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British Rema Ltd specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of powder process equipment. We have a large portfolio of products expertly developed for fast, efficient and effective particle size reduction and size control. With over 80 years' experience in the industry, there are few manufacturers who can rival the quality of our designs and fewer still who can combine such outstanding products with outstanding customer service. That’s why British Rema Ltd is internationally renowned in the field of powder processing. British Rema has been involved in the production of milling, micronising and particle classification equipment since 1927.

In our first 50 years we rapidly extended our applications beyond the traditional mineral processing markets into fine chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals. In the 1970s we introduced a contract processing service to provide customers with a practical, cost-effective alternative to acquiring their own capital equipment. This service, which is as popular today as it was forty years ago, is particularly suited for customers who have one-off, low-volume or intermittent processing requirements.

Many companies with complex or specialist requirements now outsource their entire production to the British Rema facility. Following the acquisition in 2007 of Powder Technology Ltd, we are now able to supply a complementary range of processing equipment such as mixers and dryers. The integration of these products allows our engineers to address a wider range of industrial particle processing applications. Further details regarding our products and their applications can be found below.

More information can be found on the British Rema website, where you’ll also find pdf data sheets for each and every piece of equipment that we supply. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch directly via telephone.

Rema Opposed Jet Mills

Opposed jet mills are a type of air microniser used for superfine grinding of a wide variety of specialist materials when other types of grinder are unsuitable, particularly in situations where the feed material is hard and where high purity products are required. High energy air jets are introduced through a series of nozzles to grind material down, while an integrated rotary classifier wheel sorts the particles during the process. Our Opposed Jet Mills enable accurate and highly controllable particle sizes to be achieved with sharp cut off and a narrow size distribution. We have a range of sizes designed for throughputs of between 1kg/hr and 2000kg/hr. Find out more about the features and benefits of our opposed jet mills on the British Rema website.

Rema Spiral Flow Jet Mill

Spiral flow jet mills are also a type of air microniser. These are used for grinding hard and soft materials (of up to 10 Mohs) and producing powders in the range of 1 to 20 microns. High energy air jets are introduced through a series of specialist nozzles to create a high-speed vortex within the shallow grinding chamber. After the material is ground through attrition within this vortex, it is drawn through the central fixed classifier. This type of system is typically used for processing pharmaceuticals and speciality chemicals where contamination-free powders are essential. We have a range of sizes available that are capable of handling throughputs of between 1kg/hr and 100kg/hr.

Rema Rotary Impact Mill

Rotary Impact Mills are generally used for less abrasive applications. These simple yet highly versatile high-speed impact grinders are suitable for materials up to 3 Mohs hardness. We have a number of sizes available that are capable of handling throughputs ranging from 5kg/hr to 2 onnes/hr. Rema Rotary Impact Mills benefit from an energy efficient operation, a symmetrical and reversible rotor design for extended life, individually replaceable tool-steel grinding blades, and simple access for cleaning and maintenance. Pdf datasheets are available for download from the British Rema Ltd website.

Rema Aerosplit Classifier

Our high-efficiency air-swept Aerosplit classifiers are used for processing dry particulate materials and are capable of handling large throughputs of up to 10 tonnes per hour. They are designed to operate either in closed-circuit within a conventional milling machine, or as an independent system that incorporates feeder, fan, and product-collection equipment. These forced-vortex units may be
installed in existing air systems with minimal modifications. Rema Aerosplit Classifiers benefit from an excellent sharpness of cut, precise on-stream control of cut-point, low system resistance and low power consumption.

Pdf datasheets can be downloaded from the British Rema website.

Rema Minisplit Classification System

Minisplit classification systems are ideal for product formulation trials and R&D work prior to full-scale production. They are the smallest of the forced-vortex classifiers, incorporating a feeder, classifier and product collection system. Minisplit systems are capable of providing sharp cuts in the
range of 1 to 75 microns, and are typically found in research laboratories, pharmaceutical pilot environments and fine chemical testing laboratories. The Minisplit system can also be quickly and easily converted into an Opposed Jet Mill System (see above) complete with integral classifier for size reduction.

Find out more about how this can be done by following the link to the British Rema website.

Rema Unit Air Separator

Rema Unit Air Separators are used for the classification of a wide variety of materials and are the most efficient unit available in terms of kWhr/tonne of product. They are particularly suitable for the removal of small quantities of oversize material and undesirable fines. Though extremely effective as a self-contained stand-alone unit, the Air Separator can also be operated in closed-circuit with a variety of grinding mills. We have a range of high-performance models available that are capable of providing products in the range of 25 to 300 microns. Unit Air Separators also benefit from low power consumption and low operating costs.

Particle Size Reduction

British Rema Ltd designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of size reduction mills and micronisers which are capable of processing to the most demanding particle size and size-distribution specifications. Our particle size reduction equipment includes: 

  • Air Micronisers (Jet Mills) - used for superfine grinding of a wide range of materials.
  • Rotary Impact Mills - also known as beater mills. These are typically used for softer materials of up to 3 Mohs hardness.
  • Ball Mills - these comprise of a cylindrical shell that slowly rotates around a horizontal axis, using a grinding medium such as ceramic or steel balls to crush the material within.

Mixing & Blending

We also offer a range of mixing, blending, homogenisation and granulation equipment for powder to liquid applications. Whether it’s a standard powder mixer or a custom-built system, British Rema can offer a versatile choice of efficient mixing and blending equipment in numerous industry-standard materials.

All of the products in this category meet the exacting standards of the food, pharmaceutical and speciality chemical industries. Our portfolio includes:

  • Rotating Shape Mixers/Blenders (also known as tumbling action mixers/blenders)
  • Vertical Cone Blender/Dryers
  • Ribbon Blenders
  • High Shear Dry Mixers/Wet Granulators

To find out more about our mixing and blending equipment, simply follow the link to the British Rema website.


British Rema supplies a number of drying systems suitable for many different industrial process applications, including granulation, mixing, blending, and powdered particulate treatment.

We take into account the special characteristics of your particular product and advise on the most suitable form of drying operation.

Vacuum Dryers - suitable for sensitive materials.

Fluid Bed Dryers - suitable for sensitive, granular materials such as foods, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Conical Dryers - suitable for a wide variety of materials, including spices, chemicals, coatings, cosmetics, foods, pharmaceuticals, and plastics.

Circulating Air Drying Ovens - suitable for drying chemical and pharmaceutical products. Also used for heating, tempering and sterilisation operations.



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