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A long-considered company in setting the standards for viscosity measurement and control; Brookfield Engineering Laboratories were awarded a Northeast Shingo prize gold medal in recognition of manufacturing standards in 2005. A name synonymous with reliability, dependability and quality; Brookfield has a commitment to providing customers with only the highest quality products at the best price possible and continually draws on their history for ongoing improvement; which is already achieved, recognised and appreciated in their existing products and services. Brookfield was also named company of the year by their area’s Chamber of Commerce. With a highly experienced and qualified base of representatives and dealers in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, India and China, Brookfield covers virtually every corner of the world and is able to assist with any viscometer or viscosity requirements.

Favourites from all over the world for quality of service, Brookfield’s viscometers are known for their ease of use, reliable performance and flexibility. Whether you require simple-to-use analogue variants or more sophisticated models such as the DV-II+ Pro, there is a viscometer amongst the range that is not only perfect for your application, but your budget too. Similarly, Brookfield’s rheometers also boast the same qualities; ranging from the easy-to-use models for production control through to more specific research and development models. The more recent years have seen the addition of texture analysis equipment to the company’s product line, bringing the CT3 analyser to the table which offers the powerful features of the higher end analysers, at a much lower cost.

For more information on Brookfield’s products and services please visit our website or contact us directly.


Brookfield has a range of laboratory viscometers and process viscometers for a wide range of applications. Our laboratory viscometers which are accurate to within ±1.0% of the specific measurement range in use, with a repeatability of ±0.2%, can enable duplicate tests to be carried out anywhere in the world (when the same model is used). Our process viscometers also provide accurate and repeatable data for on-line viscosity measurement and control; their data can also correlate to lab tests if required. Please visit our website to see the range of our viscometers and get in touch if you have any questions.

Dial Reading Viscometer

Considered the lab standard used around the world, the Brookfield dial reading viscometer has a multi speed electronic drive enabling for a far quieter operation and increased versatility. You can quickly select any of the ten preset speeds using the ergonomically designed speed control knob. Additionally, this device can now facilitate the use of worldwide power sources with its universal power supply! The dial reading viscometer has numerous benefits including continuous torque sensing capability and a two year limited warranty. Take a look at our website to see more on its features, benefits and technical specifications; contact us if you have any questions.

AST-100® Viscometer

The AST-100 is used for direct in-line viscosity measurement and is considered the world’s most innovative method by which to control viscosity. This equipment comes with a number of benefits and features including a lack of moving parts; nothing to wear, bind or contact your process materials, it has a rugged construction, it has a continuous and reliable 4-20mA output, is easy to install and has a digital display. The AST-100 will not only increase your production but save you money too. Please visit our website to learn more about the AST-100’s technical specifications and the various options available with it.

TT-200 In-Line Viscometer

The TT-200 in-line viscometer is for use in flange mount applications such as on blending, mixing, storage tanks or in pipelines using a ‘T’ fitting. It comes with a huge range of features and benefits including shear rates of 10-1000 sec -1 , it’s capable of pressures up to 500psi, temperatures up to 500°F or 260°C and has a very rugged construction. It also comes with various options on explosion proofing; class 1, Div. 1 and 2 and Group D design, and, optional 12v or 24v DC operation. Please visit our website to learn more. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Brookfield has an impressive line of rheometers; all catering to various uses and applications including the DV3T rheometer which combines the capability of stress measurement with comprehensive viscosity testing. The rest of the products in the range are the Wells-Brookfied cone/plate, YR-1 yield stress rheometer, R/S Plus controlled stress rheometer, R/S soft solids tester, PVS rheometer and the RS portable rheometer - the last of which can be operated with a rechargeable battery if required. For more information on any of these products please visit our website where you can access technical specifications and learn about the range of benefits that comes with each one.

DV3T Rheometer

Sophisticated, with easy to use controls and supporting multiple languages, the DV3T rheometer comes with a seven inch full colour touch screen for displaying various parameters including temperature, viscosity and yield stress. The device has an enhanced level of security with user access, password access, portable login settings and a date/time stamp file. It comes with a range of built-in options such as yield tests, math modelling, timed tests, programmable QC limits/alarms, data averaging, customisable speed/spindle tests and an on-screen data comparison. You can also download custom test programs with the included PG Flash software. Visit our website to learn more.

PVS Rheometer

The PVS rheometer allows for quick and easy viscosity measurements under pressure and at temperatures where things like sample boil off is an issue. In a laboratory bench top environment, the PVS can simulate certain process conditions for small samples of fluid. It comes with various benefits including the design; to be able to operate in severe environments, and, being quick and easy to operate. It can be used in multiple applications including the oil industry, drill muds, fracturing fluids, polymers, paints and processed foods. Please visit our website to learn more about the PVS rheometer and contact us if you have any queries.

R/S Portable Rheometer

The dual powered R/S portable rheometer can follow you and take measurements wherever you need it to - in the field or back in the lab. One of the most versatile rheometers in its class, the R/S portable measures viscosity, creep measurements and yield stress. If you need the capability of an extended range for shear rate and viscosity, then an optional cone/plate accessory can provide this for you. It can be used in various applications including coatings, chemicals, dairy products, inks, juices, oils, paints, polymer solutions and slurries. Please visit our website for more information on this product including technical specifications.

Texture Analysis

The compact yet powerful CT3 texture analyser brings with it a simplified method for compression and tension testing comparable to the higher end analysers, except for one major thing - it’s at a much lower cost. It comes with many features and benefits including a choice of five load ranges (up to 50kg), a variety of probes and accessories, a choice of two base tables which are adjustable, six test modes, a calibration check, it stores up to ten customised test methods and much more. It’s regarded as the easiest to use analyser in its class. Take a look on our website.

Powder Flow Testing

The powder flow tester has the capability to evaluate powder discharge from storage containers allowing you to specify new formulations for powder flow ability. Quick and easy to use, the PFT is absolutely ideal for manufacturers processing powders on a daily basis - for those who want to reduce any downtime or potential expense that can occur when a hopper discharges incorrectly, or in the worst case, fails to discharge at all. The PFT has a huge array of features and benefits which really need to be seen on our website to be fully appreciated! Contact us if you have any questions.

Viscosity Standards

At Brookfield we recommend that your viscosity standard be replaced on an annual basis. We stock a huge range of silicone and oil standards which will allow you to verify the calibration of your equipment accurately. We have an FAQ section on our website which explains more about the different standards; in case you’re not sure which one you require. On our website you’ll also see our range which includes general purpose silicone, general purpose oil, high temperature silicone fluids, CAP oil fluids, Krebs viscometer oil fluids, special order silicone fluids, R/S rheometer oil fluids and our VisCal kit. Call us if you need to.

General Purpose Silicone Fluids

These are the most commonly used standard to assist you in verifying the calibration of your viscometer or rheometer. They come with a range of benefits including accuracy of ±1% of the viscosity value, superb temperature stability and are highly economical. We recommend these for use with our Brookfield viscometers and most other rotational viscometers. We can also provide special viscosity values and temperature calibrations if required. Please take a look at our website for more on the technical specifications of our general purpose silicone fluids. If you have any questions or are not sure about what you need then please contact us.

Special Order Silicone Fluids

If you require a nonstandard temperature or viscosity range then our special order silicone fluids will be what you need. To meet most requirements, we can modify our silicone fluids, however, please make sure you understand what standards you require first by visiting our FAQ section on our website. The special order silicone fluids have a range of benefits including accuracy of ±1% of the viscosity value, superb temperature stability and are highly economical. We recommend the use of our special order silicone fluids with our Brookfield viscometers, or indeed most other rotational viscometers. We can also carry out special temperature calibrations and viscosity values on request.

VisCal Kit

This kit is perfect for the first time buyer of any of our viscometers or rheometers as it contains absolutely everything you would need in order to verify a calibration - in one kit! This very affordable kit includes one pint of silicone fluid (general purpose), a 600mL low form glass beaker, one pint of Trapper™ citrus cleaner (please see website regarding shipping on this item), a dispensing bottle for Trapper cleaner and various literature to go with the kit. Additionally we can also provide a glass free option - items in this particular kit can also be purchased individually.


Brookfield provides a whole range of accessories, allowing for easy viscosity measurements in and outside the laboratory. We have various standard accessories including Helipath stands, spindles, cups, chambers, vane spindles, protective covers, standard probe kits, torque decal labels and quick action lab stands. We also stock a range of adapters including small sample adapters, ultra low adapters, DIN adapters and spiral adapters. Further to this we can also provide a range of temperature control accessories including Thermosel, TC-150, TC-250, TC-550, TC-650, TC112P, bath accessories and the TC-351. Please visit our website to learn more about our vast range of high quality accessories.

Helipath Stand

Part of our standard range of accessories, the Helipath stand uses a t-bar shaped spindle and is used for measuring non-flowing substances including gels, pastes, creams and putty. It has a range of features and benefits including being specifically designed for these substances, it’s compatible with standard Brookfield viscometers (including the DV3T rheometer), it’s very simple to set up and clean and ultimately provides that necessary solution for those hard to measure materials. It can also come with an EZ-Lock option. Please see our website for the full details. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Spindles, Cups, Chambers

We have a solid range of spindles, cups and chambers here at Brookfield and can also offer many other items within this section including extensions, holders, quick connect couplings, spindle racks, LV spindles, DIN spindles, spiral adapter spindles, UL spindles, CAP spindles, R/S spindles and much more. Please visit our website to learn more about our spindles, cups, chambers and all of the other items we stock. If you have any enquiries please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help in any way that we can. We can be contacted via telephone or email.

Protective Covers

Designed to provide protection from dusty and dirty work environments, or, where there’s a risk of instrument damage due to sample testing materials being spilled on the equipment, these protective covers are specifically for our own Brookfield DV-I+, DV-II+ and CAP series viscometers and DV-III series rheometers. Protecting the front, sides and top of the equipment, the covers easily slip over your viscometer or rheometer and are made from a see-through material which allows for full functionality of the keypad whilst the cover is on. Please visit our website to see more on our covers and call us if you have any questions.


You’re sure to find an adapter for your measurement needs amongst our range which includes small sample adapters, enhanced ultra low adapters, DIN adapters and spiral adapters. Our spiral adapters are used for measuring viscosity of pastes via a pump-type sensor. Please visit our website to learn more about each of the types of adapter available. You can find out more on their technical specifications, features and benefits, view comparison tables and see photographs of various instructions. If you have any questions about any of our adapters please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to discuss anything with you.


Brookfield has its own line of applications software, all of which run on Microsoft Windows operating systems. They can be used for various applications including automated data collection or even in order to automate control of Brookfield’s own line of digital viscometers and rheometers. On our website you’ll find nine types of software all designed for different uses including RheocalcT, Capcalc, Wingather, EZ-Yield, Rheovision, RHEO3000, Texture Pro Ct, PG Flash and Powder Flow Pro. Visit our website to learn more about each software package and to decide which one suits your application or equipment most appropriately; call if you have any queries.

RheocalcT Software

Used in combination with the DV2T viscometer or DV3T rheometer, our RheocalcT software is designed to automatically collect and control your data. It’s capable of generating multiple plot overlays, running math models, printing tabular data and various other time saving routines. You can also plot and save up to five comparison data sets! It has a range of other benefits and features including a wizard to guide you through the set up of common tests, looping functions for repetitive tasks and it can also average your data by step or whole test. Visit our website to learn more about RheocalcT!


Our EZ-Yield software package is only for use with YR-1 rheometers and is included with all YR-1 yield stress rheometers as standard. It essentially allows for simple data collection on a PC which will in turn provide you with an invaluable record of all of your testing results! It has a range of features and benefits including a simple parameter menu on which you can set up ten different test programs and test data can be viewed in two formats on your PC - graphical and tabular. Please also note the computer requirements to run the EZ-Yield software, which is displayed on our website.

PG Flash

Our PG Flash software is for use with the DV-II+ PRO viscometer and comes as standard with this equipment. It allows for the creation of customised test programs which are then used in any data collection exercise, with their respective equipment. It has a number of benefits and features including the ability to create, save, print and download programs from a PC straight to the viscometer and it’s great for when a quality control supervisor can create and download a program to be run by operators. Please also note the computer requirements to run the PG Flash software, which is displayed on our website.

Training Programs

Brookfield believes that in order to get the best possible viscosity measurements, you have to have the best training! We offer three basic courses/seminars including a practical course on viscosity measurement, a course on applied viscosity test methods and a practical course on texture analysis. However, we’re not limited to just these three courses. If there’s some kind of training you require we can customise our courses to suit your needs more precisely. If you’d like to enquire about our training courses or need to customise one of our courses to suit your requirements then please contact our customer training department.


Here at Brookfield we can offer services and repairs. We recommend our calibration and certification service (C&CS) to be carried out annually, so that all of your laboratory equipment and instruments perform optimally. The options are either that we perform these services on site, or, you can send your instruments to our repair department. Additionally, you may also send your instruments to any of our authorised Brookfield dealers for calibration and certification. For more information on what we do during C&CS please visit our website. We also offer a ‘rush’ service as an alternative to us providing you with a loan viscometer; call us for more details.

On-site Services

Our on-site services are specifically for companies who have multiple instruments or can’t afford the disruption of sending any of their instruments away for a service. In this particular case we can send our technicians to you! The benefits associated with on-site servicing are vast and they include the obvious reduction in downtime, minimal disruption to your production, no shipping costs, no risk of damage during instrument shipment, a personal face-to-face service and of course preventative maintenance which comes with our expert on-site advice. If you require more information please contact please get in touch with the on-site group via our website.

Calibration & Certification

We can perform calibration and certification services at your facility or you may return your instruments back to our repair department. Additionally, you can also send your instruments to any of our authorised Brookfield dealers. To see what we inspect when carrying out our services please visit our website where you will find a full itinerary. Here you can also find out more about our loan service, ‘rush’ service and also the procedure for getting your instruments calibrated and certificated if you are in the United States. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Ball Bearing Retrofit

Our new ball bearing suspension system totally replaces the standard pivot point and jewel system and is primarily designed for instruments which experience particularly heavy use and/or are worked by a number of operators. The ball bearing retrofit is specifically available for DV-I Prime, DV2T/DV-II+ Pro Viscometers and DV3T/DV-III Ultra Rheometers (including cone/plate versions) in the torque ranges of HA, HB and RV. Please note - ball bearing retrofit is not available for LV torque range instruments. We have a repair return form on our website which you can download; alternatively you may also email or call for further instructions on how to return your instrument.

EZ-Lock Spindle Coupling

With this innovative spindle coupling design, technicians are now able to change spindles in far less time and far more safely. Additionally the system is also available as a retro-fit and can be used with a variety of accessories from the Brookfield range including the small sample adapter, Thermosel, the enhanced UL adapter, the UL adapter and DIN adapter. In order to accommodate the length of the EZ-Lock system, special brackets will be required. For a demo video of the EZ-Lock system, please visit our website where you can also find technical specifications, a brochure, instructions and testimonials. Please call us if you have any questions.

Methodology Consulting

With our methodology consulting service, a Brookfield engineer will visit your facility to assess, review and recommend appropriate test methods appropriate for your materials. Taking into account a number of things including shear rates, temperatures, shear stresses and time sensitivity issues, we will work closely with you in order to define viscosity behaviour that is acceptable. A detailed report will include numerous topics such as sample preparation methods, equipment recommendations, temperature profiling, thixotropic testing, data collection and reporting and much more - please visit our website for more detailed information. If you have any questions please feel free to call us.

Testing Services

Brookfield can offer a range of comprehensive tests of viscosity, texture analysis and powder flow at their state-of-the-art laboratory including ‘test and recommend’, ‘profiling’, ‘dispute resolution’ and ‘multiple sample tests’. Further information on each of these test categories can be found on the main website. The results of any tests will include a description of both equipment and measurement system, measurement data (incorporating relevant graphs and tables) and any specific recommendations relevant to your chosen materials/methods. With the exception of the ‘test and recommend’ service, all viscosity test services are subject to a fee. Please call us for further information.

IQ, OQ, PQ Validation

In order to achieve IQ, OQ, PQ validation compliance, we offer three approaches for our pharmaceutical customers. The first of these approaches is via a free, abbreviated document which you can download for the Dial, DV-E or digital series viscometers. The second is to purchase a document which is more detailed and explains how to perform all of the procedures which are outlined in the free document. The third approach, which is by far the most comprehensive, is for an on-site visit to take place, where the validation will be conducted and the form completed for you. Please visit our website for further information.



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