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Butser Rubber is a highly experienced manufacturer of bespoke rubber mouldings and we are pleased to be the chosen supplier of a range of OEMs and companies across the Automotive, Aerospace and Marine industries as well as working on numerous commercial and military projects.

With access to over 350 different types and grade of off-the-shelf rubbers and silicones we are able to meet the demands of a range of applications and, with a commitment to ongoing investment in our state-of-the-art in-house machinery, we strive to provide solutions that meet our customers’ needs, both now and in the future.

The expertise we have gained since our inception in 1977 enables us to provide insightful advice and guidance ensuring our customers are in receipt of products that meet their exact requirements, whilst at the same time remaining attentive to budget constraints and project deadlines.

Anti-Vibration Mounts and Rubber Dampers - Visit our website

With over 300 different types of rubbers and silicones at our disposal, Butser Rubber is able to fabricate anti-vibration mounts and rubber dampers for an extensive range of applications across a broad range of industries.  We use state-of-the-art, in-house machinery for all our rubber mouldings using compression, injection and transfer moulding dependent on our customer’s specifications.  Our materials include those that meet the exacting demands of customers in the aerospace, defence, automotive and commercial industries, and we are able to work to industry standards, providing PPAP level 3 documentation as appropriate.

Rubber Bumpers and Fenders - Visit our website

Our rubber bumpers and fenders are manufactured to the highest standards and have been used by customers in both the marine and automotive industries, providing a protective barrier between two components that are likely to collide.  Butser Rubber provides a choice of more than 350 different rubbers and silicones for your bumper and fender projects and our bumpers can be made to the shape of your individual application’s specification.  Our comprehensive service begins at the design stage where our designers can work with you to produce 2D and 3D designs.

Custom Rubber Gaskets - Visit our website

From initial 2D and 3D designs through to prototyping and final production, the team at Butser Rubber will be with you at every step, providing our expertise to create bespoke gaskets and seals that meet the requirements of your individual application.  We can offer both 2D punched or DXF cut gaskets or 3D profile custom gaskets as required and have the capabilities to manufacture them from a comprehensive selection of rubbers, silicones and sponge materials.  We are pleased to meet your individual requirements by offering a choice of different cutting methods including: lathe cutting, laser cutting, die cutting and water jet cutting.

O-Rings and Seals - Visit our website

Butser Rubber is a specialist manufacturer of bespoke O-Rings and Seals, catering to the unique requirements of customers across a range of industries including automotive and marine, and with access to an extensive choice of rubbers and silicones, we have manufactured products that have been used extensively in hostile environments. We can manufacture to a range of industry standards in cross section sizes from as small as 0.5mm, as well as offering a choice of colours and surface finishes. We are able to offer the option for manufacturing in a vacuum environment for applications such as those in the aerospace industry, where air bubbles will present a problem.

Rubber Bellows - Visit our website

Butser Rubber has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of bespoke bellows across a wide range of applications.  Our process commences with the production of 2D and 3D technical drawings before starting the manufacturing process with our state-of-the-art machinery.  We are able to offer a choice of over 350 types of rubber or silicones, resulting in a bespoke bellow that matches your unique applications’ requirements exactly.

Rubber Extrusions - Visit our website

Butser Rubber is a highly experienced manufacturer of bespoke rubber extrusions, manufacturing to our customers’ individual specifications. We can offer a choice of raw or cured rubber and silicone materials, dependent upon your requirements, as well as several post-mould processes, which include cryogenic trimming and blade trimming, both of which result in a superior finish.  Our materials are available in a choice of colours and we offer options to meet both British and European standards, as well as those to meet the exacting requirements of the MOD, WRAS, FDA and Automotive industry.

Rubber Gaiters - Visit our website

From one-off prototypes to mass production orders, Butser Rubber has the expertise and capabilities to design and manufacture rubber gaiters for an extensive array of applications.  With access to over 350 different types of rubber and silicones, we can produce gaiters that are resistant against corrosives such as oil, fuel and chemicals as well as those that provide temperature resistance.  Using our in-house, state-of-the-art moulding equipment, we have the ability to produce rubber gaiters using injection, compression and transfer moulding techniques.  We can provide guidance at every step of the design and production process, ensuring your gaiters meet the exact needs of your application.

Rubber Grommets - Visit our website

Butser Rubber has the capabilities to produce grommets in a wide choice of rubbers and silicones including: EPDM, Viton, Nitrle, Natural Rubber and Silicone.  All grommets are made to your exact specifications and our state-of-the-art machinery allows us to accommodate large scale production of over 2,500 units per hour, as well as one offs, small batches and prototypes.  If your business operates using a Kanban process, we are pleased to be able to work to your schedules fulfilling either weekly or monthly call offs as required.

Rubber Mouldings - Visit our website

Butser Rubber offers a range of in-house moulding process using our state-of-the-art machinery to produce an extensive range of mouldings that are made bespoke to our customers’ requirements.  Injection, compression and transfer moulding techniques are used across an expansive choice of rubbers and silicones to produce mouldings from 0.1g to 10kg.

We offer a range of colour options to suit your requirements, as well as finishing options that include cryogenic trimming to provide outstanding finishes.  We will work with you from concept and design to final production and beyond, providing advice and guidance every step of the way.

Rubber Pipe Clips - Visit our website

If you are looking for a manufacture to design and produce rubber pipe clips, then please contact Butser Rubber.  We can assist with both prototype development as well as large-scale production runs and offer an extensive choice of materials including EPDM, Nitrile, HNBR and Fluorosilicone.  We manufacture pipe clips to your exact specifications as well as offering a range of complementary services including bonding your pipe clips to other components.

Rubber Feet and Ferrules - Visit our website

Whatever your requirement for rubber feet and ferrules, Butser Rubber has the design and manufacturing capabilities to deliver a bespoke solution for your individual application, in a comprehensive choice of rubbers or silicones.  We have over 40 years experience and can therefore apply our extensive knowledge and expertise to produce a product that will meet your needs precisely.

Rubber Straps - Visit our website

If you have an urgent requirement for rubber strapping then we can help meet your demands with our stocks of off-the-shelf straps, which are available in an extensive range of popular sizes in either square buckle or triangular buckle configuration.  For customers with more unique applications we can offer custom design and manufacture services using bespoke tooling in a choice of rubbers.

Rubber to Metal Bonding - Visit our website

Butser Rubber is pleased to provide a one stop solution for your rubber to metal bonding needs, avoiding the inconvenience of two suppliers.  Let us manage the process for you, manufacturing both the rubber and metal components then utilising our integrated bonding process featured in our injection and compression moulding machinery.  Our customers span the aerospace, automotive, food & drink and manufacturing industries where we have gained extensive experience using different materials and bonding techniques to a wide range of industry standards.

Rubber Rollers and Wheels - Visit our website

Butser Rubber has extensive experience in the manufacture of bespoke rubber wheels and rollers. We have over 350 varieties of commercial grade rubbers and silicones at our disposal from which we can manufacture rollers and wheels making them suitable for a wide range of applications spanning industries such as automotive, aerospace and food & drink. Our state-of-the-art machinery provides us with the capabilities to cater for both prototypes and large scale production runs.

Silicone Mouldings - Visit our website

I you need something moulded out of silicone, look no further!  With injection, compression and transfer moulding at our disposal, we can manufacture in a range of colours, including our colour matching service, and in a comprehensive variety of silicones, which also encompasses specialist silicones. Mouldings are made bespoke to your requirements and manufactured to meet your desired industry quality standard.

Tool Making - Visit our website

Butser Rubber has gained extensive experience designing and manufacturing rubber moulding for tooling, working with our customers’ ideas to produce 2D and 3D drawings and providing guidance on tool size, as well as ways to maximise budgets.  Alongside a comprehensive selection of materials, we are also have to offer a choice of surface finishes, depending upon your requirements, which include gloss, glass blasted and matt, and are pleased to offer competitive lead times.

Rubber And Viton Balls - Visit our website

Butser Rubber has the experience and technology to manufacture balls for a variety of applications in rubber and silicone, including Viton.  This particular material is made by DuPont from a combination of synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer and is a great choice for harsh environments as it provides excellent resistance to high temperatures and chemicals.  Our balls are used by customers across aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries who value the high quality and longevity our products provide.

Silicone Sponge Sheeting - Visit our website

Butser Rubber offers a range of silicone sponge materials that are available in a choice of grades to suit your particular application.  We can supply both open cell and closed cell structures, depending on the level of water and dust resistance you require.  Options available include: flame retardant, noise and vibration dampening and heat reflective finishes.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail in order for us to recommend the best solution for your application.

Rubber Washers and Square Section Seals - Visit our website

Butser Rubber is an experienced manufacturer of rubber washers and square section seals, producing them bespoke to your requirements and to meet industry standards.  Our automated, state-of-the-art machinery coupled with access to over 350 types of rubber and silicone ensures we have the capabilities to meet even the most demanding of projects. For applications requiring adhesive backed washers, we are pleased to offer a choice of 3M, acrylic and commercial grade options to suit your needs.  Please contact us to find out further information.

Rubber Caps and Covers - Visit our website

Butser Rubber is pleased to be able to design and manufacture rubber caps and covers in a variety of materials that include EPDM, Silicone, Nitrile and Natural Rubber as well as temperature and chemical resistant options to meet the requirements of your individual application.  With over 40 years experience, we are well placed to provide advice and guidance on the optimal material for your project as well as providing 2D and 3D design services for a full service.  Please see our website for examples of the types of rubber caps and covers that we have experience producing.



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  • Butser Guma Wyroby Gumowe Witamy w firmie Butser Guma. Od 30 lat zajmujemy sie produkcja najwyzszej jakosci wyrobow gumowych dla rynkow miedzynarodowych. Zaopatrujemy m.in takie galezie przemyslu jak – przemysl lotniczy, samochodowy, morski, rolniczy.<br>Web: www.butserguma-wyrobygumowe.com<br>Email [email protected] Przez 30 lat dzialalnosci nawiazalismy scisle kontakty biznesowe z firmami z Polski Azjii , Usa oraz Europy. Lista roznorodnych wykonywanych przez nas produktow wynosi juz ponad 4000. Nasze produkty wachaja sie wagowo od 0.008 grama do ponad 2.2kg. Calem naszej zalogi jest dostarczenie produktu na czas , za kazdym razem oraz krotkie terminy uruchamiania nowych wyrobow do produkcji.
  • Butser Rubber Molding (US Division) Manufacturers of high quality precision elastomer, silicone and rubber moldings, vulcanized metal to rubber bondings, custom molded and cut gaskets, molded grommets and elastomeric solutions to all industries. Capabilities: Transfer-injection molding, compression molding up to 24"x29", Cryogenic freeze trimming, proto-typing to mass production.<br>butserrubbermolding.com

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