Bradford Cylinders Ltd

Station Mills
Station Road
West Yorkshire
BD12 8LA
United Kingdom

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Bradford Cylinders, based in the heart of Yorkshire, has been producing special cylinder designs for the Steel, Aluminium, Process, Marine, Off-Shore and Forging industries for over 50 years. And the company has over a century of engineering experience in other fields.

We specialise in bespoke cylinders to meet the demanding applications of your particular field. Bradford offers solutions to any hydraulic cylinder needs. Our core product is the design and manufacturing of special cylinders in steel production: cylinders for Blast Furnaces, Continuous Casting, Hot and Cold Rolling, and Process Lines, are all available.

The last five years has been a period of investment and growth for Bradford. We moved our facilities to a new and modern 4,000-square-foot production facility with up-to-date production, painting and inspection units.

Our key personnel, from the Managing Director, to our Engineering Director, Production Manager and Quality Manager, and our Buyer and Sales Manager, are all listed on our website – and we are all happy to answer any questions you may have about our products or your needs.

Special Hydraulic Cylinders

Our Special Cylinders are primarily used in all aspects of steel production: this includes Blast Furnaces, Continuous Casting, Hot and Cold Rolling, and Process Lines. Our special cylinders can also be used in the Aluminium, Marine, Off-shore, Forging and Process industries. And we test the cylinders using four high-pressure rigs, with fluids such as mineral oil, water-based fluids, nitrogen, and others. We test all of our cylinders to 50% above the design pressure specification.

Standard Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders, which allow for high forces and pressures, are primarily used in the construction equipment, manufacturing machinery, and civil engineering industries; but they can be applied to a wide variety of uses. Our Pneumatic Cylinders are applicable to medium or lower forces and pressures but are lighter, faster and simpler to operate than hydraulic cylinders. We offer two heavy-duty flanged hydraulic cylinders, at different sizes, and a heavy-duty steel construction pneumatic cylinder.

Telescopic Cylinders

We offer a number of Telescopic Cylinders in an infinite range of bore sizes and mounting configurations. Telescopic Cylinders, which can be hydraulic or pneumatic, are designed for providing long output travel from a compact retracted length. In other words, you can move your equipment over long operational distances with as small an initial footprint as possible. Our custom-designed and multi-stage Telescopic Cylinders can work with pressures up to 350 bar and can exceed lengths of 10 metres.

Rotary Actuators

Our Rotary Actuators are heavy-duty products designed to transmit torque of up to 6,000,000 lbs. Our units offer rotational angles of 360 degrees or more and the racks are built to provide a long life-cycle in a demanding operational environment. We supply single or twin rack units with the centre pinion supported by durable roller bearings. And we offer adjustable cushioning at the end of rotational positions. Our Rotary Actuators can be manufactured according to specific needs.

Rotary Joints

We supply Rotary Joints for transferring fluid from a stationary source into a rotating piece of equipment. Stationary sources can include objects such as a supply pipe or other vessel containing industrial fluids. Our Rotary Joints feature a multi-portal rotating transmission; standard speeds of one round-per-minute; operating temperatures of between 20-80 degrees centigrade; nick plating for high resistance to corrosion from fluids; and can accommodate HFA, HFB, HFC and HFD fluids, as well as argon, nitrogen and air.

Rotary Cylinders & Distributors

Our Rotary Cylinders, which are a form of rotary actuator, are built in single-stage or multi-stage unit, with bores of up to 600mm, and are suitable for achieving rotation speeds of up to 1,000 rounds-per-minute. These units offer the strength needed for high force lifting, turning, clamping, mixing, bending, and other applications. Our Rotary Distributors, meanwhile, are multi-ported, with GAMET high pressure bearings and a hardened main spindle, and a controlled flow of lubrication.

Marine & Off-Shore Cylinders

We offer a range of cylinders appropriate for marine and off-shore applications. These include cable-reeling cylinders, off-shore crane cylinders, sub-sea cylinders, lock gate cylinders and sluice cylinders for canals or shipyards, skidding cylinders, A-frame cylinders, and a range of other marine applications. Our Marine and Off-Shore Cylinders are all built to extremely high tolerances and can operate in a challenging marine environment.

Hydrowatt Pumps

Bradford Cylinders are pleased to be the only UK supplier of the full range of Hydrowatt high-pressure water pumps. These pumps operate with pressures of up to 415 bar and can handle flow-rates of up to 880 litres a minute. Hydrowatt products have proven track records of use in steel works, mines, and other harsh and challenging environments. The pumps can move a wide range of fluids, including highly abrasive fluids, non-lubricating fluids, and other special fluids. We offer consultation and design work for fully integrate Hydrowatt pumps into a broader hydraulic package.



Registration Number: 03218915
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Registered at Companies House:1 July, 1996 (24 years ago)
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