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We are an independent manufacturer, trusted around the world to provide total turnkey power solutions, including diesel generators, standby generators and generating sets, from 6kVA to over 30MVA. We provide prime, standby backup, base load and critical power generation as well as UPS systems for marine, oil and gas applications as well as for other industries. We also offer gas and co-generation (CHP) systems. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we can say with confidence that our engineering expertise enables us to meet any requirement for power generation. Our systems are at work around the world in remote tropical areas, at high altitudes, at sea and in noise-sensitive environments. As an independent company, we are not tied to one single manufacturer for engines or alternators, so we can always provide you with the best solution for your specific requirements without compromise. Although we are a global company, we know the value of understanding local issues. We know that "one size does not fit all," so we will design a power generation solution tailored to match your requirements completely.

Standard Diesel Generators

We design and manufacture 50Hz and 60Hz diesel generators to all international emission guidelines and ratings, in power outputs ranging from 6.2 kVA to 3350 kVA (50Hz) and from 8.6 kW to 3200 kW (60Hz).
A comprehensive digital control panel with a user-friendly interface is supplied as standard on all our generators, and options with greater control flexibility are available.
We design and manufacture weatherproof enclosures, canopies and container packages to enable all-weather use in even the harshest environments while meeting the most stringent acoustic requirements.
Generators, mechanical and electrical options, control panels and acoustic packages can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Bespoke Generators

While our standard generators meet the requirements of most customers, some applications and environments require custom design considerations such as special voltages, strict noise control, compact space requirements, remote cooling arrangements or marine or high altitude operations.
Since we are an independent company, we can design a completely bespoke product to meet your exact requirements without being tied to a specific brand. That means you get the best generators, control panels and acoustics completely tailored to your application. 
Our project manager, supported by an experienced project team, will work with you to establish all requirements at the outset, and consult with you through all phases from initial concept through to training staff to operate the finished equipment.

Oil & Gas

More than 30 years of experience combined with a strong commitment to stringent quality standards make us the best choice for the design and manufacture of power generation solutions for the oil and gas industry worldwide. We offer bespoke generators with a wide range of options to meet prime and emergency power requirements for all onshore and offshore applications. We work with our clients to ensure that Broadcrown units deliver safe, reliable power when and where it is needed.
Our generator solutions are carefully designed to meet client specifications and relevant requirements of site and area conditions and emissions legislation. Units can be witness tested in our purpose-built testing house or onsite testing can be performed prior to handover.

Gas & Co-Generation

For situations where gas is a more cost-effective choice than diesel, we offer specialist generators that burn natural gas, including highly efficient, low emission Combined Heat & Power (CHP) models.
Our standard gas generators are available in ranges from 9 kWe to 2145 kWe (50 Hz), and 11.5 kWe to 2000 kWe (60 Hz). Multi-generator packages with a range of configurable electronic controllers are also available. 
We specialise in extremely efficient bespoke CHP or Trigeneration generator products. Their fuel efficiency often approaches 90%, so CHP units should qualify for an enhanced capital allowance as well as full climate change levy exemption on the electricity generated by them.

UPS Systems

We offer a comprehensive range of standard and bespoke UPS systems to ensure that supply to critical applications is uninterrupted during a partial or total mains failure. As an official business partner of world class manufacturers of Uninterruptible Power Supply units, we can offer these as stand-alone units or matched to a Broadcrown generator.
Our UPS systems provide generator compatibility, a wide input voltage range, stable sine wave, bypass function for system reliability, and filtration of anomalies and disturbances. Static transfer and maintenance bypass switches, as well as network supervision software, are also available.

Medium Speed Generators

Our global projects division offer heavy duty, base load medium speed generators for operation in power plants where fuel efficiency and durability are of prime importance. These operate in continuous duty mode at speeds up to 1000 RPM with outputs up to 24MVA per unit. The range spans from 2 MWe through to 22 MWe per unit, from 1000 RPM down to 500 RPM. 
Medium speed generators can offer advantages of reduced fuel and lifetime maintenance costs over high speed generators. As an independent company, we can source the most suitable generators for your application from premium manufacturers such as MAN and Rolls Royce.

Marine Generators

We can provide safe, quiet and clean generator power for all marine environments, from basic packages to complete turnkey solutions. Working closely with our customers, we can offer reliable, economic and efficient solutions that meet stringent environmental regulations and most marine society standards.
As an independent partner to most of the engine manufacturers, we can provide the power generation package best suited to your requirements and budget. All of our marine packages come with a comprehensive warranty that is supported with 24-hour service by Broadcrown offices and dealers in the USA, Africa and the Far East.

Gas Turbine Generators

We design and manufacture gas turbine generators having capacities ranging from 2.5 MW to 64 MW with the Centrax core unit. These utilise the Rolls Royce 501 and Trent 600 series gas turbines coupled with high efficiency alternators and can run on a variety of liquid and gas fuels.
We offer complete turnkey solutions, specially configured to your requirements. Our gas turbine generators are used in prime power generation applications as well as highly efficient co-generation packages with the addition of heat recovery equipment. They are also used for base load and standby generation in locations around the world.

Rental Sets

We provide various canopied generators and Broadcrown Power Containers for hire purposes. Our generators are polyester coated, zinc treated steel, sound-attenuated canopies. They feature centre lifting points and fork pockets for ease of loading and unloading, digital autostart controllers, bunded base-frame fuel tanks, and low noise levels. The complete range is emissions certified and provides cost-effective solutions. Our Broadcrown Power Containers feature digital synchronising controllers, internal fuel tanks with internal fill point and gauge, heavy duty batteries and isolator switch, liquid spill containment and more. Our rental equipment provides emergency relief and continuous power when needed.

Site Management

Our highly skilled and qualified installation teams are on hand to provide installation services to clients across the UK and Western Europe. They have the expertise to undertake challenging projects with the utmost confidence and work safely and efficiently causing as little disruption to the surrounding area as possible. Our commissioning department commissions generators in accordance with all relevant testing standards. We provide various maintenance services that are tailored to meet customer requirements. Our engineers carry various spares and equipment to carry out repairs and maintenance as quickly as possible to aid the smooth running of all systems.

24 Hour Service Support

We are pleased to provide 24 hour generator service support to our customers. Our engineers work hard to respond to requests as soon as possible and to get systems and equipment up and running in full working order as soon as possible. From simple relay replacements and oil leaks through to complex services we are on hand to provide expert support. We also provide a refurbishment service to extend operating life of various generators and associated equipment as well as to improve the performance of existing equipment. All of our refurbishment services are carried out to extremely high standards using original spare parts. Refurbishment services are often a cost effective alternative to purchasing brand new equipment.

Spare Parts

We hold large amounts of items in stock at any one time in order to dispatch orders as quickly as possible. We are the largest UK independent generator manufacturer and are able to provide customers with fantastic discounts on various items. We can also offer items in bulk at certain times. We supply various parts for generators using Perkins, Cummins, Dorman, Deutz, John Deere, Volvo, Paxman, MTU and Mitsubishi prime movers. We can also supply alternator spares for Newage, Markon, Marelli, Leroy, Somers and Ansaldo machines. All of our spares are provided with 12 months warranty.



Registration Number: 02897492
VAT Number: GB765 3387 01
Registered at Companies House:11 February, 1994 (29 years and 9 months ago)
No of Employees: n/a
Annual Turnover: 20-50m
Parent Company: Broadcrown Holdings
Company Type:
  • Manufacturer


Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Cummins 650 - 2200 kVA Diesel Generators, Standby Generators & Generating sets.
  • Deutz 350 - 500 kVA Diesel Generators, Standby Generators & Generating sets.
  • John Deere 40 - 400 kVA Diesel Generators, Standby Generators & Generating sets.
  • Midi 10 - 30 kVA Diesel Generators, Standby Generators & Generating sets.
  • Mitsubishi 1250 - 1900 kVA Diesel Generators, Standby Generators & Generating sets.
  • Perkins 640 - 2050 kVA Diesel Generators, Standby Generators & Generating sets.
  • Volvo 275 - 635 kVA Diesel Generators, Standby Generators & Generating sets.

Company Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements

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