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Harlequin Floors has been supplying dance and performance floors since 1979 and is globally recognised as a world leader in advanced technology flooring for dance and performing arts.

Here at the British Harlequin plc, we are proud to supply some of the best dance and performance floors available in the industry.

We offer a fantastic range of products, including: Vinyl Floors, Sprung Floors, Printed Vinyl Flooring, Ballet Barres, Tapes and Accessories. From small events to elite productions at The Royal Ballet School at Buckingham Palace, we have the solution for you.

Please visit our website to find out more.

Sprung Floors - Visit our website

We are also pleased to supply clients with permanent or portable Harlequin sprung floors. These floors can be laid onto a range of sub-floors such as wood, concrete, carpet and plywood and feature a range of surface finishes to suit specific customer requirements.

Examples of the range include:

  • Harlequin Activity: a permanently installed sprung floor system based on the ‘triple sandwich’ construction.
  • Harlequin Liberty: a sprung dance floor suitable for semi-permanent or portable installation.
  • Harlequin Vitality: a sprung dance floor suitable for self-installation.
  • Harlequin WoodSpring: a sprung floor system suitable for permanent installation.

Please visit our website to view the range in full.

Vinyl Floors - Visit our website

We are pleased to offer permanent, semi-permanent or portable vinyl floors suitable for laying on a range of level sub-floors such as concrete, wood or plywood.

  • Permanent Floor: this vinyl floor is fixed with adhesive and cannot be removed without causing damage to it.
  • Semi-permanent Floor: this vinyl floor is loose-laid using tape and then welded at the seams. It can be cut, removed and re-used at a later date.
  • Portable Floor: this vinyl floor is laid and temporarily secured with tape onto the sub-floor. It can be lifted and removed without damage.

Please visit our website to view our complete range of Harlequin vinyl floors.

Printed Vinyl Flooring - Visit our website

We are pleased to introduce our new bespoke vinyl service, which allows anyone putting on a production, exhibition or show to add another exciting element of design to their presentation.  As well as our innovative range of print designs, we can provide bespoke designs and patterns to your specific requirements.  Visit our website where you can see some of our ideas, as well as work we have already done, including flooring at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and Batman’s O2 tour.  You will be inspired by the unique design possibilities.

Performance Floors For Hire - Visit our website

If you have a short-term requirement for a sprung floor, such as a special event, rehearsals or for a tour, then please contact us to discuss hiring our Harlequin Liberty sprung floor panels for use with your Harlequin vinyl floor.  We have a range of hire options from which you can choose in order to best meet your requirements, including supply and delivery only, supply delivery and collection or delivery, installation, removal and collection.


Installation Service - Visit our website

No matter where you are in the world, choosing to have your Harlequin floors and barres fitted by our team of highly experienced installers ensures they are fitted correctly and, importantly, that they comply to the latest standards and regulations.  As part of our installation service you will have access to guidance from our experts to help you decide on the best floor for your needs and for all studios, whether they are brand new or existing spaces, we will design a flooring solution that is custom-fit.  Your installation will be fully project managed to fit around your timescales and to ensure your deadlines are met, and we offer a full guarantee against defects in workmanship.     


Stage Building and Refurbishment - Visit our website

Harlequin takes its in-depth knowledge and technical expertise in dance and performance flooring to another level by offering stage building and refurbishment services.  We work with clients, stage consultants and architects to understand their staging requirements before engaging our engineering team to design staging that will not only provide performers with an outstanding performance area - with dip traps, pit fillers and ballet wagons as required - but will provide longevity and withstand the ongoing demands of rigging, props and scenery changes. From simple reflooring to total stage design and build, we can offer you our expertise.

Home Studio Equipment - Visit our website

Our range of professional-standard home studio equipment gives dancers the freedom of practising safely and in comfort away from the studio, either at home or on the go.  Our practice mat is perfect for at-home practice and can be rolled away and conveniently stored in its very own travel bag.  We also offer a studio kit comprising Harlequin Liberty sprung floor panels, which is available in a choice of sizes, and the Harlequin Tap & Turn Board, which has been considerately designed with percussive dancers in mind.  Each of these home studio products can be ordered from our online shop.

Ballet Barres & Brackets - Visit our website

Harlequin ballet barres are manufactured to outstanding quality, providing professional dancers with a sturdy base for warm up and stretching exercises. We provide a choice of solutions including traditional wall mounted barres in double or single configuration, floor mounted barres and also Harlequin’s freestanding barres which offer superb portability without compromising stability.

Dance Mirrors - Visit our website

Superior quality mirrors are crucial features of any professional studio, allowing dancers to accurately see their movements when rehearsing routines and practicing techniques, whilst providing excellent visibility when undertaking teacher-led activities.  At Harlequin, we supply and install Pilkington mirrors, which are shatter resistant and conform to British and European safety standards.  They exhibit lighter and brighter reflections contributing to a better dance experience.

Dance Floor Education Packs - Visit our website

Our dance floor education packs are just the job when there is no space specifically dedicated to dance or the performing arts.  It really is important to provide a properly designed dance floor, as ordinary wood or sports floors are not suitable.  Ordinary floors are too slippery, leading to increased risk of accident,  as well as being too hard for most dance disciplines.  We offer four dance floor packs, all of which provide the desired traction and spring.  Have a look at our website, where you will find details of each pack, covering all needs from infant, junior and lower schools to secondary schools and stages and rehearsal rooms.



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