudioJoG Pro 8 Power Network Cable Tester, the AudioJog Rack 8 has 2 rows of 9 LEDS which help to indicate all connections associated with each pin that is activated. This helps to ensure that short, open and crossed circuits can be easily detected. 2 LED's indicate a good digital network connection, either straight through or crossed over. For more information on this top-of-the-range product, please visit our website or contact us.

LightingJoG Rack 8 Network Cable Tester - Visit our website

The LightingJoG Rack 8 Network Cable Tester is a 19 2U rack mount lighting and network cable tester with single & double ended testing, memory and intermittent fault detection. Like many of our high-quality testers, the LightingJoG Rack 8 features 2 rows of LEDs that correspond to each of the possible connector pins and one for the screen connection. The clever design aids in detecting any short, open or crossed circuits. Memory works in single and double ended test modes and if the memory LED is on, the device automatically scans all the connections and compares against information held with just a single press of the test button.



Registration Number: 04695640
VAT Number: GB468 0289 22
Registered at Companies House:12 March, 2003 (21 years and 1 month ago)
No of Employees: 1-10
Annual Turnover: 0-200k
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  • AudioJoG Audio Cable Testers
  • AVjog AV cables and AV panel cable tester with DVI, HDMI, SCART, VGA 15pole HD d type, RJ45, MINI DIN 4 Pole, USB B, 3 pole XLR Male, 3.5mm Jack, stereo or mono, RCA Phono RGB & RWY, BNC RGB Horiz & Vert, F TYPE & COAX connectors. This is a two box solution to testing AV cables and AV panel installations. The tester will automatically identify the type of cable under test and show OPEN or SHORT cicuits on the LCD display.
  • CableJoG Cable Testers
  • RibbonJoG Ribbon Cable Testers

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